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Or look at it from the views of others. You have the power to control what you want to perceive. To change your perception of an experience does not mean you deny its occurrence. This song I recorded with danielyoungsongs for the upcoming album has taken on new meaning in the last few weeks. Call your friends and family, life is fleeting.

Excited to share what Dan, mhortonsmith dylanschorer jaywilliamhenderson and myself did with flirting signs texting meme images free: one.

Over 1, sticker designs. Link on profile. Oh you breastfed and you bottle fed? Flirting meme chill quotes love images hd story bro She stays home and you go to work?

Cool story bro She says no screen time but she lets them binge? Cool story bro Embrace. So, see? Instagram vs reality. The first picture is not a true representation of daily life with Jude flirting meme chill quotes love images hd Caleb. We just got lucky with the photo. Both want to win. God help us when it comes to races in the garden or who can get dressed the fastest for school.

We made flirting meme chill quotes love images hd many amazing memories on this holiday. Wish we could do it all again tomorrow. Alas, the Disney Dollar fund is empty. When in Disney I handstand. Flannel of the day. Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armour, and it can never be used to hurt you. Swipe through and check it out To talk to his parents, flirting meme chill quotes love images hd, nephews, nieces, in-laws, etc.

Family is everything. It was an honor to have created this mural for your family to enjoy for decades to come. В сторис не верно загрузилось. Заливаю. Today as I was cleaning I found a half finished Bepis under my futon. This came as quite a surprise to me as I do not drink Bepis. However I suspect the Bepis was left there by a Bepis drinking friend I may have had over recently.

I hope you enjoyed my story thank you and have a good day. Chasing waterfalls 2. Cool story, bro. Beware our MC! This was cemented following an appearance in the Raw Comedy Quest Finals, all achieved prior to even his first full year as a comedian. What better way to bond then on a decapacitating flying board?! I recently came across this paper folder I designed for my Elementary school back in the day. I entered a contest in third or fourth grade and my drawing was chosen for the folders design.

Believe it or not this little kitty has been painted flirting quotes about beauty girls pictures hd wallpapers some cool bright colours but the magic happens when flirting meme chill quotes love images hd goes for an overnight stay in the kiln. The finishing touches are added in a special pen by you or us btw so we can add eyes, names, dates or anything you fancy actually!

Ill post a pic of mrs cat when shes had her flirting meme chill quotes love images hd to the kiln so you can see the finished article. Whos looking forward to our story sessions starting? Register your interest via message as places will be limited and first come first serve!

First up will be Oi Frog by Kez Gray. Stay tuned for an example painted using various techniques that are simple enough for little ones but impressive enough to look super pro! Its a working lunch flirting meme chill quotes love images hd us today!

Drawing out some exciting ideas coming soon you can register interest for the Cool Story Bro sessions. Sigue igual o mejor que cuando lo compre. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

Hartselle, Alabama. Decatur, Alabama. It would be naive to think that a mere recording of him using it would alter that. Last month, a year-old female orca named Tahlequah J gave birth to a male calf, who died after half an hour.

Meanwhile, scientists noticed that a 3-year-old female named Scarlet J was looking severely emaciated, with her ribs showing through her side. They have since given her a shot of читать большеvia dart, and are considering feeding her more medications embedded within live salmon.

Both Tahlequah and Scarlet are part of the Southern Resident killer whales —a community of 75 orcas that lives from spring to fall in the inland waterways of the Flirting meme chill quotes love images hd Sea in the Pacific Northwest. The group, which neither mingles nor mates with other orcas, consists of three pods, designated J, K, and L. They are among the most thoroughly studied animals on the planet, thanks to decades of attention from scientists, naturalists, whale-watching enthusiasts, and more.

These whale connoisseurs see these whales not as generic, faceless exemplars of their species, but as individuals with families and personalities. Unlike other mammal-hunting orca groups, ссылка на страницу Southern Residents almost exclusively eat salmon—and жмите salmon are dwindling, the whales are starving.

Miscarriages are common. Around 75 percent of newborns die. It is hardly anthropomorphic to ascribe grief to animals that are so intelligent and intensely social. In happier moments, when the different pods reunite in the spring, they face each other in straight lines, before engaging in energetic greetings. The Lummi Nation, who live in the Salish Sea and also depend on salmon, have long understood this side to the Southern Residents.

By contrast, Western cultures have variously cast orcas as aggressive savages, fish-eating pests, and tourist attractions. It was once acceptable to shoot them or round them up for aquariums. Around 50 Southern Residents were captured in this way, including the original Shamu. These attitudes started shifting in flirting meme chill quotes love images hd s, when the Canadian marine biologist Michael Bigg did a census and discovered just a few hundred orcas in the Pacific Northwest, rather than the thousands that had been assumed.

Bigg also realized that he could tell the orcas apart from the shape of their dorsal fins and their white saddle-shaped patches.

The world did, too. Bigg, Balcomb, and their colleagues used their data to study the life-long bonds between mothers and their children, to study their complex communications, and to work out why orcas are among just three animal species that go through menopause.

Their discoveries led to public outrage over captures. Some of the Southern Residents started off shy, but have become emboldened through the years.

Others were exuberant from the start. Scarlet had a difficult birth, but shortly after, she started leaping out of the water. That, combined with her personality, might explain her incredible day mourning period.

Balcomb goes even further. They know people are out there: I think they know that humans are somehow related to the scarcity of food. And I think they know that the scarcity of food is causing them physical distress, and also causing them to lose babies. Many scientists would undoubtedly accuse Balcomb of inappropriately casting human feelings and motivations onto another species, without extraordinary evidence for his extraordinary claims.

Others would argue that it привожу ссылку more ludicrous to deny the mental capabilities and emotional lives of these animals. Her grief has focused public attention in a way that conservationists hope will translate into political action.

But the whales must also communicate over the din of ships, and deal with toxic chemicals that become stored in their blubber. These three threats compound each other. There is no simple way to save the Southern Residents. Consider what it would take just to address the lack of salmon.

The fish have a flirting meme chill quotes love images hd that extends from far-inland streams to the источник статьи Pacific.

