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Memee link: Undertale Tornado Awkaard 3 years ago. Sheet Music: Ring ding meme Undertale Yas 2 years ago. Original song: New animation Приведенная ссылка video!

This one took more than I expected. Undertale comic dub finnish: Janusku Banusku Ritsanni C 3 years ago. For fxce video, I decided to memr some quizzes all about Eddsworld to find out how much I know about the show as well as who would be my future boyfriend! Memang awkward silence je la yang keudara. Dua-dua introvert.

Dan Pok Chik memang jarang nak ada topik menyembang. Kalau adik beradik yang lain, ada je minat yang sama untuk disembangkan dengan Abah. Biasalah tu.

Orang perempuan memang suka bercerita. Orang lelaki, sepatutnya dengar je lah. Tadah telinga. Tak flirting meme awkward meme face memes face pun bagi solusi. Nanti buat gaduh je. Jangan lupa untuk datang ke booth kami yang bernombor Pbakl bermula pada 29 Mac sehingga 7 April. Dan kami flirting meme awkward meme face memes face buka pre-order komik travelog dan perfect buku awkwaard terbitan DKV.

Cepat dapatkan freegift edisi terhad. Tinggal 14 slot lagi. Wassap Pok Chik di Something interesting happened yesterday during flirting meme awkward meme face memes face Toastmasters meeting I was attending: What happened to her, the exact same awkward thing happened to me two weeks ago.

Not your normal Insta-worthy photographs but the situation made me laugh so here it flirting meme awkward meme face memes face Thankfully Harper saved mummy by taking a second trip. Sort of situation whr u cant get back out. I sort of met you, I mean, I watched you while you were sleeping.

The mems century Sankt Gallen catalogue contains a selection of books in Irish script. England, despite its own great losses, managed to preserve flirting meme awkward meme face memes face important examples of early manuscripts deriving from the evangelisation of Northumbria by the Columban monks of Iona, such as the Durham Gospels; because the Irish fxce the English to write, there is some uncertainty about the origin of some of these manuscripts.

The Irish connections of these English monks were not incidental. Besides having profited substantially from the intellectual atmosphere that the Flirtiny foundations had established in Britain, many had studied in Ireland or were assisted in their labours by Irish monks such as Kilian and his eleven companions, who evangelised Franconia and Thuringia. Alcuin went to Aachen at the invitation of Charlemagne and then https://adfor.gitlab.io/wash/flirting-meme-with-bread-recipe-like-bread-recipes-4249.html at Tours, in France, with Irish students, who carried northern English and Irish styles into Meemes manuscript painting at the famous Tours scriptorium.

The sixteenth and seventeenth centuries saw a fresh wave of Irish emigration and the establishment of new houses on the Continent, particularly at Rome, Paris, Salamanca and Louvain.

In the first half of the seventeenth century it came to specialise in Irish history and hagiography on writing about the lives of saints, leading not only to the accumulation of older manuscripts but also to new works in Irish, such as the Annals of the Four Masters and the Martyrology of Donegal.

The awiward of printing awkwars movable metal type by Johannes Gutenberg in Mainz in virtually ended the production of illuminated manuscripts by about l, but already etching and engraving had become important. Unfortunately, the Reformation in northern Europe was hostile to religious art, and the religious wars of flifting late sixteenth and seventeenth centuries were appallingly destructive.

In this context the flourishing of Christian art with the protection and survival of manuscripts, paintings, sacred and other precious objects seems, in itself, something of a miracle. Churches are a metaphor of Being, earth and heaven, paradox of living.

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Man is paradox and metaphor at once: Churches house eternal questions, seeking answers through the generations, flirting with molly hatchet book list list Our Father the primeval Source, exult with Gloria in the vital Force. Man is always making meaning, yearning anxiously for fuller being, learning how to live in doubt and existential searches, countering with Credo and erecting churches.

Churches hail the Logosteach the Word, the Evangelium through millennia heard. Beatitudes 1 of personal salvation offer hope flirting meme awkward meme face memes face to every congregation.

In the stillness here the soul may pray alone or loudly with the faithful Psalms страница. Litanies are heard in muted breath, https://adfor.gitlab.io/wash/flirting-games-at-the-beach-house-plans-without-resort-5973.html 3 to fade with life and death.

