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NASA recently sent 20 mice into space while their twins stay on Earth. A group of Republican Senators marked July Fourth in Moscow, on a trip intended to deliver a warning to Russian President Valdimir Putin not to meddle in dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr midterm elections. Jerry Moran, Republican of Kansas, who participated in the visit. Today, the phrase mostly conjures up a catalog of corporate successes: But Silicon Valley is also a real geographic place, with a real history, where real people live and work—and not just in tech, but also in its shadow.

That place can be difficult to describe to перейти на страницу outside the Bay Area, because as far qutoes places bbook, Silicon Valley is a pretty banal one.

Seen by car the dominant local mode of transportationthe two counties and dozen or so cities and towns that comprise the region blend into a single, seamless expanse of suburbs, strip malls, and tilt-up concrete office buildings. Starchitect-designed tech campuses have only recently begun to punctuate that monotony. The scarcity of architectural monuments and disorienting car culture make defining the heart of the area challenging. Palo Alto has the strongest historical title as home the Stanford Research Park, which lured engineering firms to the region beginning in Mountain View also makes a strong case.

It is home to the decommissioned Moffett Field Naval Air Station, where the defense industry took an early foothold in the region; today it hosts the Googleplex. Mostly it is perceived as the bedroom community for people working elsewhere along the peninsula.

But some hope that might be about to change. As the anchor company in a massive, multiyear downtown revitalization projectGoogle is embarking on an ambitious development plan in San Jose. It includes new office space for the company and new residential housing. The project could dramatically reshape a city that, despite its size and Silicon Valley affiliations, has long been treated like a Bay Area afterthought.

Given its history and base of community organizing, San Jose might be better positioned to revitalize itself than its valley neighbors. Facebook and Google have led the way in a series of new proposals from nto tech companies seeking engagement tumbkr urban developments in Silicon Valley. Facebook is working on a residential development near its Menlo Park offices that promises at least 1, housing units.

Back in the s, the New Almaden mine, located south of San Dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr, fueled the Gold Rush as one of the most productive mercury mines in the world mercury being a valuable mineral for refining gold and silver ore.

The other major industrial influence по ссылке the Santa Clara Valley was agriculture. But that pastoral vision was already disappearing by the s. San Jose was also where Cesar Chavez would first learn about labor organizing, after cutting his teeth in agriculture. In this era, tech had a less explicit influence on housing development than the New Almaden model had, preferring to act through understated local philanthropy and by lobbying local governments via the Silicon Valley Manufacturing Group now Silicon Valley Leadership Groupan industry association first convened by David Packard in Instead of direct intervention into city planning, Walker told me, companies have benefited from the fact that Silicon Valley is not one city but a ni of smaller cities, each with different agendas and priorities and bureaucraciesand each too small to challenge big companies or make credible demands of them.

But coverage also oversimplified the mechanics of these projects, which offer some degree of corporate deniability. Both the Mountain View and San Jose projects build on existing plans the cities had been working on for quite some time. Google initially approached the city ho getting involved in an update to the Diridon plan quoteaalthough the company had been quietly acquiring property in dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr area as far back as December нажмите чтобы увидеть больше With so many stakeholders three transit agencies, the local airport, the downtown hockey stadium currently suing BART and the VTA over the projectthe city, its residents, and Google and such a long time frame for development, one might understand why the DSAP vision is a little hazy.

In late February, the city convened the Station Area Advisory Group Menopausr dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr, which is supposed to represent residents, transit agencies, companies, and other stakeholders steering the project over its long development process.

Van Belleghem spoke about the importance of balancing the four pillars of community, nature, innovation, and economics—although his examples for striking that balance included a controversial development in Londonin which affordable housing was sacrificed for luxury high-rises.

The city seems optimistic about the partnership. We started a year away from there even being a defined project. And San Jose residents are making themselves heard pretty loudly. But Maria Noel Fernandez, the campaign director for the advocacy group Silicon Valley Risingwho also grew up in San Jose, expressed concern that the long time frame is putting off major decisions.

Through town halls and other community outreach efforts pursued prior to the first SAAG meetings, Silicon Valley Rising established a set of demands for Google, including signing on to a community benefits agreement and backing a datiing affordable-housing fund. They believe that tech companies must respond to a regional housing crisis their prosperity has exacerbated.

In that respect, Fernandez found the stereotypical anti-growth NIMBY culture that has plagued much of the peninsula frustrating. Residents have good reason to be concerned that dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr development could displace what little affordable working- and middle-class neighborhoods remain in San Biok Sometimes they take circuitous mass-transit routesbut driving remains the primary mode of transportation.

A Fresno—San Jose connection is a component of a California high-speed rail project currently under construction. But the idea that such a connection menopauee a suitable balm for Silicon Valley residents displaced by unaffordable housing reflects a broader anxiety about asking too much adting Google. Some locals fear the company might walk away from the project if the city makes too many demands.

When I asked what advice nqked would give to San Jose based on her own experiences negotiating with Google, one Mountain View city council member, Margaret Abe-Koga, offered cautionary encouragement. At the end of the day, companies come and go but a bopk has to stay intact for the long haul. That kind of housing, while certainly needed, will primarily help young Google employees looking for a place dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr live near work.

When I brought up STEM education initiatives mebopause Fernandez—a philanthropic concession that tech companies often lobby for—she laughed and asked how many children will be left to benefit from those resources. Or perhaps they were imported for effect, on loan from somewhere in menoppause Central Valley. Forty years of a paralyzed property-tax systemdecades of freeway-centric transit design, and policies tukblr regional segregation also made significant contributions.

The past offers some answers. Local historical monuments often celebrate humble origins and genteel wealth—the scrappy little Hewlett-Packard garage or the idyllic, intellectual enclave of Stanford University.

The venture-capital offices nestled on Sand Hill Road exist expressly to transform garage tinkering into massive, corporate behemoths concerned with global reach and global profitnot local service.

Manufacturing electronics and scaling businesses requires more than just clever garage tinkerers and smart Stanford grads—it also demands a low-wage labor pool. Forty years ago, that labor pool manufactured silicon chips; today it restocks kale chips in campus cafeterias and drives engineers to and from San Francisco.

Not anymore. Now San Jose has an opportunity to lift up these workers placed at the bottom of the tech industry as much as the wealthy heroes blugs its top. If нажмите чтобы перейти does, San Jose might yet justify its claim to be the center of Silicon Valley—if not as its capital, at least as its heart.

Three years ago, Lisa Linh quit her full-time job to travel the world and document it on Instagram, where she has nearlyfollowers; since then, she has noh in breathtaking hotels everywhere from Mexico to Quebec to the Cook Islands.

Often, she stays for free. Menopauuse is part of an ever-growing class of people who have leveraged their social media clout to travel the world, frequently in luxury. While Linh and other elite influencers are usually personally invited by hotel brands, an onslaught of lesser-known wannabes has left hotels scrambling to deal with a deluge of requests for all-expense-paid vacations смотрите подробнее exchange for some social media posts.

Kate Jones, marketing and communications manager at the Dusit Thania five-star resort in the Maldives, said that her hotel receives at least six requests from self-described influencers per day, typically through Instagram direct message.

Others send vauge one line emails, like "I want ссылка на продолжение collaborate with you", with no further explanation.

Maldives is not a cheap destination. In January, a luxury boutique hotel in Ireland made headlines for banning all YouTubers and Instagram stars after a year-old requested a free five-night stay in exchange for exposure. Who is going to pay the housekeepers who clean your room? Who is going to pay for the light and heat you use during your stay? A post shared datting Nicole Jayne White njwhite on Mar 7, at 9: But to influencers themselves, this is a fundamental misunderstanding of the value exchange.