They have to deal with dams, algal blooms, the nets of intense commercial fisheries, and blobs of warm water caused flirting meme chill quotes love images hd our changing climate. And yet, she remains hopeful. Jay Inslee, the governor of Washington, has made a priority of protecting the whales, and in May, he convened a task force to посетить страницу ways of doing so.

The people I spoke to for this piece are all members, along with policy-makers, whale-watching operators, fishers, tribal representatives, and more. But their presence also ripples throughout the entire ecosystem. They are flirting meme chill quotes love images hd canaries, and their woes show how the world is changing. Their problems are ultimately our problems.

Indigenous people, for example, depend on the same fish that the orcas are missing. Вот ссылка at the Boston Reviewthe also white critic Marjorie Perloffthe doyenne of American avant-garde poetics, weighed in too. Dove took strong exception to a pattern she saw in the response of established white critics. Were they, she demanded, making.

Skim the table of contents of the major literary journals, including white-shoe poetry enterprises like Poetry magazine, and even general-interest weeklies with vast reach such as The New Yorker and The New York Times Magazine. Scan the recipients of the prestigious and sometimes lucrative fellowships, awards, and lectureships granted annually to the most promising flirting meme chill quotes love images hd poets in the country.

They are black men and an Oglala Sioux woman. They are queer as well as straight and choose their personal pronouns with care. The face of poetry in the United States looks very different today than it did even a decade ago, and far more like the demographics of Millennial America.

If anything, the current crop of emerging poets anticipates the face of young America 30 years from now. These outsiders find themselves, at the very start of their careers, on the inside—and not just of a hermetic realm of poetry whose death knell someone sounds every April, when National Poetry Month arrives.

The British press had marveled at poetry that could win critical notice in The New Yorker and rack upviews on YouTube. Each new book and accolade spurs a fruitful competition to do and dare more. Other poets have shown a talent for building an audience in less embodied ways.

Before Kaveh Akbar published his strong debut collection, Calling a Wolf a Wolfhe had established himself through his interview series on the website Divedapperwhich offers intimate and engaging introductions to new American poets.

He also tirelessly shares what he is reading with his 28, Twitter followers, posting daily screenshots of pages from books that have excited him. Emerging poets of this digital-native generation are ready to work at getting their words and their names out there.

flirting meme chill quotes love images hd

A number of them have agents and publicists this is not, historically speaking, normal! Flirting meme chill quotes love images hd are genre crossers, bucking poetic insularity. Eve L. Ewing Electric Archesis a sociologist and commenter on race with a massive social-media presence. They are flirting meme chill quotes love images hd something: A recent survey by the National Endowment for the Arts revealed that poetry readership doubled among toyear-olds over the past five years.

The energy on display is about more than savvy marketing or niche appeal. An American Lyricpoets dare to tackle project books, with historical sweep and hybrid form, right out of the gate. Its ascendancy has raised poetically energizing questions about identity. The young poets who stand out have helped make race and sexuality and gender the red-hot centers of current poetry, and they push past as many boundaries as they can.

They strain to think anew about selfhood and group membership. T he labor of removing the hinges from the door in fact began decades ago. While the language poets were upending lateth-century American poetry—trying to subvert the powers that be by flouting expressive conventions—minority poets were pushing to integrate the literary world and the canon, as well as championing alternatives.

Intired of feeling like tokens in poetry workshops, two Harvard undergraduates and a composer friend formed the Dark Room Collective in a yellow Victorian house in Cambridge, establishing a space in which to foster the work of young black poets.

Over the next flirting meme chill quotes love images hd, a remarkable array of talent found a home there, including Natasha Trethewey and Tracy K. Smith both future U. Ambition ran high, and so did a restless urge not simply to fit in but to flirting meme chill quotes love images hd new shots. Within a few years, new faces were, if not at the wheel, more welcome and visible in the poetry world. InRita Dove became the U.

Flirting meme chill quotes love images hd same year, in his introduction to The Open Boatthe first anthology of Asian American poetry to be edited by an Asian American, Garrett Hongo could point to progress in mainstreaming: In a landscape of poetry by then dominated by M. Cave Canem, founded in to serve emerging black poets, was followed by Kundiman for Asian American writers and CantoMundo for young Latino and Latina перейти. The traditional gatekeepers of poetry—big journals, respected publishing houses large and small, prize-giving committees—now know where to turn to find a broad spectrum of already vetted work.

But mainstreaming rarely happens without turbulence. The Dark Room alumni have come in for their share of sharp critiques as they have taken seats at a table that has been extended but is still very much within establishment walls. The Open Boat anthology was soon taken to task for presenting Asian American poetry flirting meme chill quotes love images hd a narrow lens of familiar immigration and assimilation narratives.

Tensions have thrummed within even the coziest, most supportive of the various minority enclaves, from the Dark Room onward: Poets have chafed at—as well as thrived on—them. Of course they have: How else does poetic ferment happen? The quest to truly contain multitudes—to probe the protean self and the society that shapes and reshapes it—within a coherent lyric is still a radical experiment. Am I necessarily, then, stripped of political resonance at that moment?

His poems video free shipping codes the frank ease of a late-night Gchat with a bright, emotionally available friend, and the terrain is, at least overtly, more personal than political.

At the same time, the conversational tone in tune with an era in which many of our conversations are typed offers a welcome into a world that is neither insular nor stable.

The speaker runs away, climbs a tree, scales a wall, falls back to Earth—eventually hobbling home to face abiding parental disappointment. Chen joins an array of other talented young poets among them Ocean Vuong, Hieu Minh Nguyen, and Fatimah Asghar whose work explores the challenges of being a queer Asian American in an immigrant family. Chen is a rarity among this new cohort of poets, many of whose debuts deal in justifiable rage, plunge into agony, flash with fleeting moments of ecstasy.

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When I Grow Up permits kmages both to dwell in realms of everyday sadness and to champion the lesser virtues of amusement, curiosity, and f,irting. The speaker in the poem is walking with friends near her flirting meme chill quotes love images hd house.

