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Each mmovies reads out their lists, taking turns. We compare, find habits that all three pairs have mentioned, discuss. This class went super dating tips for introverts people youtube movies full The topic is fun, and there was a great balance of listening video in Activity 1speaking all the discussionswriting their lists and reading Handout 1.

They all loved the article. Famous People I give them a list of questions. In pairs, they have to guess which French celebrities it is about.

Языковой обмен Макассар

Then, we watch introvefts PowerPoint with the answers. I take time to talk to them about French politics, sports, cinema and music. I dating tips for introverts people youtube movies full them which French celebrities do they know and I list them on the white board. Round 1: We took our time to do the activity, watching videos on Youtube to oyutube more about those people, what did they do, etc. Согласен.

dating naked book not censored barbara cruz youtube movies прощения also gave them some background about French politics and history. One students was really into sports so he talked about famous French sportsmen. PowerPoint Famous People. Handout Famous People. Prepare for the Russian tea April 15, learn about Joseph Brodsky, talk about life and wisdom, read well-known English-language poems mmovies Russian.

We read the highlights of the famous Ann Arbor Speech — and I read from the full text on http: What is the most relevant today?

How can we tell this was meant for American students? We discuss. The class went very well — poetry fot always so much fun! And they loved the life advice. More pair work next time. To talk about gender discrimination To create the end of a video To dating tips for introverts people youtube movies full your opinion Reading comprehension To make them describe a poster.

Do they know what happened on the 8th of March? Video https: Then we watch the real end and we discuss it. They have to prepare a small presentation to describe poster to the rest of the ykutube, explain which message it conveys and if they think it works well.

Traditions, Culture and Stereotypes |

What do they think peopple this intriverts Famous women Still in small groups, they pick up a famous woman and prepare a small presentation about her life, her youtubbe, her fights, and why is she inspiring for them fictional or real woman. Brainstorming worked well in this class, since the students were very active in coming to the front to write down the stereotypes they held on white board. Besides, they loved to understand those stereotypes through discussion with me a native Chinese after dating tips for introverts people youtube movies full the videos.

The discussion and video part worked well in this class, since the students are passionate about Chinese culture and they are interested in the funny stories of Chinese Spring Festival. Some of them will study in China next semester. Talk about stereotypes about Russia, practice listening comprehension, revise vocabulary, develop synonymy. Activity dating tips for introverts people youtube movies full — Video 1 — нажмите чтобы узнать больше I have learned that I have a big big family — 5 minutes.

Stop for listening comprehension of Russian, discuss stereotypes about Youtuge Explain vocabulary from Activities 1 and 2, talk about etymology and word-building. Based on my experience last year, this semester I keep a Google spreadsheet with vocabulary we stumble upon in class. Regular vocabulary revision with a strong focus on word-building morphology is crucial in Russian was one ffull the most efficient elements last year and it got great feedback from students.

I update the spreadsheet after every class and share it with the students. They understand it is not homework, but they can consult it at their leisure they can also edit the file, adding translations, examples, etc.

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Activity 4 — Video 4 — Interview with the flirting signs texting memes 2017 2018 season of the commercial — 15 minutes. Listening comprehension watch once without stopping, watch again with pauses. Listen for specific information: What is the main concept of the video? Who else did they have in mind for the role? What is the budget of the commercial?

The class went very well, the students had fun watching the commercial and reading the poem. Just like with Intermediate, David Duchovny is not a big name, but the discussion was still very interesting. The interview was quite hard to understand, but these students seem to really like dating tips for introverts people youtube movies full challenge, so fyll are going to watch more videos like that in the future. Flr, comparative and superlative. Ice Breaker: Dating tips for introverts people youtube movies full cartoon,announcements.

How was the week so far, how crazy will next week be finals? Activity One: Write all the words you associate with Christmas and winter on the board. Activity Intriverts Try to remember the irregular cases. Do one tiips two examples together. Activity Four: They put their cards so they can only ever see the top one. The goal is to get your partners cards. The way you do that: Activity Five: Then dating tips for introverts people youtube movies full write a very short story with those words.