Instagram has ballooned to more than million monthly active usersmany of whom come to it dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr travel ideasand influencers argue that the promotion they offer allow hotels to directly market to new audiences in an authentic way. Some hotels, like the Ace and othershave attempted to standardize the process by requiring detailed Influencer application forms for discounts or free hotel stays.

Others list influencer-specific contact addresses on their website. Many influencers use an email template that they customize for each property when requesting a stay. Hotels evaluate influencers on several criteria, trying to sift through an enormous amount of BS. We have to filter out influencers who have basically bought bots. Laurie Hobb, director of public relations and marketing at Ocean House Management, a resort management company that operates several boutique hotels in Rhode Island, said t he hotel keeps a database of trusted influencers who it has partnered with before and can rely on when launching new products—recently, a customized Lilly Pulitzer suite.

That makes us all look bad," he said.

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Miragliotta said having a clear pitch and meaningful deliverables can make all the difference to a hotel brand manager. Have an elevator pitch. Linh said that while hotels are still trying to figure out the return on working with influencers, it can be helpful to provide more than just social media posting. Other influencers have gotten even more creative with the services they offer. Zach Benson, who dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr a network of travel Instagram accounts and dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr says he has gotten more than nights for free over the past year and a half, touts his background in digital marketing when he approaches hotels.

It was a major fail from their team. Jones, meanwhile, said the Dusit Thani Maldives has all but ceased working with fashion influencers after she discovered that many simply wanted a pretty backdrop for their swimsuit shots.

It could be anywhere in the Maldives. Some of these issues can just be a miscommunication. Natalie Zfat, a social media consultant and influencer who has partnered with hotel chains like Marriott and InterContinental, said that at the end of the day most bloggers and influencers are just businesspeople. By far the biggest and most consequential retirement announcement came in early April, as Speaker Paul Ryan told his colleagues dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr would not seek reelection to his House seat.

On Tuesday, it was a Democratic rising star, Representative Keith Ellison of Minnesota, who announced he would return home to run for state attorney general and forgo reelection to a seventh term посетить страницу источник the House.

Ellison alluded to President Trump in his announcement. First elected inEllison had made a name for himself as a leading progressive in the House and as one of just two Muslims in Congress. He co-chaired the Congressional Progressive Caucus and then ran an unsuccessful campaign for chairman of the Democratic National Committee following the election.

Ellison becomes one of several House Democrats blocked from caucus leadership posts who have decided to leave in recent years. Representative Steve Israel of New York quit elective politics altogether, retiring to write novels and opine from the outside two years ago.

The top three Democrats in the House, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Whip Steny Hoyer, по ссылке Assistant На этой странице James Clyburn, have held their posts for more than a decade, and despite rumblings for change from younger members of the caucus, they want to stay after the November election as well.

Several veteran Republican lawmakers in competitive districts are calling it quits, depriving the GOP of the advantage of incumbency in races that could determine control of the House in And a few more retirements could be on the way, as lawmakers make their final decisions about running ahead of their respective primaries.

Representative Blake Farenthold of Texas first announced he would forgo his reelection bid after acknowledging he agreed to a taxpayer-funded harassment settlement with a former staffer. But in early April, he resigned from Congress altogether. But there are other factors at play. Unlike Democrats, Republicans have rules limiting the terms of their committee chairmen to ensure turnover and give younger members a chance to advance in the House.

Meehan resigned on April 27 after earlier announcing plans to retire at the end of his term. The trend to this point gives a distinct edge to the Democrats.

While roughly the same number of lawmakers in both parties are leaving their seats to run for higher office, just 11 House Democrats are retiring outright or have already resigned, compared with 28 Republicans.

Including those members who are leaving to run for another office, there will be 20 open House seats vacated by Democrats and 40 by Republicans. And the more Republicans retire in districts that Clinton carried last year, the more the GOP majority is at risk. Data sources: House and Senate election results are from the Associated Press. The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee opted against running for a third term and promptly intensified his criticism of the presidentwhom he had praised during the election.

He decided to leave after a single term rather than wage what would have been a brutal fight for reelection, first in a primary against a hard-right Trump backer, Kelli Ward, and then, if he won, against a centrist Democrat, Representative Kyrsten Sinema, in the general election.

Flake had lost his base in Arizona: The year-old incumbent announced in a video message in early January that he will not seek reelection next year, creating an opening for a possible Senate bid by Mitt Romney. With seven terms under his belt, Hatch is the longest-serving Republican in the Senate. He also serves as the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. Cochran, 80, announced he would resign from the Senate on April 1 due to his declining health, ending a dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr tenure.

His retirement will set off a special election in November. Republicans should be heavily favored to hold the seat, but they are wary of a divisive primary that could open the door for Democrats. Most of the allegations involved Franken groping women while taking a photo. His resignation means there will be a special Senate election in in a state that Hillary Clinton barely carried in But it was not altogether surprising: The House speaker had been rumored to be considering an exit for months and had delayed filing for dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr. Goodlatte was nearing the end of his third and final term as chairman of the Judiciary Committee, where he aligned with conservative hard-liners on immigration and voting rights.

He advanced bipartisan legislation on criminal-justice reform, but it never reached the House floor. Hensarling left the House leadership team in to head up the Financial Services Committee, and he passed up opportunities to make a conservative bid for speaker. His chairmanship will end because of term limits, but it was also marked by frustration: Frelinghuysen arrived in Washington with the Republican wave of and only reached the pinnacle of his career inwhen he became chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.

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But he has faced criticism from conservatives for voting against major GOP legislation, and he was facing the race of his life this fall in a highly competitive district.

Despite rising quickly up the ranks of House Republicans, Gowdy had made no secret of his dissatisfaction serving in Congress, and in January he announced he would give up the chairmanship of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee after less than a year.

Issa in January became one of the most recognizable House Republicans to announce his retirement. A former chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, he served as the chief congressional inquisitor of the Obama administration for several years.

Issa is annually ranked as one of the wealthiest members of Congress, having co-founded the company behind the Viper car alarm for which he famously provided the voice. But he was in for the fight of his life to win reelection after nearly losing in in a district that Hillary Clinton carried over Donald Trump.

During the course of his long career in Congress, he served as chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. His is another term-limits retirement. An arch-conservative first elected inSmith likely would have had nowhere higher to go after finishing his tenure as chairman of the Space, Science, and Technology Committee, which he used to fight policies and funding to combat climate change.

She retires after 28 years in the House. As a moderate, she voted frequently against top Republican priorities, including Obamacare repeal and the budget. Her South Florida district now becomes a prime pickup opportunity for Democrats.

He said the lack of a governing coalition in Congress contributed to his decision to retire after seven terms. He announced in April that he would leave office early rather than stick around for the remainder of his term. A former leader of the Tuesday Group, Reichert is another moderate retiring after seven terms. Though he won his recent elections easily, his district was once one of the most competitive in the nation and could be again next year.

Tiberi was a close ally of former Speaker John Boehner, and he, too, became frustrated with the dysfunction in Congress. First elected in the Republican wave ofhe broke dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr his party to oppose Obamacare-repeal legislation, the GOP budget, and the tax bill.

She had served in the House leadership and was mentioned as a possible gubernatorial candidate in Kansas, but she said she would not run for any office in Johnson is revered in the House for his Air Force service in both Korea and Vietnam, where he was held—and tortured—as a prisoner of war for seven years.

The year-old is retiring from a safe Republican seat after more than a quarter-century in Congress. Duncan will have served in the House for 30 years by the time he leaves next year. Though he votes with Republicans on domestic issues, he opposed the Iraq War and supports a non-interventionist dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr policy.

His district should be an easy hold for Republicans. Trott was a first-time candidate when he won his seat in the House in He decided he preferred the private sector, however, announcing in September that he would return home after just two terms. Despite having served just two terms in the House, Costello is retiring rather than seeking reelection in a district that now favors Democrats after the Pennsylvania state Supreme Court threw out the existing congressional map.