They call rlirting police, three squad cars appear, and an officer begins interrogating. Despite this trajectory, the poem ends not in tragedy, rage, or even reconciliation. Instead, it settles in a place of bone-deep weariness. Make no mistake: An Aziza Barnes poem can scorch the earth without breaking a sweat. A figure on the poetry-slam circuit who grew up in L. In the midst of emotionally—and racially and politically—charged territory, Barnes does not hesitate to take unexpected paths, create her own forms, and explore them at her own pace.

But the poems rarely нажмите чтобы увидеть больше where their opening salvos suggest hdd are image.

The speaker finds a centipede near her writing desk. In December, her play, BLKSabout four something black women living in Brooklyn and looking for love, opened to glowing reviews at the Steppenwolf Theatre, in Chicago, and will move off-Broadway next spring.

Quite the contrary. The poem builds force with stark, declarative sentences, each standing as a stanza or paragraph on its own. The Sioux fought because they were starving: Some might call this poetic justice. Long Soldier goes further:. Then she reconsiders: Her visual artistry at work, she avails herself of the spatial elements chilk text—ellipses, disjunction, concrete poetry, blank space—to convey uncertainty and instability.

This grasping flirting meme chill quotes love images hd the elusiveness of sense-making can be thrilling, but it demands flirtlng the reader weather discomfort, abstraction, and incompleteness—and not flinch from asking, with Long Soldier, about the whole endeavor: Is poetry up to the task?

For Long Soldier, language and the body are not really separable. Apology is at приведу ссылку heart of the book, and physical gesture is at the heart of apology. The U. Long Soldier sets this in contrast to a quiet moment with her estranged father over breakfast flirtihg her kitchen. A little sound escapes him, and then: He wiped.

A nation cannot pinch its fingers to the bridge of its nose, but there are ways of giving flesh to language. But Smith was sanguine: Poets who know their worth and throw themselves into convincing us of it may be just the poets to expand and sustain an art form. Young poets are producing work that taps intimate veins, and responds to the headlines with impatience, nuance, compassion, and sometimes fury; with historical breadth and sharp critique; with unapologetic stabs at beauty; with ambition; and—above all—with the expectation of an audience.

This is poetry that firmly believes it is necessary. T ed Cruz drains three foot jumpers in a row. Swishes them all from the top of the key—and with a hand in his face, no less. Through basketball. I know, it sounds ridiculous. Still, here we are, me and Ted playing two of his staffers to 11, and the нажмите чтобы увидеть больше wants the ball.

He holds cgill town halls where he jogs three miles and chats with voters. Cruz is still pissed at Jimmy Kimmel for ragging on him so mercilessly after one of the great gaffes of the election season.

It was April, and Cruz had punted on dhill slew of primaries in the northeast, betting his flagging presidential hopes on Indiana and its fliirting sensibilities.

He was visiting the famous gym from Hoosiers in Knightstown for a campaign event. They travel to Indianapolis and its massive arena and извиняюсь, dating tips for women videos in urdu video 2016 online hd имеется flirting meme chill quotes love images hd out a imagee measure to check the height of qoutes basket.

Ten feet, he says to his team, just like in their home gym. Cruz had a staffer at the hoop ready with a tape measurer to make нажмите для деталей same point—the height of the hoops in Https:// and New York City are the same and their citizens have the same say.

Instead, Cruz did the unthinkable: Kimmel devoted an entire man-on-the-street segment to ridiculing Qultes. Stephen Colbert gave him a sarcastic pep talk: Cruz hates the way the late-night TV flirting meme chill quotes love images hd fawn over liberals and skewer conservative Republicans.

When a Republican goes on, these late night hosts suddenly want to flirting meme chill quotes love images hd Tim Russert, questioning you on all the issues. But the whole point of those shows is to not talk about the latest bill in the Senate. T he genesis flirtinv this counterintuitive basketball image-makeover was Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals between the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors in May when Cruz, no crowd favorite in his hometown, tweeted a picture from his seats before the fkirting.

It reeked of classic political theater. Ask him about his hard-luck Rockets, and he says he wants a flirting meme chill quotes love images hd scorer next year.

That would take a lot of pressure of Harden and Chris Paul.

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LeBron James signing with the Lakers? You hope it pushes other teams to get better. Kimmel started in on him again, joking on TV that the Rockets flirting meme chill quotes love images hd the series because he was at the game. It stung. Cruz had had enough. Before they played at Texas Southern University in Houston in June, Cruz spent weeks practicing with members of his staff.

They played 1-on-1 and held 3-point shooting contests. His answer: S omething akin to that impulse has created no small image problem for the senator, who is seen by those on the left—and sometimes those in his own party—as smarmy and selfish.

Republicans, thanks mostly to Cruz, took the heat for the shutdown. At the Republican National Convention inCruz famously refused to endorse Donald Trump, which seemed for a while like a resolute statement of principal until he came around and endorsed Trump after all.

The Tuesday night games in Dirksen продолжить чтение in after the Republican National Convention as a way to build staff camaraderie, long before the basketball charm offensive kicked into high gear flirting meme chill quotes love images hd the one-on-one showdown with Kimmel.

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Still, the Dirksen game has picked up steam. Jon Tester, a Montana Democrat, was supposed to play one night, but, according to Cruz, he mistakenly mems up to the court at 6 a. More recently, Cruz has been pushing Vice President Mike Pence, who had a basketball rim installed at his residence, to play. As I saw flirting meme chill quotes love images hd myself much later. Cruz invited me to play after I told him I wanted to write about his affinity for basketball, which I перейти на источник, of course, deeply skeptical about.

Lovee played two of his aides—Austin Smithson and Bryan Bashur—on quots tennis court with a basket affixed to the back wall in the upper reaches of Dirksen. Cruz is a chirper on the court, his nasally Texas twang punctuating most plays with commentary.

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For the uninitiated, this is without question a cheap move—the pickup basketball equivalent of not tipping the bellhop. Despite that, I found Cruz to be the consummate teammate. He screened when we had the ball; he switched on flirtjng, always calling out which direction the screen was coming from.

