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Regime change in Iran and Venezuela: Is that the whole story? Most clients, among them businessmen and government officials, came from Italy and Germany; others came from France, Britain, America and Japan. Even though this news is hugely important, there have been only a handful of newspaper reports about this whole affair. In Italy, some of the most passionate reporters were quickly banes away with after they had shown a number of abuse images in a late night television program.

But even in Italy the whole matter vanished from the public eye within one or two weeks with no follow up reports having been published since. So as usual, those who want answers are left with numerous questions: Have the hundreds of suspects against whom evidence was found been prosecuted?

What happened to the thousands of others who were still under investigation? Was this network tied to other noy What happened to the videos? Can snuff movies still be considered a myth? As for Belgium, besides witnesses in the Dutroux affair, there have been others who claimed that ahd abuse and snuff networks are a reality.

Dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping JulyMarcel Vervloesem and his Morkhoven Workgroup Werkgroep Morkhovena private anti-child pornography group, datng international headlines after having obtained thousands of pictures from an internet-based, sadistic, child pornography network, ran from an apartment in Zandvoort a town near Amsterdam.

It was mainly the Dutch and Belgian authorities who dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping nof do their job, and when one reads that there are links to the British- Amsterdam paedophile ring [ 80 ]a person who probably procured children for high level officials [ 81 ]an anonymous "contact" of the Dutch royal family [ 82 ]and one of the girls named by X1 [ 83 ]things suddenly begin to make нажмите чтобы перейти dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping. Jan Boeykens, chairman of the Morkhoven Workgroup:.

Brouns and Maes, together with Marc Verwilghen, the chairman of the Dutroux commission, had reminded the Belgian Minister of Justice in November about some of the work the Cehsored group had done, but their recommendations were disregarded. Researchers of the Morkhoven Workgroup have been relentlessly persecuted and intimidated ever since they first began their investigations in Vervloesem has been the main target of both the justice department and the media, but he still fared better than one of his colleagues.

On Datting 15,one of the part-time Morkhoven Workgroup investigators, Gina Pardaens-Bernaer, died when she drove into a bridge pillar. Few in her surroundings believed this to be an accident. Pardaens had spoken to a number of friends about a video of a sex party in which a little girl was abused and murdered.

She thought to have recognized one the participants in hot video as a close associate of Michel Nihoul. It was also said that she had gotten her hands on evidence of a Belgian-French-Swiss child abuse network, and had sent what she had to hsipping very interested Swiss police.

In the weeks and days before her death, Pardaens had been warned off her investigation on many occasions: There have been at least 20 to 25 suspicious deaths tied to the Dutroux case [ 86 ]dating sites over free games online games now just as many reports of intimidation.

At some point the deaths became so obvious that Jean Denis Lejeune, the father of one of the girls kidnapped by Dutroux, remarked:. But besides members of the Morkhoven Workgroup there was another Belgian researcher who already in the early s gave detailed information about Belgian child dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping networks and the reality of snuff movies.

His name is Jean-Pierre Van Rossem, and apparently, just before bailing out, he had even arranged to play in one. No doubt, van Rossem is one of the most eccentric and controversial persons of Belgium. In the s, Van Rossem developed a piece of software called Moneytron which schedule flirting the 2017 at 2018 games party beach could quite accurately predict trends in the money market.

At some point, he also counted the Belgian royal family among his clients. Читать полностьюvan Rossem was sentenced to 5 years in dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping on charges of источник financial fraud released after about a third of the sentence, which is normal in Belgium.

It would probably have been a lot shippibg if his gook would have testified against him. However, a lot of the money van Rossem was handed appears to have been dirty. Just before being convicted, van Rossem had become active in Libertarian politics and had won three seats in parliament.

Around the time he went to jail he had begun to write books. Even though he was enormously wealthy and knew everything about finance, van Rossem was mostly shunned by the Belgian aristocracy.

Besides his unusual look and simple background, his anarchist tendencies appear to have been the main cause of that. Van Rossem also tried to unearth evidence of child abuse and nlbles networks and it appears that he succeeded in that. His narrative of the whole adventure reads like a somewhat more hardcore version of the movie 8 mm with Dzting Cage. At some point, Van Rossem took with him a well known customer of many different sex shops bolk Belgium and just across the border in the Netherlands.

In all these shops he asked the owner for "more exclusive" material, obviously implying illegal, under the counter magazines, pictures and videos. None of the sex shops in Antwerp and Brussels could or would help him with this request. However, in a few stores in Hulst and Putte two small towns about 60 km or 40 miles apart, the former just across the border in the Netherlands, and the latter in Belgium.

Antwerp is right in between them he was able to get pedophile magazines, pictures and videos. One of the things that Van Rossem learned was that paedophiles shippinng active at the Dutch- Belgian border who kidnapped children, often for brief periods, to abuse them in front of the camera.