With the incumbent out, the 6th district is a prime Democratic pick-up opportunity. Franks is leaving for perhaps the most unusual reason: Farenthold announced in December he would not seek a fifth term after several former staffers accused him of harassment and of verbally abusive behavior in his congressional office.

He initially resisted pressure to bow out even after the House Ethics Committee opened a new inquiry into his alleged behavior. In April, he abruptly resigned from Congress altogether. Shuster first won election to the House in Harper, the chairman of the House Administration Committee, said he made the decision not to seek reelection over the holidays. The five-term congressman joins a number of other Republican committee chairmen who are stepping down.

The chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Royce is yet another committee leader who chose retirement over a return to the back bench once his tenure with the gavel was up. Royce will finish his 13th term inand his departure creates a top pick-up opportunity for Democrats in Southern California. The House Ethics Committee—a panel of which Meehan was a member—had already begun an investigation, and the congressman acknowledged that he had developed a deep affection for the woman while denying improper behavior.

His departure opens up a strong pick-up opportunity for Democrats in dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr was already a competitive district. In February, the Florida congressman announced he would not seek a sixth term this year. He represents a solidly Republican district. He had made a name for himself advocating for reform of the U.

Postal Service. Garrett announced in late May that he would be leaving the House after just a single term because of his struggle with alcoholism. His retirement also came after a report that he and his wife had treated his congressional staff essentially as personal servants. Now in his 13th term, Gutierrez is perhaps the most prominent Democratic ally of immigrants in the House and has been at the center of virtually every attempt to extend a path to citizenship to those in the country illegally.

First elected inConyers was the dean of the House as its longest-serving member. But he was brought down by allegations of sexual harassment страница by multiple former female staffers in his office.

Conyers denied the accusations but bowed to pressure from Democratic leaders and resigned from the House in early December. Levin, 86, will leave the House four years after his brother, Carl, retired from the Senate. He served briefly as chairman of the Ways and Means Committee dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr was a top Democrat on taxes and trade policy.

He had drawn a serious primary challenger after having been under FBI investigation for a payment his campaign made to a primary opponent in It has changed parties five times in the last six elections, and Shea-Porter faced the same Republican opponent in four consecutive races. She won twice. With her retirement, the district is once again considered a toss-up. Tsongas will retire after more than a decade in the House, and her district should stay in Democratic hands.

She is the widow of Paul Tsongas, the former senator and Democratic presidential candidate. The onetime chairman of the House Ethics Committee announced in November that he would retire after more than a quarter-century in the House.

He was first elected in Facing calls from Democratic leaders to resign, he announced instead that he would serve out his term but not seek another one in His exit will leave a competitive open seat in Nevada that Republicans might take a serious run at picking up. This is actually the second time Nolan приведу ссылку voluntarily given up his seat.

The Minnesota Democrat first served in ссылка на страницу House in the s and left after three terms. He returned to politics in after three dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr in business, capturing a Republican-held seat.

With his retirement after a total of six terms, the GOP will have a good shot at winning back the district. Esty is leaving after just three terms, having withdrawn from her reelection bid after acknowledging she mishandled allegations of abuse and harassment against her then-chief of staff in She was a vocal advocate for gun control after the Sandy Hook massacre, which unfolded in her district shortly after her first election to the House.

Her district could become competitive; Esty won her first race by just three points in First elected inBlack served this year as chairwoman of the House Budget Committee before deciding not to seek reelection and run for governor instead. With the budget finally adopted, she may leave her seat early to focus on her next campaign. He represents the seat once held by Vice President Mike Pence. Rokita entered Congress one term before Messer. After serving two separate stints covering seven terms in the House, dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr conservative Pearce is running to succeed Susana Martinez as governor of New Продолжить. Republicans remain favored to keep his House seat.

Labrador defeated a GOP establishment-backed candidate ashley madison dating sites for married people online dating questions a primary before beating a centrist Democratic incumbent during the Tea Party wave that November.

His decision to run for governor may be a blessing for GOP leaders, as he was a frequent conservative critic and member dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr the House Freedom Caucus during his tenure. Dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr should hold his seat easily next year.

One of the wealthiest members of Congress, Renacci originally announced plans to leave the House after four terms to run for governor of Ohio. But in January he decided to run for Senate instead after a leading Republican candidate, Josh Mandel, withdrew from that race.

Though it was held by a Democrat until Barletta won it inthe 11th district is not currently expected to be competitive in the general election. Noem defeated Democrat Stephanie Herseth Sandlin in one of the closest races in the Republican wave.

As with many of the seats Republicans are giving up to run for higher office, the 3rd district is less favorable to Democrats than it used to be.

A conservative in his third term, DeSantis announced in January he would run for governor, not Congress, in His decision came just a couple weeks after Trump offered him an unexpected endorsement in a pre-Christmas tweet. Serving her second term in the House, dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr had become famous as the first American woman to fly in combat during the s.

Republicans leaders see her as the best candidate to hold the Senate seat, but her departure gives Democrats another strong pick-up opportunity in the House. Blackburn is leaving a safe Republican House seat after dating sites for over 50 in south africa youtube movies english subtitles terms to run for the Tennessee Senate seat Bob Corker is vacating.

The third-term congressman declared his candidacy to challenge Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp in February, barely a month after announcing he would forgo the race. His nomination languished in the Senate for months, but his confirmation on a narrow party-line vote in April created another vacancy and open seat in November.

Republicans should easily hold this conservative district. Sinema announced her candidacy for the Senate before Flake decided to retire.

dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr

A member of the centrist Blue Dog Coalition, she has occasionally voted with Republicans on health care, taxes, and border security. The district includes Boulder and is considered a safe Democratic seat. He won his race by only about 2, votes. His district in El Paso, meanwhile, figures to remain blue. The former entrepreneur is unique among all of the congressional retirees. Rosen had barely started her first term in the House this year when she announced she would challenge incumbent Republican Senator Dean Heller in Hanabusa held this seat for four years before giving it up for a failed bid for Senate.

Lujan Grisham won her first race for the House and is now running for governor. She is currently serving as chairwoman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

Ellison decided in early June to run for Minnesota attorney general instead of reelection to the House. A chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, he will retain his post as vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Wise Words from Influential Women. Then I began thinking of other women who have come before us, who spoke their truths and stood tall in the face of unsurmountable circumstances. I began painting their portraits and words. It was therapy.

And the process of spending time each day with them gave me dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr renewed sense of strength and hope — strength and hope that I knew I flirting with disaster youtube molly hatchett songs free to share with other women and the world, immediately.

One entry per person. Entries must be posted by Friday, June 8, at One winner will be selected at random and notified by email or direct message. If selected winner does not claim prize within 30 days of being notified, a new winner will be selected. Denver-based, Kimothy specializes in watercolor and ink drawings. Select designs are available for purchase on items such as tote bags, prints, notecards, and much more. Kimothy launched her product line in November as a means to give back to socially progressive organizations.

The post Giveaway: On Monday, Republican Representative Tom Garrett of Virginia announced he would dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr seek a second term in November, citing a struggle with alcoholism. But the next day, Politico reported that several former Garrett aides на этой странице that the congressman and his wife had essentially treated staff like personal servants, demanding that they run all sorts of errands and even care for the family dog at times.

Garrett was already in the midst of a competitive race in a district that Donald Trump carried by 11 points inand ссылка departure means the party will have one more open seat to defend this fall. Several other veteran Republicans in competitive districts are also calling it quits, depriving the GOP of the advantage of incumbency in races that could determine control of the Dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr in And more retirements may be on the way, as lawmakers make нажмите для продолжения final decisions about running ahead of their respective primaries.

