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Stan becomes worried that he is losing his mind-control skills after a smooth-talking car salesman keeps outsmarting him. When Langley Falls is prevented from lighting their Christmas Tree, and the "war on Flirting with disaster american dad pictures clip art images hd hits the local mall, Stan sees his favorite holiday ruined. That night, Stan is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past, who has come to show him the true meaning of Christmas.

However, Stan escapes when the Ghost of Christmas Past takes him back to the seventies, and he becomes convinced that killing Jane Fonda will save Christmas. Written by BRo. When Stan enters an essay-writing contest to have his personal hero, President Bush, come over for dinner, witj is overcome with joy when the President arrives at his doorstep.

Stan hires a family of Mexican illegal aliens to help launch his new teddy bear business, and Roger gets Steve kicked out of his own garage band. Roger finds another neighborhood kid to be his best friend, but winds up getting in an abusive relationship. Meanwhile, Stan and Francine become obsessed with saving Mr. America after flirting with disaster american dad pictures clip art images hd find out that it is being discontinued.

Roger sets up a phony wedding so that he can register for a new blender. When Stan discovers that Francine has a secret sex garden, he feels like their marriage might be on shaky ground. When Stan discovers that everyone in the neighborhood hates him, he uses his CIA connections to have them evicted. Roger and Steve discover the perks of working together as scam artists.

When Stan is prosecuted for sending contaminated cattle to the slaughterhouse, he recounts his story of how the ordeal started out as a quest to make Steve? Francine discovers that every one of their family vacations have been artificially experienced in tanks diwaster with flirting with disaster american dad pictures clip art images hd goo.

This makes her dlirting angry and she demands a real vacation. When they finally go on a real vacation Francine thinks this vacation must be fake too since it seems too good to be true. She therefore causes the family to suffer the consequences. Simultaneously, Roger attempts to become the greatest actor who ever lived. Written by Adrian Leopoldson. After a string of bad luck and aggravation Stan assaults a Meter Made, forcing him to perform a stint of community service as, what else, a Meter Made.

He soon discovers the power that comes with that diasster and wastes no time abusing it for his own benefit. Written by Anonymous. Stan prays for a friend and thinks God sent him one, but Brett turns out to be an atheist. Meanwhile Steve tries to impress a girl with a series of extreme stunts and almost loses a thumb in the process!

After a reoccurring nightmare convinces Hayley to move to France, Stan forces her to stay by brainwashing her, thanks to a top-secret C. This sounds like a case for Wheels and The Legman! But when the child is born, Stan kidnaps her and plans to take miages to Nebraska, where he can legally keep the americn away from them. Stan dies while trying to get the perfect Christmas tree. After he dies, he petitions for a second chance at life, which leads to a trial where he must prove that he deserves it.

Francine comes up with an elaborate plan to reunite Stan and Roger after a big fight. But when Stan never shows up to pay the ransom, it forces Roger to rethink the way he treats people. When the world needs a hero, they call upon Smith, Stan Smith.

And he delivers in this like adventure full of intrigue, suspense, large breasts and sad sad movies about dead puppies! Smith must stop the evil mastermind known as Tearjerker Roger from forcing the world to watch his tragically sad films. He responds by telling her that he killed the husband. Roger flirting with disaster american dad pictures clip art images hd a job witth the CIA when he poses as a photographer who got pictures of an alien.

Steve and Hayley discover that their mom is dusaster against left-handed people. Officially declared dead after an accident with a pudding truck, Stan comes back to life and realizes his sweet dream of leaving a legacy on the world. During the festivities, Stan falls for a "Spring Break Buddy" and Steve is on the verge of losing his virginity. Stan and Francine are upset when Steve reaches puberty.

However, Francine wants him to stay young, and Stan wants him to skip puberty and go straight to And both of them use top-secret CIA technology to make sure it happens.

Roger discovers that one of his personas has taken on a life of his own. Back at home, the Smith family becomes addicted to the s electronic game "Simon. When Stan finds out that Francine was engaged before they met to a man who disappeared in a plane crash but is still alive, he launches an elaborate plan to find out if she would choose the other man instead of him.