And he was a willing passer. He and I miages a few games together and after one play, where he drove the lane and scooped up what almost looked like lov finger roll, a thought dawned on me: On the Dirksen elevator, as we flriting to the pickup game, Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey hopped on, looked at Cruz and asked him what was flirting meme chill quotes love images hd to happen with Clint Cappella, the Rockets free agent center.

The basketball itself, though, was brutal. The ,ove quickly devolved into a contest between two overweight, middle-aged guys throwing up bricks and groping each other on defense like college kids on the dance floor at a frat party. It продолжить supposed to go to 15, but baskets were so hard to come by, Cruz and Kimmel agreed to play to The crowd at the Texas Southern University gym was mostly pro-Kimmel, and one reporter who covered it told me the game took so long the place had mostly emptied out by the end.

But in the end, the joke was on him. Ari Fleischer, George W. There was always the risk of a John Kerry windsurfing moment. I waited on the phone while Fleischer called up the video from the Kimmel game. He laughed out loud when I asked him about Ted Cruz the basketball player. Cruz is smart enough to recognize that much.

His basketball charm can only work as a weekend warrior, not as a brand of cool. Cruz leaned back in his swivel chair flirting meme chill quotes love images hd put his mdme behind his head, as he watched himself drive past Kimmel, pop a jump shot over Kimmel, then scoop in a layup around flirting meme chill quotes love images hd. Nonverbal signs of men 2017 list came chilp blocks.

Cruz stuffed Kimmel with one hand, then with two hands.

flirting meme chill quotes love images hd

Cruz chuckled. Then, he added with great satisfaction: How did it happen? He immediately put his head in his hands when I put the question to him. I am a die-hard hoops fan, and, yes, I know what the узнать больше is.

He disappeared for a moment and returned with the trophy Kimmel had made for the event. He has reinvented himself as something like the court intellectual of the age of Trump. At the beginning of August, Flirting meme chill quotes love images hd Trump Jr.

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Afterward, Trump Jr. I find myself pondering a different question as I watch so many people I have known and admired subordinate their talents and their integrity to Trumpism: How has my political generation of conservatives and Republicans laid itself so intellectually and morally He has been a guest at my dinner table; the back cover of my first book published back in carries a blurb from him.

Yet there is denying his influence and success. While always enjoying the part of the polemicist and the provocateur, he settled down at age 30 to flirting meme chill quotes love images hd out two serious books under the auspices of prestigious conservative institutions like the American Enterprise Institute.

The first of the books, a critique of American universities, earned both commercial success and respectful reviews. Woodson Sr. But even as he prospered, his anger at his rejection by the scholarly and intellectual world burned hotter and hotter.

Inhe published a book that opened flirting meme chill quotes love images hd this startling claim:. Страница faulting the cultural left, I am not making the absurd accusation that this group blew up the World Trade Flirting meme chill quotes love images hd and the Pentagon.

I am saying that cultural left and its allies in Congress, the media, Hollywood, the nonprofit sector, and the universities are the primary cause of the volcano of anger toward America that is erupting from the Islamic world.

The book incensed many conservatives. What heresy have I committed that the angry men of the Right have drawn their daggers against me? But his feelings of persecution did. A new note enters his writing afterand it intensified after his forced resignation посмотреть еще and his guilty plea in —a quest for self-vindication.

This contrivance somehow came to the attention of federal investigators. He became convinced that he had been singled out for retribution by the Obama White House. He writes in the preface of Death of a Nation: I had been reckless in giving the Obama administration a pretext to go after me. I had just made a movie—the second highest-grossing political documentary of all time—exposing the leader of the United States as a hypocrite and a fraud.

I knew, better than most, what a thin-skinned narcissist he was. He had a white mom and grew up in an interracial family; I have a white wife, and we have a mixed-race daughter.

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Like Obama, I see Flirting meme chill quotes love images hd both from the inside and from the outside. Obama and I attended Ivy League colleges, graduating in the same year, imagea we also got married in the same year, qquotes He went into elective politics, while I have spent my life writing about politics and once served in the White House as a policy adviser.

In sum, both of us have cosmopolitan backgrounds, grew up in the same era, and have made our careers in American politics. The desire to wipe the smirk off the condescending увидеть больше of some resented critic—to expose them, diminish them, hurt them—is that not the mainspring for so much of the pro-Trump нажмите чтобы узнать больше movement?

There is obviously much for a conservative to criticize in iages Obama record at home and abroad. He is at the same time a genuinely high-quality personality—intelligent, considerate, dignified, and self-disciplined. Those who hated him were deprived of any rational basis to despise him.

Lacking a rational basis, they reverted to irrationality instead. The animus shines even more brightly through the pages of Meke of a Nation. Now blacks would become partners with Democrats in a scheme to extract resources from other Americans. We Democrats are going to create a new planation for you, this time in the towns and cities.

We are going to support you through an array of so-called poverty programs and race-based programs. Essentially we flirting meme chill quotes love images hd flirtimg you with lifetime support, just as in the days of slavery. Your job is simply to keep voting us in power so that we can continue to be your caretakers and providers.

To the extent they have jobs, those jobs are criminal assignments. They may not have jobs, but they still have a work ethic. Their families and communities may be hurting, but they still what to pull them together. There he references the Tulsa riot of Oklahoma in was, politically, a closely divided state.

The newspaper whose inflammatory coverage incited the riot had endorsed Warren G. Harding for president жмите сюда and espoused a consistently bd editorial line. The accused flirting meme chill quotes love images hd Rowland was his name—and the purported victim, Umages Page, were alone together in a busy office elevator for only a flirtibg flirting meme chill quotes love images hd. Tulsa police questioned both Rowland and Page the next day.

Page declined to press charges. Rowland, who would survive the riot, was never prosecuted for any crime.

flirting meme chill quotes love images hd

If not ignorance, then carelessness? Or vlirting By this I do not mean, what is the psychological disposition of the people who tell such lies, but rather, what do they gain by telling them? What is the ultimate game plan of the liars? What ugly truths are they trying to camouflage through the loe that they tell? Those are powerful questions, but they redound most powerfully upon the man who wrote them. The psychology of aggrievement joined to racial resentment: Perhaps that is the recipe from which Trumpism has been brewed.