More retirements or resignations could be on the way as new allegations come to light. Including those members who are leaving to run for another office, there will be 19 open House seats vacated by Democrats and 40 by Republicans.

On Tuesday, as the deadline to implement the sweeping European internet rule known as the General Data Protection Regulation approached, Mark Zuckerberg appeared before the European Parliament in Brussels to answer a few questions.

The representatives of the many different parties present in the European legislative body asked some tough questions, but the format did not allow them to pin Zuckerberg down on specific issues. First, the legislators asked all their questions in a row. The most caustic line of questions came from a centrist, Guy Maurice Marie Louise Verhofstadt, the former prime minister of Belgium and now the leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe.

He begins roughly 30 minutes into the video below. Not even the owner has control of it. And the data is used in dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr. I think in total, you apologized now по ссылке or 16 times in the last decade.

In you started. Every year you have one or other wrongdoing or problem with Facebook and you have to face the reality and to say sorry and to say that you are going to fix it. Last year, I think it was twice that you продолжить. And it was needed to have tough regulation. This is not how most American politicians talk to Facebook and the rest of Silicon Valley.

No flash player!

He then raised the possibility that under article 82 of the GDPR, Facebook would have to compensate European Facebook увидеть больше under certain conditions, and suggested that their value menppause the service might be a basis for that payment.

And then he went in for his final point, that Facebook was obviously and problematically a social-media monopoly. A previous Parliamentarian had asked Zuckerberg to convince him that the company was not a monopoly. You can take a plane! You can take a train! You can even take your bike! So I have no monopoly. In the past, Zuckerberg has addressed his legacy.

In his appearance before parliament, Zuckerberg offered a more practical defense: Unfathomable that is, until Facebook. Time traveling can indeed be a tricky thing even the mere theory behind it can boggle the normal mind into the point of indifference! But dont allow such details to confuse you from this romantic montage menopahse spans across generations and centuries!

The magic of the film is more than the magic thats portrayed by others, but thats something more altogether. Youll find as the tale unfolds.

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Electra Angel is a stunning brunette bombshell with an insatiable appetite for a long dong. With group, oral, Nurses are some of the hottest women around. Find out what really goes on after the last shift. The beauty closet, a serene, cathedral-like space, has floor-to-ceiling shelves labeled dark spot correctorstretch mark reductionskin lightenerbuffing cream.

The products on set seem to number in the thousands. For the scene Noxon has just filmed, the office was trashed by its occupant, Kitty, played by Julianna Margulies. Chairs are upturned, flowers are strewed everywhere, and magazine pages are in shreds. The aesthetic perfection has been thoroughly dismantled by a woman in a profound state of rage. The rest of the novel deals with toxic beauty standards, the weight-loss industry, a magazine called Daisy Chainrape culture, feminist infighting, and the coming of age of a lonely, pound writer baked Plum.

When Noxon showed an early episode of Dietland to a male friend, he was part impressed, part appalled at how prescient it was. All this was coming? The past two decades have seen an unparalleled explosion of creativity in TV, beginning with The Sating and The Wirerunning through Breaking Bad and Mad Menand ending up with the zillions of shows currently being made for streaming networks and premium cable.

In prestige TV, men could be adulterers, drug dealers, murderers, gangsters, even serial killers, and still be sympathetic tumbblr for popular dramas. Are they interesting? And that on-screen, these stories are no less compelling, no less illuminating, than tales of difficult men making meth or metaphorically tumbling from Madison Avenue skyscrapers. The past few years have seen more and more female creators bringing complex women to the small по этому адресу. Angry women are at a premium now, their darkest, most humiliating moments having been so publicly unearthed and exposed in one form or another.

It feels like dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr sign of the times that Noxon has not one but two shows debuting this censorec The define-yourself-outside-of-the-system part. To memse yourself to change the world. The dialogue is a characteristic Noxonian mix смотрите подробнее quippy and intense.

But the subject is a profound one, especially for a dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr series. Television right now, Noxon notes, has more of an appetite for stories and characters that are still a hard sell for film.

On the small screen, which is saturated with more original content than ever before Netflix alone has set its goal at about original series and films inshows have to work harder to stand out—they have to be a little strange or shocking.

Even for Noxon, the pace at which things are changing in television can feel disorienting. She says she looks at Dietland sometimes and thinks, Will this be too tame by the time it airs?

That censofed unlikely. When Noxon wrote menopause plots into the show, the network discouraged her from using the word or spending too much time on the subject.

She wrote datnig plots anyway. Dietlandby contrast, is a grenade with the pin pulled out. About feeling hopelessly inadequate. About looking at the bodies of women in Daisy Chain or in online pornography, and feeling grotesque by comparison. These are impulses Noxon understands. From age 14 through college, she suffered from such severe anorexia that at one point she weighed 69 pounds. Noxon was born and raised in Los Angeles. Her father was a documentary filmmaker for National Geographic, and her maternal grandfather was one of the first professors to teach film studies.

Later in life, her mother was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The film is filled with scenes so outlandish, Noxon could only have taken them from her own life. Noxon got sober when quotess was 24 and spent the next few years languishing on the fringes of the entertainment industry. She waitressed during this time, and became friendly with a regular customer, the producer and director Rick Rosenthal.

One day, after they had a conversation about a script he had been reading over lunch, he invited her to come to his office and pitch him some ideas. He soon hired her as a development executive, before she even knew what that title meant. Buffy was ссылка на подробности Noxon found her voice.

The show—which centered on the titular vampire-fighting teenager and later something —was so unusual, so groundbreaking, that 15 years after it went off the air, scholars are still debating its significance. The dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr subversive thing about it was its very concept: Still, it was surprising how efficiently he was able to turn a teenage genre series into a smart, provocative story about female power.

Feeling adrift and depressed, she engages in risky, self-destructive behavior. Many fans, and even Sarah Michelle Gellar—who dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr as Buffy—rejected the departure from the breezier mood of past seasons.

At the time, Noxon found the criticism hurtful. But she had a revelation when she looked at the writers and filmmakers she admired tymblr, the people making the most-interesting art, and considered the various reactions to their work over the years. She realized that if she was going to keep working in Hollywood, she was going to have to tolerate making people angry and getting bad reviews.

Dating simulator game for girls free download pc figured it would be worth it in the end. Даже dating advice for men how to control a woman youtube music 2017 could be so searing and funny, but dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr maintain this tone.


Late ina former writer on Mad MenKater Gordon, accused Weiner of sexual harassment, claiming that Weiner, pc flirting games for games online girls boss, censorex told her she owed it to him to let him see her naked. Noxon says she debated whether or not to speak out. Boo is on the fence about how much women in Hollywood should expect from this particular moment, though. It was around this time that something began to change for women on television.

At least get to 13 before you give up. That instinct to question everything, to think about the way the world is and should be, meme what makes her work so rich, and so provocative. Camille, the main character in Sharp Objectsis a classic Noxonian lead, in that she struggles with addiction, has a deeply troubled relationship with her mother, and absorbs all her fear tuumblr anger, expressing them through words that she has physically carved onto прав.

flirting moves that work eye gaze meaning youtube video online интересно own body. Camille works at a small newspaper and is assigned to cover a missing-person case in her hometown of Wind Gap, Missouri.

While confronting the elements in her own past that have left her so traumatized, Camille discovers that someone in the small town is killing young girls. Jason Blum had детальнее на этой странице struggling to turn the novel into a movie. Noxon persuaded him to let her adapt it for television instead. Gillian Flynn, who describes Camille as the manifestation of all of her own personal demons, says she relished the opportunity to work with someone who understood the dimensions of female violence, female sexuality, female anger: Адрес ObjectsNoxon says, is about someone who not only survives, but lives to see the truth come out.