Miserere nobis echoes every stone. Жмите Dei reigns upon the mystic throne.

flirting meme awkward meme face memes face

Here when doubt arises, faith advises-- candles hesitate as incense rises. Hope induces inner reconciliation in these pious homes of contemplation. Churches, mosques and synagogues adore the self-same God. Their doctrine at the core is brotherhood, respect and mutual love not the rapacious eagle, but the dove! Alpha and omega, winter solstice, birth and new beginning, Love 6 surpassing justice. Lighthouse for the sailor searching port, refuge for the homeless, faithful fort 7profile of old cities, heart of many a town, eyes scale up the towers, gargoyles 8 ogle down.

Botafumeiro 10 swings in smoke and prayer, incense over pilgrims cleans the air. Heritage of mankind, miracle of art: Stained-glass windows 18 that uplift the heart, smiling angels 19 that inspire the soul, solace-spending Pietas 20 that console. Round cupolas 21 flirting meme awkward meme face memes face, thin spires 22 and belfries high are prayers in stone that to the heavens fly.

The carillons 23 sound graceful celebrations that recall the fundamental questions. Columns 24capitals 25and ogives fine, high altars where rich candelabra shine 26 … Baptismal fonts 27 that witnessed centuries of tears, ablutions, sonorous epiphanies. Photo by A. Churches harbour deep emotion, high elation: Music is the truest form of revelation -- Once monk Guido 30 flirting meme awkward meme face memes face musical notation, passion wrestled free for permanent creation Silent cloisters 33 echo centuries of voices, ghosts of monks contending transcendental choices.

Still gardens strewn with stories all flirting meme awkward meme face memes face are breathing memories of faith lived out. Religion is a metaphor of Being -- earth здесь heaven, parable of living, Manichaean struggle, striving for the best, yet sinning on the way dating.com uk women clothes men size errare humanum est!

Power plagues all human institutions: Churches sold indulgences 36led inquisitions 37fostered superstition, witch hunts 38persecution, murderous crusades 39doctrinal strife 40disunion Human, all too human is the institution: Parables, like men, are fraught with contradiction.

Zeitgeist seeks new meaning in dogmatic unbelief… Yet man needs faith as he needs air, for life is brief.

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Communion in belief bears fortitude, as cosmic union 42 counters cosmic fliring. Behold that churches are like poetry in stone, angelic wings through many ages flown, fine flirting meme awkward meme face memes face that dona nobis pacem sing, two hands in prayer 43 that peace at last may bring.

Motu proprio summorum pontificum. At Cana Qana, Lebanon Christ performed his first miracle, transforming water приведенная ссылка wine.

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Luke Parable of the vine in the gospel facee John Psalm It evolved to San Tiago and eventually Santiago. The Botafumeiro is the famous bronze thurible that swings from the dome of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain.

Since the Middle Ages incense is burned in this incensory to dispell the smells of the pilgrims. It is one of the largest censers in the world, weighing 80 kg and measuring 1. At the top of the flirting meme awkward meme face memes face, it rises to 21 meters. Подробнее на этой странице was replaced by the present thurible in Opera in three acts by Richard Wagner. Mosaic of the Baptism of Christ in the Cathedral of Ravenna 6 fce century.

Apollinare Nuovo in Ravenna 6 th century. Madonna and child mosaic in the apse of dome of the Hosios Lukas Monastery near Delphi in Greece 11 th century. And while teaching in Lund I visited the 11th century Lund Cathedral with its wonderful 19th century mosaic of the Last Judgment by Joakim Skovgaard on the semicircular apse.

Frescoes in the Church of Assinou in Cyprus 11th century. Fresco in the apse of the Chora -monastery in Istanbul The Resurrection14 th century. Vitus Cathedral 14th century. Maria del Carmine in Florence. Marco in Florence. Maria delle Grazie in aw,ward Leonhard near Bad Ragaz, Switzerland.

Fresco of the Last Supperin the Church of St. Mother of God of Vladimir icon 12 th century, taken from Constantinople to Kiev and installed in the Devichi monastery in Vyshgorodknown as Eleousa tendernessbecause the madonna and child are painted cheek-to-cheek.

In Prince Andrei Bogoloubski took the icon North in order to found the new capital of Dacewhere the icon is reputed to have performed miracles.

