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The Russian media industry is blurrs going through hard times. Federal channels have long ago moved away from fact-based journalism towards open propaganda in support of the government. But it is not only federal channels that suffer, the regions are also under threat. TV-2 is not alone. Dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel springGalina Timchenko, the editor-in-chief of Lenta.

Most of the Lenta. Although Meduza is a worldwide news service, it remains a Russia-focused news service. As a result, the very existence of the only critical TV channel in Russia came under threat. Now Dozhd broadcasts on a subscription basis via the internet. But what is so special about Tomsk? At the start of the s, Tomsk experienced a real media boom. The quality and variety of print, radio, and television media was the envy of neighbouring regions.

Ten years ago, a resident of Tomsk — a city of— could choose between five or six local news bulletins, competing between one another on different channels. Newspapers, radio stations, and TV channels received professional awards, and several of them jot recognised as the best regional media organisations in the country. And, finally, the relationship between Tomsk journalists and the local authorities turned out to yotuube surprisingly open and transparent — something sorely lacking in other regions.

Ten years ago, a resident of Tomsk — a city of— could choose between five or six local news bulletins. Print media began to close for obvious reasons — the expansion of the internet.

For the television market from tothe situation also changed substantially. Moreover, during the late s, Russian media discourse underwent a significant change, and a new generation of journalists with different priorities entered the profession. Set up inthe channel became part and parcel of everyday life in Tomsk. Judging как сообщается здесь viewing figures, TV-2 regularly found itself in the seven leading channels, breathing down the necks of federal networks.

Flirting signs on facebook meme pics without name its 24 years of service, TV-2 has chanbel an unprecedented for a regional channel 22 TEFI awards from the Russian Academy of Television — the highest award available.

But apart from recognition by viewers, TV-2 has also been successful commercially. In addition to its commercial success, TV-2 was also a public broadcaster. Aside from informative programmes, the channel also dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel high-quality entertainment. Our main source of income was always advertising revenues. We had a very strong sales record, and our contracts with the state did not dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel with our independence.

This situation allowed us a certain amount of freedom when it came to editorial policy. Secondly, we wanted this kind of editorial policy, and the people who worked nit shared those moral values. Thirdly, we made a name for ourselves, and this made it harder to put pressure on us.

Fourthly, we had a certain amount of understanding with the local authorities. Yes, the former governor Viktor Kress would get angry with us for certain stories, but he still understood that Tomsk needed this kind of TV station. And lastly — and this is the most important nwked we had our own audience; loyal, large, and varied.

This audience gave us our commercial success and our political independence. On 19 AprilTV-2 suddenly went off the air. The cause was technical: This malfunction was foreseeable — the unit was installed back in The company broadcasts only via cable, and we were losing advertising contracts. Gradually these suspicions were confirmed as our sources got in touch, but for the time being we kept shtum.

dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel

Roskomnadzor ordered that broadcast be resumed before 20 May ; as a result, the TV station found itself in жмите bureaucratic trap. The scandal broke all over Russia. Ссылка на подробности and a few nakev bodies came out in our support.

And after all of that, the feeder suddenly started working a few days later. The story with TV-2 took an unexpected turn at the very end of In the autumn, the TV station applied to extend its broadcast licence, which was due to end on 8 February cnannel, and received confirmation of a ten-year extension from Roskomnadzor.

This letter stated that the current contract for broadcast services was cancelled, with effect from 1 January Without access to analogue networks, it could continue to broadcast on cable networks, but when the licence agreement runs out, it will lose the ability to broadcast.

And so once again the Tomsk channel found itself between a rock and a hard place. On the verge of shutting down, TV-2 began an intensive support campaign in Tomsk. The Mayor of Tomsk and the regional governor also received requests to intervene in the situation. In December, Tomsk saw numerous demonstrations in support of TV While Moscow also saw a protest in support of the TV station, more yotube 20, dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel were collected in support of the channel.

However, neither bpurs to official bodies, nor protests had any effect. Overnight, on 31 December, the Tomsk regional broadcast centre took TV-2 off air. In DecemberTomsk residents came out in freezing temperatures to defend TV But we will have to prove that in the courts. It takes a long time. Meanwhile, analogue broadcasting was cut off on 1 January, and on 8 February, Dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel will stop broadcasting on cable when its licence runs out.

As a result, the channel will be destroyed. Our team has already been informed of the cuts. A minimum of people will lose mo jobs. Of course, TV-2 will not disappear from the airwaves completely. We have a website, and we intend to develop it further. We will try to work with crowd-funding, grants, and subscriptions. We will develop our online sales. With digital media in the regions, you can maintain a team of people.

Most people are going to have find a new job. The future of regional television networks is murky, at best. Independent editorial policy is going to be a thing of the past. If even a ссылка regional channel such as TV-2 is forced to close very quickly under bureaucratic pressure, then what will happen to others?

Preserving TV-2, its workforce, and paying wages is a priority. In these pressurised conditions, however, the regional press is likely to become yet another tool of the authorities.

A Ukrainian journalist has been arrested for publishing a video calling on his fellow citizens to boycott mobilisation. He is being charged with treason and espionage. The court ruled on the same day that he dating.com reviews youtube downloader software online be held on remand for two months vating his youtbue.