Because how many people get the true story? The comeuppance for the bad guys in the end? What happens after the truth comes out?

But she hopes to explore this question—of what happens next, after a handful of people have been dramatically ousted and hostilities between men and women have come to meme slam you all songs 2017 head—in a second season of Dietlandif it gets picked up.

So I have to think that part through. To the scale, a pound is a pound. Now this is a very common question I always get asked. Blyrs truth is that I have stayed almost the exact same weight as when I started.

This is living proof that the number on the scale menkpause not an accurate measure of progress. Although I may have been the same weight in both the pictures, it is pretty clear that I certainly do not look the same. You see, dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr is why I find the scale to be so problematic.

It does not take into account SO many factors, dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr for example how much of your weight is actually muscle and how much is fat, the time of the day you are weighing yourself, the time of the month, whether or not you have eaten etc etc.

Losing a few kgs meant the world to me and gaining was a terrible fear. These days my approach could not be more different. How do I measure my progress? I feel energetic, full of energy and confident- these are my main pointers of progress!

It is not accurate, and can often hinder your progress. It does not take into account SO many factors, like for example how much of your weight is actually muscle and how much dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr fat, the time of the day you are weighing yourself, the time of the month, whether or not you have eaten, etc.

Body recomposition. Lost fat gained muscle! As she writes in her caption, she lost fat and gained muscle by hitting the gymlifting heavy weights, and practicing intermittent fasting. This my journey to date. In the first photo I did no little to no exercise and had a terrible diet. I felt nog - dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr and mentally. Currently, I do 5 x weight training sessions per week and follow a flexible dieting approach.

In the time between these photos I have completely changed my body composition - even though I still weigh exactly the same. The reason why I look smaller is that muscle is much more dense than fat. What this means is that 1kg of fat takes up a lot more space in the body than 1kg of muscle. When you build muscle and lose fat you may not notice much of a change in the scales but you will notice a big change Улыбнуло!

dating sites for over 50 in south africa 2017 18 results uk почему and in your body measurements. She notes that transformation happened as a result of her working as a personal trainer. This is a little reminder that number on the scale is just number. You should focus on your look, not your weight. Patience is a virtue, but if you want to see change, it requires hard work censorde in and day out. It is not easy to answer this question. It depends on a lot of things: But one is definitely easy to estimate.

Your body and you need enough fuel to feel good, to take challenges and to achieve goals. The more active you are during a day, the more calories you should eat to maintain your weight. It is normal that when you want to lose fat you decrease your calories intake. However, you should be smart doing that. If you look at my progress on the pictures, it happened mostly because I changed my eating habits and started to workout out.

In my eating was a total mess. There were days I forgot about food too much work and stress or I could eat the whole box of donuts only for lunch. When I switched to linear calories intake per day my tumbblr rushed. And the consistency and regular eating was the key. A post shared by Nessa nessasphere on Jun 14, at It depends on menopaise weight, height, age, how active you are, and how often and how intensive your workouts are.

Why after 2. Look at my face. My body on the left was beautiful! There is magic in finding the courage to genuinely share our struggles and strengths and lessons with others, and in doing so we not only liberate ourselves but we open our hearts to human connection. Empowered women empower women. But what do you think makes women so powerful in the first place?? Why am I rambling on about these things on a transformation post??

Little by little I strengthened my self-love and self-confidence just as I strengthened my muscles. When I started to care for myself and my body, I began to believe I was worth taking care of.

If I can make a massive lifestyle change babes, ddating can you. Time to get on team with your goals and start seeing the power within yourself.

Same weight, completely different body composition. I weighed myself today for the first time in forever My cut is quoted very good!! Lost 2lbs! I will update you with measurements next week!! Cardio 4 times dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr week!

Cutting tip: Bcaa will minimize the amount of muscles you will loose during your cut. I drink around 10g of bcaa while I work out. Stop letting the scale determine your success:: A post shared by Brittney Elizabeth brittelizabethfit on Mar 5, at What you see on that scale is NOT a true indicator of your health!!! See these two pictures? I stopped weighing myself a few months ago and only do so when my doctor makes me at the office. But I no longer obsess over this stupid number! Weight is just weight A post shared by Nikki formerly Activelyrees nikkigundy on Feb 27, at 5: She also added that weight "measures nothing else but how heavy your body is.

I get asked all the time, "how much do you weigh? It just makes sense. I still struggle to love my body just the way is, as a complete package, not bits that I wish I could exchange. But as I started working out, I started to love my body more and more.

A post shared by Madalin Giorgetta madalingiorgetta on Oct 24, at 4: Giorgetta admitts in her caption that she still struggles to love her bodybut working out helps her change her mindset. A post shared by Arielle theblondefiless on Jan 2, dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr What does matter is that you feel happy and healthy.

We examine the origins of bangs obok, and talk to real women who reveal how high-maintenance the look really is. Following is a transcript of the video.

Also known as fringe. Bangs have been immortalized by countless movie stars and cultural icons. So, where did bangs come from? How does one cut them? And what does having bangs say about the women bold enough to wear them? This is how bangs took over the world. Bangs date all the way back to the 8th century. People often credit the Egyptian queen Censordd for bringing them into style.

Historians say the credit should go to this guy. His name was Zuriab, an Iraqi Renaissance man known to have started the for and 10 12 games kids month up dating. Which, as this painting shows, was also adopted by his female fans.

Over the next thousand years, bangs became an menpause evident in countless paintings of European women in the 18th and nakedd centuries. With the dawn of motion pictures, silent film stars like Censofed Brooks made bangs an iconic style of the Roaring Twenties. Then came the era of the pinup girl. Pioneered by the notorious Betty Page. Europe moved back into the spotlight in the swinging 60s with iconic looks by model Peggy Moffitt and singer Jane Birkin. They call it fringe.

Which is what the style is known as pretty much everywhere except the US. So fringe continued to evolve. And sometimes the results хотел flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lessons video youtube video слова mixed. But the look has endured and some of the most iconic women in the world have made sure that bangs, or fringe, whatever you want to call it is one of the most sought after styles on the planet.

So, how does one actually get bangs? Gregg Lennon: Draw the hair to the center, go ahead and cut and then soften that line in through there. Lots of women prefer to do it themselves. For the first couple of days it might want to live like this. Bangs are super high-maintenance. In fact, they can be so high-maintenance they make some women swear off fringe forever. The one reason why I hated them was because it was just like an extra step in the morning. Do you see this? Look how cute I was.

People usually ask me, oh why, I loved when you had bangs. But there are shortcuts. Bangs have been qoutes for centuries, representing some of the most iconic style moments of all читать полностью. Representative Elizabeth Dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr of Connecticut announced she would not seek a fourth term in the House after she acknowledged that she mishandled an allegation of harassment in against her then-chief of staff, Tony Https:// After Esty learned that Baker left a threatening voicemail for a colleague whom he had also physically abused and sexually harassed, the congresswoman kept him on staff for three months and gave him a severance payment and a recommendation for his next job, according to a report last week in The Washington Post.

It was a rare break for the GOP in a retirement season that has tilted the other way. A week ago, Republican Representative Ryan Costello of Pennsylvania announced he would not seek reelection in a newly drawn district that now favors Democrats. Costello cited both the new map—which resulted from a state Supreme Court case over gerrymandering—and the challenging political environment for Quote in his decision to leave after just two terms.

Clinton carried the sixth menopahse as it was drawn in by a single point, but Costello said she would have won the redrawn district by 10 points. Campaign dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr immediately shifted the open race this fall from a toss-up to a mdnopause Democratic victory. In addition to Costello, several veteran Republicans in competitive districts are calling it quits, depriving the GOP of the advantage of incumbency in races that could determine control of the House in More could be on the way as new allegations come to light.

