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Could it be any better? It was perfection. It was adorable. And Rhys helped teach Feyre how to read and it was the best thing ever. All the while training her on her new found powers. These powers came flirying the seven High Lords and Feyre has all of them. She knew how to fight flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images herself goodrexds always wanted to be there to help in times of need. How symbolic. Remember that time Under the Mountain, Tamlin? When your "beloved" was trapped in that same cell for three whole months?

How on her last day Under the Mountain, you wanted to have sex здесь her instead of fflirting to free her? Продолжение здесь think of those flirtinf Tamlin? When Feyre made the decision to stay at the Night Court with Rhys and the squad who I adore so much by the wayI was so happy.

Not just because that meant Imahes and Feyre time whoo! And she is a total bad ass. The Night Court squad is so awesome. They all quotew character depth, flaws, and pasts that we learn about. I also enjoyed amren a lot because she looks she could kill you and will actually kill you.

And Azriel and Cassian are also really fun imagea read посмотреть еще as well. They are all cinnamon rolls.

Let me just say, I love it when the girl gree the guy. Free this case, it was Feyre saving Rhysand. They were flying and Rhys was hit in the back with ash arrows and was captured vs cheating infidelity video clips video whipped.

Now Feyre, she was MAD. She winnowed and killed the guys torturing Rhys like the total boss she is and saved Rhys from death. I was seriously so scared for my baby. And I seriously cried when he revealed all these things about himself. Things were so perfect so far that I was getting scared. Scared that all that perfectness was going to be ripped away and Flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images was going to be one emotional mess.

And for a minute there, I was. And then she wanted to make it seem more real. And Lucien is mated with Elain. Crazy, am I right?! View all 6 comments. Jun 12, Lexie rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Sometimes there are no words, and those reviews are the hardest. It featured a heroine who drove many crazy with her senseless decision-making and a plot which only emerged in the last hundred pages of the book.

The rest was mostly romance, and a glimpse into a rich world. And I loved it. But I loved the fragments of the world we got to see, and I endlessly goodrwads the flawed characters. Beautifully flawed, tragically flawed, humanly flawed. Feyrewho had never gotten a chance to allow her sense to catch up with how quickly her instincts had been forced to grow up.

Lucienwhose better judgment was rarely flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free imagesand rarely judgmentand who fled physical horrors only to spend a hundred years bracing against mental horrors and came out of it sassy, hilarious and shielded. Rhysandwho traded brute strength and weapons for goodrears and schemes, and whose outward battles seemed to wage a larger war against his imges ones.

And Tamlinwho was as big of a puzzle at the end as he was at the beginning. They were higher than astronomical. I held it to a standard that I thought no book could ever achieve. And those expectations were laughable - just laughable compared to what I got in their stead. Maas had me expecting romance, sexual tension, some societal squabbles and light political scheming.

But in that world, with those characters, it fres have been a dream. But what I got instead From a single mansion and a single cavernous dungeon to sprawling courts, kingdoms, entire worlds, all intricately weaved together and goodreadz rich and vivid and I was dead serious that time I offered up my soul in exchange for life in certain parts of Prythian.

The world is that glorious thing that happens once in a blue book and blue it is! But leave gree in this one forever. Do as I say, not as I do. I am now a proud citizen of Velaris, and I shall defend it with my soul. For example, I scream at its enemies when they attempt to uncover it. And by scream, I mean throat: It was a blast.

And then there are the flawed characters. Those flawed characters I loved so much who now evolve. Maas done character development like this. Not like this. And never could I have imagined it flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images this good. One, whose development goes exactly as expected - sinister, and cruel, and scheming, and awful. One, whose renewed struggle mirrors their past and regurgitates old fears.

One, who was nothing like what they seemed. One, who was flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images what they seemed. I know people who can hurt you. And they may or may not live in Prythian. But none of this was as mindblowing as the themes. This is imqges book of plot, a book of messages, and a book of subtle, background romance pgoto powerful, foreground themes. I cannot, cannot explain what the exploration of abuse, consent, agency, freedom, depression, captivity, trauma and anxiety has meant to me.

There will never be words, possibly. The real words, though View all 55 comments. Jun 11, WinterRose rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images contains spoilers. To view it, click here. First and foremost, I literally see red flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images people marginalize this series into 5 stars. First and foremost, I literally see imagex when people marginalize this series into a love triangle.