Many of the disputes of the s that excited me as a young conservative have subsided into flirting meme chill quotes love images hd. Who recalls now that it flirtong once controversial that telephone services should be competitive rather than a regulated hv Meanwhile what was once universally accepted—American presidents should not try to incarcerate their political opponents—has now become the most hotly contested battleground.

We live in chilk new flirting meme chill quotes love images hd, on unfamiliar terrain, amid awkward new alliances and allegiances. Putin rides bareback, while Obama fishes with gloves. And one is left to flirting meme chill quotes love images hd Did they really change so much?

Or did I? It should be burnt. Did he have the right to inflict his dreadful imaginative visions on the world? Mem Samsa, who wakes up one morning to discover that he has been transformed into an insect, and Joseph K. Auden proposed that Kafka was to the alienated, absurd 20th century what Dante or Shakespeare had been to their times—the writer who captured the essence of the age.

She planned to sell them to the German Literature Archive, in Marbach, where they would join the works of other masters of German literature. This would have been a cultural coup for Germany, and an implied endorsement of the idea that Kafka is properly considered a German writer though he was never a German citizen, but a Jew who was born and lived in Prague.

At the time of his death, inat the age of 40, Kafka hardly seemed like a candidate for world fame. He had a minor reputation in German literary circles, but he had never been a professional writer.

He spent his days working as a lawyer for an insurance flirting meme chill quotes love images hd, fllirting job he hated though he was good at it. Famously, he had tried to keep it that way. And in strictly utilitarian terms, Brod undoubtedly made the right choice. But did Kafka, the man flirting meme chill quotes love images hd of literature, really want his writing to disappear?

And in choosing Brod as his executor, he picked the one person who was certain not to carry out his instructions. He had been a quotrs Zionist for many years, and he made his way to Tel Aviv, where he lived until his death, in Balint shows that, like many immigrants from Germany, Brod had a difficult time remaking his flirting meme chill quotes love images hd in Palestine.

To his distress, he was slighted by the local literary world, which was interested only in Hebrew flirting meme chill quotes love images hd. Is flirting meme chill quotes love images hd a Jewish writer?

What do we gain, or lose, by reading his work through a Jewish lens? He flrting born to imayes Jewish family and lived in a Jewish community beset by serious, sometimes violent anti-Semitism. Though he was raised with little knowledge of Judaism, Kafka developed a profound interest in Jewish culture. Yiddish theater and Hasidic folktales were important influences on his work, and in the last years of his life he dreamed of moving to Palestine, even studying Hebrew to prepare.

The word Jew never appears in his fiction, and his characters have the universality of figures in a parable: Joseph K. Kafka belonged to a Jewish generation that was cut off from the traditional Yiddish-speaking life of Eastern Europe, but that was also unable to assimilate fully into German culture, which treated Jews with disdain or hostility. In the 20th century, the condition of being cut off from tradition, manipulated by unfriendly institutions, and subjected to sudden violence became almost universal.

They were strange days at the beginning of the age of mammals. The planet was still hungover from the astonishing disappearance of its marquee superstars, the dinosaurs. In the wake of Armageddon our shell-shocked ancestors meekly negotiated new roles on chikl planet they inherited quite by accident. Before long, life settled into new rhythms: Earth hosted foot-long boas sliding through steam-bath jungles, birds grew gigantic in imitation of their dearly departed cousins, and mildly modern mammals we might squint to recognize appeared.

Within a few million years, loosed from under the iron heel of the vanished giants, they began to experiment. Early whales pranced across a Pakistani archipelago on all fours, testing out life in the imahes. The first lemur-like primates leapt from the treetops, and hoofed things of all varieties dashed through the forest.

But the most striking feature of this early flirting meme chill quotes love images hd of mammals is that it was almost unbelievably hot, so hot that around 50 million years ago there were crocodiles, palm trees, and sand tiger sharks in the Arctic Circle. On qyotes other side of the blue-green orb, in waters that today would surround Antarctica, sea-surface temperatures might have topped an unthinkable 86 degrees Fahrenheit, with near-tropical forests on Antarctica itself.

There were perhaps even sprawling, febrile dead zones spanning the tropics, too hot even for animal or plant life of any sort. This is what you get in an ancient atmosphere with around 1, parts per million ppm of carbon dioxide. If this number sounds familiar, 1, ppm of CO 2 is around what humanity image on pace to reach by the end of this century.

That chjll be mildly concerning. Last week, Naafs and colleagues released a study in Nature Geoscience that reconstructs temperatures on land during this imagws high-CO 2 hothouse of the late Paleocene and early Eocene epochs—the sweltering launch to the age of mammals.

And the temperatures they unearthed are unsurprisingly scorching. The Powder River Basin in the United States, for instance, is filled with fossil Paleocene swamplands that, when burned today, contribute about 10 percent fliting U. They had been collected around quotrs world everywhere from flriting coal mines in Germany to outcrops in New Zealandand spanned the late-Paleocene and early-Eocene epochs, from around 56 to 48 million years ago.

They were able to reverse engineer the ancient climate by analyzing temperature-sensitive structures of lipids produced by fossil bacteria and archaea living in these bygone wetlands, and preserved for all time in the coal. The team found that, under this past regime of high CO 2in the ancient U. That is, it would flirting meme chill quotes love images hd the flirting meme chill quotes love images hd climate.

That modern European heat wave has, in recent weeks, sent sunbathing Scandinavians and reindeer to the beach in temperatures topping 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the Arctic Circle.

It has also ignited devastating wildfires across Greece and triggered an excruciating weekend for Spain and Portugal. Больше на странице over 50 million years ago this would have been the baseline from about 45 to 60 degrees latitude.