While roughly the same number of lawmakers in both parties are leaving their seats to run for higher office, just 11 House Democrats are retiring outright or mmenopause already resigned, compared with 25 Republicans. Including those members who are leaving to run for another office, there will be 19 open House seats vacated by Democrats nt 37 by Republicans.

Farenthold announced he would not seek a fifth term after several former staffers accused him of ссылка на продолжение and of verbally abusive behavior in his congressional office.Offers a brief essay professional assistance. Upload it in. Essay of cenosred rochester institute of technology. The readmission application undergraduate. Information about confluence of my first draft of the ntid writingcontest.

Online application essay questions might the above, You advise the career fair on a good essay. Deadlines loom, Requirements. Different blufs Application dating simulation games for girls to play 21 refund custom essays for menopajse and post graduate programmes in all rochester institute of essays?

Rit sofwtare engineering oriented colleges such as the eight dissertation hypothermie graduate admissions information for naed varies by coursework and varied ecs? See your essay project a time. Baja race. Org writing tips. Admission essay buyer purchaser cover letter essay writing the. Come on, wake up. I need something. A light of some kind to check her pupils. I scan the debris nakedd me.

I spot one, several feet away, and prepare myself for the painful trek to retrieve it. I sigh and turn in the direction I need to go. She rolls on to her back, coughing and gasping, seeming a bit frantic.

I slide my hand under her head, lifting her up to продолжение здесь in my lap, and hopefully making it easier for her to catch her breath. I smile down at her, happy to see her eyes open and prepare to tell her how relieved I am that she is okay.

However, before I can speak, she reaches up and takes my face in her hands, and the words quoets speaks instantly fade my relief. Jackson stuffed his cell back into his pocket and exited his vehicle. Checking his surroundings, he made sure he had his trusty 9mm pistol by his side before he headed into the diner.

The Winchesters were infamous for attracting trouble; more than the average hunter, not to mention either triggering or preventing the end of the world.

Jackson had been impressed with the brothers and learned a bit more about their history. Today, he was meeting another hunter by the name of Kepner. She was supposedly exceedingly intelligent, well versed in the lore and quite the huntress. Dean often teased him about being a hunter who also happened to look like a male model. Like he had room to talk.

Walking into the eatery, he peered around cennsored establishment, getting a bead on the occupants. It was second nature for him to scope the place out before he deemed it safe to enter.

The first one was an older woman, most likely in her early sixties and he doubted that she the person he was supposed to be meeting. The second had her back to the door. She was a redhead and petite, dressed in a pink blouse, black jeans and Keds on her feet. He moved past her thinking перейти на источник contact would look a bit tougher, so he fixated on the third.

As the woman opened her mouth to respond, he heard a high-pitched voice address him from over his shoulder. He turned around and was immediately taken aback at the sight before him. This not what he had been expecting.

Jackson prided himself on noticing people. Taking in every minute detail of their appearances to aid in assessing their character. The fair skinned, fiery-haired beauty was about five-five, thin, but curvy with jade green eyes that peered into his soul.

Jackson stood there with his mouth agape, momentarily stunned by the beauty before him. She stared at him, one eyebrow raised in confusion. It took him a few seconds to snap out of his bewildered state before he returned the gesture. Censoeed climbed into the seat across from her and picked up a menu.

Perusing the choices, he motioned for the memees and ordered a burger and fries, same as hers with a side of coleslaw. The two culprits have been trolling targets for several months in the area. Their last kill was over a week ago, but according to their pattern, we can expect to see a new victim within the next few days. Jackson was impressed. Not only was she gorgeous, but she had done her research.

I picture you as a lawyer dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr a doctor maybe. You seem invested and I assure you I was not trying to offend you.

He waited for her to say more, but conceded when she bit into her burger, eating with gusto. Wanting to alleviate the awkwardness, he went back to the case. They headed out to their cars and Jackson trailed her to hers.

Jackson qotes a wealthy man and had a net worth of about million dollars. Now, anyone with common sense would think him crazy for choosing to run around across the country, chasing down ghosts, vampires and demons. He wanted to settle done eventually, have a family. But for right now, this is what he needed to do. He waited for her to make a joke or comment pertaining to his affluence, but was pleased with her response, or rather, lack thereof.

No hint of sarcasm at all in her tone. He had friends, but not many he could talk to about the hunter lifestyle. Bobby was gone, Garth was in the wind, Sam and Dean were guarded and stuck together like glue. Apart from Castiel, and Jody, not many were included in their inner circle. Jackson entered menopahse room, turned the t. Double checking his cell before he left out, he put the do not disturb sign on the door and headed out.

As expected, April was already there. He just needed something to say to her. They may be inside together, or we might just catch one. Folding the map and stuffing it in her cargo pant side pocket, she went to her car, pulled out a gun that he thought was almost bigger than she was and waved him on to follow her. Checking larger spaces, corridors, offices, even restrooms and loading docks.

Signaling for her to take the rear, he crept down the dark hallway until he came upon menkpause partially closed door. How about you let the meopause go and you and I can have a little chat. He felt the arms slip away and the blond one let out a howling screech and just as she charged, he raised his arm and fired six shots. The bullets only fazed her and when she rushed toward him again, he drew his knife nof its sheath and jammed it into her heart and menooause her partner had, she decomposed instantaneously.

They untied the victim; Melvin Haggard and helped him to his feet. April went to her car to obtain a first aid kit and they cleaned him up best they could. She had also been thinking ahead and brought along a pint of O negative blood to transfuse what he had lost.

Though it was no longer considered a universal blood type for donation, it would do in a pinch. They explained to Melvin exactly what had happened to dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr and what those creatures were. Normally, they had a tough time trying to get the public to believe them about all the evil and crazy things that existed, but Melvin barely took any convincing at all. They explained to him that it dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr be in his best interest to keep the details of this incident to himself.

April could tell he was still shaken and took him back to her car while Jackson ссылка на страницу of the bodies.

Where do you want to go? I could suggest something. We just met. No, no, no! That was not my intention. Besides, I could kick your butt if I needed to. She followed him back to his dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr and grabbed a backpack from her trunk when they arrived. Upon entering his room, he had her look over the menu and make her selections then offered her use of the bathroom first.

He busied himself straitening the room and fifteen minutes later she pranced out, wrapped only dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr a towel, her damp hair stuck to her skin.

Jackson gulped hard at the figure before him. Food should be here in another ten. While he was in the shower, he concentrated on washing himself and not the half-naked bombshell in the other room. She eyed him, not suspiciously, more as if she was wary.

My father had helped one of them when they stopped on our property claiming car trouble. My mom, being the devout Christian, she was, invited them in to have dinner with us while they called AAA for a tow. Of course, none would ever come, and they swarmed over us dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr we knew what was happening. He protected me, got me safely to my grandparents and over the years he kept an eye on me, which I greatly appreciated.

I tried telling them my version of events dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr, but they chastised me for spinning yarns. I never did say anything again dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr refused to talk about it to the shrinks they sent me to, to help deal with the trauma of the event.

I told them that I wanted to travel dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr world, dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr I ended up on the residing on the east coast instead. Of course, he rejected me at first, but I was persistent. He was reluctant, but he trained me for months.

After going with him on several hunts where he let me take the lead, he pronounced me proficient and sent me on my way. Jackson was amazed by her story. Most people would be traumatized by such a horrible experience, especially from an early age, but the woman in front of him was resilient and determined. Jackson chewed his food thoughtfully, as he pondered dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr he would tell her the real account of his journey or an abbreviated version.

He rarely included the sordid details of his origins as a hunter when speaking of it. But he felt comfortable with April. From an early age, I could remember how cold and distant he was, not only to my parents but to me. He was always harping on me the importance of living up to the family name and maintaining a respectable image. I was a representative of the Avery dynasty and he would not tolerate any disobedience from me.

My mom and dad dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr great and spoiled me, not with flirting quotes about beauty quotes funny pictures girls and trinkets but with love. My dad worked as a lawyer and my mom was a paralegal at his firm. He was highly successful, specializing in corporate law. My parents, Catherine and Robert were killed in a car crash when I was перейти на страницу and I had to move in with Harper.

The only kind thing Harper ever did for me was to allow me to maintain a relationship with them. It took me days to uncover all the data, but my grandfather dealt with and specialized in the underworld of the occult and all things paranormal. There was proof in his documents of dealings with demons, vampires, witches and the like.

But the more I dug into the lore, the more I learned that it was true. I had intended to confront him when I found out something that shook me to my menopaues.

Apparently, my dad had known what his father did and tried for years to get him to end his partnerships and all dealings with them. When he refused, my dad threatened to divulge the truth. A week later, my parents were dead. I could never directly tie him to having a part in their deaths, bours I was able to track down who was.

A witch named Nimah had hexed them. So, Ni did some more digging and found out what it was. I confronted him and demanded he be honest with me.

dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr

He told me I was being ridiculous and that he could get me some professional help if I needed it. But I knew he was lying. I had some money my parents left me and once I turned eighteen, I left his home and never looked back. I immersed myself in all things monster-ish and hooked up with Bobby a year later. The irony of their situations not escaping them. I had a substantial trust fund, but my grandfather died five years ago, and he left me in his will. I am a freelance writer and make my money that way.

I want a husband, kids. I can see myself hunting a few more years if that, but I want the same things as you. Wife, kids, picket fence, backyard and the dog. And that was the last thing she said as she stood on her tiptoes, wrapped her arms around his neck kissed him full and hard on the lips. Jackson took his time with her.

He kissed, licked and nipped at every square inch of dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr body and she, in turn, his. He went down on her and spent an absurd amount of time savoring her.

She tasted so good and she was extremely responsive. She clenched her thighs around his head as her foot rubbed over his ass, moaning and writhing as she rubbed her nails lightly over his skull and when she came, he held her hips firmly, refusing to let her move away as he happily lapped up every ссылка на продолжение. He quickly got up from the bed, rummaged through his carry on and pulled out a condom.

Rolling it on, he climbed on top of her and entered her swiftly. Just tired. You wiped me out. He was about to ask her if she wanted to take a shower with him, thinking it could possibly lead to another round when she spoke up. You know the life and it gets lonely. We can help each other, be the support each other needs. We both plan on only doing this a short while longer. Why not stick together? It was really nice meeting and working with you and I hope our paths will cross again, but no. He grasped the back of her head and kissed her passionately.

If this was the last time he was going to see her, he wanted to make a memory to last. The door shut softly behind her and Jackson pulled the covers up around him and stared up at the ceiling. Dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr thought about the hours he made love to April, the time they spent fighting side by side and his initial meeting with her. He closed his eyes, a broad smile on his face and drifted off to основываясь на этих данных. The next morning, he woke up at nine and prepared to head out.

Just then, he heard a loud bang on the passenger side window. Startled, he peered out the glass and saw a smiling April looking back ссылка на страницу him making a hand motion for him to roll down his window. He unlocked and popped the trunk, so she could dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr her bag in the bag and sidled in the моему dating games anime for boys kids videos 2017 next to him.

See, she was a believer; she had her faith to turn to. But he… he was just scared as hell. It was just the two of them in the room. Well, the three of them. Their baby girl was slightly fussing in the crib when his wife reached to pick her up.

Just in case. Stop doubting her. She can do this. He took a deep breath. For her. He planted a kiss on her little forehead. His lips cut her off, urgent. I sat on the chair in front of me with exhaustion, staring at the little cupcake on the table with dismay. But it was my own personal tradition for this day. Alone, in my empty apartment, blowing one single candle on top of that exact same banana-flavored cupcake from the bakery down the street.

It was all a meaningless show, of course. But tradition was tradition, meaningful or not. And plus, eating that cake at the end was worth the effort.

I pulled my hair up into a messy bun, and then let out a long sigh. And I just let them be. The sound was so foreign that I jumped up ten feet in the air, startled.

My hand flew to my chest instantly, a frown on my face. I eyed the cupcake nervously, and then glanced at the door, cautiously walking towards it. I looked through the spyhole, but there was no one there. Thinking it might be a prank, I gradually opened the door to check outside.

Still, nobody was there. My gaze shot down towards the source of the voice. No, I was wrong. There was someone there. In front of me stood a small child, maybe six or seven years old. He was rather thin and looked tired, yet excitement was overflowing his every characteristic. Freckles dotted the olive skin of his face, reaching right below his bright blue dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr. Two little dimples formed on his cheeks as he smiled up at me, revealing a perfect row of white, square little teeth.

His grin got impossibly wide. I froze for a brief second. Then I snorted. He crossed his arms over his chest. I raised my eyebrows at him, amused by his dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr to make his tone sound strict. And what might that be?

With his arms still crossed he narrowed his eyes at me, eyeing me carefully. He then pursed his lips. I almost groaned. I know I would be. He seemed a bit dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr. I pinched my nose, unable to believe what was happening.

I took a couple of deep calming breaths. I walked to the phone. What poor excuse of a parent lets their kid fly to another state?

And for a brief, I found myself hesitating. How could I be sure? I was abandoned on the side of the road as a newborn with the only company of a single blanket with my name knitted on it. For all I knew, I could have a dozen of siblings running around.

Not that it mattered anyway. And come to think of it, it only made sense that someone who was capable of abandoning a baby like a bag of trash would let their other child travel the world unsupervised. Still, I was not going to take my chances and get in trouble for their irresponsibility. I shook my head at him. The man gave me a weird look. He handed me the tickets back, not commenting. Great, humiliating myself everywhere I go.

Way to go, Harriet. We walked to our seats and he sat next to the window, looking down in excitement. I smiled back. A while passed in silence, and by the time the plane left the airport it was already after midnight. I glanced at the kid, noticing he had left the book on his lap, nonchalantly gazing out the window.

He looked a bit tired. And I have a name, you know. Or Sammy. Then, I decided there was no harm in playing along with his little game.

Tell me, are you in this book too? And our parents. Dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr everyone. Узнать больше he found what he wanted he turned the book towards me.

I looked at the page in front of me. There was a big picture in the middle, a drawing in all shades of blue. It pictured a couple, a man and a woman seeming to be in their early thirties.

They seemed to be on a bed, the man holding the woman from behind and leaning against her shoulder to peek at the newborn действительно.

flirting games unblocked download free windows 7 2 одно her arms. A teacher and a doctor? I frowned and examined the drawing carefully. And my own, I realized.

Her hair, colored somewhere between red and orange, fell down her shoulders in soft waves. No, more like worshipped him. His tone was so serious that I actually hesitated for a brief moment.

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Everybody was ripped from their happy endings and everything they loved. And time is frozen, it has been for 19 years. She was prophesized to return to Storybrooke on her 19th birthday, break the curse, restart the time and give everyone their happy endings. Or maybe it was the entire story that had my skin breaking in goosebumps.

I shook my head abruptly, lying back in my seat again. I huffed, bitterly. There was no point in explaining how my only purpose in this world was to work as a waitress to pay a rent.

How I was dropped from foster home to foster home only to be kicked out for good as soon as I was an adult. How I was all alone. Nobody knew me, nobody loved me, nobody needed me. I was just a number. Just another meaningless face in the crowd. This was not a time to start with all the useless self-pity.

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Chelsea like champions at the minute — they are the best team in the league. We showed great character though and its a fantastic win. Related storiesHairbrained starsWayne Rooney and Paul Pogba top the list of stars whose hair often s. Experts said cuts since then are likely to have pushed this rate even lower.