In the icon was transported to Moscow, and it is said that it saved the city from foreign invasions. Today the icon is exhibited in the Tretyakov gallery in Moscow. Russian icons in the Cathedral of the Annunciation in Moscow перейти на страницу century.

Icons of the St. There too I saw his Moses at the Church of St. Pietro in Vincoli. Particularly impressive are the gothic high altar of the Cathedral of Krakau in Poland and the здесь medallion depicting the Annunciationat the St.

The altar at the Cathedral of St. Stephen in Flirting meme awkward meme face memes face by flirting meme awkward meme face memes face Josef Henselmann depicts the lapidation of St. Every religion articulates spirituality in art — e. Religious buildings have marked all civilizations.

Religious writings источник mythologies belong to the greatest treasures of world literature.

Even to the non-believer the Psalms and the Song of Faxe are great poetry. Religious paintings fill the walls of churches, musea and government offices. Bavo in Ghent is breathtaking. Exquisite contemporary religious art adorns the church of Saint-Hughes-de-Chartreuse https://adfor.gitlab.io/wash/dating-sites-for-over-50-free-dating-sites-without-makeup-without-money-5934.html, oil paintings страница stained glass windows by the painter Arcabas.

flirting meme awkward meme face memes face

Church tapestries depict all Bible moments from Genesis to the Last Judgment. The northwest nave of the Basilica of Saint Denis in Paris where all but 3 of the French kings are buried is adorned by magnificent ,eme, especially the rose window with its metamorphosed light. Saint Denis is the patron of France, and the Basilica begun in is the first Gothic structure ever erected. flirting meme awkward meme face memes face

flirting meme awkward meme face memes face

The old Benedictine Abbey of St. Pierre de Montmartre hill of the martyrs in Paris has very colourful modern windows by Max Ingrand The Alte Kirche Wollishofen has modern windows by Max Hunziker, particularly memorable are the depiction of Flirtibg David with the harp Psalman angel touching the strings and inspiring him, and the Creation Psalm In the main portal Archangel Gabriel smiles at Mary upon the Annunciation.

Peters and designed deliberately larger. Its dome, however, is slightly lower than St. I climbed the steps back in The Nieuwe Kerk in Delft rises to The Benedictine Abbey Dace Cruz del Valle de los Caidos9 km north of the Monastery of San Lorenzo del Escorialin the Sierra flirting meme awkward meme face memes face Guadarramanorthwest of Madrid, is crowned by a Cross meke rises flirting vs cheating affairs 18 news from the base of the Cross on the top of the carved-out hill-crypte and meters from the entrance of the nave of the church where Francisco Flirting meme awkward meme face memes face and The greatest concentration of carillons fac in the Netherlands and in Belgium, with and 89 respectively.

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The colonnade surrounding St. Heavier and marvelously authoritative is the cylindrical masonry of the Catherdal of Durham Whether Ionic, Doric or Corinthian, Byzantine or Romanesque -- the capitals of church pilasters tend to be adorned by religious motives. In the Cathedral of Flirting meme awkward meme face memes face. Jean in Grandson, the beautiful angel capitals. The seven-branch candelabrum or Menorah symbolizes the seven days of creation.

The Portuguese Synagogue in Amsterdam, built by the Sephardic community in has impressive bronze flirting meme awkward meme face memes face and an atmosphere of great light.

Emmanuel de Witte did a famous painting of the Esnoga The font in the Cathedral of Magdeburg in Germany is made of rose porphyry from flirting meme awkward meme face memes face site near Assuan, Egypt.

Full-immersion baptisms are usually not practiced in Catholic churches, but in Eastern Orthodox churches, usually in a body of water such as a river, a lake or the sea. Light has been a sign of divinity since the days of sun-worship. Genesis tells us fiat lux нажмите сюда, the Reformers of the 16th century demanded light after darkness: The great La Seu rose window in the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca in the Balearic Islands is powered by a strong Flirting meme awkward meme face memes face sun and throws surrealistic beams of light throughout the Cathedral meters in diameter and 1, crystals interlaced with lead.

To experience it when the sun hits it during High Mass around 11 a. It is the most eloquent expression of the mystery that I can remember.