Activity one was a little slow. They loved the games in the end and went all out on their comparatives. Have a back up for activity one, make them daing the words they have put on the datihg. German advanced. Review vocabulary, compare traditions, recognize and understand slang expressions. Activity Two: My student is going to Freiburg in spring and I want her to be able to introverys people there as much as possible, so we did a quick review of the most important characteristics of the dialect there.

Then I asked her to do a couple of things in dialect and she had to do them. I had prepared cards with slang expressions and their correspondents in standard German. She had to figure out what corresponded to what. We read a dialogue in standard German.

Then, using the slang expressions we learned, we transformed that dialogue in something dating tips for introverts people youtube movies full would hear on the street.

Activity Six: We dating tips for introverts people youtube movies full with a very popular video datibg a German band in which a lot of the slang expression are used. More time!! We had to finish after half the slang expressions I prepared and only did half the dialogue because of that.

I tell the class that we are going to do a little contest. Youube divide them in pairs plus one group of 3 After every test, a group corrects узнать больше здесь work of another and counts the points.

We do the correction orally and I add some cultural information or fun facts. Test 1: I give them a blank map of France. They have to place and name the main mountains and moves that work through text clips videos. Test 2: Test 3: They must find where each region is located.

Test 4: They have to prepare a short presentation of what are those stereotypes and guess where do they come from. They all learnt about the French geography in previous classes in high school, college but forgot a lot. That was a good reminder. I am always surprised to see that they are confused between cities and regions.

It was the occasion to clean things up. France division will change from 22 to 13 regions soon. The students were crazy about Chinese food and they really enjoyed talking about it. Everything went smoothly in this class. Ddating Residents an archive of lesson plans. Generic selectors. Россия, Дальневосточный AMU. Zoomlion RT Урал Россия, Сибирский KYA. Zoomlion QY25V. Zoomlion QY55V. Галичанин Галичанин КС Россия, Приволжский SAM.

Ивановец КС МАЗ КС Россия, Центральный YAR. Галичанин КС КС-Ивановец КС Россия, Центральный MOS.

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Kato KRH. Сокол СКАТ Россия, Приволжский SAR. Галичанин КСВ. Россия, Приволжский BA. Мои учебные цели Fluent in any other languages. Мои любимые темы Food and chemistry. Frida, Мои учебные цели To find friends and to learn about their languages. Мои любимые темы I dating sites singles 50 Anime, especially the genre is about history or samurai.

Rima, Идеальный партнер по языковому обмену Can teach me chines language well. Мои учебные цели I can speak, write, and understand chinese language. Someone who nice must be my firends. Мои любимые темы Tradition, culture, habits, life, music, movies. Achmad Juniar, Мой собеседник The female intelligent. Мои учебные цели So that i can dating tips for introverts people youtube movies full english.

Мои любимые темы Friendly. Ika, Идеальный партнер по языковому сообществу What make you happy? Мои учебные цели I want to learning more по этому адресу english language Мои любимые темы Reading, sleeping, waching movies.

Ищете партнера для изучения языка, живущего поблизости? South Tangerang. Kira, Search in title. Search in content. Search in excerpt. Search in posts. Search in pages. Cultural Activity Dating tips for introverts people youtube movies full. Everyday Life.

Games and Ice breakers. Jobs and Business. Media and Advertising. Politics and Social Issues. Study Break Flyers. Traditions Culture and Stereotypes. Intermediate page 5 of Russian Advanced 13 Date: Register, style, politeness Goal of the class: Activity 1 Warm-up — What is register? Examples — 15 minutes We discuss linguistic register and stylistics. Activity 2 Define style, paraphrase in as many registers as possible — Handout 1 — 20 minutes Each student gets one phrase from Handout 1.

Feminism in Russia What technology, media or props did you use?

What worked well in this class? What did datinv work? The class went well and we discussed some important dating tips for introverts people youtube movies full differences. Handout 1 Ты меня задолбал! Приносим извинения за причинённые неудобства. Ты мой зайчик миленький, какой ты молодец! Мне глубоко безразлично Ваше мнение. Я тут сходил в клуб, снял такую тёлочку — улёт! Да вообще он козёл!

Russian Intermediate 11 Date: Я человек? Я реальный человек? Я мужчина? Я женщина? Меня все любят? Мне нравится футбол? Я играю на гитаре? Я люблю спорт? Я хорошо пою? Больше на странице хорошо готовлю?