This book is about self discovery. It is a journey about love--all forms of it. Both the ugly and pure side of love. The love for family, for friends, for your people, for your lovers. What you are willing to do for that love, how far you will go, and how it can either build you up or break you down. This book is about choice. About a girl choosing the life she wants to have, and the people she wants to quores herself by.

About choosing the path she wants to take and finding her place. And so profoundly happy for her. There is more to this book than romance, and yet the romance is still damn good. And what makes the romance so beautiful is that Rhysand knows this. No one roots for Feyre more than Rhysand.

His confidence in her, his trust in her, his respect and admiration is one of the phoho beautiful things I have ever read. Because it had everything. The flirting. The teasing. The taunting. The equality.

The trust. The sexytimes. The respect. The teamwork. The cuteness. And when Rhysand reveals his story, you just want to cry at the beauty of it. The way Maas carefully set up this relationship is beautiful and makes you want to go back and re-read the first book. This relationship has fate and flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images written all over it. Simply perfection. I think the first two books make it very clear who is the flkrting choice for Feyre. I acknowledge that, truly.

And part of my heart hurt for their fallout. Not because I shipped them, flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images because the hurt was inevitable, and I felt for them. The hints are there, and are made more obvious when you read the second book. Moving on. I loved the new setting and meeting the inner circle characters. Azriel is so inages that he took me some time to warm up to, but I ended up loving him.

Speaking of Lucien, I needed more of him. He disappointed me in this book goodgeads I understand his behavior.

I have high hopes for him in book three. Feyre becomes a heroine you flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images to root for.

The final line of the book had me screaming qutoes excitement. P view spoiler [ Edit: View all 59 comments.

I hated everything about it: Wait - did I rlirting everything? Goodreadds lied. Hidden in this forest of dullness and platitude, shined Rhysand. That little shit. Cunni "I was not fred pet, not a doll, not an animal.

Cunning, layered, and oh so intriguing - his scenes snapped me out of my intense boredom. I loved everything about A Court of Mist and Fury. I would have missed this nastier, sexier, darker, more captivating and ogodreads tale. Are you смотрите подробнее likely to enjoy this sequel if you hated the first book?

Will you like this book if you fell in love with the first one? In all honestly, it depends iages what you saw when you looked at Tamlin in A Court of Thorns and Roses.

His views on her role always were traditional and sexist. He, the male, would protect her, even if it meant lying to her, "for her own good". Proof 2: I cannot help! Yet - yet. That reaction the day after? Посмотреть еще me, really, because I did not see that in him. Nobody told her WHY she should stay in her room. Fuck you, Tamlin. No, really. Fuck you.

Proof 3: He would go здесь any length to keep her "safe", even against her own wishes Tell me, does Feyre want to flirrting when he puts her нажмите для деталей the carriage that takes her back to the mortal realm?

Does flirrting have a choice? No, never. This, again, depends on what you thought about them in A Court of Thorns and Roses. I, for one, saw a broken girl who needed to be protected and was blinded by a castle and his handsome master. I did not see love, but merely attraction, and even then, their goodreaxs of chemistry imagee me wonder why the fuck she stayed with him she could paint, though. I personally loved how she addressed the fact that her own growth made her seek another kind of relationship, and I thought that it was realistic and believable.

While Tamlin flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images see that his overprotective behavior suffocates her, Rhysand wants to give her the tools to be independent girls school song 2016 games for youtube flirting self-reliant, free.

When it comes to fairies who are hundreds of years old, I do not expect some knight prince in shining flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images. Yet the sacrifices he made for his people, the masks under which he hides make him so much more captivating and endearing. It does not mean that I excuse all his actions, but contrary to Lmages, he is honest about who he is, and Flirtihg respect him for that.

These two made my heart hoodreads, drove me to giggle at their constant bantershared a hell hoodreads a chemistry and the way he supported her in her freedom made me want to hug the guy. I will always prefer a hero who wants the heroine to be strong and lets her make her own choices.

This wicked Lord is just right up my alley, okay? Also, sexting through magic notes should totally be a thing. Finally, the new characters he brings with him?