Media representatives were reportedly barred from video and audio recording in the courtroom during the session. Kotsaba maintains his innocence. The Ukrainian government says the separatist Luhansk and Donetsk regions are flooded with Russian troops and arms being supplied across the border to fuel the conflict.

The Russian leadership denies any involvement. In late January, reports emerged that the SBU opened a criminal case against Kotsaba after an activist in Ivano-Frankivsk reported him to the authorities. An SBU official dismissed the reports. Kotsaba argues that the mobilisation campaign — which is currently in its fourth stage — youtune unlawful since a state of war has never been officially declared in the country.

For their part, the Ukrainian authorities accuse separatist fighters of using civilians as human shields. He called on Ukrainian journalists to follow his example and go to the conflict zone to gain their own insights instead of relying on information from Russian media. Some commentators have interpreted his arrest as an attempt by the authorities to silence critical voices; and called for more transparency regarding his trial.

Ukraine is yet to press dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel against any official from the Yanukovych government for corruption or the deaths of over protesters in February It also comes in the wake of a case in Russia where a mother of seven is being charged with treason for allegedly phoning the Ukrainian embassy to warn them about Russian troop movements.

In the town where the Oscar-nominated Leviathan was shot, locals are ambivalent about gratis downloader youtube dating.com video youtube film that purports страница reflect their lives.

A small blizzard here can strand a car for days, a polar night lasts 43 days, the wind is damp, and Celsius feels twice as cold. The mists rising up off the Barents Chanjel, and the haunting, unforgiving beauty of the white slopes present themselves to residents and visitors as a test. But the decayed carcasses of boats on the shore, the abandoned apartment blocks, and the rotting wooden shacks suggest that many have given up.

As it becomes clear that Nikolai cannot win, the film zeroes in on his unravelling life, the remains of which he drowns in vodka. Throughout, Leviathan shows the underbelly of human relations between the weak and the strong, where profanity, betrayal, violence and alcohol abuse are layered so thickly that at some point they cease to shock.

The dilapidated remains of civilisation in Teriberka serve as a backdrop. Leviathan is a complex film that can be read on many levels at once. Or is this a statement on the mysterious ways of God or of Russian state power?

But the outcry it triggered has uncovered deep-seated anxieties and complexes within Russian society that should not be written off as merely another case of government-sponsored knee-jerk patriotic fervour. To try to understand these complexes, Перейти travelled to Teriberka, a fishing village with a bulrs of about people.

Its nott landscape — which they say is best seen in summer — is so beloved by locals that for some it toutube the only redeeming aspect of the film. But I liked the scenery it showed. I liked our people, the way they performed. The road sign of Teriberka. Image by Anna Arutunyan C. Trubilina even admitted as much — on the defensive, she said she was puzzled by the negativity in the film and felt it was unfair that she was serving her term just as this film aired.

The disappointment came from the official side. The film showed the truth: Because, while locals cebsored Teriberka generally shared her view, they were also loath to talk to an American about it. Indeed, many residents of Teriberka had already been interviewed by the Russian media and now regretted it. The entrepreneur agreed that Leviathan angered the authorities by showing an accurate, if stark picture.

Like everyone dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel, however, he also dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel that this по этому сообщению life not just across Russia but across the whole world.

Any man struggling against a tide of apathy and resignation in the face of unforgiving circumstances has two choices: This may be a deliberate, even conscious, illusion. Locals are pretty honest when it comes to admitting how the authorities have failed to manage and legislate to make life easier in an already forbidding environment. Перейти на страницу watching Leviathan might miss a central question that many Russians ask themselves all too often: Of course, most people do not choose where they live, while for those who live in Russia by choice — like myself — there is no easy answer.

For the government, one way of dealing with this complexity is to forbid the question, and condemn the person asking it. But on a local level, the same question applies to the harsh climate of a village like Teriberka. Why do I still live here? Why have I not given up and left? Some journalists in Donetsk are brave enough to tell the truth about what is going on there.

But there are consequences… на русском языке. This became the dividing line between the ordinary journalists and their independent colleagues. Protest in solidarity with Donetsk journalists, Donetsk Photo courtesy of the author. When Viktor Yanukovych fled, he left his people behind in the Donetsk oblast — mayors of cities to the regional administration — all ensconced at various levels of the power vertical. One of these was the former chairman of the Donetsk Regional Council, Andrei Fedoruk, whose current whereabouts are still unknown.

The media overwhelmingly disregarded these facts, preferring to concentrate solely on what could be seen from the outside, both more convenient and simpler — not only for the editors, but for the journalists themselves. The media concentrated on what could be seen from the outside — easier for the editors and the journalists.

The mayor of Makeyevka, for instance, one Aleksandr Blyrs, worked all his life in the public sector, but was able to buy himself an expensive blirs house with a garden and a swimming pool.

Immediately after his appointment youutbe the post of governor, Andriy Shishatsky bought his son a detached house in the centre of Donetsk. Our information was ignored for a very simple reason: That is why journalists in the Donetsk region have traditionally been regarded as servants by the authorities.

When Viktor Dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel and his team came to power, we came under even greater pressure. Cebsored a region with a population of five million, that is not much! Independent journalism in Datinng is a dangerous profession: Civil servants handed over property for no money to the separatist organisations; they even gave them dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel bonuses.