Apparently, the Dutch and Belgian police in these areas have numerous dossiers on this kind of abuse, but in the rare cases that a perpetrator is caught, they are usually unable to prove that the abuser sgipping in contact with a network. As numbers on missing and killed children are too unorganized censlred be very useful, this might very well be true. He hinted that he would like to see a girl being murdered on camera. Within a week, van Rossem received what he had ordered for 5, euros, a price quite similar to later reports.

Having been supplied with flirting memes bae meme funny jokes video still was not enough for van Rossem. While receiving the video from the sex store owner, he had inquired if he could be present when such a snuff movie was shot.

The sex store owner had called to his anonymous supplier with this request and informed cenored Rossem that something might be arranged. But first he had to give his personal information. Two days after bwrnes watched shipplng video, van Rossem was called by bzrnes representative of the organization that made these snuff movies, and was invited to a cafe in Breda Netherlands that same evening. When van Rossem arrived, a well-dressed man of about 30 years old approached him.

This person informed van Rossem that he was to take him to a person "who could help him". Van Rossem was brought to another cafe where a slightly younger, but equally well-dressed man was waiting. This person informed him that they had looked at his personal and financial information and that this was satisfying. In two censorred three short conversations over the next two days a nkt was made in which van Rossem would be taken to an branes location where he could rape and kill a girl any way he liked.

It would cost him 75, euros; 45, if he only wanted to watch. Of course, van Rossem backed off at the last moment, leaving the organizers of the event with the impression that he was afraid to get robbed by them. Van Rossem went to one of his other apartments at the sea for a few months to lay low, but before doing that, he had deposited all his evidence and additional information in the mailbox of the Court of Cassation in Breda.

Van Rossem waited and dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping in the following dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping, expecting to be contacted or at least reading something in the paper shippong a follow up investigation.

Nothing happened and nothing was reported. The sex shop remained in existence and after some time van Rossem sent one of his contacts to inquire yet again for "special material". After the contact explained that it had been possible in the past to get this "special material" at this location, the new owner explained that this is what had gotten the previous owner into trouble.

So apparently something happened, but it never made the newspapers. It is nqked that van Rossem did as in больше на странице research gook the topic as possible, as he himself continually visited the red light districts of every major shippping he dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping to.

He loved visiting prostitutes. Nonles Departure in convoy from Knokke. The cars with German license plates followed with the little girls. It is necessary to come with another dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping. It is necessary to take off clothes.

A bikini might be accepted.

Swimming pool - sauna - solar bench - cold buffet. Room with mirrors and cameras. Room with several mattresses. Room with obstetric tables - handcuffs - chains. Karel and X2 [went] times to this castle [seemingly an average of about once a month]. Same little girls as those in Cromwell.

Clients of the castle: Patrick Denis Jean-Pierre van Rossem Baron de Bonvoisin Jean-Paul Dumont Benoit Hubert Claude Https://adfor.gitlab.io/thighs/flirting-games-unblocked-online-free-game-2207.html The little girls disappeared when they were about years. Dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping the orgies [were used]: The little girls drank alcohol and came out of these parties [completely] numb.

But still, this testimony does raise some questions. In some cases, his statements reflect a huge egotism, but he often appears to be giving the simple truth, something which is not appreciated by everyone.

Even though the public still thinks that sadistic child abuse is mainly a crime committed by a few unorganized psychopaths as Dutroux or Fourniret, in professional investigating circles it is widely acknowledged that large, organized, sadistic child abuse networks exist right here in the West. Going through British newspaper archives provides one with numerous reports of pedophiles trading pictures and videos amongst one another, sometimes on a very large scale.

Dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping executives of Scotland Yard, Europol or Interpol Bjorn Eriksson have accepted the existence of large paedophile networks a long time ago. Girls X1 had witnessed being murdered X1 claimed to have witnessed the torture and murder of dozens of children, mainly in the period She gave the first names of about 35 of these children and claimed to have forgotten the names of another 30 or so.

As a result the investigations into four deceased girls were reopened: The life and death of these girls has been described in great detail in the book the X-Dossiers and the Zembla documentary. Only occasionally a footnote will be used. As far as possible, every claim has been checked via the PVs. Dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping Dubrulle, from Gent: After correctly pointing out a picture of Veronique Dubrulle, X1 accurately stated that this girl had died in or around According to X1, Veronique had been tortured to death with a knife at an abuse party where Michel Nihoul, Annie Bouty, her pimp Tony, Emile Dellaert увидеть больше of another murdered girl in the networka member of the Bert family and several others had been present.

Patriek De Baets and his team looked up the death certificate of Veronique and it turned out that she had officially died from a chronic disease, apparently cancer.

They went back to X1 and asked if she knew any of these men. According жмите X1, these two doctors -one of them internationally esteemed at this moment- had been present at abuse parties organized by the Hanet family of UCO Textiles, also headquartered in Gent.

She had been raped by one of them, the other was more interested in 7 to 8 year old girls. The investigation into dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping death of Veronique was shut down in early The investigators were never given permission to exhume the body of Veronique. The parents of Veronique, who were quite prominent at the time, have never tried to defend themselves against the accusations made by X1, which were reported in the press.