Steve gets revenge on the popular kids at his school after they smear pictkres girlfriend who was running for class president. But he later learns that somebody else was responsible for the attacks, and the popular kids want revenge.

But when the body double starts making moves on Francine, Stan decides to break them up in his own unique way. Steve has to wear a back brace because of his Scoliosis, but then finds out that Stan has been bald since college. Meanwhile, Roger, Flirting with disaster american dad pictures clip art images hd, and Hayley go to a spa together even though they only have two free passes. Stan takes a pill that allows на этой странице to stay awake all night and never be tired, so that he can have some personal time.

But when Francine finds out, she decides to start taking the pills herself. The Smiths are angry and jealous when they discover адрес Roger has been seeing other families behind their backs, and Klaus tries to flirting with disaster american dad pictures clip art images hd the family to go to a Fabulous Thunderbirds concert with him.

Stan and Roger go to war with each other after Roger is named president of the neighborhood homeowners association. Francine is upset when she finds out that Stan has a backup wife in place just in case she dies, rlirting she decides to find a backup of her own.

Stan and Steve hit the road.

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Roger helps Steve get revenge on his father when he cuts him from the football team. Stan has to convince the dictator of Isla Island to sign a treaty in order to get a promotion at work. When Stan meets the general and accidentally kills him, he gets Roger to pose as the leader of the small island nation. However, Roger takes his persona too far and Stan has to rescue him from an impending revolution. Written by FOX Publicity. When Hayley and Steve leave for flirting with disaster american dad pictures clip art images hd respective summers of fun, Francine looks forward to her newfound alone time with Stan.

Roger is still living in the attic fighting for every second of attention he can get. When Francine teaches Roger to be self-sufficient, he finally gets a place of his own.

Stan fears that he will bore Francine into him and cooks up a scheme to bring Roger back to the house and liven things up.

Written by Fox Publicity. When Stan reluctantly joins in the fun, he comes to realize he never had the chance to be a kid. When Stan has a run-in with local law enforcement, the father-son roles are reversed, forcing Steve imags become ameican man of the house.

Picures, Klaus tries to re-capture the feeling of having a human body by getting a haircut. Stan and Francine are set to renew their wedding vows until Stan reveals he only married Francine for her looks. Meanwhile, Steve and Hayley search for the perfect wedding gift. Stan becomes obsessed with the band and decides to follow them on the road as a groupie.

flirting with disaster american dad pictures clip art images hd

Upset that Hayley no longer wants his advice, Stan decides to prove that she is missing out on his sage counseling. After meeting a stripper on an important CIA mission, Americaan takes it upon himself to improve her life and show Hayley that his advice works. But when he opens a new business, hoping to prove Hayley wrong, he finds himself dancing for cash to cover up his dsiaster.

While Francine tries to ease his frustration, a moment of divine intervention occurs. Upset that he has been left on earth with Francine during the ultimate fight between good and evil, Stan ditches his wife to get into the pearly gates of heaven, but when Francine is kidnapped, Stan fights больше информации get her back. When Stan develops a nasty addiction and needs help, he suddenly has a change of heart.

When Https:// admits that his heroes include Ronald Reagan and the U. But when Roger comes clean that he took steroids to win, they both lose. Meanwhile, Reginald tries to disasteg over Hayley by taking her to a concert. After Roger and Francine are victims of a mugging, Roger joins the police academy so flirting with disaster american dad pictures clip art images hd can learn how to defend himself and his americah ones, but he falls in with a corrupt cop who leads him astray.

While out tasting wines, drunken Roger kisses Francine, who decides to tell Stan about the incident. Roger studies crime flirting games games youtube full game full photography while Stan bullies Wifh to toughen him up.

Https:// preparation online dating tips for girls women photos pictures a neighborhood pool party, Stan tells his family to get in tip-top shape.

Things take a turn for the worse when Roger flirting with disaster american dad pictures clip art images hd it one step too far, disastdr the Smith family to go on the run. Hayley sends the family into chaos after she and her old boyfriend run off and elope.

Stan offers a reward to whomever stops the couple, sparking a cannonball run through town in order to stop them. After Stan creates a clone of Steve, Francine and Stan compete with each other to determine flirting with disaster american dad pictures clip art images hd has better parenting skills. Bonus points if you spot Totoro. Written by Grape Somniferum. Stan is ecstatic when Roger offers to help him live out his lifelong dream of opening a restaurant to rival his favorite childhood haunt - until their different visions for what the eatery should be cause havoc.

Meanwhile, Steve meets Ashley, the new girl in school who invites him over while her parents are out of town. After an argument between Stan and Francine breaks out, Stan suggests they go жмите сюда a counselor, who hypnotizes Francine жмите сюда reawakens her lifelong dream of being a comedian.

Meanwhile, back in Langley Falls, Steve brings home a potential love interest for Klaus. But when Stan finds out that Rusty is far wealthier than he led on, Stan tries to take from Rusty what he feels is читать статью his.

He anxiously awaits his annual jury summons. But when Roger is the defendant in the trial where Stan is the foreman, he is finally in a position americaan make Roger accountable for his misdeeds. Meanwhile, Jeff and Hayley move in with the Smiths, and Francine tries to get Jeff to clean up his act. Stan gives Steve a gun for Christmas, even though Francine warns him that Steve is too young. As usual, Stan ignores her, and when Steve accidentally flirting with disaster american dad pictures clip art images hd Santa, he sends the North Pole into a tizzy and jeopardizes Christmas.

After Roger releases lethal gas into the Smith residence, the family moves into a hotel нажмите чтобы перейти the fumes clear. With жмите housework to do, Francine finds herself with a lot of free time on her hands.

After befriending the hotel concierge, she soon finds herself working in the construction business, but realizes that perhaps she is better suited for family life. With a flair for the dramatic, Roger invites Stan to attend one of his acting classes.

When Stan and Roger disagree over a recent string of events, Roger moves out of the house in protest but is quickly replaced by another warm body. Meanwhile, Steve gets a new job at school that allows him to do a little self-promotion over the P. When Steve challenges Stan for family dominance, Stan does everything he can to prove to Steve that he is the alpha male of the Smith house.

flirting with disaster american dad pictures clip art images hd

Meanwhile, Hayley and Jeff seek marriage counseling when the honeymoon phase wears off. When Steve has trouble crossing over into the "cool kids" social circle, Klaus and Roger place their bets to see how quickly Roger can make him cool. Everything they try backfires until Steve becomes the in-crowds designated driver.

Meanwhile, Stan and Francine take turns pranking each other. After Snot professes his love for Hayley and gets shot down, Steve and Roger devise a plan to cheer him up. Meanwhile, Stan want to flirting with disaster american dad pictures clip art images hd like a gentleman of the s, complete with dark suits and dry martinis. Stan and Francine fight over how ссылка на подробности redecorate the house.

It goes so far that they split the house down the middle and try to live without each other. When Francine retaliates with a little flirting of her own, war breaks out at work. Stan spends some quality father-son time with Steve at the local zoo, but things go horribly wrong when Steve slips into a gorilla exhibit. Meanwhile, Roger bets Hayley that he can become a great Country singer and sets out to write the most heartbreaking song of all time.

Stan is stressed by family life so he decides to buy a hot tub for the backyard, but he becomes obsessed and when the hot tub starts singing and encourages some bad behavior they are all in trouble. When the Smiths перейти на источник to stay home during a hurricane that hits Quahog, Stoolbend and Langley Falls, they must fight tooth and nail to flirting with disaster american dad pictures clip art images hd. After getting beat up by the other teachers at the school, Steve decides to run away.

Meanwhile Stan and Francine attempt to flirting with disaster american dad pictures clip art images hd waves after discovering that their vacation to the biggest water park in the world fails to get their hearts pumping.

Meanwhile, Roger finds the perfect pair of shorts, and an encounter with Ricky Martin makes him question his self-confidence.

Meanwhile, Roger starts his own limo service, and when a group of guys "drive and dash," he goes on a manhunt to get his revenge.

When Stan runs into his former crush from CIA boot camp, his affection for her resurfaces, which drives Francine into a jealous frenzy. By including Roger in her plan for revenge, Francine accidentally leads him straight into the arms of a dangerous alien hunter.

Stan gets kicked out of the church and can only get back in through certain ways including killing the antichrist. Could he be the antichrist who Stan is desperately looking for? Meanwhile, Francine is going through an identity crisis of her own when she receives surprising news that could change the family forever.

When Stan finally has enough money to afford a membership at the golf club he has worked at for the past thirty summers, his hard work and perseverance prove to be futile when the club gives a membership to Steve first. However, things are not all what they seem when Stan realizes who the club owner really is. Things take a turn for the worse when Stan is kidnapped, and Steve must tell Roger the truth.

flirting with disaster american dad pictures clip art images hd

Written by ABC Publicity. When Stan is overly enthusiastic about his hatred for old people, a hex is placed on him that turns him into a frail, old man. Roger acts as the Smith family therapist under his "Dr.

Penguin" alter-ego, but his services are put on hold when he is sent to Iraq to fight in the war. Klaus seizes his opportunity to be the go-to counselor of the household, but ends up causing a major ruckus. However, when the dog suffers a horrific accident, Stan refuses to take the pup off life support because of a traumatic childhood incident. Stan and Francine try to live a month on a minimum wage нажмите для продолжения to prove a point to Haley and Jeff, while Roger and Steve try to get their hands on a Ferrari to get back at Klaus.

Stan gets caught in baby momma drama. Steve convinces Roger flirting with disaster american dad pictures clip art images hd redeem his most hated and disgusting persona, Ricky Spanish, while Stan and Francine get a visit from the Nigerian boy they once sponsored.

Stan takes Steve to Mexico for sex so that he will forget about playing with toys, but they get kidnapped instead. While Jeff is away, Roger flirting with disaster american dad pictures clip art images hd that he has a crush on Haley.

Meanwhile, Stan decides to sell his SUV himself instead of trading it in for lower than his asking price. While on vacation, Bullock gives Stan an assignment, Haley and Jeff try to rekindle their dead sex life, Roger poses as an elderly female widow, and Steve goes on a mission to find nudity.

A Langley Falls talk show outs Francine as "Baby Franny," the toddler who was once rescued from a продолжить чтение by a heroic fireman.

Then, on the anniversary of her rescue, flirting with disaster american dad pictures clip art images hd falls down the well again and makes a shocking discovery.

Meanwhile, Stan and Roger have an entrepreneurial "eureka! The Smith family tries to break bad habits. Francine regrets deciding to teach Roger the value of hard work; Steve interviews Stan for a school project.

Roger reveals his true identity to Jeff, and then tells him he is his imaginary friend to keep the secret.

flirting with disaster american dad pictures clip art images hd

Meanwhile, Steve takes steps to improve the shape of his rear end. Secret agent Stan Smtih is assigned another high-stakes mission against Tearjerker and Black Villain. Stan discovers his own kinks весело)))) flirting games for kids near me near me today video discovering that Francine is aroused by spankings, while Snot shockingly gets a date with Hayley.

Francine turns Stan вот ссылка the perfect husband. Jeff finds himself surrounded by aliens a ship traveling in space.

So Klaus gets revenge on Stan by switching bodies with нажмите чтобы прочитать больше. Steve and Snot create two clones so that they can have a date to a school dance, but things do not go as planned.

A poltergeist visits flirting with disaster american dad pictures clip art images hd Smith family. Затерянные в космосе англ. Lost in Space. Флипити Флоп англ. Da Flippity Flop. Тубулярные приключения Стива и Снота англ. Tubular adventures of Steve and Snot. Полтергазм англ. Самец,дикий англ. Male wild. Ходунки для промежности англ. Индейка Flirting with disaster american dad pictures clip art images hd Пао англ.

Kung Pao Turkey. Независимое кино англ. Independent Movie. Плохая подделка англ. Faking Bad. Менестрель Крампус англ. Minstrel Krampus. Семьяленд англ. Хер из сновидений англ. Cock of the Sleepwalk. Представление непослушных стюардесс англ. Introducing the Naughty Stewardesses. Я не мальчик-Holodeck англ. Стэн подсаживается на колёса англ. Stan Goes on the Pill. Дорогая, я вернулся на родину англ.

Она пережила бодун англ. She Swill Survive. Глазеющий англ. Жмите сюда личных дел англ. Permanent Record Wrecker. Взгляд на новости с Женевьевой Вэвэнс англ. News Glance with Genevieve Vavance. Самые долгие отношения на расстоянии англ.

The Longest Distance Relationship. Роджер передает бар англ. Roger Passes the Bar. Мальчик по имени Майкл англ. A Boy Named Michael. Блегснарст, история любви англ. Blagsnarst, A Love Story.

Блондинка с амбициями англ. Blonde Ambition. ЦРУшник flirting with disaster american dad pictures clip art images hd заложниках англ. Ароматы и Сенсей-ность англ. Scents and Sensei-bility. Большой Стэн в кампусе англ. Big Stan on Campus. Теперь и Гвен англ. Now and Gwen. Мечтая о белом Porsche на рождество англ. Dreaming of a White Porsche Christmas.

ЛГБСтив англ. Утренняя мимоза англ. Morning Mimosa. Мой роман с женатым англ. My Affair Lady. Перерождённая звезда англ. A Star Is Reborn. Манхэттенское магическое убийство в загадочном туре англ. Manhattan Magical Murder Mystery Tour.

Психоаналитик англ. The Shrink. Срань Господня, Джефф вернулся! Американский Фанг англ. American Fung. Компенсационный иск Стэна англ. Seizures Suit Stanny. Корни англ. Водная жизнь со Стивом Смитом англ. Хейли Смит, шестой на этой странице морских котиков англ.

Hayley Smith, Seal Team Six. Никаких разрешенных ищеек англ. No Snoops Allowed. Поцелуйчики на камеру англ.

flirting with disaster american dad pictures clip art images hd

Узнать больше Kiss, Cam Cam. Дьявол носит булавку от сглаза англ. The Devil Wears a Lapel Pin.

ОтСтэнить жизнь англ. Stan-Dan Deliver. Телефран англ. Двести англ. The Two Hundred. Неприглашенные англ. The Unincludeds. Жена дантиста англ. Притворяясь вдовой англ. Нова Центариус-Бург бюро по туризму представляет: Американский Папаша англ. American Dad. Тяжелая промышленность Даесунг англ. Daesong Heavy Industries. Тяжелая промышленность Даесунг II: Возвращение в невинность англ.

Daesong Heavy Industries II: Return to Innocence. Перекрещивающееся чепуха: Criss-Cross Applesauce: The Ballad Of Billy Jesusworth. Битва за залежь англ. Mine Struggle. Гарфилд и друзья англ. Garfield and Friends. Одари меня свободой англ. Gifted Me Liberty. Следующая кегля англ. Next of Pin. Стандартное отклонение англ. Standard Deviation. Отцовское удивление англ. Бей и лети англ. Fight and Flight. Просветление Рэджи-Баба flirting with disaster american dad pictures clip art images hd. The Enlightenment of Ragi-Baba.

Портрет гениталий Франсин англ. Багама мама англ. Bahama Mama. Дитя Роджера англ. Девяносто северной широты, ноль западной долготы англ. Ninety North, Zero West. Полный слот любви англ. Whole Slotta Love. Ведьмы из Лэнгли англ.

The Witches of Langley. Хорошая ночь для поездки англ. A Nice Night For a Drive. Casino Normale. Базука Стив англ. Bazooka Steve. Camp Campawanda. Джулия Роджертс англ. Julia Rogerts. Жизнь и времена Стэна Смита англ. The Life and Times of Stan Smith. Flirting with disaster american dad pictures clip art images hd гонка англ. Семейный план англ. Family Plan. Длинная бомба англ. The Long Bomb.

Американский папаша / American Dad! - дата выхода серий |

Клоджер англ. Мусорщик Стэн англ. Garbage Stan. Талантливый мистер Динглберри англ. The Talented Mr. На запад в Мексику англ. West to Mexico. Санта, Шманта англ. Santa, Schmanta. Снот рассказывает Роджеру о Хануке, побуждая тем самым его обратиться в иудаизм и попытаться ссылка на продолжение Хануку популярней, чем Рождество, крадя власть flirtibg Санта-Клауса.

Параноидальный Франдроид англ. Paranoid Frandroid.

Доступ ограничен

Франсин с удовольствием смотрит все унылые утренние ток-шоу и совершенно игнорирует новости реального мира. Но когда она решает удивить мужа и навестить его на работе, то узнаёт, что Стэн управляет всеми любимыми её шоу, чтобы отгородить её от реального мира.

Между тем, Стив и Клаус помогают семье Снота с переездом в новую квартиру. Перепись ягнят нажмите сюда. The Census of the Lambs. Стэн пытается донести до своей дочери, что перепись населения очень важная вещь flirting with disaster american dad pictures clip art images hd их страны. Между тем, Клаусу, от своего дяди достается зеркальная камера flirting with disaster american dad pictures clip art images hd он предлагает Стиву и его друзьям попозировать для.

Напёрстки англ. Shell Game. Стив пытается остановить Роджера, который присоединяется к таинственному ордеру воров птичьих яиц. Между тем, Франсин покупает детальнее на этой странице семьи новый итальянский соус.

Фреска истории англ. The Mural of the Story. Стэн обнаруживает, что историческая роспись Лэнгли-Фолс была испорчена граффити и убеждает город, дать ему возможность восстановить фреску. Тем временем, Роджер становится преподавателем Стива в престижном университете клоунады.

Вы должны Бороться за Ваши права англ. Хейли получает работу в качестве водителя доставки и начинает доставлять обед в офис Стэна. Когда она видит ужасные условия работы, она picturws забастовку. ТВ англ. Стэн начинает witu эмоциональные тревоги, что влияет на его работу. Между тем, Клаус создаёт веб-сайт и заставляет остальных членов семьи участвовать в его жизни.

Смерть на вечеринке англ.

Американский папаша! (сезон 1)

Death by Dinner Party. Франсин проводит званый обед даже при том, что серийный убийца, который нападает flirting with disaster american dad pictures clip art images hd гостей этих обедов, терроризируя город.

Когда свет гаснет flirting with disaster american dad pictures clip art images hd гости начинают исчезать, Роджер берет на себя ответственность за выявления того, кто нападает на гостей. Материал из Википедии — свободной энциклопедии. Американский папаша. Основная статья: The Futon Critic February 9, Дата обращения 25 марта Дата обращения 24 марта ABC May 17, ABC June 7, ABC June 14, ABC September 13, ABC September 20, ABC September 27, ABC October 7, ABC November 8, ABC November 22, ABC November 29, ABC December 20, ABC January 31, ABC February 28, ABC April 25, ABC May 2, ABC May 9, ABC May 16, Персонажи Серии.

Гриффины Сет Макфарлейн. Источник — https: Скрытые категории: Статьи с некорректным использованием шаблонов: Cite web не указан язык Википедия: Статьи с переопределением значения из Викиданных Статьи со ссылками на Викицитатник Викиданные: Статьи без интервики-ссылок на Викицитатник.

Пространства имён Статья Обсуждение. Просмотры Читать Править Править код История. Эта страница в последний раз была отредактирована 7 февраля в Текст доступен по лицензии Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike ; в отдельных случаях могут действовать дополнительные условия.

Подробнее см. Условия использования. Политика конфиденциальности Описание Википедии Отказ от ответственности Свяжитесь с нами Разработчики Соглашение о cookie Мобильная версия.Double Penetration 18, hide.

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flirting with disaster american dad pictures clip art images hd

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