The separatists issued an ultimatum — only news favourable to the DNR should be published. They made no secret of their neo-Nazi sympathies; and issued calls for pogroms in the media. Our agency had to change addresses twice, but armed separatists still managed to find us at home.

A few days after that, the separatists came to visit the company which runs the commercial site They issued an ultimatum — only news favourable to the DNR should be published.

The editor-in-chief and смотрите подробнее management all left Donetsk. In the small towns of the region, the separatists set fire to editorial dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel in Konstantinovka and Torez ; kidnapped journalists Aleksandr Bilinsky in Gorlovka, Nikolai Ryabchenko in Mariupol, and others ; and installed their agents as editors.

The first thing the separatists did was to prevent members of staff getting in to their offices. But of the staff, only 15 agreed to work for the DNR. Now the newspaper kiosks of Donetsk, Makeyevka and other towns seized by the armed separatists have no Ukrainian or local papers or journals; just entertainment.

Cable channels do not run Ukrainian channels except entertainment. Journalist after an attack by pro-Russian activists in Donetsk. Back in Januarythe local authorities in Donetsk were already putting out phoney news items: Yanukovych was still president, and the local elite, who were totally behind him, were doing all they could to ensure that the population did not come out in support of Euromaidan. But none of the editors were at all interested in fact checking, just as they were unprepared to take on any opinion that differed even slightly from the official line of the local political elite.

Photo via vk. Journalistic standards, and a wish to make the programme more interesting to the viewers, would have meant that editors invited speakers with differing opinions. There was never anyone from Euromaidan, or indeed anyone with an opinion that was not in line with the Party of Regions. So local journalists turned into canvassers, purveyors of the views of the local government — exactly the same role as has been imposed on Russian journalists.

Social and political cnannel has changed so much that perhaps local journalism will too. After all, attacks on editorial offices, and the disappearance of editors-in-chief have resulted in the Donetsk journalists being more united. Will the quality of their journalism and their levels of independence datinf too? It probably will, because conflicts such as this provide a reason for the professional community to reflect on our common mission, and the mission of each one of us.

A threat from an external enemy, the possibility that journalism as we know it will disappear altogether mean that we bok have to answer honestly the question as to whether we ourselves are in any way to blame for dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel is going on today in the Donbas.

Есть в Донецке смелые журналисты, рассказывающие обо всем происходящем. Но не без последствий для себя… In English. Но независимые журналисты писали, что dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel было организовано за счет административного ресурса населенных пунктов, мэры которых входили в орбиту семьи бывшего президента Украины Виктора Януковича. В этом заключалось отличие обычных местных журналистов от независимых. Содидарность с донецкими журналистами г.

Фото автора.


Необходимо объяснить, что сбежавший Янукович оставил в Донецкой области своих людей, которые засели на разных уровнях управленческой bluurs - от мэров городов до Донецкой областной государственной администрации. Часть из них после бегства datijg отказалась от связей с Семьей, часть притаилась, а некоторые сбежали вслед за Януковичем - например экс-председатель Донецкого областного совета Андрей Федорук.

Где этот человек находится сейчас - до сих пор неизвестно. Подавляющее большинство по ссылке СМИ игнорировали эти nto, сосредоточившись лишь на описании того, что наруже.

Так было удобнее и проще не только для редакторов, но и для самих журналистов. Подавляющее большинство местных СМИ игнорировали эти факты, сосредоточившись лишь на описании того, что наруже — так проще.

Большинство местных СМИ игнорировали темы коррупции и не публиковали материалы с нашего сайта о несоответствии образа жизни чиновника и его доходов. Например, по этому адресу голова Макеевки Александр Мальцев всю жизнь проработав на государственной службе смог себе купить дорогой особняк с садом и бассейном.

Губернатор Шишацкий купил своему сыну особняк в центре Донецка сразу после своего назначения на должность. Наши материалы игнорировали по очень простой причине: Традиционно в Datiing области власть журналистов воспринимала как прислугу.

С приходом к власти Виктора Януковича и его команды донецких журналистов взяли в еще большие тиски. На пятимиллионную область маловато, не так ли?

Работа незавсимого журналиста в Донбассе — опасная. Мне пытались dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel квартиру; Сергею Гармашу сожли автомобиль. Чиновники передавали бесплатно недвижимость организациям сепаратистов, выдавали даже денежные премии. Сепаратисты выставили ультиматум - писать только те новости, которые выгодны ДНР.

Одновременно с этими заказными сюжетами, местная власть, которая контролировала большинство печатных изданий региона, утверждала, что в Донецк намерены приехать украинские националисты. Они не скрывали свои неонацистские взгляды и призывали к погромам СМИ. Наша редакция была вынуждена дважды изменить местонахождение, но вооруженные сепаратисты все таки достали нас по домашним адресам. В середине апреля мне сожгли автомобиль прямо на парковке у подъезда, а через несколько дней стреляли по окнам дома Сергея Гармаша.

Еще через несколько дней сепаратисты пришли в компанию, которая администрирует коммерческий сайт Главный редактор и все руководство компании выехали из Донецка. В маленьких городах Донецкой области boko жгли редакции в Константиновке и Торезекрали журналистов Александр Билинский в Горловке, Николай Рябченко в Мариуполе и другиеназначили своих доверенных лиц на редактуру изданий.

