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If not, not. Opportunity cost. A PhD means you are sacrificing several years of valuable work experience and as much as several hundred thousand dollars in income. One thing to keep in mind: They gradually change what you think is interesting and important, the peer group you compare yourself to, the value you place on leisure and family over career, and the kind of life you will value when you emerge.

This is pictuges for science, maybe or maybe not so good for you. Enter with open eyes. Your first objective is to get the best quality general research training you advixe. So apply to as many of the top schools as possible and then, once admitted, start to narrow down your choices based on fit and overall quality. The other reason to apply to patrerns places is that the admissions process is not only ridiculously competitive читать статью also somewhat random.

Getting from the attractive candidates down to the 30 to 50 you admit is very idiosyncratic. So even strong candidates with a good fit might not get in. That said, schools are much more likely to admit you if you demonstrate a good fit with their faculty—something you need to help them see by researching the faculty and reading their work, and describing how you would fit in. Then explain in the letter the people you see as the best fit see below.

This is перейти на источник important in politics than in economics.

In my experience, in politics programs they tend to take your cover letter very seriously. In economics less so. In the end, it is a numbers game. Applying to more programs might not change your expected probability of admission very much, but it will reduce the variance. Ideally, however, you will want entry into the top ten schools in your field because it keeps the most doors open, especially if you want an academic job.

Especially in economics, which seems to me to be the most hierarchical field in social science. As far as I can tell, PhDs outside the top 30 schools are unlikely to lead to careers in research universities. This varies by discipline, but in the US the top 10 to 20 schools tend to staff the top to US universities. For those who graduate from lower-ranked programs, many opportunities remain open at teaching universities, think tanks, international institutions, government and the like.

There are a lot of fulfilling research careers, and I am willing to bet that rates of job satisfaction are fof high.

I would love to see and will post numbers on this if anyone has it for political science or economics. Most of the political economy scholars I admired at the time trained as economists, so I took the economics route. So at least be aware of this circular trap. This is a little suspicious coming from an economist. It helps to remember that most people like great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns make their students in their own ftee I am no exception.

That is why I did an economics PhD. If great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns example you are motivated by questions about politics, you will generally learn a lot more about politics in a political science department.

Economics is almost unmatched at a very narrow slice of political economy. But you will get fairly narrow political qomen. It worked for me, but you have to decide based on what and who interests you.

If your interests are political economy like a great many readers of this blog you will be well served by both economics and political science, with these caveats:. What about policy school PhDs, such as Harris? These are a great fit for people interested in very applied work. To be honest, it will add a slight hurdle to the already hurdle-strewn process of getting a job in a conventional department such great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns economics or political science.

Successful Harris graduates sometimes receive assistant professorships in economics and political science departments, but more often than not their career paths lie in patterna schools of policy, health, education and the like.

This is basically an economics PhD where people study applied sciences, health, environment, etc. The biggest mistake I see applicants make is mistaking this for a non-quantitative program. This is a hard-headed ultra-quantitative program for people who want to be on the frontier of both economics and science at the same time, and requires all the math requirements of economics to be considered see below.

For entry into the top 10 pattrens 15 schools, it is exceptionally competitive. In short, focus on getting good recommendations, experience, grades and GRE scores. Подробнее на этой странице far as I can tell, most departments delegate admissions to a small committee of four to six faculty.

The committee probably changes every year. Thus great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns never know who will be on the committee or what they care about. This adds randomness. Very few applicants have great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns of these things.

Most are weak in one or two or three. Even so stress out enough that you do now what you can to improve your chances with the time you have. A big piece of advice: Become an RA in your department, or start looking for RA jobs with professors in top departments in areas of your interest. This will also help with letters and your statement. I commonly work with economics, politics and Harris School PhD students. Most of us tend to let the admissions ajd run its course before getting involved.

I must say a little more about personal statements, because they often miss the point, and this is unhelpful and even painful to admissions committees. And please do not start with the story about an epiphany, such as the day that you knew you wanted to study the pattefns. Especially if it involves a child in a poor country.

In my opinion, this is mostly irrelevant and largely cliche. You are applying to be a professional researcher, and this is your cover letter. Personally, I like to see some of the following:.

I have some sympathy here, coming from Canada. Like it or not, this seems to be a pattern. This can even hold for the UK, Canada, etc. This tends to be helpful information and if you can find a diplomatic way to see if your professors are great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns of the US norms, the better for you. I wish students would make it easier for us. If your жмите сюда or an online site can convert your GPA, do so.

Because many schools get from applications to the they read in depth with a big spreadsheet of GPAs, GREs, school name, and a few other pieces of info. But this is something I think applicants ought to know about. Comments and other perspectives welcome. I am этом flirting signs on facebook free facebook messenger messages что happy to entertain other questions.

Thank you for posting great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns article. I had just contacted a professor to try and get to know her, and she was very, very brief patternx her replies. Saved us both some grief. Experience fating prospective Econ Ph. Great way to get hands-on research experience and thus a good letter of rec from a senior scholar and to decide whether a life of research is indeed what you want to do. I have learnt some tricks great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns Picturfs history in Han, Tang, Ming, Yuan, Jin dynansty and the time of Three Kingdoms, and have extracted some learnings from realpolitics and development in Asia.

Politics means darkness in China and even in the whole course of human history, especially in international politics when Athens sieged Milos. I have only one hypothesis in my inklings, that is, the study of politics shall be dynamically and integratively filed for special circumstances while being consistant in its fundamentals. However, I have only money to prevent myself from hunger by doing drugery.

I have no GRE scores as my finace prevents me from it. I reprimanded her for staying with a University where money was the King. However, I hope to catch your eyeball. Best regards!

great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns

Today was the third occasion that I pointed a potential graduate student applicant to this page for advice. Thanks so much for making it public! Hi, first thanks for this. It helps a lot to know what professors think and what they value most. I приведу ссылку strong interest in my field and study hard.

Is there nothing that I can do? I think your work is really больше на странице. Basically I want to advicee you. I am interested in applying to Phd programs in economics, with the hope that I can eventually do research in development economics. It would be really cool to do research like the stuff that Innovations for Poverty Action is working on.

Is the phd in economics the only path to doing this type of work? Great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns think that the context of development economics ans and the problems it is trying to solve нажмите сюда super compelling, but many times wwomen I read an econ paper I endup falling asleep in the middle of a page long mathematical proof.

great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns

My undergraduate background is in engineering, so I think could hack the math stuff if Great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns had to, but the all math just makes the research seem so dry and uncompelling. Not trying to insult the rigor of fir work at all the way. And I am probably not making any sense. Basically, how can I do what you do without going through womeen of doing things like page long mathematical proofs and things like ti;s analysis?

Is it just ссылка for the course? Interesting blog post and very useful advice. Do you have any relevant advice about transferring grad schools early 1 year in flirting that work for men funny memes phd program?

I suppose I should clarify that I just completed a Masters advkce my current university in the Fall and am beginning the phd program this year. Thanks for any advice or feedback. More on this below. Did you have anything else to add about research statements? It looks like meant to say more, but forgot to include it. This was very informative and well thought out.

However, you have not covered the dreaded interview. I know interviews are not as common greag they still do exist. No matter how many you attend, they are still completely and utterly terrifying. Great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns when a number of the admissions acvice members will be present; do you have any advice for doctoral program interviews?

Thank you sir for sharing some wonderful and useful tips. Datinb have two questions in mind, first is, whether it is disadvantageous for an undergraduate Indian international applicant to apply for phd program in top ranked U. S universities especially Columbia university in the field of economics and second is, if it is viable to the current student of the university that one is applying to pictuees, in order to get some help regarding the admission process great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns appropriate requirements.

Looking forward for your reply. Hi, I am trying to enroll in the university dqting I читать далее not sure what is the appropriate career.

I love to help people picture it is possible travel around the world and help them, I already grfat International Business, but I have to start again in USA because I got my degree in other country.

You are so nice and thoughtful to write this article. I am sure many students have found it very helpful. I would love to ask if you have known any international students that got accepted into Ph.

D schools will socialize people? I not sure about political science, public relations, and pictues like; you do not need to be an A- student to get into top programs at least not for STEM. Also, students are evaluated differently in graduate school. Undergraduate research experience generally trumps GPA. Also, can I enroll in a PhD programme in a lower end school with the intention of switching to another prog next year? Having university recommendation letter is a plus once applying for PhD.

Question, any advice from going from a unknown undergraduate program to a top graduate school, I noticed you went to the University of Waterloo than Great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns. I am debating between going to law school or applying for a PhD in Political Science, and I found your blog to be a valuable resource. I was especially interested because I also did my undergrad in Canada, and was wondering if you could answer some questions on applying to American programmes with a Canadian transcript although my situation might be a little different then yours, since I am a Canadian citizen.

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Do you think this would sink me, or is the radical upward trend a good enough sign of my potential that my first year could be overcome? I am already studying in a masters programme at a top school in the UK. Avvice know in the UK they acknowledge this and have slightly lower grade cutoffs for Canadian applicants.

Is it similar at US great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns I see many top schools Michigan, Chicago, Rochester, say they look for 3. I hope you get a chance to respond, but if not ror you so much for this blog. Sorry for the long comment. Dear Sir,This is Dr. Mirza Munir Ahmed. I am highly interested to do post-doctorate from University of Columbia. I would like to email my Curriculum Vitae and abstract of my PhD thesis for your review.

I daring be very grateful if you me in this context.

Hopeful to hear a positive and favorable response from your side. Thanking you with regards, Dr. Hello, I am international student from a developing country who wants to get an MA from a good university in Canada before trying for a strong Так uk website using google очень program cree the US.

Frequently asked questions on PhD applications

Since you are from Canada, what steps do I need to take as a fresh undergraduate with little research experience to get into a great Canadian MA program first? Is research experience as important in the MA as it is for PhD? I looked at some US MA programs and some do not sound so demanding but some Canadian schools specifically want to see research experience which is difficult given the place I am from and my not-so-great undergrad program.

He identified the visiting small bee as Trigona sp. He also noted that a bee just having visited a Momordica flower walked on the inner side of the corolla loading dorsally located pollen on the anthers of a male Coccinia grandiflora flower. There are no observations of actual seed dispersal but mammals and birds appear to be attracted by the fruits and likely act as seed dispersers. Fruit bats such as Cynopterus sphinx Vahl, feed on Coccinia grandis fruits in Thailand Elangovan et al.

Fruits of Coccinia grandis are also taken up by birds Bhatt and Kumar and eaten by humans Voigt Elephants also feed on Coccinia grandis Mubalama and are possibly also seed dispersers. From its introduction to Pacific Islands, dispersal of Coccinia grandis by humans is well-known Muniappan et al. Human dispersal, in many cases likely to be intentional Starr et al.

Some occurrences in Australia can also be explained by escape from gardens. Zimmermann reports feeding on Coccinia grandiflora fruits with disaster molly videos youtube videos birds, small mammals but also snails and beetles Zimmermann athe latter two unlikely being seed dispersers.

The forest weaver Ploceus bicolor Vieillot, was observed to feed on fruits of Coccinia mackenii Bleher et al. Stanford and Nkurunungi report differing preference of Coccinia plant parts by gorillas. Whereas the gorillas feed on the leaves and fruit pulp of Coccinia mildbraedii but not the seeds, they take only the leaves of Coccinia barteri.

Successful seed germination in Munich Botanical Garden indicates that passage through a digestive is not necessary at least for Coccinia abyssinicaCoccinia adoensis var.

However, whether seeds would survive intestine passage and the role of endozoochoric dispersal is also not known. The glands are sunken into the surface and are surrounded by cells with a thicker great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns wall Muhammad Ilyas ; pers.

Ants take up the sweet-tasting sap in Coccinia grandiflora Zimmermann b and in Coccinia grandis pers. Whereas Ilyas reports aggressive behavior of the ants on herbivores for Indian Coccinia grandisthe present author could not observe this in Tanzanian Coccinia grandis.

In addition, Zimmermann b does not find aggressive behavior in Coccinia grandiflora either but reports that the ants attacked a caterpillar he had placed onto the plant. Agarwal and Rastogion the other hand, report a significant reduction in residence time of herbivores on the cucurbit Luffa aegyptiaca when ants are patrolling on the plant.

Most likely, there is no close relationship to certain ant species as guardians, and plant-defense is carried out only by a few ant species. How Coccinia species without or few probracts, bracts or sublaminal extrafloral nectaries e. Agarwal and Rastogi found an increase of total numbers of extrafloral nectaries over time but did not discuss changes of nectary density as reaction to grazing.

Some research has been undertaken on parasites and diseases for Coccinia grandis for its status as crop but also as weed.

As Coccinia grandis is naturalized on several Pacific islands, in Australia, and the Neotropics, the plants can either overgrow other plants or represent a non-specific host for diseases of cucurbitaceous crops Bamba et перейти. Many different organisms are reported to live in, on, or to feed from Coccinia species.

Beetle and fly larvae are either a disease for Cocciniaor in some cases, they are used to eradicate Coccinia grandis. Bactrocera cucurbitae larvae usually populate the fruits but are also reported to hatch from galls Murthy The gall infestation is interpreted as non-specific, as the female fly might перейти на страницу be able to differentiate between the gall and an unripe fruit, which would be the usual target.

In addition, also the tephritid fruit fly Dacus ciliatus Loew, infests the galls, sometimes even together with Bactrocera cucurbitae Bhatia and Mahto The galls in Coccinia grandis do not only result from Lasioptera toombii but can also be produced by the Itonidid gall midge Neolasioptera cephalandrae Mani, Dharmamarajuwhich is reported to be the major disease in Coccinia grandis in India Unni et al.

The galls induced by Neolasioptera cephalandrae also appear to be gateway for a fungal infection with a mold, which is identified tentatively as Cladosporium sp.

Krishnamurthy PyralidaeAulacophora foveicollis Lucas, Coleoptera: ChrysomelidaeLeptoglossus australis Fabricius, Hemiptera: CoreidaeAphis gossypii Glover, Hemiptera: AphididaeLiriomyza spp. AgromyzidaeBemesia spp. Aleyrodidae Bamba et al. Coccinellidae Maurice and Ramteke Immediately after hatching from the eggs, Melittia oedipus larvae bore into the stems, where they live and pupate after two to four months Chun Chun As Coccinia grandis is a noxious weed in Hawaii Hawaiian Department of Agriculture active search for pests for biological control was undertaken, which led to the discovery of two new beetle species from Kenya: Many crop plants great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns attacked by root parasites or diseases, but there is little known from Coccinia.

Only root lesion nematodes Pratylenchus dasi Fortuner, nom. The only known plant parasite growing on Coccinia is the hemiparasitic vine Cuscuta chinensis Lam. Berndt could not confirm the great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns of the host specimen, so it seems to be likely that it was misidentified, Ctenolepis cerasiformis looks quite similar to Coccinia rehmannii.

List of fungi reported from Coccinia species sorted by phylum of the fungus. There are several reports of plant viruses from Coccinia species. Purcifull and colleagues tested the infectability of several Cucurbitaceae to different plant viruses.

They found that Coccinia grandis can be infected by the papaya ringspot virus type W PRSV-W and the Trichosanthes virus but not by the cucumber mosaic virus, squash mosaic virus, watermelon mosaic virus-2, and the zucchini yellow mosaic virus.

Verma et al. A strain of the Moroccan watermelon mosaic virus, a Potyvirus, can infest Coccinia barteri Owolabi et al. Several Coccinia species are used by tribal communities, mainly as a food source but also for cultural applications for details see species descriptions. Coccinia grandis is notable for its economic value although often cited erroneously as Coccinia cordifolia or Coccinia indicawhereas the importance of Coccinia abyssinica is only regional. Other species are used by great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns tribes only.

Coccinia grandis is used in a wide variety of applications. The plant is well-known in India, where its fruits had an impact even in classical Sanskrit literature.

However, the fruits are also edible raw when ripe and cooked when unripe and are great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns for their high content of carotenoids, esp. Also young shoots and leaves are eaten as spinach and contain high amounts of lutein and other carotenoids Addis et al. The high carotenoid value is of special importance in developing countries, as vitamin A deficiency is widespread among young children and pregnant women WHO Social marketing has proven to be valuable in promoting the use of Coccinia grandis to prevent vitamin A deficiency Chittchang et al.

Domestication of Coccinia grandis is in an early stage but promising cultivars are developed in South and SE Asia Bharathi ; Engle et al. Additionally, the leaves seem to be a good source of selenium and potassium, as well as vegetable protein Xu et al. In Africa, Coccinia grandis is mostly used from wild collections Addis et al. Contraindications to the use of Coccinia grandis are also reported Adanson ; Orech et al. Coccinia grandis has been used in Indian traditional medicine for several hundred years Nadkarni and Nadkarni ; Ramachandran and Subramaniam There are some studies that suggest a high potential for the use of Coccinia grandis leaf extracts in diabetes treatment Azad Khan et al.

Parts of the observed effects are explained by inhibition of gluconeogenesis in the liver due to repression of glucosephosphatase Hossain et al. Also an activating effect on the promotor of the glucose transporter gene GLUT1 from rats is reported Graidist and Purintrabipan Eshrat observes a positive effect of Coccinia grandis in rats with hyperlipidemia, which is connected to diabetes.

However, its effectivity in diabetes treatment and the overall experimental design is in dispute Ramachandran and Subramaniam ; Sadikotand more research to test the medical value is necessary. Sincemore than 15 studies researched chemical compounds in Coccinia grandis and tested their validity in folk medicine. Some applications by tribal people could be reproduced ex situ but research is still in its infancy.

Посмотреть больше effects are, e. Antimicrobial activity is explained by the occurrence of a protease inhibitor Satheesh and Murugan Observed xanthine oxidase inhibition and antiuricaemical activity Umamaheswari et al.

Female rats with hyperprolactinemia-caused infertility regain fertility when treated with an aqueous extract of Coccinia grandis stems and leaves Jha et great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns. Coccinia abyssinica is mainly an Ethiopian tuber crop. Under the name anchoteits starch containing c. Additionally, the tubers contain a relatively high amount of calcium, which might explain the local belief that the plant helps with repairing bone fractures and displaced joints Hora Locally around Dembi Dolo, Oromiayoung shoots and leaves are also eaten Hora Although the fruits of the cultivated landraces are not eaten Getahunthe use might be beneficial due to the carotenoid content of the fruits, which are likely to be comparable to those of Coccinia grandis.

However, fruits of wild races of Coccinia abyssinica are already used Asfaw and Tadesse In Wollega W EthiopiaCoccinia abyssinica is also used to treat gonorrhea, tuberculosis, and cancer, as well as in traditional ceremonies and celebrations and for animal fattening Gelmesa Currently, much effort is put into the development of anchote to increase the yield by selection of cultivars with larger tubers and by improving crop growing with better suited fertilizers Abera and Guteta ; Bekele et al.

Also other species of Coccinia are used as food sources but if so, then only locally. In these species, such as Coccinia sessilifoliasome wild landraces lack bitter substances Bosch ; Dinter Bitterness in Cucurbitaceae is mainly caused by triterpenoids called cucurbitacins, although not all cucurbitacins are bitter.

All Coccinia species screened so far contain cucurbitacins, although the cucurbitacin type, organ, and time of expression differ greatly. Whereas fruits of Coccinia hirtella and Coccinia quinqueloba contain glycosidic cucurbitacin B, Coccinia adoensis from South Africa contains aglycosidic cucurbitacin B only in unripe fruits and traces of cucurbitacin D but not in ripe fruits Rehm et al.

Unripe fruits of Coccinia rehmannii and Coccinia sessilifolia are not bitter, and therefore lack bitter cucurbitacins Enslin нажмите для продолжения al. Njoroge and Newton tested the type and distribution of great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns within the plant in different Cucurbitaceae and found in Kenyan Coccinia adoensis plants cucurbitacins H, I, and R in the stem but no cucurbitacins in the roots, leaves, fruits, or seeds.

Coccinia trilobata was found to contain the cucurbitacins B, D, and G in the stems, cucurbitacin D, H, I, and R in the leaves, and cucurbitacin G in the fruits, with no cucurbitacins in the roots and seeds. However, there seems to be вот ссылка variability, as there are reports of edible non-bitter Coccinia trilobata leaves Coilly?

Msajiri Coccinia grandis is also reported to contain cucurbitacin B Bhakuni et al. Guha and Sen find that cucurbitacin B has an antigibberelic effect, and its occurrence in seeds of Coccinia grandis might enable or increase dormancy of the seeds. Cucurbitaceae are also known for the occurrence of non-coded amino acids, such as citrulline in Citrullus lanatus Thunb. This pattern is similar to those that were found in Diplocyclos tenuis Klotzsch Https:// Jeffrey, Acanthosicyos horridus Welw.

Jeffrey, Dactyliandra welwitschii Hook. Clarke all in the same tribe as Coccinia. Recent phylogenetic analyses Kocyan et al.

However, the backbone of the tribe is not resolved and the relationship of the Coccinia - Diplocyclos clade to the other genera is unknown. CitrullusCucumisor Scopellaria cluster with this clade but each without support, and morphological characters also do not seem to suggest any closer relatives.

Both phylogenies, plastid Fig. The Coccinia rehmannii clade IV is well-supported in all phylogenies. Additionally, Coccinia sessilifolia belongs to this group, but it is only supported here by the nrDNA data. The plastid analysis tree separates these two clades but without support. Topologies from the different analyses were not contradictive, although some clades were not resolved without gap coding. Roman numbers indicate clades as discussed in the text: The dots at nodes and behind the two accessions refer to uniquely shared indels.

The Coccinia rehmannii clade IV consists of five species. Coccinia abyssinica and Coccinia megarrhiza are sister species from Ethiopia and semi-arid parts of N Kenya and Somalia Fig.

They differ ecologically with the former species occurring in the semi-humid highlands and the latter one in the semi-arid lowlands. Both species differ weakly in morphology, and hybridization cannot be ruled out. The plastid haplotypes of both species do not form clades in the tree, which might be explained best by incomplete lineage sorting.

The other three species of clade IV contain several plastid haplotypes and nrDNA sequences that each also do not form clades. The geographical distribution of the haplotypes is not assessed.

The three species, however, are distinct. Coccinia rehmannii occurs in southern Africa while the other two species occur in NE Africa. In Coccinia rehmannii four forms can be recognized, which are included in the plastid phylogeny: None of these great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns cluster together. The other two species differ morphologically and ecologically from each other: Coccinia trilobata has, e.

Interestingly, Coccinia microphylla does not differ morphologically from the Coccinia rehmannii form from the dry inland. This scenario suggests incomplete lineage sorting and a speciation event with ecological differentiation in the northeastern Africa but not in southern Africa as intermediate collections between the four forms are found regularly.

The distribution of these three species and the estimated age of this clade of 3. Distribution map of Coccinia abyssinica pale yellow dots; based on 23 collections and Coccinia megarrhiza blue dots; based on 28 collections. For Ethiopia the borders of the regions are given.

Distribution map of Coccinia microphylla blue dots; based great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns 49 collections and Coccinia trilobata pale yellow dots; based on 51 collections.

The Coccinia quinqueloba clade II is only supported in the nrDNA phylogeny, as plastid sequences of Coccinia sessilifolia and its distinctly petiolate variety variifolia lack synapomorphies that support a closer relationship to any clade in Coccinia.

The two varieties of Coccinia sessilifolia occur in the semi-arid and sub-semi-humid inland Fig. One species, Coccinia hirtellaoccurs in the rather open habitats, especially in the Drakensberg Mountains, which receive high amounts of rainfall.

Coccinia mackenii occurs in remnant forest sites in the humid Southeast of southern Africa, whereas Coccinia quinqueloba occurs only in coastal bushlands of the Eastern Cape, where it receives less precipitation than the other two species but has a more evenly distributed water availability all over the year Holstein and Renner b.

As Coccinia mackenii and Coccinia quinqueloba do not co-occur but have similar ecologies, and as they only slightly differ morphologically but hardly produce hybrids see chapter Hybridization and crossing experimentsa recent allopatric speciation event is probable.

The lack of differentiation in the plastid sequences over bp between two accessions might support this hypothesis. In contrast to the Coccinia rehmannii clade, all species of great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns clade occur exclusively in southern Africa, although the clade is older c.

Distribution map of Coccinia hirtella pale yellow dots; based on 22 collectionsCoccinia mackenii blue triangles; based on 50 collectionsand Coccinia quinqueloba blue dots; based on 38 collections. For South Africa the borders of the provinces are given. Distribution map of Как сообщается здесь sessilifolia var. The Coccinia adoensis clade I contains several morphologically and ecologically well differentiated species Holstein and Renner b.

There are three subclades in the plastid tree with accessions having the name Coccinia adoensis. The type form Fig. Geographically between those two populations, however, there are many populations that mostly differ gradually in length and density of trichomes.

Two forms with especially dense and long trichomes, respectively could be assessed geographically and are accepted by the present author as varieties. The Coccinia adoensis var. These forms cluster in the nuclear tree with collections that have a less dense indumentum and thus are rather referred to as Coccinia adoensis var. In the plastid tree, these collections cluster together with a Kenyan specimen of Coccinia adoensis var.

Coccinia adoensis var. However, one collection that does not differ morphologically from the variety jeffreyana R.

Gereau and C. Kayombo clusters within the East African forms of Coccinia adoensiswhich indicates either homoplasy of the trichome length or gene flow. Additionally, gene flow among the Coccinia adoensis clades might also occur. Holstein and Renner b found a collection from Namibia Coccinia adoensis 5 that contained ITS sequences that are otherwise found exclusively in the South African and East African plastid haplotypes.

Thus it can be suggested that all these forms belong to great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns widespread species, Coccinia adoensiswhich contains different plastid haplotypes. From this widespread species, several populations might have undergone ecological and morphological divergence.

Coccinia grandiflora and Coccinia schliebenii are nested within one Coccinia adoensis subclade, and they occupy rather humid habitats while Coccinia grandis and Coccinia ogadensis occupy more arid habitats. Some populations probably evolved parapatrically in former times with morphological shifts Coccinia senensisCoccinia pwaniensisCoccinia samburuensis or evolved in allopatry Coccinia intermedia Holstein and Renner b ; Fig.

Some populations, however, did not diverge sufficiently to be taxonomically well-separated as a species, such as Coccinia adoensis var. Scenario of evolution in the Coccinia adoensis clade. Blue arrows indicate peripatric speciation without shift in precipitation preference. Yellow arrows indicate speciation with shifts towards more arid habitats. Black arrows indicate speciation with shift towards more humid habitats.

Male inflorescence and leaf of Coccinia adoensis ; picture taken from lectotype G. Schimper P Note the short bent trichomes, which are a good indicator for this species but glabrous collections or other kinds of trichomes great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns occur in this species, too.

Coccinia mildbraedii including Coccinia ulugurensis also differs ecologically, as it occurs in mountain forest communities not in typical lowland rainforests as does the rest of the species. The phylogenetic position of Coccinia intermedia is unclear great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns the resolution within this clade is generally poor.

Coccinia intermedia shares morphological characters with Coccinia adoensisespecially the open campanulate flowers. Both species occur in the same habitat type with the former occurring in West Africa and the latter north and east of the Central African rainforests.

If the Coccinia barteri clade is indeed nested in the Coccinia adoensis clade, as suggested by the nuclear phylogeny, then it is possible that Coccinia intermedia might have split allopatrically from a proto- Coccinia adoensis species and is sister to the rest of the Flirting games romance 2 download barteri clade Fig. Then, the common ancestor of the other species of the barteri clade might have shifted the habitat preference towards perhumidity once and evolved allopatrically in refugia during arid periods of the Pliocene and Pleistocene.

Alternatively, the habitat of Coccinia intermedia would be explained as a reversal from a rainforest distributed common ancestor of the Coccinia barteri clade. As the frequency of the Pleistocene oscillations increased, reproductive isolation did not always occur, leading to weak morphological differentiation of interbreeding populations, such as in the polymorphic Coccinia barteri Holstein and Renner b.

The similarity is sometimes striking and without generative structures, one might need some experience to differentiate between the genera. African taxa that Coccinia species might be misidentified with. There is no character that is useful for all species. For example, whereas the direction of the calyx lobes can be a useful character for some species e. Collections without flowers great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns harder to identify.

In some cases it is almost impossible to discriminate between species if flowers are lacking. Identification of only vegetative material is often possible but needs great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns. The indumentum can be a useful character; especially the trichomes length, somewhat also the shape on the abaxial side of the petiole and the lower leaf lamina can be helpful.

However, the trichomes on the adaxial side of the petiole and the leaf margin do not seem to have any purpose for species identification.

The key is made from observations of herbarium material but also includes some characters from personal observations of living material and observations as given on herbarium labels.

Fresh material is not needed, however, to use the key. In the living state, these trichomes are rather long and stiff. Hybrids of Coccinia species. Inflorescence of a male Coccinia senensisnote the long triangulate may be narrower in other collections, then subulate calyx lobes in contrast to the calyx lobes of Coccinia adoensis var.

Schlieben M. Black bar equals 1 cm. Habitats in this key not the species descriptions are given rather crudely and reflect the vegetation that would be found naturally. Savannas and woodlands tree stands with not largely overlapping canopies can also include mopane, but also dry forests larger amounts of deciduous trees and overlapping canopiesdeciduous thickets, tall grasslands, and secondary vegetation derived from these.

If the plant is collected from outside of Africa, then it is Coccinia grandis. Herbarium abbreviations follow Index Herbariorum http: Species concepts in this treatment mainly follow the morphospecies concept but also include ecological aspects habitats and biogeography. Accessions in polytomies are treated as one species as long as they are not morphologically or ecologically habitat distinct or are distantly distributed, if not contra-indicated otherwise e.

Names have been synonymized if no character was found to separate confidently the collections from the type material. The minimum leaf size and petiole length were taken from leaves on the same node as open flowers or fruits. Leaf length is measured from the attachment point of the petiole on the lamina to the apex.

Cephalandra Schrad. Type species: Bryonia quinqueloba Thunb. Physedra Benth. Indirectly lectotypified by Jeffrey Physedra heterophylla Hook. Staphylosyce Benth.

Staphylosyce barteri Hook. Perennial climbers or creepers. Stems up to 20 m, glabrous or covered with simple smutty-white to yellowish trichomes. Leaves alternate, simple, paired with a tendril. Leaves sessile Coccinia sessilifolia var. Petioles up to Petioles glabrous or covered with simple trichomes. Leaves 0. Lobes triangulate, ovate, elliptical to linear.

Margin entire to more or less densely serrate, dentate. Teeth inconspicuous or colored. Leaf apex obtuse, acute to acuminate. Upper leaf surface with clear or whitish pustules, sometimes with trichomes emerging from the lamina or from pustules. Nerves glabrous or with simple trichomes. Lower leaf surface paler than upper surface, glabrous or with simple trichomes. Probracts caducous or persistent, ovate, up to 4.

Lower surface keeled or bulging outwards, often with extranuptial glands. Tendrils simple or unequally bifid. Flowers and inflorescences emerging from leaf axils. Male flowers solitary, fascicled or in up to flowered racemes.

If solitary flowers and racemes are developed, then solitary flowers occurring before the great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns within the plant and per node. Common peduncle of raceme 0. Bracts ovate, up to 4 mm long or missing. Pedicel great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns solitary flowers 0.

Perianth tube glabrous or more or less densely covered with trichomes. Calyx connate, campanulate, rarely cupulate or urceolate, glabrous, puberulous or with long, simple trichomes. Calyx lobes 0. Corolla connate, flirting with forty movie trailer full movie youtube, urn-shaped or tubular, 0.

Filament column greenish- white or orange, anther head pale yellowish green to orange, pollen sacs S-shaped. Female flowers solitary, in pairs or in racemes. Common peduncle 0. Нажмите для продолжения of flowers in racemes 0. Calyx and corolla as in males but with hypogynous ovary. Calyx in few cases urn-shaped.

Style columnar, greenish yellow, yellow, or orange. Stigmas bulging or 2-lobed, greenish yellow, yellow, or orange. Staminodes 3, attached to the perianth, white also yellowish or orange? Ovary glabrous or with simple, short to long trichomes that then appear articulate when dry.

Fruits fo. Unripe fruits glaucous green to green, sometimes with white, white-and-green or rarely green longitudinal mottling. Ripe fruits orange-red to scarlet red; unicolored or продолжить чтение with white to yellowish longitudinal mottling.

Seeds enclosed in a hyaline hull, 4. Face flat to lenticular. Seed surface, depending on the extraction mode, rugulose or filamentose. Bryonia abyssinica Frfe. Coccinia abyssinica Type: Lamarck s. Bryonia macrophylla Ser. Male and female, fl,Anon. Cucumis striatus A.

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Mt Sholada near Adwa, fr, [Aug], R. Quartin-Dillon s. Lectotype, designated here: Cucurbita exanthematica Fenzl ex A. Without detailed location, female, fl, G. Schimper Lectotype, designated here: WU]; isolectotypes: P], TUB! Coccinia diversifolia Вот ссылка ex C.

Huber, Cat. Cephalandra diversifolia Naudin ex C. Huber Naudin, Ann. Great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns s. Lectotype, designated by Jeffrey P]; isolectotypes: P [P, digital image: P], G-DC 2!

Coccinia great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns var. Chaqou-Choada, m, in thicket, male, fl, 21 JulG. Perennial climber. Stems up to 5 m, covered with more or less dense, articulate, dirty-white to yellowish trichomes, rarely glabrous. Petioles 1.

Leaves 7. If lobate then central lobe dominating, over-all shape rather long cordate Fig. Lobes triangulate, ovate to elliptical. Margin more or less densely serrate, dentate. Teeth rarely if so then small pale brownish colored in living state or blackish when dried. Leaf apex acute, or if leaf lobate then central lobe acute to long acuminate.

Upper leaf surface with clear or whitish pustules, sometimes with some trichomes. Lower leaf surface with soft trichomes articulate appearing when dry or sparsely with stiff narrowly conical trichomes, which can appear warty when short or broken off.

Probracts up to 3 mm long. Tendrils simple. Male flowers solitary or in long-pedicelled few-flowered racemes. Pedicel with indumentum as on stem. Common peduncle of raceme 2. Bracts up to 1. Solitary flowers with up to 5 cm long pedicel with trichomes as on stem. Perianth tube more or less densely covered with articulate trichomes.

Calyx lobes 2—4 mm, lineal-subulate, upright. Corolla c.

great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns

Filament column white, anther head pale yellowish green, pollen dating advice guys free yellow. Female flowers solitary. Pedicel up to 3. Style not seen. Stigma shape not seen, yellow. Staminodes not seen. Ovary with long trichomes, often appearing articulate when dry. Hypanthium more or less densely covered with articulate trichomes, calyx lobes and corolla as in males. Fruits 5. Elevation — m. On limestone, sandstone, black soil, chromic nitisol Mengesha dating sites for over 50 totally free games full episode al.

Along lake great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns among Typha sp. Edibility of fruits is disputed and may differ between wild and cultivated forms E. Westphal-Stevels and Tuberous great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns boiled for food T.

Ebbayoung shoots and leaves are eaten when cooked Hora For details see chapter Use, economic potential, and phytochemistry. Schimper ; Wollamo [Wolleyta]: Kuls The Kefinya name is not exclusive for Coccinia abyssinica but also used for another crop, Plectranthus edulis Vatke Agnew.

The occurrence of monoecy has been reported by W. If both sexes are found on the same individual, this is likely to be a case of leaky dioecy see also section on Chromosomes and sex determination. The Coccinia abyssinica specimen in the Lamarck herbarium must be the holotype, since there is only one specimen of Coccinia abyssinica in the herbarium of Lamarck in Paris and none in the herbarium of Sonnerat, which he has seen, too.

The specimen in the Linnaean herbarium was not annotated with a corresponding name. Kotschy collection as type. Greuter — pers. The label is printed and therefore effectively published but not validly so. Valid publication of that name was effected by Achille Richardbut he chose a different specimen G. Schimperwhich belongs to Coccinia abyssinica. The phrase, however, is also not a validation since the species to which this variety is supposed to belong, is not validly published either Art.

Naudin suggested that Eduard Fenzl mixed-up some specimens.

great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns

The identity of Cucumis striatus A. There are two original specimens with this name in P herbarium: The P specimen consists of a ripe fruit, a drawing of the fruit, and a tiny fragment of a leaf.

Cogniaux identified this specimen as Gree adoensis. Jana and Paul made every effort to make sure that we had what we needed, especially when it came to our very early flights both ways.

The location is excellent. If not so much, there are two useful stations nearby which get you everywhere with ease. We were in Berlin during an especially warm week and the apartment became our little oasis of comfort and freshness! I hope that we will stay there again in the future: But this is more than compensated by the tasteful decoration and the attention to detail.

Appliances are all high quality—Jana and Paul have thought of everything you might need and then some. The location is very good, and the neighborhood very pleasant. The studio was very clean and comfortable to welcome us. It was like feeling home. Paul and Jana were great hostes and very attentive with everything we needed. Highly recommended: Emmanuel was terrific! The location was very very good.

Lots great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns easy food and bars nearby. I recommend without hesitation! I have only good things to say about the apartment! Fun bars and restaurants and a great base to explore the rest of Berlin!

I highly recommend this place. The host, Nico, is very easy going and great for staying in touch and checking in with you during your stay. Very nice and tasteful single apartment. Not much to add to positive things that have been mentioned before. Clear recommendation! Charming and Stylish indeed. I felt very much flirting signs on meme images without home in the well laid out and clean space.

The bathroom is great too. I would have given 5 stars but the wifi was spotty which is soon to be replaced with super wifi I believe and we only had one set of keys between the 2 of my friends Dating ariane game 10th anniversary 2017 images was sharing the space with.

An airy and spacious apartment with high ceilings and beautiful big windows in the coolest area Berlin. I absolutely loved waking advkce here every morning, getting a coffee at one of the stylish local cafes and spending the day exploring the neighbourhood.

And the shower was brilliant, always a bonus!! Close to the U Bahn and bus stations, great food nearby, diverse neighborhood, close to major sights. Nico was a great communicator and his place was comfortable and sparkling clean. Would recommend and cor be returning at some point. Very nice apartment. Just as shown in the photos. Super clean, nicely appointed. Trams are close by to get downtown. Nice neighbourhood with many amenities around the corner.

Self check in was great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns straightforward. Great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns is very responsive to emails and questions. So amazing, the views from the abd The loft is cool and modern, in a quiet neighborhood, accessible to transit, groceries, restaurants.

The stairs to the loft kept us fit! Everything fre great. Angelika читать responding quickly and we were introduced very well to the apartment and the neighborhood. The location is what we wished for. The apartment and the interior are very nice по ссылке we really felt at home and we slept very well there.

Thank you very much for the way you made everything easy - from answering questions, to giving suggestions and introducing everything. Thank you! The flat is wonderful! Bright, clean and so well stocked — the neighborhood is easy to get around with lots of restaurants, shops, bars and even a few grocery stores. Both bus flirting in nepali download english: trains are so easy to get to.

Walking up the 4 flights is worth it because the roof deck is an great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns place to have coffee or a glass of wine — great views of the city and the TV Tower! I highly recommend this for anyone staying in Berlin. Check-in is relatively easy great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns the use of a nearby shop.

The flat being on the fifth floor makes it quite an intense climb as there is no elevator however the view is quite nice from the windows and the apartment has a homely feel with many decorations, trinkets and details that add character to the flat.

It is quite conveniently located with a underground station a short walk away and there is a lot of floor space in the flat. There were a few small issues I had such as the lack of cleaning products, and there is no toaster, dishwasher or microwave. In the main bedroom there was a single-sized duvet on the king sized bed which I found a bit strange and the pillows looked a bit aged and not in the best condition.

I felt like it was two mattresses pushed together which made it quite uneven to wome on. That said these were minor issues that the host could easily resolve and I still really enjoyed my trip and being an instant book property made it easy to book last minute. Anton was a great host. He communicated very quickly with us when ever I needed to ask anything. Would definitely stay here перейти на источник. Place is cozy and nice, quite close to the city centre.

Room is small but appropriate for great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns people. Helped us with everything we needed. Really close to metro station. The room was clean and the apartment was lovely. Roya is a cool host, I felt really welcome! Anton is a lovely person. I had the feeling that the apartment was vacated quickly to accommodate my stay, as the laundry was half done and mildewing in one of the rooms.

Also the pillows were quite old, stained and smelled badly. По этому адресу was a bowl great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns fruit in the fridge that was growing mold. The duvet cover was entirely ripped up one side. Pay attention to the sections about being on the 6th floor no elevator and the fact that there is nowhere to put your great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns. Be prepared to live out of your suitcase - not ideal for longer stays.

Very quiet apartment, though! I did get somewhat comfortable by the end of my stay, but I would not stay at this location again.

The area is super cool with so many bars, cafes and restaurants on the same street. Ana and Guilaume were extremely helpful with helping us check in and check out at different times. Cant wait to come back to explore more!! It has everything you might need for your stay. The bed is super comfortable. The neighborhood is amazing with lots advicf lots of bars and restaurants.

Highly recommend a stay here! The place was nice and very lightly, there was a lot zdvice space. The bathtub was great! There was warm, but not very clean. The neighbourhood was very nice, we liked it much. I can recommend this place for families. Lovely light space, good outlook and very convenient to bus and u-Bahn. Pattterns has limited cooking facilities, just 2 stovetop elements, but this did not matter to us as we mostly ate out! There are many great restaurants and cafes very close by.

One of our favourites frew dinner was Dr To. Very spacious with lovely modern bathroom and comfortable beds. Would happily stay again! Ana communicated really well and responded promptly to any questions we had. We had a great stay!! The apartment is in a perfect neighborhood, filled with cool cafes, restaurants, grocery stores and tiendas. You can easily get patferns the metro to take you anywhere to the city, flirting with disaster molly hatchet album cut song lyrics meaning list you can stay in the neighborhood and have just as much fun.

We loved the думаю, dating sites reviews in canada free trial today извиняюсь, it was cozy, warm, comfortable and had a lovely bathroom. Ana, the host, was great great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns communicating and helped us with anything we needed. I would recommend this airbnb to everyone!!

Great little apartment in a cultural area of Berlin. Apartment was clean and stylishly decorated and was a great base for us for the weekend. WiFi is available but you may need to collect the details off the owner for either 2GB or 4GB of data, possibly at cost to yourself. We booked the treehouse because it looked cozy and charming, and we were delighted to discover that its charm is off the charts. Located in a nice, quiet neighborhood, the treehouse was a magical getaway that felt like a cozy little cabin in the woods.

Most of all, we loved the record player next to the bed. Very cute sleeping space in a lovely village. Quite small but fine for our family of four with two teenage daughters.

Hosts источник very generous and helpful. Definitely not worth the money. The owners were not even bothered about greeting us and another person staying there did so! And only greatt we could not get into the top room did she bother to get out of bed to datinng out. Great little spot! We were only able to stay for one night, unfortunately, but the city was lovely.

The treehouse was fun and exactly as described cozy, quirky, and unique. If you have an open mind and an adventurous side, this place is for you! We received perfect detailed info about the treehouse. At arrival in we loved this informal house and our kids would have one at their home. We читать статью 5 min to the city center for diner advkce Da Noi and our host Martin recognized us and invited us to use kitchen at the mainhouse in the morning.

Great bathroom and informal breakfast. We really recomend this treehouse flirting games romance girlfriend full version families with 2 or 3 children Murnau is also great place to stay. Many thanks Martin. It is an awesome place great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns stay, really romantic.

We had everything we needed, and would recommend this apartment to anyone travelling to Berlin! This place was my very first air bnb experience. And it was awesome. The room, location and hosts were awesome. Super clean room and bathroom, beautiful building. The neighborhood was so cute and loved being out of the very center of Berlin.

Would highly recommend. The place is at a very nice and quiet location. The room itself is spacious, clean and very well decorated.

Жмите сюда host Lucas is very nice and explained everything in detail before our arrival, so the check-in process quotes to girls images images hd smooth without any problem.

He has also prepared a detailed note with a lot of information about the neighborhood that helps a lot.

Wonderful room with a huge comfortable bed. The room was well decorated and I had no complaints whatsoever during my stay. Ofr host was extremely kind and I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a place to stay. Lucas and Claudia were super friendly and respond quickly on all messages even in Christmas holidays tor The apartments has a good location 10mins from Alexanderplatzis clean and very quiet.

We had a really comfortable stay in this room. It was clean and simple and we had everything we needed - from towels to bedroom slippers to good kitchen facilities. The location was good too, just a short tram ride away from Alexanderplatz. Our host was friendly and flexible, and was always available to answer our payterns and respond to requests. Friendly host, very neat and clean apartment, nicely furnished and perfect location for a relaxed stay in Berlin. There are 3 more rooms all sharing a sating equipped kitchen and нажмите чтобы перейти bathroom with grest toilet.

Glad to stay there again soon! We had a really great time in the room, it was just what we needed. Lucas and Claudia were really nice and friendly and made us feel comfortable. The house is in a really good location. Thanks guys grrat made our trip to Berlin that much better, highly recommended!!! This was an amazing experience, and a well-needed alternative to a boring, generic hotel room!

Ina was very sweet and helpful in many ways! Ina was a great host. She made sure i was comfortable and also told me about things to do in the surrounding areas.

Staying in the Yurt was great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns great experience!

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Its beautifully decorated and cosy. Ear plugs are provided in case you are a light sleeper. The yurt is cozy, built domen two and frse some love built-in the walls Keep in mind: Picturees an amazing songs online downloads Whole yurt experience was great to us, even we stayed just for one night. Since it rained, we spent most of the time inside the yurt, but we found a few hours great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns take a shower outside, a short swimm in the pool and breakfast in the morning in their nicely decorated backyard with a lot of green areas and places where you can sit and relax.

Whole communication with them was easy going and really great. This was such a fun experience; a much more adventurous alternative to the same old vs cheating infidelity movie quotes tumblr old hotel.

Even though it was a yurt, it was very comfortable and there were loads of amenities. We recommend this place to everyone seeking interesting experiences: Our stay in the Yurt was very comfortable. We were hesitant that it would be too cold but Ina provided a heater that kept it very warm!! My only complaint would be that the yurt is directly next to a road which was a bit noisy for sleep.

I was fine once I put some earbuds in though! I would definitely recommend a stay in this unique yurt: Really nice place, very clean and anc. Palmena is a great host, friendly and honest. She was very helpful in showing us around pattdrns explaining everything we needed.

The accommodation is tidy, beautiful, family-friendly and very well located. For us it was the right thing as it has been near to Freiburg and we had a rental car. All communication worked very well and the studio has been exactly as described. Each maybe zdvice little over an hour away 15 minutes from Freiburg which was a charming town with a beautiful cathedral. The place itself was very clean, spacious for two, and the heated floors are узнать больше nice touch.

There was a nice frwe cafe nearby with good breakfast too. Would highly recommend staying here to anyone visiting Freiburg. It is a nice flat, it is what is shown in photos. Plamena is a really nice householder: We had a good time! The place is very modern and neat, and location is prime. The host, plamena, was always friendly and smiling:. For example, she wonen us a lot when our son threw up in his great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns and provided us new blankets.

Thanks plamena for your hospitality. Regards Salim.

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We stayed one night with our two kids stopping over on our trip to the baltic sea. It was a very nice location and stay. The studio was wonderful and they were so very welcoming when I got there, it was fantastic! There was a cold bottle of water and chocolates for me in the fridge, a wide range of different self care products to choose from in the bathroom I did a pomegranate face maskand a book showing local stores in the area!

We really felt like at home. Everything, from the warm welcome, to small details like providing us with a boucher for a nearby park, was awesome. I look forward to visit again. Very easy to find parking for a car close to the house. The room is big and very bright. Very comfortable for adults and 2 children.

The bathroom was very clean and very well equipped with towels, etc. The kitchen was all that we needed, and they were so kind to have the fridge packed with some It makes a nice atmosphere for the kids.

Only one advise. The room is on a second floor. So if you have big bags, be prepared to take them all the way up ; In general terms, it was a perfect experience. I look forward to visit you again next year. This private and cosy studio is a must if you are staying in Hannover.

This location is everything that it says it is in the listing. The assortment of books are awesome, as well as the nautical theme. The amount of information that they provide about the area is enough to keep travelers busy for weeks. I would certainly come back. This place great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns perfect for us as we were passing through Hannover by car. Free parking and the neighbourhood was quiet.

There is a turkish restaurant nearby with good food for a good price. Towerland Studio was amazing place to stay. The place exceeded the expectations even we had them high after reading all the reviews and comments of this place.

Our little crew traveled from Vilnius Lithuania to Hanover on the day of arrival and because of the great distance we arrived as late as 2 am. These people are so great and the place is really cozy. Everything went smoothly and he enjoyed the place. The flat is just as described and has all that is needed for living great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns cooking.

The private access to the Usedom lake is great, and Mrs. Rubow who handles the visitors is a very lovely person. Be sure to bring bikes to be able to explore the island. We were very comfortable in the peaceful apartment. Spacious and comfortable living room and kitchen area.

Wondrous views from bottom of garden. More than adequately equipped. Seeing all the cake tins made me want to bake cake! Thank you for a beautiful stay and being extra accommodating. Enjoyed our stay nice secluded area within short commute to the sea. Comfortable with nice additions.

Great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns is a nice spot to just go relax and enjoy the simplicities of being away from your own home. While it was cozy enough to want to stay all day we ventured out to some nearby tourist spots.

I was grateful they had back ups! Our GPS sent us to the wrong house, but after we followed the actual pin from the Airbnb app the map took us right to it. We had an excellent time and would recommend. In good weather it must be wonderful with the field and water. A perfect stay for anyone wishing to spend time in Usedom and nearby towns.

Comfortable, welcoming, clean, and absolutely beautiful with a lovely lake in the backyard! Everything was just as described. Exactly what we needed for источник статьи perfect small family getaway.

Looking forward to a next time! The house is gorgeous! You can lie in bed and watch the sea and sky. I spend hours just sitting there and watching the clouds slowly change. Absolutely great place to stay. Logistics worked perfect, too. I can highly recommend this place.

Beautiful place. We had an absolutely wonderful stay. The view was incredible and the home is directly on the beach. We would love to come back: The beach and the view are awesome! All went very well. Uli and Cosima great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns very accomodating and communication was perfect despite me changing dates several times.

Perfect place to stay if you just want to relax and enjoy nature. Thank you for 3 great days at this wonderful, colourful place! This was a fantastic room! It is only the room that is private and not the whole house but you share the kitchen living area with two other rooms and the owner. If you book definitely book the room facing the sea It flirting vs cheating cyber affairs video youtube 2017 full perfect for a long weekend away from Berlin and the transport no car was so convenient!

Highly recommend or would also be perfect for a family or group to rent all three rooms!! This place is a dream. Waking up with great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns on the sea, far enough from everything yet easily reachable Uli is an easy going person, with very interesting stories.

Will consider this again for a next vacation by the sea Thanks!!! The view out of this room is a dream. From our arrival, until our departure, we felt entirely at home in this incredibly well designed and carefully curated The kitchen was well equipped, the fireplace a treat and the bathroom hotel-like.

great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns

We wanted to escape from regular great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns standard places and have a mind blowing experience and we got it! We felt having a great time having a cup of coffee while heating the place with a nice wooden oven and having a chat with Philipp and a private castle tour. The project he is driving is amazing, getting a piece of history repaired and ready to share with curious guests.

Philip is a wonderful host and was very helpful at all times. The handover of the unit was easy. The unit was spotless clean and nicely decorated as shown on the pictures. Great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns small kitchen area was sufficient нажмите чтобы увидеть больше breakfast and for small meals.

As August was quite cool we used the wood fired stove which warmed up the unit nicely. While the house is still being renovated it was completely quiet. Philip gave us a great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns of the building and explained the history of the house with great expertise. The next shop was only minutes away and access to the highway system and the Rostock-Laage airport is 15 min away.

For someone looking for a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle in a small village, this place is perfect. The first impression is Wow!

This is a really beautiful and unique place. Philipp was really kind and helpful. We have enjoyed our stay a lot. If you are looking for a quiet place to stay and especially a unique place, I would totally recommend this place. The decoration is beautiful. Very spacey. Even though the kitchen was quite small, it is well equipped and we can manage to cook nice meals in the morning and in the evening with no problem at all. The WiFi is best in the living room. The bathroom is like the bathroom that you will see at some upscale resorts.

The walls were built from clay and straw. So, it stays warm. No worries about getting cold in this house, the stove gets warm quite fast too. There are a lot of areas that you can go walking and enjoy the nature We have our dog with us and this is just perfect. Dogs are allowed on some beaches.

It was very quiet, but I guess it will be busy in the summer. Poland, yes you can go to Poland, but it is quite far. If you choose to stay here like we did. I wish you a very very good time in Kobrow. We had a great weekend away! The location is quiet, the apartment lovely with nice touches. I rent this appartment for a week and I am very satisfied about the hospitality and service!

Thank you so much! If the occasion is there, we will come back for sure! Kind regards. Would be suitable also for a longer stay. We were with Pia with our family of 7 persons and had a very good time. The appartments were spacious and comfortable and we had a great table for doing games together. We were not aware that the 16 beds were divided over 3 appartments and we were lucky to be able to rent a second appartment.

The beds are comfortable and we got a good rest after a busy day at the Christmas market in Bremen. Great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns we had a good walk by the sea. Pia was a great host and welcomed us warmly. The property is in good shape and we had everything we needed. Смотрите подробнее a self baked cake!

Thanks for Hosting us, Pia! Pia made us feel very welcome upon our arrival by showing us around, telling us about the area, and allowing our children and dog to play all around the property. In addition, she had a warm, delicious pastry waiting for us. The old school house was clean and effectively housed 2 families for two nights. We enjoyed the nearby walking trails, the peaceful farmland, and the North Sea at high tide.

Quirky apartment and neighbourhood! Absolutely perfect for our stay as a young couple. Close to lots of amazing restaurants and bars as well as being only 25 minute walk to the centre or 2 stops on the tram no.

The outside terrace is a big plus too for enjoying the obligatory falafel on sunny days. The flat was immaculate and beautiful, and the list of вот ссылка and things to do was incredibly helpful.

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Overall we were very happy. Great space in a lively part of Cologne. Nice roof deck. Fourth floor walk up.One last thing. What about the selfie, I hear you ask? Use colour to stand out Sean Rad, CEO of Tinder, has recently announced that colour is a great way of making your dating photos stand out online.

Great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns lots of medium shots The types of photos that receive the most interest are medium shots like the girl in the photo directly below.

Have you read these newer ones yet? Is this your husband or your son? He continued: And, when he comes back to you… rub lanolin cream on his knee bumps. Be a good companion, and he will come back for more on his own initiative.

So is eating. But great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns you sit down at the dinner table and pull the leg off a turkey or scoop up the mashed potatoes with your hands?

Of course not, because civilized people are expected to control their natural instincts. This distinguishes men from beasts.

Does a guy like you for your wit and charm and personality? Some of the other commandments? Get news! Cali divine — lesbian dating advice for Top 10 lesbian dating tips on your date tips for lesbian dating: One million female users around the top lesbian.

Have mutual friend on the same to gay dating actress holland taylor. Jul 2: May I just add that there has been no intimacy great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns, but we seemed really into each other. He always said to me that when he is back from work he will adk me out again or over his way for a meal?

This situation is quite bizarre because literally we have not stopped talking подробнее на этой странице each other….

We are both mature and not in our twenties dating tips for people youtube movies thirties… so really not into all this game playing and hookups rubbish….

Great advice as per the norm, though I do have a question about the date-date thing and long distance relationships. We started talking casually in February and have recently began talking on more frequently once he was able to find and apartment and settle down we met on an online dating site. He has even told me that he would move to the city where I was living if we ultimately decided that we wanted to be together.

He also said that him and buddy are coming out to Utah on a road trip together in October and that he would love to meet me. My question is, if we went on a date in October when he comes to Utah, is that considered the first date? If not, what constitutes a first date in a long distance relationship?

In my opinion she and he should be able to understand each other. Most people makes mistakes on this. I know few people who had broke up with their partner due to silly reasons. Another big mistake women tend to make is to show ego when talking with their friends.

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I had this experience at the time of my first date and totally pissed off about her. I still remember one of my friend who had dated with a girl from a matchmaking program in Toronto.

They had married and lived together for about 6 months. But after that they had separated from each other due to simple issues. I been knowing this guy for 6 years and we just went out on our first real date. About a month later he has great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns acting very weird. All I know he need to get in touch with me and let me know something.

I am 10 years younger than this guy. However you need to be getting ready to find someone and marry. I am letting you know if you want me come get me.

You know were I live. I just feel like you been using me and I am not going to put up with this no more. Be a man. Tell me what you need from me as a woman. I am a very beautiful young lady. You should not be treating me like this. All those other guys they mean nothing to me I want you.

I been knowing this guy for paterns years and we just went out on our first date. With I am not. All I want to know if he want to still be friends or not. I just feel like he is using me. Pattdrns am trying to be nice about to this guy knowing what all he did to me.

We both are grown and I приведу ссылку feel like he need to know what he is doing is wrong. Not talking to me like he suppose to. Just lies. At the end of the day I still have to face this guy because his cousin is married to my aunt. I am 10 years younger than you.

If you want frfe be more than friends let me know. I am falling for you. I advicr want this to work. You can ask me out I am ready now. I just need you to trust me. I could see there great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns be a set of double standards datijg dating is certainly читать статью complicated than flirting signs of men names 2017 used to be.

How men show love But…I would still rather a guy was honest. Be the 1st to know. We do not need to know your life story. Keep some mystery, and remain confident and comfortable in your skin. They invite the man into their house after dates.

Great dating tips and advice for women pictures free patterns, if a man is worth your time, he would wait 6 more dates. This behavior shows that you have no control over your Sexual urges and we will treat you like a piece of meat with no emotions and dump you easily. Cold, not Thoughtful, cheap. As much as we are being a gentleman when we invite our dates for dinner, lunch, etc. Be expect the ladies to be a little thoughtful and invite us somewhere, it really makes the guy appreciate you more.

Worst habit ever. Please cheer up a little, your bf hates to see you in bad, depressed mood all the time. And eventually he will start to look at other women. You need to make use of technology.

It can really help you get to know him more. There are a lot of online services that can useful for daing purpose. For example, you can do a background check to learn more about him. Great advice.