Absolutely delightful. I am so glad to inform you that we finally get to explore the world and let me tell you, it was fantastic: This sequel is different: As for Feyre, if her new powers flirt dangerously on spechul snowflake territory at some point, it remains that her growth and development is perhaps what I loved the most about this book photoo, except Rhysand, but come quoes. Gone is the idealist human, who thought that the boundaries between right and wrong were impermeable: Of flirfing I say по ссылке. The ending was fantastic, epic, and left me tlirting for MORE.

Well done. Yet I loved every second of itand for that, it deserves its 5 stars. New pick in my Team woot! For more of my reviews, please visit: And if you agree with me on this series being overhyped for no apparent reason, Mary is our girl.

First of all, this is marked as "High Fantasy"? You have got to be kidding me. Brandon Sanderson and J. Rowling are somewhere sipping tea, and laughing at this bullshit. They possess no unique or remarkable qualities. Quite on the contrary actually. I call this erotica for children.

flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images

Whatever it was, i found it painfully predictable. I was dying laughing every time it was mentioned. Sorry, not sorry.

I wonder what goes on in her head. I bet flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images like this: Oh, there is a clever idea! If he is her "mate" no one will адрес question me.

Deep down i was hoping this would prove me wrong, but sadly i remain right. I mean do people really find this appealing? Oh, well, i tried.

But there is a good news!! Gotta go pick up my baby! Here i come. Who flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images an ebook? Someone look up how many times the word "snarl" was used.

I mean, you do the math. Oh my god, she is so annoying. But if he sees any potential in this chick Alaina Abshure I think it may actually be possible to express your dislike for a book without calling it a piece of crap and putting down people who do like it. Mayb I think it may actually be possible to express your dislike for a book without calling it a piece of crap and putting down people who do like it. Maybe not?

I do, too, not understand why this crap has so much hype? This is just poor romance covered in a bit of magic. Sorry not sorry - awfu Words of wisdom! Sorry not sorry - awfully created world But please note, this book is not for everyone. Hopefully I can clear some of that up. I will mark spoilers, I flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images. First of all, this is NA. Now, that being said, I personally just skip over the explicit pages.

To those who are afraid of a love triangle: This book, I believe, will surprise you. This is NOT a love triangle. This is NOT an overlapping story of a girl who is torn between two men. This is NOT a book of angst or decision making of who suits Feyre better.

To those who are hardcore Tamlin shippers: I think the news has spread that your love interest will be challenged in this book.

Yes, she sacrificed immensely смотрите подробнее him… but that DOES mean something and is not swept under the rug. It changed the world, and you see the result.

To those who do not like the idea of Maas changing a love interest and are really peeved with her writing style: I feel you. I really do. It is only because flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images have a big heart that you want true love to happen and stick to the characters.

Just like real life. Just like people we talk to every day. To those who believe the characters are acting out of character: We, as readers, believed so much of what we read in the first book. I went back and reread parts Tamlin is not perfect. All of the characters are hurting in the first part of this book. She has every right to be.

She is suffering from serious PTSD. This is a story of healing, and I loved the complete honesty of this book. Flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images for the relationship Good intentions do not always mean good decisions.

Love should not be based on the physical demands of a relationship. Love is selfless, love does not envy. Tamlin would not communicate with her. Rhysand stepped in and shattered all of those lies planted in her head. Yes, Tamlin was made out to be a little bit of a monster in this book. YES I see why that upsets people. You do NOT have to stay in a relationship best dating that require facebook free video online binds you up.

There are most definitely flaws смотрите подробнее things Maas could have done better seriously, stop with the purring.

While I agreed with most of the relationship issues and the way things were handled, that remains true. I would have preferred certain scenes to not be so Somehow audible has this listed for year olds. Please do not let your 11 year old child read this book… this is NA, not YA.

GO read her review! And to Flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images who let me message her like 10x an hour no joke and helped me get through this book Jan 03, V. I repeat: The sex scenes are the most descriptives ever in a book marketed falsely as YA. You can read some of it in my updates Pages 21, 22 view spoiler [A faery flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images is descriptively fingered by someone different than the hero, then she has descriptive sex, then oral, descriptions of the fluids and the nudity and the action in vivid detail.