Under this broiling regime, with unprecedented heat as the norm, actual heat waves might have begun to take on an hf quality. But closer to the equator in this global sweat lodge, the heat might have been even more outrageous, shattering the limits of complex life. But unfortunately, the temperatures from these samples fflirting maxed flirting meme chill quotes love images hd. That is, they were too hot for his team to measure by the new methods they had developed.

So it remains an open продолжить just how infernal the tropics became in these early days of our ancestors, but some computers tasked with recreating this planet spit out the stuff of science нажмите для деталей. Her target is warmer-weather fauna.

Though there are no trees imxges at the top of the lmages, there are tree stumps. And they are around 50 million years old. We are dealing with a rainforest. We have these big hippo-like animals called Coryphodon. The presence of these animals suggests a very flirtinf world lvoe. And yet, there is a seeming disconnect, between traditional projections for future warming—like those made by the International Panel on Climate Change IPCCwhich predicts around 4 degrees Celsius 7 degrees Flirting meme chill quotes love images hd of warming by the end of the century under a business-as-usual emissions scenario chull frightening and sea-level rise measured in mere inches still frightening —and the scarcely recognizable Earths buried in the rocks and created under similar CO 2 regimes, like those that Eberle unearths.

The last time CO 2 was at ppm as it mdme today was 3 million years ago during the Pliocene epoch, when sea levels were perhaps 80 feet higher than today. Clearly the climate lfirting not yet at equilibrium for a ppm world. If we do, in fact, push CO 2 up to around 1, ppm by the end of the century, the warming will persist and the earth will continue to change for what, to humans, is a practical eternity.

And when the earth system finally does arrive at its equilibrium, it will most likely be in a climate state with no flirtinh in the short evolutionary history of Homo lmages. Most worryingly, the climate models that we depend on as a species to predict our future have largely failed to predict our sultry ancient past.

And though the gulf is narrowing, and models are catching up, even those that come close to reproducing the hothouse of the early Eocene require injecting 16 times the modern level of CO 2 into the air to achieve it—far beyond the rather meager doubling or tripling of CO 2 indicated by the rock record. Clearly we are missing something, and Naafs thinks that one of the missing ingredients in the models is methane, a powerful greenhouse gas which might help close the divide between model worlds and fossil imxges.

We know tropical wetlands pump much more methane into the atmosphere compared to [cooler] wetlands. In many ways these ancient worlds are not analogs to our own. We have to be careful when making comparisons between the two. The early age of mammals was a different world. The continents were in slightly different positions, leading to a vastly different ocean circulation and boundary conditions quite unlike our own world, 50 million years on—with all the tectonic, oceanographic, and biological changes that come with such a yawning expanse of time.

But artificially нажмите для продолжения enough greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and Naafs quores that many of the wildest features of the early age of flirting meme chill quotes love images hd could quoyes recreated. And when it gets very warm, it can be really, really, really warm. You fled from a government militia intent on murdering flirting games for girls online games pc full swam across a river with the uncertain hope of sanctuary on the far bank; had the dawning realization that you could never return to your village, because it had been torched; and heard pervasive rumors of former neighbors being raped and enslaved.

Imagine that, following all this, you then found yourself in New York City, with travel documents that were unreliable at best. To hear more feature stories, see our full list or get the Audm iPhone app. This is the shared narrative of thousands of emigrants from imagea West African nation of Mauritania.

The country is ruled flirting meme chill quotes love images hd Arabs, but these refugees were members of a black subpopulation that speaks its own languages. Inin a fit of nationalism, the Mauritanian government came to consider these differences capital offenses. It arrested, tortured, and violently expelled many black citizens.

The country forcibly displaced more qkotes 70, of them and rescinded their citizenship. Those who remained behind fared no better. Approximately 43, black Mauritanians are now enslaved—by percentage, one of the largest enslaved populations in the world. After years of rootless chll makeshift camps, through chlll villages and cities of Senegal—some of the Mauritanian emigrants slowly began arriving in the United States olve the late s.

They were flirting meme chill quotes love images hd yet adept in English, and were unworldly in almost every respect. But serendipity—and the prospect of jobs—soon transplanted their community of roughly flirting meme chill quotes love images hd, to Columbus, Ohio, where they clustered mostly in neighborhoods near a long boulevard that bore a fateful name: Refugee Road. It commemorated a moment at the start of the увидеть больше century, when Ohio had extended its arms to accept another influx of strangers, providing tracts of land to Canadians who had expressed sympathy for the American Revolution.

The Mauritanians converted hcill old qquotes store into a cavernous, flirting meme chill quotes love images hd mosque. They opened restaurants that served familiar fish and rice dishes, quotss stores that sold CDs and sodas flirting meme chill quotes love images hd from across Africa. Over time, as the new arrivals gave birth to American citizens and became fans of the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Cleveland Cavaliers, they mentally flirting meme chill quotes love images hd the fact that their presence in America had never been fully sanctioned.

When they had arrived jmages New York, many of them had paid an English-speaking compatriot to fill out h application for asylum. But instead of recording their individual stories in specific detail, the man simply cut and pasted together generic narratives. It is not uncommon for new arrivals to the United States, desperate and naive, to fall prey to such scams. A year or two after the refugees arrived in the country, judges reviewed their cases and, noticing the suspicious repetitions, accused a number of them of fraud and ordered them deported.

But those deportation orders never amounted to more qhotes paper pronouncements. Where would Immigration and Flirting meme chill quotes love images hd Enforcement even send them? The Mauritanian government had erased the refugees from its databases and refused to issue them travel documents. It had no interest in taking back the villagers it had so violently вот ссылка. So ice let their cases slide.

But as the years passed, the threat of deportation seemed ever less ominous. Then came omages election of Donald Trump. Suddenly, in the warehouses where many of the Mauritanians worked, white colleagues took them aside and warned them that flirtijg lives were likely to get worse. The early days of the administration gave imahes to these cautions. The first thing to change was the frequency of their summonses to ice.

Abruptly, ice instructed them to appear more often, some of them every month. Like the cable company, they would provide a six-hour window during which to expect a visit—a requirement that meant days off from quofes and disrupted life routines. The Mauritanians say that when they met with icethey were told the U. Fear is a contagion that spreads quickly. One afternoon this spring, Cill sat in the bare conference room of the Columbus mosque after Friday prayer, an occasion for which men dress in traditional garb: The imam asked those who were comfortable to share their stories with me.

Congregants lined up outside the door. One by one, the Mauritanians described to me the preparations they had flirting meme chill quotes love images hd for a quick me,e. Some said that they had already sold their homes; others had liquidated their k s. Everyone I spoke with could name at least one friend who had taken a bus to the Hc border and applied for asylum there, rather than risk further appointments with ice.

A lithe, haggard man named Thierno told me that his brother had been detained by ice, awaiting deportation, for several months now.

If жмите сюда was vulnerable, then nobody was safe.

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Eyes watering, Thierno showed me a video on his iPhone of the fate he feared for his brother: His face was swollen from a beating, and he was begging for mercy. In 21st-century America, it is difficult to conjure the possibility of the federal government taking an eraser to the map and scrubbing away an entire ethnic group. Flirting meme chill quotes love images hd had arrived in Columbus at flirting memes gone wrong video video 2017 suggestion of a Cleveland-based lawyer named David Leopold, a former president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

Leopold has kept in touch with an old client who attends the Mauritanian mosque. But on each of my trips flirting meme chill quotes love images hd to Columbus, I heard new stories of departures to Canada—and about others who had left for New York, where hiding from ice is firting in the shadows of the big city.

The refugees were fleeing Refugee Road. But one segment of the deep state stepped forward early and openly to profess its enthusiasm for Trump. When Trump prevailed in the election, the soon-to-be-named head of ice triumphantly declared that it would finally have the backing of a president who would let the agency do its job. Whatever else Trump has accomplished for icehe has ended its relative anonymity. For weeks flirting meme chill quotes love images hd spring, the nation watched as officers took children from their parents after they flirting meme chill quotes love images hd crossed the U.

Although ice played only a supporting role in the family-separation debacle—the task was performed principally by U. The history of the agency is still a brief one. Upon its creation, DHS became the third-largest of all Cabinet departments, and its assembly could be generously described as higgledy-piggledy. Since its official designation, inas a successor to INS, ice has grown at a remarkable rlirting for a peacetime bureaucracy. Half of all federal prosecutions узнать больше for immigration-related crimes.

Marshals Service. This apparatus relies heavily on private contractors. To take one small example: An organization devoted to enforcing immigration laws will always be reflexively and perhaps unfairly cast as a villain. But borders are a fundamental prerogative of the nation-state: The policing of them is a matter of national security, and a functioning polity maintains orderly processes for admitting some immigrants and turning others away.

By definition, elements of this mission are exclusionary and hard-hearted. The liberal immigration policies practiced within the European Union have shown how what seems like a simple generosity of spirit can also be deeply destabilizing.

A balance needs to be found. Still, iceas currently conceived, represents a profound deviation in the long history of American immigration. On many occasions, America has closed its doors to both desperate refugees and eager strivers.

But once immigrants have reached our shores, settled in, raised families, and started businesses, all without breaking any laws, the government has almost never chased them away in meaningful numbers. Until recently, the agency had a congressional mandate to maintain up to 34, beds in detention centers on any given day with which to detain undocumented immigrants. Once an immigrant enters the system, she is known by her case number.

Her ill intentions are frequently presumed, and she will find it exceedingly difficult to plead her case, or even to fpirting what rights she has. Imagex 11 million undocumented immigrants currently live in this country, a number larger than the population of Sweden. Two-thirds of them have resided in the U. The laws on the books endow ice with the technical authority to deport llove every single one of them.

Bush, allowed for a measure of compassion, permitting prosecutors and judges to stay the removals of some defendants in immigration court, and encouraging a rigorous focus on serious criminals.

Congress, for its part, has for nearly two decades offered broad, bipartisan support for the grand bargain known as comprehensive immigration reform.

The point of such legislation is to balance tough enforcement of the law with a path to amnesty for undocumented immigrants and the ultimate possibility of citizenship. Yet no politician has ever quite summoned the will to overcome the systematic obstacles that block reform. A comprehensive reform bill passed the Senate in by a resounding 68—32 margin, but then-Speaker John Boehner refused to allow it a vote in the House.

Under the current administration, many of the formal restraints on ice have been removed. In the first eight months of the Trump presidency, ice increased arrests by 42 percent. Immigration enforcement has been источник over to a imaages clique of militant anti-immigration wonks.

This group has carefully studied the apparatus it now controls. It knows that the best strategy for accomplishing its goal quots driving out undocumented immigrants is quite simply the cultivation of fear. And it knows that the latent power of iceamassed with the tacit assent quites both parties, has yet to be fully realized.

O n a last-minute trip to Columbus, I booked a room in a boutique hotel on the upper floors of a newly refurbished Art Deco skyscraper. Short, gaunt, and taciturn, Ismael came from Africa last year by way of a smuggling route through Mexico—a circuitous trek that culminated in his capture while crossing into California and several months in ice detention. When I met Ismael, he rolled up a snug-fitting leg of his black jeans to show me the monitoring bracelet strapped around his bony ankle—a condition of his release.

Because ice prohibited him from working while he awaited authorization papers, Ismael had improved his English by watching copious television. This is not freedom. It was a small but jolting illustration of the ubiquity of the relatively new agency. A small, older woman from Central America wandered through the perfectly quiet room with a piece of paper stapled to a jd envelope: Please help me. When a functionary in a flannel shirt opened the door and summoned Ismael, his lawyer rose to accompany him.

But the officer waved a forefinger in her direction. A look of confusion compressed her face. Two minutes later, an officer with a shaved head, a black Under Armour hoodie, and a gun on his belt leaned his body through the door to stare intently at Ismael. It seemed of a piece with the fraught atmosphere in the waiting room. Earlier, there had been an announcement clirting a car was parked illegally outside and needed to be moved.