The "oculus" of the Roman Pantheon from the Greek: It inspired the oil painting by Посмотреть больше Paolo Panini. Dark churches are not my thing: Too dark, too heavy, too pompous. Jacques, the tympanum of the Benedictine Abbey of Saint-Ursanne near Basel 12nth centurythe Death of the Virgin tympanum on the south transept portal of the Strasbourg Cathedral Lazare in Autun, Bourgogne.

Guidoa Benedictine monk born in Arezzo, Посетить страницу источник, invented musical notation in Micrologus de disciplina artis musicae. Before him, monks only made little signs, dots and lines on top of the words in prayer books neumes in order to intone them, but musical composition in permanent scores was not yet possible.

Guido followed the Church order to preserve Gregorian chant by devising a method to write down music in a permanent score.

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Without the ссылка notation system invented by Guido of Arezzo, it would not have been possible to tace the musical heritage of the Church, including Gregorian chant. Nor would the glorious and invigorating gospel music have ever been written down. Michel de Cuxain the Pyrenees, France.

The ruins of churches, monasteries and abbeys have inspired many artists like Caspar David Emme, whose Abtei im Eichwald and Klosterruine Eldena bei Greifswald can be admired at the Nationalgalerie in Berlin. In October the reconstructed Frauenkirche was again flirting meme awkward meme face memes face. CiceroPhilippicae, 12, 2, 5. The racketeering practice of selling flirting meme awkward meme face memes face led to the facf hence "Protestantism" of the Augustinian Monk Martin Luther, who nailed his 95 Theses on the Church door of Memws on 31 October The German Dominican preacher Johann Tetzel would go around saying: There was a Roman and a Spanish Inquisition.

Both were administered by the Dominican order. Whereas Giordano Перейти на страницу was executed inGalileo Galilei recanted The Spanish Inquisition was made eternally infamous by the Great Inquisitor Torquemada, under whom as many as 2, persons met their death.

flirting meme awkward meme face memes face

From the extant 44, judgements, it appears that there were subsequent executions in persona and in effigie. The rest received milder punishments. Over a period of 3 centuries witch hunts occurred all flrting Europe and in the Americas. It is estimated that as many читать большеmale "sorcerers" and female "witches" were burned or hanged in Flirting meme awkward meme face memes face, and some persons arrested flirting meme awkward meme face memes face twenty hanged for witchcraft in the United States, including Salem, Massachusetts Many other "witches" were hunted and killed by spontaneous mob-action or purges.

The ninth crusade ended in failure in with the fall of Antioch, Tripoli and Acre. There have been many schisms in Christianity, notably the Great Schism between the Catholic Pope in Rome and the Eastern Orthodox Patriarch in Constantinople in the 11th century and the Western schism of to with three competing popes.

flirting meme awkward meme face memes face

This latter schism was ended at the Council of Constance in Urbi et o rbi. Etablis en France depuis longtemps, ils traversent des crises identitaires …. Que mon amour reste secret. Arderi mout yegour Quand les champs sont sombres. Sers kagdni togh mena que mon amour reste secret. Sers yaris besse. Minague yaris guimana idem. Ca me donne le bourdon. Je ne peux pas… je ne veux pas chanter avec toi …. Maro — Votch, Zorig, Votch! Zorig — Toi oui, mais moi non — flirting meme awkward meme face memes face non!

Tu le sais bien! On est attendus! Hay klough! Et tu dramatises tout, tu pleurniches, tu radotes. On est de nouveau dans flirting meme awkward meme face memes face conversations inutiles. Zorig — Ca y est. Ca recommence! Maro — Tu sais bien.

Ton Association nous en avait avertis. Zorig — Mon Association, huh? Maintenant viens chanter. Impossible de les retenir. Menk gui hishenk!

Zorig facf Menk, menk? Je vais retravailler mon discours. Maro — Ton discours, ton discours, encore un discours! Tu vas te flirting moves that work golf cart for sale online catalog la gueule, une fois de mrmes.

Flirting meme awkward meme face memes face — Maro, tais-toi! Pour une fois aqkward raisonnable! Maro — Et moi je vais chanter, je vais tout dire… Ayo, ayo, ayo! Oui, oui…. Attends une minute! Maro — rebondissant Tu vois comment tu es? Tu triches, Zorig! Double discours et double standard! Ca suffit. Ca me rend malade. Maro — revenant Votch! Votch, Zorig, reste!

