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Бгъащхъуэм дэхуарзэм укъешэ! Like flirting signs of married women without men watch bands soaring steppe eagle thou art escorted!

Укъэзыша щауэми уэ удэжькъэ! May thou live to ripe old age with thy betrothed bridegroom! Woreida, may good fortune last! Https:// consists of a false shirtfront of velvet or silk with up to 12 silver or gilt pairs of plate-like buckles, which when seen from a distance impart a beautiful lustre, вот ссылка other ornaments.

Жыр лэныстэшхуэр уогъабзэ Thou cuttest womej great steel scissors… Ежьу. Жыр мастэ цIыкIуми уэ уродэ! And thou sewest with a small steel needle! Woreida, may this festival last for long! Щхьэнтэм утесым — тхьэрыкъуэ Seated on the pillow, thou art a dove… Ежьу. Уай, зыбукъуэдиймэ аслъэнкъэ! Way, as thou draw thyself up — a lioness! Woreida, may our bliss last for long! Нысэ махуэ withhout We are escorting the blessed bride… Ежьу.

Щауэ махуэ идошэжыр We are taking the groom back maarried Ежьу.

Зыхуэтшэжыр Iэщхьэхукъэ! We are taking him to the white-sleeved one! Woreida, may both of them have good luck! Зыхуэтшэжыр Iэщхьэхукъэ We are escorting him to the bright-sleeved one!

Iэщхьэху дахэр мэтэджи The bright-sleeved beauty is arising… Ежьу. Ар щIэтэджыр ди щауэрщ! She rises for our groom! Может flirting quotes pinterest girl images photos pictures вещи, may both of them be blessed!

At first, this ancient anthem, together with other songs and toasts associated with the wedding ceremonies, had deep religious significance, but later they were reduced to a collection of toasts sung and pronounced in honour and to the happiness of the newly-weds. Уайра уей, уей, уей, уей, уай рира! Wayra wey, wey, wey, wey, way riyra! Ей, ей, ей-я, ай, нысашэ къэхъуащ Yey, yey, yey-ya, ay, the wedding is upon us… Ежьу.

Уайрарэ, уайра, уай рира! Wayrare, wayra, way riyra! Ай, шы бэджэндыр къытхуащтэ Ay, they get us horses for hire… Ежьу. Ай, шы бэджэндыр шхуэIум йогъу Ay, the hired horses are gnawing at their bits… Ежьу. Я фэ лъейри зылъакъуэ They pull on their hide high boots… Ежьу. Flirting signs of married women without men watch bands пыIэжьыр къракъухри They pull their caps down over their eyes… Ежьу.

Ай, чэум зэрыдохыр Ay, as they dart out of the courtyard… Ежьу. Я къехуэхыр нэхъыбэщ Many fall off their flirting signs of married women without men watch bands Ежьу. Уанэ къуапи трагъэз They knock down the saddle pommels… Ежьу. Сом зырызкIэ япшыныж They are compensated with one rouble each… Ежьу.

Ей, ей, ей-я, ай, нысэу къэтшахэр Yey, yey, yey-ya, ay, the bride that we have brought… Ежьу. ФIыцIэ пэрикъи Is black and with a turned-up nose… Ежьу. Уэ, къэрэ пэтIини We, swarthy and snub-nosed… Ежьу.

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Шабиихъуэ щхьэцкъэ Her hair is like stiff grass…18 Ежьу. Уи, щхьэц бырыбкъэ Https://, and dishevelled… Ежьу.

Уайрарэ, уайра уай рира! Быныр зэIегъэхьэри She brings about discord in the family… Ежьу. Къихьэм хуодалъэр She intimidates those who come to the house … Ежьу. Her heels are rough… Ежьу. Дэным хуэишэщ She is a clumsy seamstress… Flkrting. ХьэрэшэкIэ бзаджи. But she has flirtong weakness for buffalo milk. It is representative of this genre of connubial chants. Once inside the womne, the new bride was ceremoniously posed surrounded by her attendants. The veil was removed in a swift movement with a sharp arrow.

This person then offered her new-born his best cattle and horses. The woman thereafter wore a silk kerchief. Vorokov,p Адыгэ хьэгъуэлIыгъуэ. Part of the toast is reproduced here: The young daughter-in-law we are flirting games for movies 2016 movies Фадэм хуэдэу Iущащэу, May she flirtinb like smooth liquor, Мэлым хуэдэу Iущабэу, Be soft-spoken as an ewe, Джэдым хуэдэу быныфIэу, Have many offspring like a hen, ХьэфIым хуэдэу Iумахуэу, Be velvet-mouthed like a pedigree hound, ШыфIым хуэдэу цIэрыIуэу, Be as famous as a thoroughbred, Жыхапхъэр илъэфу, Dragging the besom through the floor, Унафэм едаIуэу, Obeying instructions, ГуащэкIэ Iэсэу, Be on good terms with her mother-in-law, ПщыкъуэкIэ гумащIэу, Flirting signs of married women without men watch bands kind-hearted to her brother-in-law, Унэр игуу, The homestead her heart, ЛIыр и псэу, Her husband her soul, Ди нысэмрэ ди щауэмрэ May flirting signs of married women without men watch bands bride and bridegroom Фомрэ цымрэ хуэдэу зэкIэрыгъапщIэ, Be glued together like жмите сюда in honey, Я лъакъуэ зэхэгъуащэм, If their feet should lose their bearing, ПхъэидзэкIэ ягуэшыжу, They are re-allotted by drawing lots, Дунейм фIыгъуэкIэ тегъэт!

May they find prosperity in this world! A sigjs with the added risk of riders snatching a cap from one another at full tilt and evading manoeuvres would set the indomitable young men in the right mood. When the first round of games had been played out, the serious business of ritual witout set upon. A three-legged table full of victuals was placed in the middle of the village square and dancers encircled it while chanting. The rite was essentially a supplication for plenty and for blessing of the new household.

Dance groups would then be formed for more amusing purposes. Married women did not take part in the dances, but enjoyed watching them all the same perched on vantage points шордакъ; shordaq especially reserved for them, and certainly amused themselves exchanging a tale or two. This was an especial treat for the children.

The bride stepped with her right foot on a sheepskin mat spread on the threshold of the house with oof woolly side turned upwards. As she stood on the mat, the old ladies of the household toasted her thus: Bless her step and let it bode well! Мы зытеувэм цы налъэу тетым хуэдиз As much as the number of filaments on the rug she stands on Нэмыс, насып узыншагъэ къет!

Bestow honour, good fortune and health upon her! Make us a clan! Идэ, идэ тыжьыния Sew, sew a silverine… Жъыу. Идэ тыжьыныбгъэкIыIуя Sew a silverine shirtfront…22 Жъыу. А гъэминыр зыгъашIэя! May she live to be a thousand! Гощэ хьагъу-фэгъуя Rivalling her mother-in-law in her merits… Жъыу. Гугъуми тхэмылIа May we not lose heart in our day of trial… Жъыу.

ЛIыимыкI укъыдакIора! To the youthful knight thou hast been betrothed! Thou hast been betrothed… Жъыу. О шыу цIэрыIо To a glorious horseman… Жъыу. ЛъэкIыIу мафэра. Favoured by the heavens.

О непэрэ мафэр Oh, this day today… Жъыу. Is triple lucky… Жъыу. Thrice upon us… Жъыу. Ащи тегъэгуащэя! It hath bestowed its largesse! Тэ танахь гуащэри More worthy than us all gwashe… Жъыу. КIэтыкумэ кIэтыра! Standing mrried the corner! А къыкIэзгъэкIотыу I lead her out of the nook… Жъыу. IаплIи есщэкIыныя! And embrace her! The following two flirting signs of married women without men watch bands provide подробнее на этой странице examples of the genre.

A recording of the song is available on this website. Song in Praise of the Bride: The Aschay family… Жъыу. Ашъаемэ я унэшхор дышъэчы! The great house of the Aschays is cast of gold!

Дышъэчынэлъакъор гъэужьа! She twirls like a golden whirligig! Дынэр зыгъэужьырэр синыса! She is so quick at sewing, my daughter-in-law! Синысэ зэрэщытэр bads Let me tell thee about my daughter-in-law! Мэзэныкъоу-мэзэныкъор и тхылъэ! Her ornaments are like semi-lunes! Дышъэ псыхэлъэшъор икIыIуа! Of pure gold is her shirtfront! А сэрмэ уIугъэхэр ынапца! Whetted with dye are her eyebrows!

ЫнэпцэкIитIор пцIэшхъуанкIа! The tips of her eyebrows are like the tail of a swallow! ПцIашхъом дэчэрэзырэм укъещэ! Soaring with the swallows, they take thee as a wife! Укъэзыщэ кIалэм удэжъа! May thou live to ripe old age with thy betrothed youth! Уигощэ ныожъэр огъашIо! May thy reverend mother-in-law honour thee! May thy sister-in-law be overly attentive to thee! Бэдэдэ цIыфи къекIуалIэ! May many people come to thy wedding! КъекIолIэгъуэ истэор гъэщытхъуа! May all those who come leave pronouncing thy praises!

Непэ уимыщытхъор тэ къэпха! Today we shall all sing thy praises! КъэкIожь аIуи дарыешхор теубгъуа! Синысэ ицыпхъуанти мытIэкIа! My daughter-in-law has not touched her woollen trunk yet! Синысэ етIэкIын сэIуи сэуджа! I am impatient marreid my daughter-in-law to undress! Сызыфэуджырэр иджана! What I covet is her dress! Нысэепчъ орэд: Weriydede, bestow happiness on my daughter-in-law! Синысэ зэрэщытыхэри осIони: Of my daughter-in-law I shall tell thee: Дэнэ псыхэлъафэхэри ыкIыIуа. Her shirtfront is of delicate silk.

They take thee as a wife soaring with the swallows. ПцIашхъом дэчэрэзырэм укъещи, They take thee as a wife hovering with the swallows, Укъэзыщэ кIалэми удэжъа! Укъэзыщэ кIалэм удэжъи, May thou live to ripe old age with thy betrothed youth, Уигощэ ныожъыхэри огъашIуи!

And may thy mother-in-law and the old ladies honour thee! Уигощэ ныожъхэри огъашIуи, May thy mother-in-law and old ladies honour thee, Пщыпхъум игъэшIонхэр бэдэди! And may thy sister-in-law sing thy praises to the sky! Ра, бэдэдэ хьакIэри къыдахьи, Ra, may guests come in droves, Непэ уимыщытхъухэри тэ къикIи! Непэ уимыщытхъухэр тэ къикIи, Today we praise thee deservedly, УкъызтекIы уянэми абстрактное flirting quotes in spanish english spanish dictionary words думаю ети!

May the Lord reward thine mother who gave birth to thee! Ра, ордэ унэжьыми укъикIи, Ra, thou comest from a mighty and ancient house, Ра, цужъыукIыпIэми укъихьи, Ra, and mraried livest where great oxen are sacrificed, Уэхэр уэридада, уэрадэ, Wexer weriydada, werade, Уэридэдэ flirtiing, синыса! May Weriydede bestow happiness on womem daughter-in-law! She also gave out presents to the members of the family of the bridegroom.

The groom щауэ; schawe chose his best man щауэгъу; schaweghw and an assistant щауэкъуэдзэ; schaweqwedze from among his close friends to act as his agents and as masters of wedding ceremonies, since he was strictly forbidden to make an appearance during the festivities. One wish went like this: These celebrations were held in isolation of the main festival.

On the eve of the wedding, an evening-party, schawexes щауэхэсwas held at the house at which the bridegroom was residing, attended by his friends and relatives. Later, this function was taken over by the womenfolk using an arrow, marired eventually a stick. A snippet flirting signs of married women without men watch bands a traditional toast is presented: And may thy good fortune last forever!

Мыр лъэпкъ лъэужьым къадежьа лъэгъущ, This is the path we have paved for this clan,30 Уи жьы хъугъуэм дамэгъу дэгызэщ. In thine old age the nanny is thy ally. Щауэишэж уэрэд: Where is he, Your Highness? Yerede, rawe, rede, wora, wore, rade, ra! Ерэра, радэ, рауэ, flirting quotes in spanish dictionary translation free dictionary, уэрэда, радэ, ай!

Yerera, rade, rawe, rada, wereda, rade, ay! Ауэ, радэ, рауэ, радэ, уэрэра, радэ, ай! Awe, rade, rawe, rade, werera, rade, ay! Ерэдэ, рауэ, радэ, уо радэ, уорэ, радэ, ра! Yerede, rawe, rade, wo rade, wore, rade, ra! Арэра, радэ, рауэ, радэ, уэрэра, радэ, ай! Arera, rade, rawe, rade, werera, rade, ay! Ерэра, радэ, рауэ, радэ, уэрэра, радэ, ай! Yerera, rade, rawe, rade, werera, rade, ay! Thus, the bridegroom had to devise methods to sneak in and consummate flirting signs of married women without men watch bands marriage.

He either waited until the small hours of the morning, when everybody had gone to bed, or surreptitiously climbed through the bedroom flirting signs of married women without men watch bands. In Circassian society, abstinence and frugality were cherished attributes, and indulgence in the pleasures of the body was a stigma of effeteness and lack of discipline. According to an old custom, leghwnaplhe лэгъунаплъэthe relatives of the bride visited the bedroom in order to продолжение здесь the merits and demerits of the furniture.

At the onset of puberty, girls were required to wear corsets Kabardian: The corset was fastened tight with silk laces and covered the chest right down to the belt. Besides giving support to the body, it served to limit the development of the bosom area, as was demanded by the strict norms of beauty, among which physical symmetry was of paramount importance.

This device was used to arrest the development of the breasts and the mid-section. When eventually the newly-weds were left alone in their quarters, the bridegroom flirting signs of married women without men watch bands the consummation of the flirting signs of married women without men watch bands by cutting the laces of the corset marrie his sharp dagger.

The operation was complicated by the fact that it was interdicted for the bridegroom to see fliting bride in full glory in her birthday suit.

Flirting signs of married women without men watch bands seems that even in conjugal relations restraint was a cultivated trait amongst the Circassians. May thy fire never be extinguished! May thy hearth never go cold! May it forever remain warm and bright! May thou never lack crops, Nor meal to cook, my little one!

The bride there and then took a vow never to allow her hearth to grow cold. The quality of a housewife was assessed by the upkeep of her hearth fire. A woman was complimented in this manner: Is there a housewife like her?! The new bride was allowed a period flirting signs of married women without men watch bands grace, schhenteteis щхьэнтэтесduring which she was exempt from doing household chores. This could extend to half a year or more, after which the daughter-in-law was ceremoniously taken to the kitchen and inducted to housework.

Marfied, she was introduced to the hearth, an especially sacred corner of the house, and made to go round the lit fire while the women of the house chanted religious hymns.

Every home had a permanently lit hearth with a wrought iron chain hanging down the chimney. All native North Caucasian religions regard the family hearth with special reverence and it was the principal place at which family rituals were conducted, principally offerings and sacrifices and the rites associated with the cult of Dade Weriydade; Дадэ; Уэридадэthe clan hero, the head of the household, whose immortal soul transmigrated to hedrixe хьэдрыхэ; the world beyond after death.

The patrons of the domestic hearth were the deities Sozeresh and Zchegwpathe Жьэгупатхьэ; literally: God of the Hearth. The hearth chain still retains symbolic functions and significance.

For further information on the cult of the hearth of the Circassians, refer to M. See A. A Handbook Routledge,ppp, and pand Circassian Culture and Folklore Смотрите подробнее and Bloom,for yet flirting signs of married women without men watch bands information on cultic practices of the Circassians associated with the hearth and fire-worship.

Jaimoukha,p 6, and M. Kovalevsky, Classical Circassian society went through two phases of gender domination. There is some evidence that the society was initially matriarchal, later transforming to patriarchy when the physically more powerful males sought to overturn the tables. According to Maxime Kovalevsky, there were aspects of the customs and traditions of the Circassians that could only be explained by assuming an antecedent matriarchal society.

He constructed a model of Circassian society in which confraternities were the basic units flirting signs of married women without men watch bands social structure. Circassian custom had it that a widow was obliged to remarry one of the brothers of her deceased husband. Otherwise, any member of the confraternity could claim her. The offspring of the union were considered those of the deceased. The Council discussed the day-to-day issues of the young Narts, and legislated laws and customs by which the youth had to abide in their mundane life.

The Council members relied on their long experience and perspicacity in formulating relevant edicts. This was the place where most household ceremonies and rituals were held. The Amazons and Circassians had been engaged in continual war.

One day, the former resolved to enter into parleys with the latter. She declared that war was over and жмите announced her betrothal to her erstwhile adversary.

She advised her followers to follow suit and pair with Circassian warriors. They took her counsel—and there an end to matriarchal rule. He considered male domination as a later development in Circassian society.

License to sew Once the main ceremonies were over, the new bride was inaugurated into the sewing and cutting functions in her new home the sutorian theme is recurrent in the nuptial chants presented above. A ceremony was held in which a flirting signs of married women without men watch bands was threaded with golden thread and three stitches were run through a piece of cloth, following which the bride was free to engage in sutorial affairs.

A strict code of morality reduced the number of adultery cases. A woman deemed to have committed a sexual offence had her hair shorn, sleeves removed and sent back on horseback to her father by the cuckolded husband. Crimes of honour were rare on account of the stiff blood-price that had to be paid to the kin of the adulterous pair.

In exceptional cases, a husband mutilated his sinful wife and tore off her clothes before sending her packing to her folks riding a horse. The taking of second and more wives was uncommon among Circassians. The structure of society как сообщается здесь firmly based on monogamy.

Even in the diaspora, where the practice was more common, cases of bigamy were the exception. Circassian women would have rather undone the bond than become second-best. КIапщэм зэрэщыджэгухэрэ щхэнджэгукI.

КIапщэм пхъэшыкIэ щэджэгух. Friends and relatives took turn to keep vigil. It was taboo to address the dreaded lords of disease with their proper names, so replacement epithets were used instead. Smallpox Song: Уо Перейти, Истауэ! Oh, Yiste, Yistawe! Уо уэрида! Wo weriyda! Истэ, Истаупщ! Yiste, Lord-Yiste!

Я нэхъыпщыр зымыдэ! Who acknowledges no greater lord! Зи джэмыдэ тхьэрыкъуэ! Whose dove is light chestnut! ШъорэкI орэд: The Christian Mozdok Kabardians use the name of the god Sozeresh Sozeresch [Созэрэщ] in their dialect as a euphemism for the disease. Tears along fleeter than the deer.

ЛIыхъухэр копкъыджэ ефызы, The brave ones are squeezing its thighs,42 Посетить страницу источник бзыери делъэшъуа. Itself in gilded silk. Дэнэгъо бзыери делъэшъуа, Перейти in gilded silk, Ошъогъуанэми щагъэхъуа. They pasture it at the edge of the heavens.

Ошъогъуанэми щагъэхъуа, They put it to pasture at the edge of the heavens, Зыусхьаным ишыгъэхъупIа. By Allah, a lush meadow. Алахь гъэхъунэ дахэу, By Allah, a lush meadow, Чъыгэе дахэри къырокIа. Where splendid oak-trees grow.

A recoding of the song can be heard on YouTube [first song in: Some colour designations in Circassian seem to be context-dependent. Perhaps regional variations have a bearing on this issue. As well as more flirting signs of married women without men watch bands than anywhere else. Зибэ къикIэри къалъошъхьа, More clover flirting signs of married women without men watch bands there than ссылка на продолжение else, Яунашъхьэри дышъабгъа.

His ethereal abode is roofed with gold. Яунашъхьэри дышъабгъа, His roof is covered with gold, Бгъэнэуи телъэри къурища. The roofing on it — three blades of grass. Бгъэнэуи телъэри къурища, The roofing on top is of three blades of grass, Чэмищэу дафыри мыщыхъуа. Three of his bovines are perennial milch-cows. Чэмищэу дафыри мыщыхъуа, Three of his cows are permanent milkers, Зыдафырэ къалэшъы хъурая. His cow-house is a magnificent palace. Зыдафырэ къалэшъы хъурая, His cow-house a resplendent palace, Тыжьыны хъураери щагъэчъа.

Where silver ingots are cast. Тыжьыны хъураери щагъэчъа, Silver bullion is founded there, Зыпчъэ нахьыджэ имыIа.

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Where there is but one entrance. The bottom of its spring — shingle. The welling water is mead. Ращы къыкIэчъырэр шъоупса, The welling water is honey-sweet, Типсэ-купсэри уихьакIа. Our souls are guests in thy realm. The auspicious guest is coming to us. Issuing forth from three beads. The three beads issuing forth disjointed brightness. Щыгъыфищыри зырыза, The three beads issuing their light in disconcert, Зэрызищышъы мэтIыгъуа.

They ripen separately. Their ripening is such a joy. ЯтIыгъуакIэри гухахъуа, Their ripening is a great joy, Гум хэзгъахъори зиуза. A delightful bliss for the one with disease. Гум хэзгъахъори зиуза, A delightful bliss for the marred, Зиузыгъори фэпсынкIа! May his disease ease up!

Зиузыгъори фэпсынкIа, May his illness be mitigated, ПсынкIэ охъушъы flirting signs of married women without men watch bands May thee get wonen, may thee читать статью ПсынкIэ охъушъы охъужьа, May thee get well, may thee recover, Ухъужьынэуи тхьа еIуа!

May God predestine it for thee to heal! What God ordains is so much better! God is so swift in his beneficence. God is lavish in his mercy. Тхьам идахэри хъопсагъуа, Flirting signs of married women without men watch bands is so flirtting in his beneficence and mercy, Чылэ хъопсагъоуи тыкъана!

That our village shall remain an object of envy! КIэпщэ орэд: Song of vigil over the wounded: Уатэ, уэтэжъыеу What type of personality does a woman with these eyes have? Do you flirting signs of married women without men watch bands you are beautiful? How important is physical attractiveness in choosing a partner? How important is physical attractiveness in being successful? If you could change one thing about your body, what would it be?

Would ken change anything? Would you ever consider getting plastic surgery to change an aspect of your body? Have you had plastic surgery? Who is your favorite actress? Is she beautiful? Why or why not? How many hours of TV do you watch a day?

How many hours a day do you spend on the internet wifhout day? How many hours a day do you spend on your appearance? What is your favorite magazine? For women only: Which weight type is preferred by men?: Body Image Sample Survey Mongolian -: Yurt House Dorm Apart.

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flirting signs of married women without men watch bands

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flirting signs of married women without men watch bands

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flirting signs of married women without men watch bands

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Мне стало перед ним неудобно; по большей части это представление было блефом. Хотя и не полностью. Придя домой после ресторана, я взял ее на руки, а потом и в объятья, теперь — как жену, — и это было хорошо. За несколько дней до свадьбы я, человек традиционных взглядов, написал ей письмо на красивой старой бумаге и запечатал его в плотном конверте сургучом со своим именным клеймом.

Посредством этого письма я официально просил ее руки. Ввиду международной обстановки и не сложившихся обстоятельств, извольте ходить за меня замуж. Вы перевернули моё мироощущение аккурат flirting signs of married women without men watch bands тормашками и, с некоторых, белый свет мне стал не мил без Вашей Светлости в качестве flirting signs of married women without men watch bands законной супруги.

Так что, сделайте любезность и пойдите со мной под венец. Flirtinh лепота и роскошные формы сразили бы любого. Так чем же хуже я всех остальных? Вроде ничем; а коль так, будьте добры да будьте моей благоверной. Подумайте только: Ваша мудрость и прекрасный вкус схлестнутся с моим неизлечимым прекраснодушием и беспрестанным Вами восхищением.

Не это ли идиллия? А кто-то еще что-то там говорил насчет шалаша в Финском заливе.

flirting signs of married women without men watch bands

Хотя я не. Можно и в шалаше. Главное — чтоб не в грехе. Словом, сделайте меня самым счастливым человеком на планете и станьте моей суженой. За мужней любовью дело не постоит, даю слово. Ну а wtach супружеском долге я и не заикаюсь… Надеюсь, Вам и так все ясно. Тут, знаете ли, страсть, какая страсть…. Мужчина я скромный, но в одежде знаю толк.

Если что, могу за наряд похвалить. За волосы ничего мне не стоит комплимент отпустить. Пью вино, но учитывая цены, алкоголизм мне не грозит. Курить не курю. О всем остальном вечном здесь даже как-то и неудобно. Будет Вам от меня честь и хвала. Буду любить и жаловать. На руках также носить. Вкратце, вроде бы всё. По утрам она часто переносила крошечную девочку свою withokt нам постель.

Ребенок лежал между нами и смотрел на. Видимо она хотела, чтобы дочь привыкла ко. Beauty is what I saw in the angle of her extended arm when she rested on it, half-asleep, as the baby cried in the morning, before fluttering out of bed to tend to it. The beauty of form, as the angle of the arm reflected the line of her hip, where the elbow met the waist, the way it fit as she stood, xigns, was. Beauty of texture beguiled my even sleepy eyes with the undulating, qomen waves and woven color of her wheat-and-rye hair.

More than two feet long, this waterfall of blonde fabric was right there before me, too beautiful not to touch and kiss and dig my fingers into, even though I knew that it was distracting her from having to get up because the baby was still crying, awake, awet and asking for watcch.

Позже, когда ленты бывшего банта распались marriec волокна, я попытался мысленно сфотографировать узнать больше здесь, что не поддается ни языку, ни уму, и неизменно искажается — особенно воспоминаниями.

I felt easy and sure, familiar with her desire. She was relaxed, holding nothing back, and flowered with such a sure, exquisite fragrance that, even though I was spoiled by her — knowing her — it was — yes — ecstasy just to inhale the pure parfume.

I need to write of our last time together before time makes it seem mythic, more majestic, more unearthly, more earthly or sweeter than it was. Мы поехали за город, к ее знакомым. Предварительно она попросила меня прибить два волнистых зеркала в дочерней спальне. Формой они напоминали малайский кинжал. Чуть позже я почувствовал их под лопаткой. Я задержался, возясь с дрелью и хлипкими стенами, и мы выехали на 15 минут позже, чем собирались.

Она кричала на меня у машины держа дочь на руках, обвиняя меня в том, что из за меня у ребенка срывается график сна, из за xigns она будет плакать.

Прохожие оборачивались. Дочь уже плакала. Так на меня никто никогда не кричал. Она говорила со мной даже не как с подчиненным. Почему-то я не ушел оттуда, а сел в машину с ними и два с половиной часа ехал молча пока она первые полчаса оскорбляла меня, а потом пока еще два часа мы искали дом друзей.

Дочь плакала. Я делал все это ради нее, на автомате, — чтобы ребенок подышал свежим воздухом. Когда мы наконец приехали, продолжать быть с ней рядом было невозможно. У меня заболело сердце. Я конечно знал, что у нее такой narried, но сделать мне так больно… Хотя, наверное, я сделал все это намного больнее для себя, чем оно могло. Спали мы в одной кровати, но я спал максимально далеко от firting. Дотронуться до женщины, которой я повелевал своим касанием теперь было бы для меня немыслимым.

Утром было еще тяжелее. В какой-то момент стало невыносимо. Мне было нечем дышать. Мы оба оказались на кухне. Она подошла ко мне сзади, по-мужски, обняла меня и сказала: Давай оставим это позади. Есть же столько прекрасного, общего у. Я согласился, но не wqtch. Я не мог так быстро перестроиться и marriec flirting signs of married women without men watch bands, что ничего не.

Видимо, она ожидала мгновенной реакции, как с подчиненными. Ничего не изменилось. Обратно мы ехали под постоянный плач дочери, свинцовые обвинения и исполняемую детским хором Old McDonald Had a Farm. Я довез их до дома с волнистыми зеркалами и ушел из него навсегда. К счастью, наши изначальные планы официально обвинить меня в угрозах и насилии ни к чему не привели.

Она mqrried отвечала на мои письма, сообщения, подарки. Я переживал насчет ее статуса, но для нее важнее было меня забыть. Тогда я, с трудом, но забыл ее.

Несколько месяцев спустя, теплым майским днем, она заявилась ко мне на работу, вычурно flirting signs of married women without men watch bands, с летучей гривой и в растрепанных чувствах, вдруг требуя тем-же стальным тоном, чтобы я пошел с ней на собеседование в иммиграционную службу.

Maarried для меня все это было позади. Не полностью, но позади. У нее дергался глаз, она ненавидяще смотрела на меня, потом обругала матом, вспорхнула и билась, как пшенично-ржаная моль, о стеклянные двери кафе. Я выступил вперед, провернул ручку и выпустил ее на волю. Статус она со временем получила. Summer Our scouts silent, our sentries silenced by marksmen, we were taken by surprise, band unprepared for the ensuing bloodbath.

It has been ten straight hours of fighting. Nothing sign this wihout is what it seems. Man and beast have turned into a flirting signs of married women without men watch bands heaving mass; the hills have disintegrated into muddy slides, flkrting not a single blade of grass left, flirting signs of married women without men watch bands the bloodthirsty sword blades of unhinged, desperate men.

Horses are victims and villains both: The dust of these tan hills, now auburn with our blood, hangs as a cloud above the battlefield, occluding light and blotting out the sun. Whatever we turn our eyes to is a nebulous sight, as unclear and indistinct as are our chances of surviving. Five times in as many months we have pushed back these fiends from Asia Minor, and fifty times they have bandss back, swarming our positions in wave after impetuous wave of rat-like ferocity, their bugle boys eking frightening, strident battle calls from what appear to be brass-plated human hearts.

How many times our side has plotted to depose the Sultan! In his towering cupiditythe Sultan is seeing nothing but gold ducats in his swine-slit eyes — why else would he invade a stretch of Lower Prussia known chiefly for its barren fields and dying villages?!

Ah, but there is one resource Liebefrauland is known for above all in the Teutonic lands — and that is its fair maidens. Of course, some generals demurred at my being chosen. I was a flirtijg of strange tastes and leanings, they said, too eclectic in my choice of personal staff. True, my wtch is a one-eyed, hunchbacked dwarf and my arms bearer is a yearling bear, but I am an egalitarian at heart, and I say every specimen of every species deserves an equal opportunity to serve in the army and uphold the spirit of bold adventure, while rescuing maidens from defilement no less.

Besides, each of my little helpers has the strength of a dozen men. They made me check in with headquarters daily — an egregious outrage! Of course, now that all lines sugns communication are destroyed, I have complete theoretical freedom to do everything that in practice I cannot do.

Oh, facetious fate mfn ever laughing, seldom spreading joy! The company привожу ссылку men I was originally given was down to a platoon this morning and, my manservant informs me, is now a mere squad — and not a firing one at that, since we are fresh out of ammunition.

The generals — oh, they take their vicarious pleasure in our fighting for their cause! They lie in the tents while we die in the trenches. They scrutinize maps and pore over dispatches while we agonize in pain and pour our hearts womsn in last letters to loved ones.

Death wach endemic to the battlefield — it comes with the territory; this much I know. That is precisely why I write this to you. Mulier est malleus per quem Deus et mollit et malleat universum mundumthe ancients used to say. Woman is the hammer with which God softens and shapes the world. As Flirting signs of married women without men watch bands am about to face death, I know for sure that it is you who shaped my world, who softened my rough edges — you who made me flirting signs of married women without men watch bands better man.

I am a man of strict codes and firm convictions, but if you are doing the shaping, then consider me malleable. You engendered my highest motives, inspired my best actions, gave rise to my greatest successes. Everything of importance in my life, darling, I did for you.

You, my love, are my reason for living and, the way this battle is going, for dying as well. Half-naked fakirs in Withoyt might drone on on the importance of leaving worldly pleasures behind.

Saffron-and-burgundy-robed monks in Tibet will talk of casting off the bonds of attachment. Wooly-haired philosophers will suggest coolly contemplating the world via the mind, leaving no room for the intelligence of the heart.

Let them. I beg of you, I order you, I enjoin по ссылке Be flirring Нынче ветрено и волны с перехлестом.

Скоро осень, все изменится в rlirting. Смена красок этих трогательней, Постум, чем наряда перемена у подруги. Дева тешит до известного предела — дальше локтя не пойдешь или колена. Сколь же радостней прекрасное вне тела: Посылаю тебе, Постум, эти книги.

Что в столице? Мягко стелют? Спать не жестко? Как там Цезарь? Чем sivns занят? Все интриги? Все интриги, bznds, да обжорство. Я сижу в своем саду, горит светильник. Ни подруги, ни прислуги, ни знакомых. Вместо слабых мира этого и сильных — лишь согласное гуденье насекомых.

Здесь лежит купец из Азии. Толковым был купцом он — деловит, но незаметен. Умер быстро — лихорадка. По торговым он делам сюда приплыл, а не за. Рядом с ним — легионер, под грубым кварцем. Wztch в сражениях империю прославил.

Сколько раз могли убить! Даже здесь не существует, Постум, правил. Пусть и вправду, Постум, курица не птица, flirting signs of married women without men watch bands с куриными мозгами хватишь горя. Если выпало в Империи родиться, лучше жить в глухой withoht у моря. И от Цезаря далёко, и от вьюги.

Лебезить не нужно, трусить, торопиться. Говоришь, что все наместники — ворюги? Но ворюга мне милей, чем кровопийца. Этот ливень переждать с тобой, гетера, я согласен, но давай-ка без торговли: Протекаю, говоришь?

Но где же лужа? Чтобы лужу оставлял flirting signs of married women without men watch bands — не бывало. Вот найдешь себе какого-нибудь мужа, он и будет протекать на покрывало. Вот и прожили мы больше половины. Как сказал bahds старый раб перед таверной: Взгляд, конечно, очень варварский, но верный. Был в горах. Сейчас вожусь с большим букетом. Разыщу большой кувшин, воды налью им… Как там в Ливии, мой Постум, — или где там?

Неужели до сих пор еще воюем? Bandz, Постум, у наместника сестрица? Худощавая, правы.

flirting moves that work eye gaze test online reviews free безвкусица с полными ногами. Ты с ней спал еще… Недавно стала жрица. Жрица, Постум, и общается с богами. Приезжай, попьем вина, закусим хлебом.

Или сливами. Расскажешь мне известья. Постелю тебе в саду под чистым небом и скажу, как называются созвездья. Скоро, Постум, друг твой, любящий сложенье, долг свой давний вычитанию заплатит. Забери из-под подушки сбереженья, там немного, но на похороны хватит.

Поезжай на вороной своей кобыле в дом гетер под городскую нашу стену. Дай им цену, за которую любили, чтоб за ту же и wityout цену. Зелень лавра, доходящая до дрожи.

Дверь распахнутая, пыльное оконце, стул покинутый, оставленное ложе. Ткань, впитавшая полуденное солнце. Понт шумит за черной изгородью пиний. Чье-то судно с ветром борется у мыса. На рассохшейся скамейке — Старший Плиний. Дрозд щебечет в шевелюре кипариса. What a gale we have today — the flirting signs of married women without men watch bands is livid.

One may only get so frisky marriwd a maried — Knees and magried signify forbidden places. How delightful, then, is disembodied Beauty: Disappointments are withlut likely as embraces. Взято отсюда enclose for you some books on plants and potting. What is baands like? Sunny speeches? Stormy weather? How is Caesar? Mqrried plotting? Ever plotting more debauchery, I gather.

I flirting signs of married women without men watch bands sitting in my garden; lamps are burning. Not a soul around, not even an acquaintance. While the mighty перейти the meek the Earth are churning All I hear is insects droning in a cadence. Died of flu, he did. Countless victories he won for Roman glory; Courting death a thousand times!

Let them say that only fools are truly blissful, But misfortune has for fools its own allowance. If your homeland is an empire, none too peaceful, Life is safer in a far-flung, seaside province. Better bribes than lives, is how I see it, brother. Through this downpour I will stay with you, hetaera. Being a human blanket costs how much?!

By Hera! Tell a roof it owes you shelter, plus flieting shingles. What was that you say — I leak? I have never left a puddle as a mmarried. Find a hubby for yourself, so you could huddle; Then your bed will have more leaks than you could cover. More than half our lives is gone flirying a case wagch ruing? Say, remember that old girl, your former mistress? With an appetite for men — a real mantis — Good in bed, you said… Well, she is now a priestess.

Priestess, Postum! Soon, your friend, who likes multiplication, Will depart to pay a debt he owes division.

Every sesterce I saved up for that vacation Will now go towards a burial provision. To the House where jarried hetaerae flirtiing their calling Ride that jet-black mare of yours — a splendid mount; Offer them the price they bandw for moaning; Have them weep for me now, for the same amount.

Laurel leaves so green they shiver on the branches. Door ajar, a dusty window, distant shoreline. An abandoned chair, a bed, two lonely benches. Pontus heaving just beyond the stone-pine hedgerow.

At the cape, a ship and winds engaged in battle. EbonicsPushkinWomen. Я помню flirting signs of married women without men watch bands мгновенье: Передо мной woomen ты, Как мимолетное виденье, Как гений чистой красоты.

В томленьях грусти безнадежной, В тревогах f,irting суеты, Звучал мне долго голос нежный, И снились милые черты.

Шли годы. Бурь порыв мятежный Flirting signs of married women without men watch bands прежние мечты, И я забыл твой голос нежный, Твои небесные черты.

В глуши, во мраке заточенья Тянулись тихо дни мои Без божества, без вдохновенья, Badns слез, без жизни, без любви. Душе настало пробужденье: И вот опять явилась ты, Как мимолетное виденье, Как гений чистой красоты. И сердце бьется в упоенье, И для него воскресли вновь И божество, и вдохновенье, И жизнь, и слезы, и любовь.

I saw a blinding flash of lightning And, like an angel, you appeared — Just like an alien-spaceship sighting, All cool and phat and fly and weird. Time flirting signs of married women without men watch bands. And, like an angel, you appeared — Just like an alien-spaceship sighting, All cool and phat and fly and weird.

I got Flirting signs of married women without men watch bands Bible and what matters — And now, I wanna live flirting signs of married women without men watch bands love.

Listen to the original. EbonicsNamesFligtingWomen. Что в имени тебе моем? Оно умрет, как шум печальный Волны, плеснувшей в берег дальный, Как звук ночной в лесу глухом. Оно на памятном листке Оставит мертвый след, подобный Узору надписи надгробной На непонятном языке. Что в нем? Забытое давно В волненьях новых и мятежных, Узнать больше здесь душе не даст оно Воспоминаний чистых, нежных.

Но в день печали, в тишине, Произнеси его тоскуя; Скажи: What is flirting signs of married women without men watch bands name to you, my bitch?! I know… to you — it kicked the bucket, Just like a playa on a rocket, Who end up roadkill in a ditch. You off and gone… You having all of your affairs; But, deep inside — you having fun?

You found someone who truly cares? ChaosMarrriedPestilenceRomeWomen. The piers are pummelled by the waves; In a lonely field the rain Lashes an abandoned bandz Outlaws fill the mountain caves. Fantastic grow the evening gowns; Agents of the Fisc pursue Absconding tax-defaulters through The sewers of provincial towns.

Private rites of magic send The temple prostitutes to sleep; All the literati keep An imaginary friend. Unendowed with wealth or pity, Little birds with aatch legs, Sitting on their speckled eggs, Eye each flu-infected city.

Altogether elsewhere, vast Herds of reindeer move across Miles and miles of golden moss, Silently and wwomen fast. Таранят волны валуны. Ливень в поле каравану Не даёт дойти до стана, Пещеры беглецов полны.

Всё ярче платьев хоровод. В регионах ревизоры Насильственно проводят сборы Налогов за прошедший год. Тайные обряды в храме Усыпляют всех гетер, Львы литературных сфер Светскими не ходят львами.

Горазд Катон — муж головастый — Хвалить величие аскезы, Наёмники-головорезы Зарплату требовать горазды. На witohut ведомственном бланке. Мор вселенский созерцая, Алолапчатые птички Греют пёстрые яички, Всё моргая meh моргая. Где то далеко лишь, туча Северных оленей мчится По flirting signs of married women without men watch bands золотистым, Очень быстро и беззвучно.

Of all the marvelous things and feelings that nature, in its generosity, has showered upon us, our most piteous parting will, I withut, probably be with love.

And these are nothing but empty excuses, pointing rather to the highfalutedness of our feelings and aspirations than to anything else. Of course, besides all of that there are all kinds of exceptional and worthy wirhout and sensations that we will sigh after plaintively.

Waych will, no doubt, be witnout never to hear the music of marching bands and symphony orchestras, never to, say, go on marries cruise aboard a ship or gather sweet-smelling lilies-of-the-valley in the forest.

We will be most sad to leave our wonderful job, and sad not to lie on the seashore with the object of relaxing. Yes, these are all wonderful things, and we will also be sorry to part with all of them, of course. But it is love that will beget a special and most bitter bout of tears from us.

And when we witout with this emotion, the majesty of the entire world before us will probably be extinguished, and it will seem to us empty, cold and of little interest. Love gives color to life, Love is the charm of nature, There exists womn inner conviction That all that replaces love is worthless. So you see, the French poet De Miusse pronounced everything worthless compared with this emotion. But, of course, he was somewhat mistaken.

Went a bit too far out on that limb, he did. Besides, we would do well to remember that these lines were uttered by a Frenchman.

That is, someone by nature very sensitive and, excuse the thought, probably a womanizer, who, under the effect of extraordinary emotion could really let some such nonsense fly. But have a look at a Russian poet. The Russian poet stays on par with the fiery Gallic brain.

And more still. We find not just love, but even infatuation in these surprising verses:. O, infatuation! How much stricter than flirrting is your mettle, Greater even than ancient commandments… Sweeter still than the call of the watvh to battle. Which allows us to conclude that this great marriied of ours thought this emotion something extraordinarily lofty, as something or other of a magnitude not to be equaled even by the text of the criminal code, nor by the teachings of father or, you know, mother.

In short, flirting signs of married women without men watch bands, says he, had the same impact on him as this emotion did. I bet he dodged the draft himself in his day. Prose, in this respect, is much easier to deal with. But, as you can see, even poetry can be explained. Actually, this poet once had his house burn down, the house where he was born and spent his best childhood days. That is, in other words, liberally translating lofty verse into egalitarian prose, we can partly understand how this guy, mad with grief, wanted firting throw himself into the water, but at this critical moment he saw a pretty woman taking a boat ride.

And so he all of a sudden fell in love with her at first sight, and this love eclipsed, so to speak, his horrible suffering and even distracted him from the toils of locating a new place to live.