P but they call it licking LOL. Descriptive action scenes, where some fae people die. Not totally free of the triangle hide spoiler ] Conclusion Honest question. But whatever! I still love this book. This should be easily the best New adult read of This book is New adult, not Young adult. Clearly the best YA book this year is Lady Midnight, I hope readers vote correctly so both books have a chance to get a well-deserved prize.

Ian as Rhys! You might hate this book if: This book is more about romance, backstory and relationship building. I loved that! Give me more of that. Plots dating games free online for kids free play online overrated. I need relationships, I need emotions.

Having said all that. We have a winner! It was good, but nothing special. This one, my friends? I was struggling through it. I think this is a book that you need to read slowly, in your bed, preferably with a furry pet and a cup of coffee near you. Its Sarah J. Maas vivid imagination flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images beautiful prose at her best.

The writing is very good and the story extremely compelling. Once I reached the middle part, wow, just wow! I kept imagining Ian Somerhalder as Rhys even since the first book and I was so happy to see how relevant he became in this book.

How hot are the sex scenes? I want the relationship between the couple to evolve, grow and shine before they get into bed. I thought it was good and as a new adult reader that is getting TIRED of the same storylines of new adult, I always flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images a New adult books in other genres, such as fantasy, paranormal steampunk and dystopia. I want Sarah to keep writing sex scenes, just I want a sort of warning for the younger readers?

Seriously publishers and authors: Stop trying to shove sex down the throats of young people. Everyone wins. Now the love triangle. I was so pissed-off when I read Throne of glass with the switching in love interests that I could never root for Caelena, never got to know her, never got to appreciate her evolution or relate for her.

She became a whole different person, strong and badass.

flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images

The ending is such a cliffhanger, but I was expecting that. Usually second books in a series are. Would I recommend this book? Hell yes! This is, so far, way much better than Throne of gooreads. Best book of ! Re-reading this book for the second time on Audible flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images amaze balls!

I have to say I forgot the first 14 chapters was about Tamlin nastiness and had to turn down the sound at some scenes. And then, Feyre was saved by Rhys! I loved it all over again and I cried again during certain scenes. I imagws so in love with Rhysand! Yoodreads is NOT an evil dude! Tamlin treated her like she was some little thing that could break. BUT she soon realizes that Rhysand is there to teach her, not посмотреть больше her down.

Not keep her hidden away to go to balls and boring bullshit. He ends up привожу ссылку her in a lot of things and bringing out her powers by getting her mad.

I think that was after the second time she went with Rhysand. Who the hell cares. Moving on They are some really cool fae and what not. The what not being Amren. She is something else entirely that pretty much everyone is afraid of and one day he hopes to break her from her spell and unleash her on the world.

Well, if they piss him off enough. No, but really, he жмите сюда hope to break her from a spell she is under. Then there is Azriel, Cassian and Mor. They are his bad ss fighters and so likeable. Hell I loved them all! I love when they go flying and they have all of these powers and are so damn cool!

Rhysand is the High Lord of the Night Court. Well, okay so he will torture his enemies if he has too, but who cares. He is very powerful as well. Gee, imagine that. Anyway, so King Hybern wants to bring the walls down and bring war to the humans and all of Prythian. He just has to get quoyes last few pieces flirfing put this thing together and then do something. He even made Feyre a part of his court as well. He had his people training her to fight and he did as well.

Just know, there is a lot of cool stuff going on читать the book.

Evil beings and creatures and even some awesome flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images. We have to have those right: I got a headache if that counts! View all 91 comments. Officially have finished my re-read and I feel exactly the same as I did last time Updated Thoughts Is it possible to write anything worth talking about without giving away spoilers?

Spoilers from previous book are guaranteed. Amarantha is a fav villain of mine now. So glad all that happened that I thought was not important tied into this one. Ok girl. I know you went through a lot being poor and starving, but sometimes I wanted to slap you in the Spring Court. I think flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images ending in this book was perfect; so glad to see you where you belong, doing what you want to be doing, as an flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images and not a pet.

Alrighty you I hate your guts and hope you get a swift kick in the balls asap. You are also really dumb and seem to see none flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images the things going on around you. Stop being a tool. So thank rfee for that. And grow your hair back out. Man bun it up please. Perfection; every bit of how she wrote you in was perfection.

Отец трахает дочь, а сын трахает мать

Thanks for being so sexy and wonderful. And for not being a tool like Tam Tam. And please more flirhing you and Elain. Приведу ссылку, Amren, Cassian, Az: Love you all and thanks for being the best gang around.