Я много отдыхаю? Я много работаю? У меня большая семья? Меня интересует политика?

Я много смотрю телевизор? Talk about Russian habits most Americans would find weird, and practice the instrumental case Structure of the class unless you attach your lesson plan below: Activity 3 Dating tips for introverts people youtube movies full — Instrumental Case — 10 minutes I explain the Cases Review Sheet everyone got during their individual feedback session and we review the datibg verbs and prepositions used with the instrumental case.

Activity 4 — Instrumental Case exercise — 5 minutes They practice the instrumental case using Case Review Handout Instrumental see pdf attachedexercise Всегда и везде рассказывать анекдоты. Праздновать Новый год гораздо большечем Рождество. C кем ты хочешь сфотографироваться в Голливуде? С Элвисом?

С молоком? Health Goal of the class: Revise health vocabulary multiple classes Structure of the class unless you attach your lesson plan below: We revise together What technology, media or props did you use? Я все время чихаю и кашляю, у меня dating tips for introverts people youtube movies full. Я, кажется, yyoutube. Тебе нужно… У меня очень болит голова. Тебе нужно… e.

dating tips for introverts people youtube movies full

Меня тошнит. Видимо, я что-то не то съел. Тебе нужно… У меня высокая температура, кажется, но у меня нет градусника, я не уверен а Тебе нужно… У меня болит колено. Смотри, какой ужасный синяк! Еще у меня, по-моему, растяжение. Тебе нужно… Я сильно обожглась, когда делала блины, — смотри, какой у меня ужасный ожог на руках!

dating tips for introverts people youtube movies full

Тебе нужно… У меня высокое давление. Тебе нужно… У меня болит сердце! Тебе нужно… Сегодня я упала в обморок! Не понимаю, почему? Тебе нужно… Я постоянно болею гриппом!

Мне это уже надоело! Никакого иммунитета, чёрт побери! For example, he recently came down with fulk, …and so when I talk with him now, I always ask how he is feeling. The doctor measured his temperature and it was high. Then the doctor gave him an antibiotic and told him to stay in bed. The moview also told my father to dress warmly dating tips for introverts people youtube movies full drink lots of tea.

And I live far. Well, at gor I call always Dad to cheer him up развеселить. Overall в общемmy father told me that he was not seriously ill, Ufll doctor measured his temperature and it was high. Dad dating tips for introverts people youtube movies full said he still had a headache. Correct mistakes there are a few! Video, Internet What worked well in this class? Обязательно используйте конструкции: NOUN Dat.

Going crazy and expressing the need in that order Goal of the class: Ya soshla s uma Dating tips for introverts people youtube movies full have lost my mind — 5 minutes https: Video, text, Internet What worked well in this class? Play the datingg questions game about people and objects — practice listening comprehension and short-term memory Structure of the class unless you attach your lesson plan below: Watch once — 5 minutes Activity 2 — Using the website http: Handout 1 — Go through questions and prople as основываясь на этих данных as sample questions — 5 minutes Play using words in Fulll 2 — only objects — 40 minutes Again, 1 student has the word and the others have to negotiate between themselves.

Video, Internet text What worked well in this class? Цвет Размер Использование: Это больше по размеру, чем компьютер? Это можно есть? Это используется в учебных целях? Этот предмет обладает памятью? Это дорого стоит?

Этот предмет летает? Этот предмет можно использовать дома? Этот предмет — источник вдохновения? С помощью этого предмета можно сделать человека красивее? Этим можно писать? Datinf Hunting Goal of the class: Upcoming cultural events I pair the students and give the instructions for the game. Treasure Hunting. There were 9 dating tips for introverts people youtube movies full with 9 different riddles located in different parts of Oldenborg Center mainly in the Spanish halls, basements and yards.

Them teams needed to first introevrts the envelopes, and then find the right answer to the riddle proposed. Each team had a handout to write down the answer. Once completed the handout, they had to check with us the answers. The faster team in completing the handout with all the right answers wins.

dating tips for introverts people youtube movies full

I collected some chocolate bars for the end. I think it is a great class to break with the routine. Language Resident Name: