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By adding a few drops of acid to an already dank mixture of sludge, the filthy foursome transformed their здесь into something altogether rabid. You might also take a hint from the ink on his left shoulder, the Baron of Hell from DOOM clutching a pitiful human in one hand, dating sites for over 50 totally free full album covers great ball dull fire in dating sites for over 50 totally free full album covers other.

Anton also heads up the surprisingly accessible neofolk group Княжая Пустынь, which is definitely worth checking out. The two original members have been joined by various members of the rhythm section over the years. As for bassists, Denis Zarutsky of Ypres was brought on board after the departure of bassist Nikita Shershev. I like how the Pressor describe the new record: I mean this record just does not let up!

Anton tells me that while he has partnered with Stas in writing songs up to this point Anton writing lyrics and Stas the musicfor Weird Things Stas was like a man on a mission, taking on both music and lyrics. His voice echoes with authority in this otherwise unhinged psychotronic realm.

This is one hell of an dating sites for over 50 totally free full album covers The visual нажмите сюда me of a magic pill being delivered on a silver platter in ceremonial fashioned which is summarily consumed, and now down, down, down daying rabbit hole we descend.

The pace picks up significantly for the title track and Stas describes the trip with a sense of urgency: If the previous track was marked by urgency, this one is delivered with gravitas.

We are psychedelic sailors venturing out into unsettled waters, drifting away with no sense of direction into lightning filled skies. From the lyrics and what little the band reveals, this appears to have something to do with sex, or at least the pleasure-pain paradigm.

Weird Things hits your senses like psychedelics, but with a dark, downtuned undercurrent rooted in the Electric Wizard school of doom, but more coves still. Who are you guys and how did you get together? It all started with me. In fact, it all began nine years ago. We were part-time students and wanted to play a strange kind of music that nobody cared for in our small town of Kostroma at that time.

I found a bass player, who I played doom with at home and various places of rehearsal. We jammed for probably a year-and-a-half or two, then after a while Anton joined. Actually, we met by accident because we hung around in the same crowd, played in the same bands.

Originally, we played funeral doom with the guys who were in the first line-up of Pressor. Later, we began to play other music and sitse got interesting.

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After the first concert, we covsrs that it was interesting for not only us. Totxlly were more into this new sound for Pressor than funeral doom and began to evolve into sludge and stoner vibes. After the first show, development went on and we finally progressed beyond the practice space.

At that time, we were very inspired by the slow moving sound of dating sites for over 50 totally free full album covers sludge, stoner, and doom music we listened to. It was like a huge mechanical press that smeared you all over its surface. We liked it and we wanted to play in the same manner, so the name came from there.

Where is Kostroma and what is life like there in your hometown? Kostroma is a small town, datting kilometers from Moscow. There is a heavy scene, which even has its own history, but, of course, its old fashioned, completely monotonous, and all about traditional metal.

Why did you decide to move to St. Petersburg and when datijg this happen? Anton and I decided to move a long time after the founding читать полностью the band, about three years ago.

We decided that playing music in Kostroma and the nearby vicinity does not have any possibilities for development as a band. We needed ovver move to Moscow or St. Petersburg, because there were a lot of people who understood this music.

Also, there are many more musicians in Dating sites for over 50 totally free full album covers. Petersburg, so it was not difficult to find a new people dating sites for over 50 totally free full album covers band.

It ocer clearly describes what we are playing. It all started with the fact that we were gaining experience and, personally, Ссылка на подробности got carried away by krautrock and total,y experimental electronic music.

I realized that this music has a much deeper, diverse, and exciting sound than metal can offer. These sounds are pulled out of reality, leading deep into the depths of consciousness. After some time and experiments, we found out dtaing is what we needed to supplement the metal music that had been boring us, so we mixed one with another.

The hypnotic industrial background penetrates directly into the brain and the rage and groove of the sludge knocks the shit out of the body — pressing on two levels! But this is the technical side of the question. Petersburg, things that help us to open our minds have become more available. And this also influenced our datibg. Can you take us on a guided tour? Посмотреть еще album tells about нажмите чтобы увидеть больше experiences of modified states, a journey into consciousness.

Who writes the lyrics and what do you intend to communicate? At the beginning, I wrote lyrics.

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For the last release, Stas did it. In both cases, we do not have a clearly подробнее на этой странице idea to send the listeners. We did not have a specific message, like for example, hardcore bands often do.

The interpretation depends mainly on its subjects. What inspires you in the world of art, music, or literature? In источник, we try to listen to a huge amount of the most diverse music possible.

As a band, we are now especially inspired by experiments with both sound and songs. And, of course, we inspired by a tightly stuffed bong. Tell us about the instruments, amps, and pedals you play and record with. Oh, there is nothing special here: Les Pauls, Precisions, Gibsons, and Fenders. I have a stunning guitar head Hovercraft Falcon 50 hello to Portland! We are very pleased with it. It was sad that the price went up and we could not afford a second one. We have an old Yamaha transistor amplifier at our rehearsal room.

Are your dating sites for over 50 totally free full album covers gigs as wild and as vicious as your records sound? When we first started to play new music, I was afraid for us that people would not understand these dating sites for over 50 totally free full album covers sounds, besides the basic guitar, bass, and drums.

We are satisfied with the reaction of our fans. Last question: We always try to expand the geography of our concerts. At the moment, we do it by ourselves, but in the future we hope that we will join some booking agency and they will do this business. We would like dating sites for over 50 totally free full album covers go beyond the ocean and play at such legendary festivals as Roadburn, Hellfest, Desertfest, and so on, including shows in the United States. By the way, we will not refuse a suggestion to play in the Kremlin to show meme awkward face cartoon characters all an acid power.

We really like playing live shows and want to do it anywhere and everywhere possible. What would you like to wish to our readers in parting? There is a future behind experiments! So please, experiment with anything you like. Stay doomed and stoned, guys! And for that I am eternally grateful. Because hearing so many different styles of music only enriches my life.

I know that there are more up to date references but when I hear this all I can think of is Fudge Tunnel. You get how off I am? This is heavy, monotonous and dragging its feet along kinda music. Dirty and with sharp edges. But that is what makes this exciting.

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Weird Things, the latest from Pressor is one mind-trip of an album. Hailing from Russia, Pressor take elements of spacey doom, heavy industrial and mosh it up into a heavy atmospheric sludge overdose. It has this amped-up Holy Mountain Sleep vibe, and the vocals resemble Dating sites for over 50 totally free full album covers Cisnceros with extremely heavy echoes.

Vocal Performance 8. Fans of this style of heaviness will be pleased. Sitess abstract phased synths, screaming and searing electronics, and unintelligible vocals add dating advice reddit sites without money book the charm of this release.

These Russians know how to lay down massive grooves that albuj you into their demented world. But wear your hip waders while slogging through their sonic morass and be sure to protect your speakers! Definitely for fans of heavy pscychedelic instrumental grooves and death metal. Dieser hebt ferner die Struktur der Komposition hervor bzw. Gaandeweg verschuift de muziek steeds meer richting sludge en vanaf wordt de band omgedoopt tot Pressor.

De instrumentale opener Heavy State doet zijn titel eer aan.

Log, zwaar en traag rollen de gitaarriffs, begeleid door synths, uit de speakers. De psychedelische effecten in het nummer geven het geheel een Hawkwind-vibe.

In het titelnummer gaat vervolgens het tempo flink omhoog en laat Pressor in het eerste deel van het nummer sludge met een flinke dosis punk horen om in het vervolg het tempo iets te laten varen. Datting schreeuwerige zang van Vasilev zorgt voor dating sites for over 50 totally free full album covers nodige energie en drive in dit nummer. Het ruim negen cull durende Tripping Deep verveelt met zijn cumulatie van stroperige riffs geen seconde. Na een halfuur tltally de koek op.

Helaas, want wat Pressor op Weird Things laat horen smaakt absoluut naar meer. Hi there. There are two permanent members in Pressor: We are from small town in the middle of Russia but we have been living in Saint Petersburg for last four years.

The other guys were changing from time to time, but now, I think, we have most powerful combo. History of the band goes back to and earlier. What was the reason to start an own band? Dating sites for over 50 totally free full album covers and money, yeah, if you wanna it all you have to make a sludge metal band, as usually.

Next few years I was playing sad and gloom metal music only. Fat and grooviness, without sad and gloominess. Video from this show was viewed by one guy, from Moscow sludge scene. It is worth mentioning the sludge scene in Moscow and Russia at all was at an early stage and very friendly to new bands as opposed to metal scene, which was overdosed.

That guy posted our video on a local music forum, and then we got invitation to gig in Moscow. And it started to roll on. Obviously with the style change the moniker changed too. Is there a meaning why you choose Pressor? And what does it represent? Low, slow and with regular sound pressing. That way I got band name.

Being from Russia, do you feel restrictions in what you play and lyrical content? In other words freedom of speech? cull to get the attention of the authorities you need to be pretty successful musicians, and take from person hall events, especially when you have russian lyrics. We feel sorry to our more popular colleagues, when they get raided by government, but we have more underground scene, where you feel free in what you want to say to your audience. And is it easy to obtain in Russia?

Here is answer to https://adfor.gitlab.io/thighs/flirting-games-romance-online-movie-free-online-5096.html question. In province you have to go hard ocvers get some stuff. But it changes, when you are in big city. Regular shows in SPb and Moscow loaded us completely to this topic.

And when we moved to Saint Petersburg this thing xlbum significant part of our life. Released an EP, split, a single and in another EP. Or is there a reason why an EP? Yeah, there was a reason. Some track was written in ! I mean all of them are pretty old stuff. This was the main reason why I and Anton decided to change location.

When we moved, we got new drummer on second day being in SPb, haha and after a few months we made decision to record unreleased material and we did the biggest part of it in the summer Around the same time I drastically changed my mind about what I want to do. Sludge and stoner music as it is became less exciting for me and I was getting more and more attracted to different pro-electronic music. It took me one year to understand what I can do to make our music interesting, for myself firstly.

And we later got stuck at the mixing stage. But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining… All of this awful delays with release gave us time to love flirting games for girls 2 4 5 a lot of new stuff. Fulll now, 1 year after release of Weird Things we have prepared material to record our first full length. The tracks are done, studio dates are scheduled for this week.

And only now, I think, dating sites for over 50 totally free full album covers are really prepared to rock for all knobs to the right. There are 5 epic pieces and some little nice additions. How did recording go? Home studio?

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ссылка на страницу Were the songs already formed or rewriting during recording? For the Weird Things we used friendly DIY studio near our rehearsal room and recorded tracks composed ovr long time ago. For our forthcoming LP we already have recorded 1 track and we did it in one of the best studio in SPb with experienced sound engineer.

dating sites for over 50 totally free full album covers

Track was fresh out of the oven and some datlng were fixed at 15 min before recording have been made. What is the funniest thing happened during sitez One time our show was stopped by priest.

Old man just sitws up a bar chair and started to crush drumkit. That was pretty weird. Здесь did you get inspiration from for the songs?

Give us some credit! Saint Petersburg has a lot of inspiring things: Now the EP is released it comes to promotion. Do you leave promotion to the label or pushing it yourself? The most part dating sites for over 50 totally free full album covers promotion we did by ourselves.

It means we were touring in Tor a lot and a few times to Europe. Anton has his own distro now and used to have a small booking agency. And our dating sites for over 50 totally free full album covers also helps us.

What is your favourite way to promote the EP? Our label sent our music to some webzines. Some of them took an interview. What about upcoming live shows? Getting some festivals throughout Europe? Is there a place you would really like to perform?

And what can people expect from a show? We are scheduling our small European tour for this spring.

dating sites for over 50 totally free full album covers

We gonna start on 19 april from Riga and then we will play in Warsaw, Prague, Wien, Budapest and many more. Actually our autumn LP supporting tour is already in progress too. As to places we would like to perform? But I really hope we will play at Burning Man sometime, haha.

As нажмите чтобы увидеть больше our show. We already have a fascinating background videos, lights and smoke machine. Classy and still working well. How to spend free time? Do you have a bucket list and what is the top 3? Yeah, the part of our life besides music is actually our hobbies. All of us have regular work, to make a living but mainly we are all involved into different underground music movements.

Like Ohm Collective, for example. Anton with guys are making events. Another guys are shooting the videos. Being a graphic designer I help them with design. So this is it, all of our free time we try to spend for music anyway. Last rites to the readers? Be rave and go further! Therefor I had dating sites for over 50 totally free full album covers listen to their music several times over and dating sites for over 50 totally free full album covers again to give my best opinion.

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dating sites for over 50 totally free full album covers

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dating sites for over 50 totally free full album covers

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