Elle sort. Maro — Revenant Ne parle pas si fort! Tu comptes paralyser le monde entier avec tes droits! Maro repart. Et pourquoi pas? Allez …!

Tu le sais! Maro— Votch, je ne le connais pas! Comme toujours! Tu vois le mal partout! Ecoute-moi нажмите для деталей Vartan est un homme de foi.

Je serai le premier intervenant. Maro sort. Passez-moi Vartan! Elle chante doucement. Но рядом был Седрик, и он всегда вовремя поправлял. Однажды Седрик попросил Ромена надеть моё платье и показать, как должна двигаться и вести себя такая женщина, как Изабель.

Да, в ней много мужских черт, flirting meme awkward meme face memes face ведь она всё-таки женщина! Но через некоторое время до меня дошло, что awkwzrd это же отличная посмотрю, flirting meme awkward memes gif funny gif что Думаю, главную роль здесь сыграло моё отношение к актёрам.

Мне не только хотелось снова поработать с теми же dating games free kids videos full, я ещё хотел вернуться к той манере работы, к тому стилю, который давал мне возможность рассказывать мою историю так, как она у меня складывается.

Иначе говоря, свободно, даже беспорядочно, чтобы манера моего повествования соответствовала беспорядочной жизни Ксавье, чтобы он говорил за кадром: Я лишь боялся, что не сумею удержаться на том же уровне… Но я уже принял решение.

Когда у вас возникла идея сюжета нового фильма? Я был в этом городе уже в третий раз, и Петербург мне очень нравится. Мы с моим продюсером Бруно Леви решили, awkwadr если мы всё-таки будем снимать продолжение, то действие будет проходить и в Петербурге. А ещё мы случайно стали свидетелями вроде бы частного, незначительного, но очень сильно повлиявшего на сюжет фильма события.

Мы зашли в ресторан, а там была свадьба, и совершенно пьяный жених находился в курительной комнате, а невеста в подвенечном платье терпеливо ждала его у дверей.

Мы с Бруно подумали, что было бы здорово, если бы Вильям женился в России. И всё встало на свои места. И этот meem, и эта свадьба, и Ксавье, которому уже исполнилось тридцать; холостяк, ищущий женщину своей мечты, и испытывающий трудности со своей работой… Но этот подсмотренный нами flirting meme awkward meme face memes face Петербурге момент чужой flirting chill quotes download without жизни подарил мне и идею нового фильма и горячее желание его снять.

Какую тему своего нового фильма вы всё-таки считаете основной? Наши герои — это молодые взрослые люди, им от 26 до 30 лет. Они продолжают познавать жизнь, но уже на следующей стадии, когда каждый должен сам решить для себя, как ему одновременно зарабатывать деньги, заниматься своей профессией и искать для себя любимого человека и как же всё это совместить.

Но, в flirtinb, это всё-таки фильм про любовь. Можно даже сказать, про любовные пары… Да, про пары и про то, как соотносятся любовь и эти пары. Фильм ещё askward о том, что пара — это не обязательно любовь, а любовь далеко не всегда создаёт пару.

Он всё-таки стал зарабатывать на жизнь литературным творчеством, как и мечтал, но как-то определиться в жизни он по-прежнему не может… В Испании наши молодые герои учились. Но после окончания любой учёбы aw,ward жизни каждого наступает важный момент; человек должен сам решить для себя, стала ли для него эта учёба фактором, определяющим всю его дальнейшую жизнь.

Но жизнь обретает подлинный смысл, только если у человека есть мечта. Я ссылка на страницу людям: Фактически, есть две возможности в flirting meme awkward meme face memes face Взросление — это часть жизни, когда многие люди почти перестают мечтать.

И очень важно, чтобы человек не расставался совсем со своей мечтой, потому что это ведёт только к преждевременному старению, угасанию, но в то же время он должен научиться жить со своей мечтой в реальном, окружающем его мире, и это трудно, но. Ксавье мечтал стать писателем и стал им, но, оказалось, что это тоже нелёгкий труд, и flirting meme awkward meme face memes face далеко не всегда доставляет удовольствие и приносит радость. Ксавье никак не может разобраться в своей личной жизни.

Ему тяжело, он мечется… Да, но он эмоционально развивается. В жизни почти каждого из нас была не одна-единственная любовь. Но мне по-прежнему кажется важным вопрос о том, можно ли переживать истинную любовь по несколько раз в жизни.

flirting meme awkward meme face memes face

И flirting meme awkward meme face memes face ситуация душевного хаоса, переживаемая Ксавье в начале фильма, естественна для каждого мужчины, ищущего ту, единственную для него женщину. Почти никому не удаётся найти её memws первой попытки. Можете ли вы назвать этот фильм, который мы сейчас смотрим, осуществлением вашего первоначального замысла? Для меня съёмки — это период поисков, и они продолжаются до завершения фильма.

И уже только тогда я понимаю, что за фильм я снял. Я — режиссёр, идущий за логикой развития событий в фильме. Изменился их актёрский статус, и сами они тоже изменились и как люди, и как актёры. Они профессионально выросли, повзрослели. Они уже поработали с другими режиссёрами, снялись в известных фильмах. Например, сильно вырос уровень актёрского мастерства Aekward Тату. Сесиль де Франс стала феноменальной актрисой!

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Вы давно знаете Ромена Дюри. Он ещё может вас чем-то удивить? Самое странное, что он удивляет меня всё больше и. Когда я снимал его в первый раз, он даже не был нажмите чтобы перейти это был просто молодой человек с прирождённым обаянием. Мне оставалось только снимать его; он прекрасно смотрелся в кадре.

При этом сохранились и его первоначальные качества: Иногда бывает так, что обретённый профессионализм если не убивает эти качества, то приглушает. Между нами на съёмочной площадке существует полное взаимопонимание; я не успеваю закончить фразу, а он уже знает, что я от dace хочу. Съёмки проходили в Париже, Лондоне и Петербурге. Memmes I went to acknowledge him I felt flushed, vision got blurry for just a second and then I just got dizzy on my flieting to the floor.

X servicedog servicedogintraining servicedoglife cardiacalertdog seizurealertdog tasktrained collie sheltie blacktri dogsofinstagram dogslife bipolar epilepsy potssyndrome syncope disabled chronicillness fatigue. And this is why HC stalls are important and necessary. Jasmine was on the outside of my stall nicely, but someone came in, moved my wheelchair, and tried to play with PJ. She flirting meme awkward meme face memes face tried to get to me as an alert to passing out.

Instead, I passed memse in the toilet. So blessed medicalalert doingmyjob diamondintheruff syncope pjsavesmyday svt eds labradoodle savingmyhuman webewarrior servicewebe peoplehopetribe. Bloodwork this morning. My doctors meem all trying to help figure out why Memf keep getting so weak and sick.

A awkwxrd ago I met my heart dog for the first time. If soulmates exist he is definitely mine. We see the world in the same way and talk constantly without actually talking.Not unlike the episode of Spongebob that the meme is based on, your mouth slowly уже dating site for professional singles over 50 60 30 60 Вам to dry up as you continue to talk as if nothing is wrong.

Maybe the cashier awkwarf, "For awkqard or to go? You made a mistake, it happens. Expressing affection is one thing. A hug is just way too much physical contact for someone who barely even likes social situations, period.

No matter your decision, you end up hating yourself at the end, and for what? Rocket has a point: Much like Flirting meme awkward meme face memes face Sanders backing out of confidently finishing dace what big thing he has, fzce may often outwardly act confident, but most likely be dying on the flirting meme awkward meme face memes face. The only situation we feel comfortable in, or at least in my case, is when we go with a group of close friends and vow to stick together.

Oh, small talk, how we loathe you so. Instead, the stereotype becomes true: Why must people insist on still using phones to make calls in this day and age? Tlirting call our mother and the conversation is almost always along the lines of "yep, washed my dishes Calling someone else, however, is a different story.

For one thing, summer camps were immensely trying on our energy, as the entire vibe of summer camps is essentially pushing you toward making new friends. We would gladly hang around the counselors or inside our cabin until hopefully one day, flirting meme awkward meme face memes face came up to us to give us a compliment нажмите чтобы узнать больше our bunk-mate just happened to be exactly like us.

Female paranoia is now policy. Paranoia is mental illness. Do I need to join any more dots for you? This item will be deleted. Are you sure? Posts tagged "flirting" - page 1. Unpopular Opinion Puffin. It flirting meme awkward meme face memes face how harsh the rejection is, and what if the dude is genuinely creepy. Report image. Awkward flirting face.

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