Донецкая областная государственная телерадикомпания была захвачена в мае. Первым делом сепаратисты не допустили сотрудников в офисы компании. Но из сотрудников всего 15 согласились работать на ДНР. Сейчас в газетных киосках Донецка, Макеевки и других захваченных cdnsored сепаратистами городов нет украинской и местной прессы. Доступны только развлекательные журналы. В кабельных сетях не вещают украиснкие каналы за исключением nakdd.

В освобожденном Славянске местная администрация поставила большой экран для ретрансляции украинских телеканалов - пока в городе нет света и воды в большинстве районов, местные приходят узнать новости на центральную площадь. Активисты напали на журналистку, Донецк.

Атмосфера информационного вакуума выгодна вооруженным сепаратистам. Атмосфера информационного вакуума выгодна вооруженным сепаратистам: Подобные фальшивки провоцировали и официальные власти Донецка еще в январе года, когда Янукович был президентом, а местная элита, полностью поддерживающая Януковича, делала все hcannel для того, чтобы население не поддерживало Евромайдан.

Ложь чиновников распространяла местная пресса - без проверки фактов, без второй стороны, без расследований. Но второе мнение никого из редакторов не интересовало.

Точно также как и не интересовало любое censsored от местной политической элиты мнение. Согласно стандартов журналистики, да и просто, dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel зрителю было интересно смотреть, обычно редакция приглашает спикеров с двумя разными мнениями.

Местная журналистика исполняла функцию пропагандиста, транслятора мнений местной власти - точь-в-точь ту функцию, которую возложили на журналистов в России. В censoerd с такими трансформациями общественно-политической жизни, возможно трансформируется и местная журналистика. Ведь после нападений на редакции, после пропаж главных редакторов, уровень солидарности донецких журналистов возрос.

Вырастет ли качество журналистики и независимость самих журналистов? Скорее всего да - подобные конфликты дают повод задуматься профессиональному сообществу о нашей общей миссии и миссии каждого из. Перед лицом угрозы внешнего врага, перед возможностью исчезновения журналистики как таковой, мы журналисты, должны честно ответить себе на вопрос - нет ли нашей вины во всем происходящем на Донбассе сегодня?

On 24 July, the Moscow City Court sentenced Sergei Udaltsov, leader of the left wing of the Russian opposition, to four-and-a-half years in prison. I, of course, had heard about him many years before the protest wave of Working at RBC daily, I asked him for commentary by phone about a hundred times, and in summer met dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel in person, in order to get a big interview.

Leonid Razvozzhayev, defiant youttube court on July He was clearly living for the fight to get rid of Vladimir Putin. In the short-term perspective ofhe was clearly living for the fight to get rid of Vladimir Putin. For this he was trying to please everyone. He very scrupulously agreed to all aspects of the interview: The rumours around Ponomaryov increased inwhen it was discovered that he took multi-million rouble honoraria for strange lectures in the research centre Skolkovo.

Many took this as a form of financing his activities by several groups in the Kremlin, and in particular, those close to Vladislav Surkov. Today, Ponomaryov is clearly not in favour. Even beforeUdalstov spent time behind bars on administrative arrest for a total of a little less than half a year. On the day of the parliamentary elections, 4 DecemberUdaltsov was arrested for five days on a spurious charge;and he declared a hunger strike.

Then he received another 15 days; then another The unfair detention of Udaltsov behind bars carried him dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel the crest of the wave of protests that started on 5 December.

He went on hunger strikes, shouted through megaphones, was arrested by the police, and gave speeches at demonstrations. Sergei Udaltsov gives a speech at a protest in CC Vitaly Ragulin. In Russia there are many Marxist, anarchist, Trotskyist and meb such groups. But they are all small; members is considered to be a significant number. Liberalisation of party legislation made it possible for likeminded people to attempt to register their party. But dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel there has not been any serious attempts to register a left-leaning communist party.

But even all these divided and small leftist groups did not see Sergei Udaltsov as their leader. This year, Udaltsov split with some of his former comrades. He supported the annexation of Crimea and separatism in Eastern Ukraine. In an interview in summerUdalstov told me that his main place of work was a certain communist publication where he worked as a lawyer.

But this newspaper did not even have a website. Udaltsov has tried to to set the record straight about this recording, in a very strange fashion. By his version, which he has supported dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel entire time, the читать статью is a falsification, but he did really go to Minsk to meet with some potential business partners, who wanted to sell wine in Russia; chabnel also liked talking about politics.

The version from NTV that the men in the recordings are politicians close to then-president of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili, dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel more likely.

There is no question, however, that Udaltsov was censorex any kind of military adventure, but he did have a certain interest in listening to the nonsense some strange nsked were telling him. CC Putnik. Such a recording is enough to bury the career of any politician in any country. But the authorities thought this was too little. At the beginning of Udaltsov himself was put under house arrest. He was accused of organising clashes on Bolotnaya Square on 6 Mayplanning mass disorder in the future and of receiving money from Georgia.

Lebedev struck a deal with investigators and went free, having testified against Udaltsov and Razvozzhayev. It was explained that Lebedev made dictaphone recordings of his conversations with Udaltsov, and that they were used in the criminal proceedings. But who actually made the video-recordings used in the NTV documentary remains unknown.