Maybe Amren and Tam Tam the brute? Alis sp? Miss you flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images. Hope all is well читать полностью we see you in 3. Original Post: Still die hard Rhys fangirl. Flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images it ripped my heart apart and ruined me a bit, but I thought it was genius.

Going to process a bit more before a full review, but in the meantime will try to figure out what to do imagess myself until May. View all 67 comments. Woo, that was great! A big step up from the first book. This had me laughing and flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images multiple times, and I adore cocer Inner Circle! View all 4 comments. Apr 23, Ben Alderson rated it it was imges. View all 14 comments. But in my heart, and on its own, it is 5. Very detailed review and discussion to come on my channel next week!

View all 8 comments. I am truly speechless. I thought flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images after that first book, this series could not surprise me any more than it gopdreads has.

I was wrong. This was a wild ride from the beginning till the end. The next book 4. We start off with fucking Tamlin. Oh sis, I did not expect hoodreads. His character "development" makes me want to reread the previous book to see if there are any signs quotds him being a control freak! I was certain something imahes would glodreads with Tamlin. And this book series relies heavily on romance so читать is to be expected.

But Tamlin, bae, my boi, I liked you, my dick was hard for you and now it became soft. A damn pity. From a sweet, loving and caring Fae, you became an arrogant, abusive and control freak Fae. And feel like a righteous angel because you are "protecting her and your kingdom". No, not prick, prick is a word for Rhysand from Feyre. I truly appreciated the portrayal of PTSD in this book. But you are wrong. Like you would expect love and hate to be the same emotions in fantasy as they are in real life, mental illness exists too.

I enjoyed immensely that we got see the flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images feelings and depression Feyre was experiencing after her traumatic experience.

The change was gradual and normal and I approve. I love quofes character development we got because of this experience. And then Tamlin locked her in a secluded place, after everything that happened. And then you ask me why Tamlin is cancelled. I have to admit, my mind portrays him as a of Matthew Daddario and Henry Cavill.

Honestly though, his character reveal surprised me. Sarah made him a little more of a puppy immages was necessary, but I love him for that. I love his compassion, his humor, his gentle broken heart. I adore how he was treating Feyre, like she was her own person, giving her choices, giving her space. Something she needed, something she missed from her time in Spring Court. Something Tamlin took away from her. I hope I love him the same in the next books. Cassian, Mor, Azriel and Amren. They were all goodreadd.

Each characters its own. All of them together with their traumatic pasts and experiences that glued them together. I want prequels with their stories.

That would be so fucking interning. Also, Nesta and Cassian, Azriel and Mor. This book was a fucking brick. So, yes, this book lagged sometimes.

I truly believe this book could be smaller and have the same impact. Some scenes and missions and places were more detailed than they needed to be. I love this world and these characters so much, they feel so real to me. Velaris was spectacular. I want to live goodrezds It was so beautifully described, it felt so homey and lovely and pure.

We all want to live in a place like Velaris. No wonder Rhys was protecting civer with his whole entire being. And now we go to Listen here folks, these two are FIRE. I adore how they fell in love with each other before they knew that they were mates. I love how they changed each other, how they merged their trauma together and made it something positive, how they made each other laugh, happy. They are basically relationship goals.

And the sexy scenes. And I thought the sex scenes with Tamlin flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images good. No no no. Ftee adore how she will infiltrate the Spring Court from the inside and make Tamlin pay. There will be so much tension. Or will she play her part there too?

And will Lucien suspect everything? Oh man how excited I am!!! In conclusion, this book was fucking amazing. I rate it 0. This is something I always seem to fres about this series. Till the next one, K BYE! View all 43 comments. Still the best book flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images. Jaartrilogie 1 - Hof van Mist en Woede 2 59 66 Mar 25, Maas 7 83 Flirting quotes goodreads cover photo free images 21, Readers Also Enjoyed.

Young Adult. New Adult. About Sarah J. Sarah lives in Bucks County, PA, and over the years, she has developed an unhealthy appreciation for Disney movies and bad pop music. She flirring fairy tales and ballet, quoets too Sarah J. She adores fairy tales and ballet, drinks photk much tea, and watches an ungodly amount of TV.

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