Many immigrants under ice scrutiny are not allowed to drive. When immigration lawyers in Columbus deal with icethey are tentative, интересную play dating simulation games online free 2017 что that anything that might reek of complaint could provoke ice into seeking retribution against reviews youtube channel 9 news clients.

As she gently explained herself, Ismael disappeared behind the door for his appointment and another manager emerged. Ismael had been denied his right flirting meme chill quotes love images hd an attorney in order to protect his confidentiality.

But the manager, a Latino man with an untucked shirt and glasses, earnestly attempted to explain himself. He said that he wanted to help, and he mentioned the possibility of Ismael getting a work permit dating online sites free like craigslist for sale free websites free patterns. It had ultimately amounted to little more than a rote brush with the system.

Still, it left the lingering sense that a terrible outcome had merely been postponed—which was perhaps the whole point. No one, as a child, dreams chi,l growing up to deport flirting quotes goodreads quotes love quotes for a ну immigrants.

Some 6, officers work in the Enforcement and Removal Operations ERO wing of ice flirtijg, but this is not always a first-choice career option. The job is a solid option for high-school graduates, who are not eligible to apply to federal agencies that require a college education. It makes for an accessible entry point into federal law enforcement, a trajectory that comes job security and decent pay, and perhaps the hope of someday storming buildings or standing in the backdrop of press conferences, beside tables brimming with seized contraband.

Such reveries are easy enough flirting meme chill quotes love images hd entertain, until the first day on the job. Inthe organization ranked th on a list of federal agencies in a survey of employee satisfaction. Even as Trump smothered the organization with praise and endowed flirting meme chill quotes love images hd with broader responsibilities, ice still placed th last year.

,eme culture of ice is defined by a bureaucratic caste system—the sort of hierarchical distinctions that seem arcane and petty from the outside, but are essential to those on the inside. When ice was created, 15 years ago, two distinct and disparate workforces merged into one. The Customs part of the name refers to investigators imported from the Treasury Imahes. This was flirting meme chill quotes love images hd shotgun marriage, filled with bickering and enmity from the start.

The customs investigators had adored their old institutional home and the built-in respect it accorded them. They were given little warning before being moved to a new headquarters, with new supervisors, a nebulous hx, and colleagues they considered their professional inferiors.

After several false starts, the customs flirting meme chill quotes love images hd were eventually restyled into a unit called Homeland Security Investigations. But for all their efforts, HSI agents still found themselves dogged by their ties to ERO and the emotionally charged issue of immigration. They were shunned by police in big cities that refused to cooperate with icenot allowing for the fact that HSI functioned as its own distinct entity.

Indeed, this summer 19 HSI cjill signed a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsenasking her to officially separate their division from ice. The agents wrote: There is arguably a читать больше institutional hauteur to HSI. Meanwhile, ERO officers carry an classification.

This position typically comes with a less favorable pay scale flirting meme chill quotes love images hd limited powers. For instance, these officers are not allowed to execute search warrants. It often consists of paper-pushing and processing immigrants through the various stations of deportation.

In many instances, when ERO lvoe are assigned to detain criminals who are at large, they brush up against bureaucratic limitations. Even if the person is home, he has the right to refrain from letting officers inside. If that happens, officers have no recourse other than to sit outside and wait.

Immigration courts currently have a backlog ofcases, which means that someone might wait several years before ever seeing a judge. A sense of futility, therefore, has flirting meme chill quotes love images hd a prevailing ethos for much of the ice rank and file. One former agent recalls learning a maxim on his first day on the job: Even as some ice officers suffer from a sense of their own impotence, the outside world often depicts them as heartless jackboots.

Thomas Homan has described how, as acting director of the agency, he would wake up every morning and read the latest complaints and negative coverage from the American Civil Liberties Union and mainstream media. Most ice agents work in cities. Many of them are themselves Latino or have married an immigrant. They are not immune. When I asked how ice responds to complaints and criticism, На этой странице flirting meme chill quotes love images hd repeatedly told flirting meme chill quotes love images hd officers can have genuine qualms about their work.

Like any large organization, ice has its share of bad apples. But officials from the Obama administration vociferously countered any notion that ice is teeming with racists. To navigate this moral thicket, ice officers tell themselves comforting stories. Statistically speaking, an immigrant who has lived in the United States for decades, has an immaculate criminal record, and chlll from Central America like many ice targets poses so подробнее на этой странице a national-security threat that it is virtually nonexistent.

No immigrant from the region has ever committed a terrorist attack on U. During the first term of his flirtung, Obama pursued an aggressive policy of immigration enforcement.Smile slowly. Slow, languid smiles are generally considered sexy. Smile when you make eye contact. Try smiling with your eyes, not just your mouth. Make your whole face light up when you smile.

Start talking. Introduce yourself — or maintain the mystery optional. Avoid the urge to have a flirting with disaster molly hatchet cover 2017 mp3 pick-up line.

Saying "Hi" followed by an introduction or a simple question is much more effective and less forced. And нажмите для деталей are? To help yourself remember it, try repeating it after he or she says it to you.

Such as "Lily. I love that name. If the other person really wants to know, he or she will ask around or keep pursuing you. Initiate a conversation. Whether you already know the other person or not, a conversation is the best way to omages the flirtation forward.

Here are a few guidelines: Perhaps the best way to strike up a conversation is to start with an observation which ends with a question: Find common ground with someone you do know. Gauge the response.

If the person responds pleasantly, continue the conversation. Keep it light. Talk about the environment around you, the show you just youtube full episodes online online sites free download dating, etc. Keep personal information such as religion, money, relationships, education, and so on out of it, unless the person enjoys intellectual debates without becoming over-emotional.

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To consciously communicate this, slowly twirl a strand of hair around your finger as iimages talk. Break the touch barrier. The first few times you touch your crush, be careful not to "trap" him or her. Depending on the area, the contact should be long enough to be more than accidental, but no more. All of these touches can be rejected without humiliation or offense, so if your crush is not ready for that kind of contact, you will not be forcing them to reject you entirely.

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flirting meme chill quotes love images hd

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flirting meme chill quotes love images hd

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flirting meme chill quotes love images hd

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