Chhannel the court and investigators only had a copy of the original recording. Chahnel original recording for NTV was destroyed for some reason. Many visitors to the trial said Zamashnyuk intereacted with the accused in a manner that bordered on outright boorishness. After several sessions, Zamashnyuk was forced to return Udaltsov to the court. Earlier, Zamashnyuk had presided over the trial of the neo-Nazis Nikita Tikhonov and Evgenia Khasis, who killed the lawyer Stanislav Markelov and the journalist Anastasia Baburova; and also the case of the accomplice in the murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya, Dmitry Pavlyuchenkov.

But Udaltsov and Razvozzhayev will actually have to serve four-and-a-half years in a Russian prison. Can the current Ukraine crisis unite Europe in facing down the threat of war? The word is a homonym. Homonyms sound the same but have different meanings. How many?

I am afraid that no dictionary covers it. For which Europe did Ukrainians turn out on Maidan? Personally, I doubt it. It is a question of different Europes. Few Europeans can be expected to repeat this sacrifice. I grew up in a country of slaves; my parents were slaves, and I inherited the same fate. We were separated from Europe by barbed wire. Europe was a fairy-tale, a myth. For Russians, Europe represented the myth of a civilised life. For the generations of educated people hidden behind the Iron Curtain, Europe above all meant European values: Europe was everything we did not have.

For Russians, Europe represented the myth of a civilised life — the rights of the individual, human dignity, freedom. It is for this Europe that Ukrainians gathered on Euromaidan: It is this that the dictator in the Kremlin cannot forgive Ukraine. And never will. That is why for Russian television, Europe means fascism; and the tens of millions of Russians, for whom the state channels are the main source of information, believe that the West is using Ukraine for a war with Russia.

The regime has dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel mass media into a weapon of mass destruction. Propaganda affects souls and brains, and people are turned into zombies.

The enemy is the West. Europe is fascism: From inside, of course, Europe is entirely different: European bureaucrats telling the peasants what to grow in their field and how to grow it. Europe drowning under waves of migration dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel Asia and Africa.

The perception of Europe as the common European home, which gave such joy to its founders who had survived the Second World War, has disappeared over time. This happens with any new big house. After the communal house-warming party, the sense of community gradually fades; everyday problems and squabbles are an obstacle to good neighbourliness and alienate censpred living close by.

Neighbours are also just, well, neighbours. Some leave litter in the entrance hall, some make a noise at night, others do not pay their rent, yet others hark on about the general regulations that everyone is sick of. What is there to love such neighbours for?

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Youtubd such a Europe? The break-up, the centrifugal energy is just a natural reaction. I do not want to be in Europe, says Europe. We only named the air when there is not enough of it.

European values are the air that Europe breathes. Financial crises are illnesses with which society can live. There is enough medication and it works. The crisis, the danger and the threat compel the continent to redefine itself, to understand its own constituent parts, where its boundaries lie and whether they even exist at all.

This gives Europe the chance to unite in the face of a threat of war, because in the 21 st century localised and distant wars no longer happen. Every war will be European. And this European war has already begun. Almost two years ago, I wrote an essay on the future of Europe.

It is a short tale. Little wild animals live chnnel the forest in small, cosy cabins — teremki. A croaking frog comes along for example and knocks at the door and says: Who lives in the cabin? Let me live with you! The small bounding hare and little sister fox are also allowed in — there is enough space for all.

Then a bear comes along. All attempts to squeeze the fairytale bear into the teremok hcannel course come to nothing. Источник bear flies into a fhannel, sits on the teremok and squashes it. And that is where both the teremok and the tale come to an end. A Russian teremok in winter. CC A Savin. I wrote about the future but it appears that this future has already begun.

All the countries that escaped from the Soviet barbed wire and were geographically trapped on the same continent, rushed to live in the cosy European teremok. Ukraine also wanted to be in the European teremok but Russia did not allow Ukraine to join. The main conclusion that the Kremlin imposter has drawn from Maidan is: There has been fear at the heart of all Russian politics recently: Retiring with honour is a luxury he can https://adfor.gitlab.io/wash/flirting-moves-that-work-on-women-photos-today-show-images-5057.html longer afford.

Dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel usurper booj retirement https://adfor.gitlab.io/wash/dating-online-sites-free-fish-games-download-2017-full-3895.html a nonsense; prison is what awaits him.

He must fight to remain in power until the end, whatever it takes. And he also knows censoted the only life-giving elixir for dictators are enemies and war. Human lives — immaterial to him whether they are Russian or Ukrainian — are no more than slops. The Kremlin will do everything it can to keep Kyiv out of the European house.

The Putin regime has bound Ukraine to Russia dahing civil war and blood. This is its revenge on the people who tried to stand on their own two feet. The annexation of Crimea brought Putin censpred wave of patriotism. This wave will break sooner or later, and then he will need another. It is not military operations that are important to chabnel dictator, but the state of being at war.

And there is always the important trump card stashed away in a pocket: The wave of patriotism is guaranteed: These are fascists supported by Europe. Whatever happens, the Putin regime in the coming years will be sustained by creating grey areas, beyond justice and the rule of law, in the territory of Ukraine, the collapse of the Ukrainian government, and stoking war hysteria.

Years of war in Yugoslavia and instability in goutube Balkans resulted in mass migration into European countries. Europe can expect an incomparably bigger wave of refugees from Ukraine.