Especially since, judging by the poem, the poet seems to just want to move in with this lady. Or maybe he wants to build an addition onto her house if she, as he nebulously puts it, should have the desire, and if the moon and management allow it.

Well, in terms of the moon, the poet threw her in for a sort of a greater poetic impact. Fliirting mean, the moon, really, has little to do with all of this. So basically, even here the poet speaks of love as the greatest of emotions, which, assuming a certain carefree streak, may substitute for even the most basic things, even including living arrangements.

For all the others have sung words of love even more ridiculous and shameless than these, while strumming carelessly, so to speak, the strings of even the most dilapidated lyres. My heart leapt up, in love again, Shoop, shoobe-doop, doop-doop… All that the soul holds holy and dear… Shoop, shoobe-doop….

And marries was no boy of eighteen writing. A serious man of about forty-eight lf this; very extremely fat and unhappy in his personal life. What is love? Oh, what is your name?

Love is fire in the blood; it is signw in the flame…. It is paradise lost, yet regained again. Death trumps life, yet love rules over mortal domain. And this was a Russian poetess. She lived in the beginning of this century and was, by all accounts, pretty good-looking.

With a developed poetic temperament, to be sure. That lady was probably shaking all over when she was composing this poem.

Which is really more of a biographical detail than a sample of poetry… The poor husband had it rough enough, I bet… She must have been real fickle. Hardly did anything. Probably spent the whole day laying around in bed without even washing that mug siyns hers. And reading her little poems aloud all the time. The lfirting And then they both up and died.

She got tuberculosis, I think, and he must have gotten infected with something too. And they will be surprised that this emotion has been described in such views and such poems and such words, which they had not even known about, and could not even have thought that something like this had ever been said about it. And maybe it really is surprising that this is so, and that we have this kind of poetry, but not long ago we happened upon this work of prose by a singer — Fyodor Ivanovich Shalyapin.

So, in this book he admits with complete candor that everything he did in amrried life he did mainly for love and for a woman. These are the kinds of opinions of love that we hear from poetically minded people. We can, if you so iwthout, give you one of the more melancholy quotes, which is ov Schopenhauer, one of the gloomiest waych the world has known.

This gloomy philosopher, whose wife undoubtedly cheated on him at every turn, said this about love: It lures man with flirring illusion of individual happiness, making him the means to its ends. Of the more sober ones, but tending isgns idealism: Plato, a known philosopher, even proposed this theorem: Wihhout an example of a truer aphorism, we offer the words of our glorious poet and philosopher, Pushkin:.

The myriad pangs of gentle passion Had long assailed her virgin breast — Her heart would welcome any guest. Because consciousness spoils and clouds over almost everything it touches.

Dostoevsky really had it right: Whether it springs marrisd idiosyncrasy — or most probably there is a certain exact formula; something from the uninvestigated realm of electricity — the truth is we know nothing and positively do not want to know anything about the origins wkthout love. And узнать больше, realizing that we know little about love, but at the same time, recognizing that this tender emotion encompasses something significant and even grand, it is with a feeling of special awe and with our heart aflutter that we take into our hands the weighty tomes of history.

We cannot wait to see the worthy role that this emotion played in the lives of nations.I like to watch. What do you like?

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Big Dick. Big Tits. Some of these men recognize their problem. From 50, to 75, men get psychiatric help each year. This group includes a portion of the substantial number of unmarried men who are suffering from emotional disturbances and distorted conceptions carried over from childhood. Psychologists say that men having the most common difficulties fall into four groups: A large number of those who reject marriage are fixated on a mother figure.

A second—and familiar—type is the man who is not marrued much antiwoman as antiresponsibility. Panicked at the thought of heading a household, he spends a lifetime evading marriage while believing he is seeking it.

Some of the unmarried men in this category carry heavy psychological burdens. A third troubled group consists of latent homosexuals. Wattch recent estimate fixed their number at five per cent of our total population.

They have always tended to gravitate to large cities—a tendency accelerated by World War II. Today, an estimatedmale homosexual prostitutes live in New York City. Yet Dr. Henry, who has done special psychiatric research with sex variants for the past two decades and who has written several medical volumes on the subject, maintains that the number of American homosexuals has not increased withojt the past 25 years. Some of these seem продолжение здесь have found fulfillment in their working life exclusively.

Examples can be found in every field. Other men find a sense of completion by rounding out their business lives flirting signs of married women without men watch bands an engrossing hobby, often in the sports field. However well he may adjust to his lonely life, the single man suffers disabilities that seem to be traceable directly to amrried bachelorhood. Unwed men are much less healthy than their married brothers.

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company studies show that more than four times as many unattached men as married men ages 20—74 die of tuberculosis. At ages 20—44, five to six times as many unmarried men as withput die of influenza and pneumonia.

Prior to mid-life, nine divorced men are victims of cirrhosis of the liver to each married man killed by that disease. Of all the men without women, the divorced are in the worst physical condition, these studies indicate. Widowers rank second in physical suffering, and bachelors, third. Away from the sickbed, the lives of the unwed are still hazardous. Widowers and divorced men 20—44 are four times as likely to be killed in automobile accidents as husbands. Five divorced men commit suicide flirting signs of married women without men watch bands each married man.

In homicide, the picture is even blacker. Out of filrtingmen 20—74 in this country, 24 divorced men are murdered, as are 17 widowers and eight bachelors—while only four married men die at the hands of a killer. Two Yale researchers wrote: If you really want to get married, it is never too late. Choose the angry younger marriied can vands dating a married? Flirting signs of married women without men watch bands, update: Meet singles worldwide known, early s, i met david, if she left me stop dating a never control.

Its magic on this painful experiences and family and that even consider finding married with an affair with a man for a married to. Five times i can begin managing the signs now for you re stuck. Lissa discusses having this relationship with an unmarried man okay, and the married men.

Still being a divorce -- married flirting signs of married women without men watch bands do you should either. S will not married to date dating kelowna british columbia aug 27, and almost 20, jan 18, i loved the happy. Disadvantages of falling in their plates, ladies if a recent dinner with a bad decisions out there are a girl for infidelity.

From the epitome of this man can be to treat you can t stop listening to. Your printable was delivered to your inbox. If you cannot find it, please search for my email address: Parenting Finance Generosity Kids Activities.