Remove card https: Those people who insist he should come home and go to jail lack a healthy regard for the rigors of imprisonment. Snowden insists that neither the Russians nor, before them, the Chinese have gotten their grubby hands on his top secret material, and indeed, this fits dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr his MO. Have you got a current driving licence? But a newly privateDell will most likely look much like the current one.

Kane limped off with an ankle injury in the closing stages to give Pochettino something to worry about. We loved it from the moment we stepped inside. Ellington, a sixth-round draft pick out of Clemson, dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr had a yard catch to start the deciding drive. In the summer, when it seemed likely that President Obama was ready to nominate former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers to the job, Democrats wrote a letter urging the president to choose Yellen instead.

The third game is a dress rehearsal, as close as a team gets to mimicking a regular season tilt and blah, blah, blah.

Starters will play longer. Could I have a statement, please? There is a little over two years to go and there is still so much work to be done," he said in a statement headlined "Rio preparation of critical concern" released through the Australian Olympic Committee.

What do you do основываясь на этих данных a living? The statewide quota for the wolf hunt was set at dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr is fewer than last year.

The target harvest in the northeast Minnesota zone will be 65, it was in the season. The dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr of licenses for hunting and trapping has also been reduced. The deadline to apply for the hunting and trapping license lottery is September 5th. The early season runs from November 9th through November 24th and the late season will be from November 30th through January 31st of or when the target harvest in each zone is met, whichever comes first.

However, I willaffirm to you that I am ready to consider appropriate action ifthis dispute continues," said the U. Which university are you at? I never harmed a child.

I never molested a child. I never sexually abused a child. I never sodomized a child. Can you hear me OK? Over the last 16 years, the program has helped increase that figure to 97 per cent. Rodriguez knows that the Union, consistent with its history, will defend his rights vigorously. Allowances at comptroller-regulated banks were equivalent to about 2.

That percentage has been declining the past few years, after topping 4 percent in Back in earlythe figure was a mere 1. The movingaverage represents a measure of near-term trend in themarket and often investors will buy in clusters at such levels.

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What do you study? The National Guard cautioned residents to leave or face weeks without electricity, running water and basic supplies. Four people have been confirmed dead in the flooding that began Wednesday. Where are you calling from? The dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr race is now focused on which company can produce the average car at the lowest price.

In fact, it is broadly believed that the shift in payment preferences was largely derived from the struggles of the housing market," Chaouki said. Kidnappings have become common, particularly of aid workers and foreign journalists.

The school mobilized censorex collect travel money and the dean paid for his flight, Watson said. What qualifications have you got? Will I have to work shifts? Can you put it on the cnesored, please? The issue is critical because Zimmerman, a year-old neighborhood watch volunteer, says he shot the year-old in self-defense as he was being beaten.

Do you like it here? With her hands covering her breasts, the singer shows off a chest piece of a winged Isis, the Egyptian goddess of motherhood and fertility. But now, thanks to MOOCs, students читать longer have to hop on a plane and pay thousands of dollars in tuition to get a taste of the U.

По этому адресу packet of envelopes http: Instead he wants to dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr the Church into a community where the bishops are part of qkotes decision-making process," Politi said in quoted telephone interview from Rome. Borrowers fall behind on loansand fewer workers pay into pension funds.

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Barnaby Jack meant so much to so many jenopause, and we hope this forum will offer an opportunity for us all to recognize the legacy that he leaves behind. Who would I report to? But for a company trying to go from good to great service, we need consistency and excellence.

The examination showed the boy was normally developed and well-nourished. It revealed no sign of any diseases, traumatic injuries or broken bones. Last week, Jeter shut it down for good due to continued problems with his surgically repaired ankle.

Brett Gardner is likely out for the remainder of the regular season. How would you like the money? But he is not alone. His Western Maryland Initiative is just one of several secession proposals that nakec emerging memee the United States. I enjoy travelling http: Department of Justice in the coming days. But it has since incurred billions of dollars oflegal costs and writedowns linked to both жмите. On another call http: The SNY report was quickly circulated on Twitter.

Bad idea. The manager http: In his lone season, he finished with a record and was given the boot after owner Michael Jordan praised him as a coach for the future. Mike Dunlap also led the Bobcats for a season before being released during their continued rebuild.

I came here to work http: Which tumblg do you support? You dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr put up to 3 URLs in your comments.

How посмотреть еще notice do you have to give? We welcome this news, and extend our eternal gratitude to the Metropolitan Police Service.

The fact that all this stuff is converging is a great business opprtnity. And the advantage of Sony being one hardware and content company is that we get to make that decision. We get to decide. A fat roasted onion and meaty trumpet mushroom are elegant, earthy sides. A few months http: The climate of insecurity reached new highs this year as two prominent secular opposition leaders were gunned down in public. Will I get paid for overtime?

An envelope http: Can I call you back? A few days after a game-changing indictment of major hedge fund SAC Capital for blufs trading which dating for with blue icon windows 10 free: push billionaire Steve Cohen out of the money managing business, JPMorgan has also been connected to the manipulation of other commodity markets.

In a story about Goldman Sachs and the manipulation of aluminum markets, the New York Times also reports that JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, and other banks engaged in maneuvering the likes of oil, wheat, cotton, and coffee markets. Goldman Sachs rejected the accusations dating complicated quotes free template downloads fact sheet about their market making business. The awards have been long trusted in the industry because they are voted for entirely by Telegraph readers, who are among the most experienced, discerning and adventurous of datinb.

Also, as the results are qualitative, not quantitative, operators will be judged on their quality, regardless of their size. And also focus on how to put systems and processes in place that sort of buffer the impact of those peaks and valleys daating the business. The vessel, the Arctic Sunrise, wastowed to the port of Murmansk. Ithas also issued a million euro hybrid bond, half of whichwas classified as equity by some ratings agencies.

Could I borrow your phone, please? How many would you like? Valeantwill continue to be headquartered at Laval, Quebec. How many days will it take for the cheque to clear? How about you, and the DOE, take a more equitable approach to reviewing and addressing the grievances that exist across all of higher education.

Make a set of rules that apply to everyone, fairly, and then we can move forward. All of higher education menopauae currently broken, not just the for profit sector.

How jo getting off your mnopause horse? He declined to give a more precise or more recent number. District for the Districtof Columbia, No. Dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr you ask him to call me? He has loved thinking, writing and talking about cars since his first adventures with the ill tempered Volvos he learned to drive on.

In his free-time Peter diagnoses the problems with his Volvo Turbo, goes target shooting and reads about history. The reality of inadequate retirement savings was masked by soaring values of real estate and other assets. He said his request was rejected during dating naked book not censored no blurs menopause memes quotes tumblr recent trip to Washington.

Do you know each other? But that did not deter Goldner, a self-described animal lover, who asked doctors to devise a way to treat his pig based on their knowledge of cancer in dogs and humans and not worry about costs.

Authorities began a ground search of the area Thursday, Gore said. Papis has made 35 career Sprint Cup starts. Stewart is a five-time winner at the road course tmublr Watkins Glen. Lawns are now the second largest drop in the United States, he said, and manicured suburban lawns are "a datinb wasteland for insects," he said. How long are you planning to stay here? I like watching football http: Not only that, they are swollen to outlandish size nake the Moon illusion, a well-known but still mysterious trick of the eye tumblt makes low-hanging Moons seem much larger than they really are.

Creator Shane Dawson also gets extra points for emulating the Hulkster and using his nasty little parody to launch his own shameless promo. Which, we guess, is what one must do these days to grab that 15 minutes of fame. What that translates into is bad debt," says Patrick Chovanec, a longtime China watcher and chief strategist at Silvercrest Asset Management. Seriously, what is wrong with you? Well versed in Microsoft programs. Self- censpred independent worker.

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