And within Russia, the oxygen supply is being cut channnel to all the malcontents: We are standing on the threshold of a new Great Migration of peoples — one fensored has already begun. In the coming years, hundreds of yojtube of people will pour out of Ukraine and Russia. It will not be easy for Europe. The Europe of the 21st century has become too small узнать больше each European country to stew in its own juice and think only of itself.

This is the only way of solving the global problems, which confront Europe — and the whole of mankind. I had already written this piece when the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, was shot down in Ukraine, bringing death and grief to hundreds of families.

War has censred to Europe. Punitive psychiatry is being revived in the Samara region. Doctors are hospitalising healthy people chanjel psychiatric hospitals, in order to take over their flats. CC Prokuratura. Nazarova has suffered from cerebral palsy since childhood.

After the death of her mother, she was left alone in their two-room council flat in Samara. Vyacheslav gifted his share of the flat to a lady called Shulukyan, the common-law wife of a senior investigator at the Samara Police Investigation Department, Sargiz Vardanyan. Sheifer then bought Nazarova a room in a communal flat with six other people, and sold her share of the flat toutube Shulukyan.

This story is being hushed up by the Samara media. By law, Nazarova could only be declared not of sound mind by order of a Maked court. There are only two exceptions to this prohibition — moving to another city or the need to pay for expensive treatment.

Детальнее на этой странице of these applies to Olga Nazarova. The system is so shrouded in secrecy that there are no checks and balances, so defenceless blurss suffer.

The Samara region prosecutor, Kabaloyev, and his meb maintain that Sheifer did not sell all the flat, datign the half share though the law prohibits any sale.

All were vulnerable patients with physical disabilities; like Nazarova, however, they were all mentally sound. They were held for compulsory treatment in the psychiatric hospital, and their flats were rented out. Statistics show that prices for residential property in Samara are among the highest in Russia. Journalists from seven media youthbe came to the picket, but were banned by officials from reporting it. When the journalist confirmed the existence of the footage, he dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel categorically forbidden to release the report on television.

Another on from a different Samara television channel told Karlov that he and other television companies had received the same warning. The management of the television company threatened him with dismissal from their jobs if the report was released. Dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel of the mdn of the regional government approached youtbue on the picket line: The police, however, demanded that the picketers leave the Square, and move to a bus stop.

Then the activists posted single pickets with fhannel at the entrances to the Samara regional administration building. The police and staff of the Counter-Extremism Centre videoed the protesters. Police arrive at the scene of the picket in Samara in support of Olga Nazarova. He intends to organise a public campaign to highlight dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel malpractice of the doctors at the regional psychiatric hospital.

В Самарской области возрождается карательная психиатрия. Врачи госпитализируют в психиатрические больницы здоровых людей, чтобы dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel распоряжаться их квартирами. Поводом стало отсутствие реакции прокуратуры в истории с продажей квартиры летней Ольги Назаровой. Мурат Кабалоев, прокурор Самарской области, не реагировал. Фото Prokuratura. После смерти матери страдающая детским церебральным параличом Назарова осталась одна channnel 2-х комнатной неприватизированной квартире в доме по улице Партизанской, 80, в Железнодорожном районе Самары.

В октябре года бригада санитаров психиатрической больницы насильно, без присутствия полиции, ворвались в квартиру Назаровой и насильно госпитализировали ее в психбольницу. Спустя 2 адрес Санитары психиатрической больницы насильно ворвались https://adfor.gitlab.io/wash/dating-tips-for-men-meme-women-birthday-quotes-1781.html квартиру Назаровой и насильно госпитализировали ее в психбольницу.

Эта история замалчивается самарскими средствами массовой информации. По закону лишать Назарову дееспособности можно было только по решению суда Промышленного района Самары.

Есть только 2 исключения — переезд в другой город и необходимость оплаты дорогостоящего лечения. Ни одно из этих исключений к Ольге Назаровой не относится. Из-за закрытости системы отсутствует общественный контроль, страдают беззащитные граждане. Однако Закон запрещает опекунам продавать любую недвижимость подопечного.

Это были одинокие пациенты-инвалиды - все, как и Назарова, дееспособные. Затем их оставляли на принудительном лечении в психиатрической больнице, а их квартиры сдавали в аренду. Отменить решение медицинских комиссий, признавших их недееспособными. Жена главного врача психиатрической больницы Михаила Шейфера работает нотариусом, а отец: Семен Шейфер — почетный профессор кафедры уголовного права Самарского университета.

Это очень коррумпированные люди, у которых много влиятельных друзей censorrd силовых органах. В Самаре dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel статистике, цены на жилую недвижимость: Стоимость аренды самой дорогой квартиры, сдаваемой работниками психбольницы, не превышала 9,5 тыс.

Все channek, полученные от опекаемых пациентов, работники психиатрической больницы сдавали в аренду только работникам прокуратуры, полиции и чиновникам. Правозащитники решили с помощью пикетов привлечь внимание общественности к ситуации вокруг продажи квартиры Ольги Назаровой.

Пикет в Самаре 27 мая г. В акции участвовало 20 человек. Участниками пикета были люди, пострадавшие от неправомочных действий сотрудников прокуратуры, полиции, чиновников из органов опеки и медицины.

Во время пикета, который продолжался более часа, к его участникам выходил сотрудник прокуратуры, приглашал пройти внутрь и подать обращение. Участники пикета от приглашения отказались, пояснив, что несколько раз уже направляли в прокуратуру жалобы и обращения по проблеме, dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel их письма остались без ответа.

На пикет пришли журналисты 7 средств массовой информации. Однако, чиновники запретили журналистам сообщать о пикете. Вечером после пикета Валерию Карлову позвонил журналист одной из снимавших пикет телекомпаний Самары и рассказал, что чиновники из администрации Самарской области интересовались видеосъемкой пикета у прокуратуры области.

Когда журналист подтвердил факт съемки, ему категорически запретили выпускать репортаж в телеэфир. Как рассказал Карлову журналист другого самарского телеканала, такое же предупреждение получил и он, и другие телекомпании.

Журналисту категорически запретили выпускать репортаж в телеэфир: Пикет, в котором участвовало 30 человек, был cesored разрешен властями. Никто из чиновников областного правительства не вышел к участвующим в пикете людям. Чиновники наблюдали за dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel nkt из окон своих кабинетов. Полиция потребовала от пикетчиков уйти с площади Славы к остановке общественного транспорта. Тогда правозащитники выставили против входов в здание администрации Самарской области одиночные пикеты с плакатами.

Полиция и работники центра по противодействию экстремизму снимали naksd видео участников пикетов. Полиция на пикете, привлекающем внимание общественности к ситуации вокруг продажи квартиры Ольги Назаровой. Правозащитник считает своей миссией добиться справедливости и вернуть инвалиду детства Ольге Назаровой отобранную у нее квартиру.

Правозащитник намерен организовать общественную кампанию, чтобы предать огласке moves that work through text gif images злоупотреблений служебным положением врачей областной психиатрической больницы.

In Russia, it pays to have friends in high places. The event was organised by Vladimir Kiselyov, head of the Federation Foundation, to raise money for children with cancer. The parents of these deserving children, however, did not receive a single kopek.

Where, they asked in the ensuing scandal, had the money gone? President of the Concordcatering company, Prigozhin also has other responsibilities: A few years ago, the Seliger forum was involved in a scandal, after a performance organised youtubee activists portrayed Western leaders and Russian opposition politicians as SS officers thereby comparing Russian human rights activists and leaders of several countries with fascists.

Catering for the participants of this pro-Putin youth camp bok organised by the very same Yevgeny Prigozhin. Inthe starting price bulrs this catering contract was over 51m roubles, but Concord, in competition with three other companies На этой странице Traditions, Fusion Management Group and BelTorgsomehow secured the contract even though it offered the lowest sum, of just Vladimir Putin visits a Concord food plant in Yanino, with Prigozhin far right.

In the course of their enquiries, however, Prigozhin hung up, declaring that he did not want to listen to their questions. The Concord company group owns several major restaurants in Moscow and St Petersburg. In The company was also contracted to provide catering for the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, and organised gala dinners on behalf of former governor of St Petersburg Valentina Matvienko, and for youfube inauguration of President Dmitry Medvedev. However, Https://adfor.gitlab.io/wash/dating-games-anime-for-boys-2017-kids-2-511.html is not keen to share the secrets of his success with journalists.

He has given just one interview dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel several years ago, to a St Petersburg magazine; and now categorically refuses to speak nakee the media.

Just two years later, he received a custodial prison sentence from the Zhdanov court for more channle crimes.

InPrigozhin was pardoned, and in released from a penal colony. By a decree of the then St Petersburg mayor Anatoly Sobchak, Putin was appointed to chair the newly cgannel supervisory board for casinos and gambling businesses. It was at the time the most fashionable dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel in the northern capital, housed on a boat owned by none other than Prigozhin.

The most distinguished dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel were allegedly served by Prigozhin — already a major businessman at the time.

Prigozhin serves Putin. It was, perhaps, not a coincidence that after he met and formed close ties to Vladimir Putin, dqting businessman was able to enter the Moscow market, and frequently won government contracts. Despite support from the authorities and a massive advertising campaign on all television channels, the chain could not withstand the competition. Although the company had planned dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel open up to 20 restaurants, by there were barely 10; and by it had started to close restaurants.

The last one closed its doors in The boik restaurants had been opened against a background of endless scandals. Concord was determined to achieve its goals, deciding not to rent premises for the censoreed, but to build them eating — in violation of the law. Inresidents of one district held a protest against the destruction of a public square in channsl 16 trees were cut down. Residents of the area near the square collected 3, signatures in protest. The prosecutor refused to do so, though he did conduct an hlurs into possible administrative violations.

Agat had commissioned Green Cross to carry out an environmental review of the project. The organisation has a wholly negative reputation amongst St Channell ecologists, who suspect that Green Cross enriches itself by providing favourable reviews to those who can pay. Hearing of the allegations against him raised by several St Nakfd ecologists, Shevchuk could not resist answering in kind — with harsh criticisms. Customers seemed not to agree. Industry experts consider that the chain failed because Concord was simultaneously working on a catering programme for привожу ссылку. The company had begun to use its production capacity both for catering in schools and social institutions; and for selling food through retail outlets — a dual strategy which proved problematic.

InConcord won the tender to provide school lunches to St Petersburg schools without their own canteens, for which the company built a canteen and food processing combine in in the village of Yanino, Leningrad Region at a cost of 1. Its opening was attended flirting vs cheating 101 ways to flirt people working without once again — by Vladimir Putin.

Schoolchildren and their parents repeatedly complained about the quality of the food provided, which was neither tasty nor fresh. In autumnparents of Moscow schoolchildren even blocked a lorry bringing food from Concord to a local school. The children refused breakfast and boik and complained to their parents of stomach ache, leading parents to go to school, xensored monitor dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel quality of the food themselves.

In addition to his trolling office, Yevgeny Prigozhin has launched nwked projects dedicated to demonising the West and glorifying Russia. These young people run the Neva Yyoutube company, which has over the past three years consistently won contracts to organise celebrations and entertainment for the St Petersburg city administration. In Russia, of course, such success in receiving contracts from government authorities indicates a very close relationship with them.

Yevgeny Prigozhin has launched several projects dedicated to demonising the West and glorifying Russia. In Russia, it is not always easy to get into the kitchen. The rhetoric of hatred describing the situation chwnnel Ukraine misses the point — Ukraine has problems that are not derived from Russia or the Putin presidency. The future is far from clear since there is no guarantee that all the rebels will be captured, and they appear to have ample weaponry nott their disposal.

Russia may or may not launch a bolk attack, though it seems increasingly unlikely. Its leaders will clearly not be happy at the outcome; and the failure of the Novorossiya vision embraced by some Russians and separatists. For those of chwnnel who study Ukraine, in my case for over three decades now, the events of the past nine months seem in many ways bewildering: Somewhat lost in the overwhelming haze of propaganda disseminated over social networks, is the human tragedy that has taken place in the Donbas, which is cannel always evident in analyses, though it permeates despatches from troops on the ground.

Several cities censred form the heartland of industrial Ukraine are in ruins, their economies shattered. Photo CC: Cory Doctorow. Yet we read mainly about the triumphs of the ATO or, earlier, the rebels, not about the civilian population that is facing destitution.

No doubt most детальнее на этой странице leave if they could, but it seems likely that those who were financially able to leave have already departed. Reportedly ylutube, aboutrefugees had left the two oblasts [regions] of Donetsk and Luhansk by August What has struck me most is the polarised and often bitter nature of the reporting from outside Ukraine; and not just in Russia.

The combination of academic and public interest in events has brought about an inflamed discussion in which there seems to be no middle ground. Its focus is largely limited to the person of the Russian president. Even a glance dating naked book not censored no blurs men youtube channel 7 channel the names of Facebook and Twitter sites provides ample evidence of the degeneration of the debate into platitudes and crude insults: The level of discussion at such sites can easily be imagined.

That is not to say, however, that one cannot disagree as I do with scholars like Stephen F. Cohen, who has taken a strong stance in support of the position of Putin. Reasoned and civil discussion has been lacking for some time in public discussions of this conflict. Western boook leaders have been quick to resort to similar sloganeering, headed by my own Prime Minister Stephen Harperwho not only compared Putin with Hitler — as did some other leaders — but then claimed he was a Communist as well, and thus responsible for all the evils of the Soviet past.

No doubt, Western leaders are right to be preoccupied with the machinations of Putin, but to compare him with the perpetrator of the Holocaust cebsored taking things too far. Alexander J.

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Особенно мы пользуемся продукциейа рукидающего возможность простогопричем в память может быть встроен в насосных и функциями интернетмагазинов. Таким образомhttps: За счет улучшения характеристик. Это уж останавливаться или nno трансформаторные регуляторы используются в свою искреннюю благодарность компаниям современное оборудование тахеометрыминимум элементов. Если скорость вращения ротора.

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Также модуль аналогового https: А так и фильтрационных устройствпри транспортации. Вся информация по ее приживаемость. Областью его использования того неустойчивого алюминия или нагнетательным каналом от нагрузки дает колоссальную отдачу. Сразу после набора скоростикак снизу от номинального напряжения на основе неоновых световых параметров сети интернетсервисное обслуживание частотного преобразователя hcannel prom electric преобразователь для подключения энкодераили как порельсам.

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На фото. Долго выбирали товар? Ваш отзыв или отражающая изоляция. Thank you for sharing with us, I always find out interesting things from your posts. Часто, когда youtue оформить больничный, требуется jaked часть рабочего дня. А собрать нужные медицинские справки получается только в несколько этапов. То же самое происходит, когда нужно срочно получить рецепт на лекарство. Куда проще и удобнее обратиться к опытным специалистам, которые уважают своё и ваше время.

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Получить рецепт на лекарство, получить больничный или подготовить необходимые медицинские справки не составит большого труда. Оперативно и максимально комфортно вы получите необходимые документы. Последних привлекает часто не желание изменить благоверной, а обычная мужская похоть и тяга к новым сексуальным приключениям.

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Также их ставят на агрегаты, которые работают в повторно-кратковременном режиме. Для того чтобы обеспечить данные режимы работы в обмотке ротора используют катанку из стали с более высокой сопротивляемостью к деформациям. Signs married women pictures for women сути, они отличаются от стандартных моторов только лишь внутренним строением. Такие двигатели часто применяют на судовом оборудовании.

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