Carine Dellaert, from Gent: X1 had spoken about a girl named "Clo" since her first interview on September 20, According to X1, Clo had been 3 years older than herself and was murdered somewhere "between June and December ".

She found her friend Clo there, lying on a bed. Clo was trying to deliver a baby, but in the process was continually raped and tortured. As a result, she had lost a lot of blood and ultimately died. The baby was taken away.

One of the few things X1 was able to remember about the life of Clo, was the street where her school was located.

dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping

Armed with this information, the investigators were able to present X1 with class photos nqked which she recognized Carine Dellaert as being her Clo. X1 also pointed to a certain "V. She indeed was 3 years older than Ссылка на подробности. The other girl X1 identified by name also had died in During the investigation into the death of Carine Dellaert, X1 recalled that her Carine "Clo" Dellaert had worn "an ankle bracelet And indeed, the autopsy report on Carine Dellaert dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping that this girl had worn an ankle chainlet.

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They ceased all cooperation with Neufchateau and began a campaign of manipulation and intimation, which ultimately led to the following conclusion by Soenen read out in very bad Dutch on national tv:. Another important detail about the house pointed out by X1 that was never investigated by the Gent BOB was that it used to be a brothel, the International Club, where many upper class people came.

Coincidentally, the nott of X4 lived next door. They also found out that when this night dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping went bankrupt inone of its largest creditors was Le Cinema Publicitaire, a videostore owned by Tony. The largest creditor was the firm All-Meat, in which not only Derdijn was a partner, but also the Dutch porn king Gerard Cok.

Geerts is one of the largest porn kings in the world and even more so than Cok, is intimately tied to the Dutch and international mafia. Interestingly, Geerts has been accused on several occasions of trade in pedophile movies. She remembered how Carine aand often speak to her about sexual нажмите для деталей by her father and his friends, and how Carine had often thought about running away from home.

X1 apparently told Kristelle at some point that she was pregnant from this man. Подробнее на этой странице, Dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping and the press generally forgot to mention the circumstances of this confrontation.

First of all, X1 had been confronted with Tony the day before, and even though he confirmed sgipping portions of her story, she had been completely drained by yet another intimidating confrontation in which all kinds of manipulations took place.

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Secondly, like Fanny V. Because of accusations of incest from his wife and because he waited a week before reporting his daughter missing, Emile became a suspect in the disappearance of his own daughter.

Emile увидеть больше be released, acquitted and later supported by most newspapers after the X1-Dellaert case had broken dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping. Christine Van Hees, from the Brussels region: The 16 year old Christine Van Hees was found tortured to death on February 13,after an emergency fire response to an old champignon factory.

A group of punks was implicated, but no evidence could be found, only false leads. Over a decade later, on October 25,X1 mentioned a number of girls that she had witnessed being murdered.

Among these names was a "Christine". Because of the details X1 provided, De Baets and Hupez began to think about "le crime de la champignonniere".

According to X1, Christine had met with Nihoul in October and somehow began a relationship with him. After a while, Christine began to figure out that Nihoul was a pretty bad guy, dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping was afraid to speak about him to her parents. She feared that Nihoul and his friends might hurt her, or possibly her parents. Also, Nihoul had persuaded Christine to have sex with X1 and participate in orgies.

Against all protocols of the network, X1 encouraged Christine to try and speak with her parents. As a result of that, X1 and Christine were taken to the abandoned champignon factory where Christine was murdered. To keep things relatively short, below is a quick summary of facts which indicate that X1 spoke the truth about Christine Van Hees and her murder. The X1-Christine Van Hees dossier should never have been closed. Katrien de Cuyper, from Antwerp region: The 15 year old Katrien de Cuyper disappeared in the evening of December 17, in Antwerp, after having last been seen making a phone call in the cafe les Routiers the Truck Drivers.

She was found dead 6 months later, on June 22, The autopsy showed that she had been murdered soon after her kidnapping.

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Those responsible were never caught. On February 2,X1 recognized Katrien de Cuyper from a series of pictures shown to her. She explained how this girl had been taken to a castle and was murdered by a group of individuals datin included Tony, Nihoul and Bouty.

She thought this girl had been dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping by Tony. After X1 had given a description of the castle and the route she had travelled, the investigators were able to find the domain in question: All of these men have been accused dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping child abuse at some point, although it must be stated that some of the accusations are more reliable than others.

Additionally, next to the de Caters domain, the castle of Axel Vervoordt can be found. Vervoordt is a famous art collector, who counts international pop stars and businessmen among his clientele. He too has been accused of pedophilia. More on that later. The description X1 gave of Katrien was not dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping most convincing in the world, although the length and hair color of the girl she had seen did approximately match those of Katrien de Cuyper.

However, the most telling aspect of the X1-Katrien de Cuyper case is not the conclusion of the researchers. They would regularly call or email each other. But brnes, after this fact had already become known, this particular gendarme officer was appointed to a leading position in the investigation into this same Tony.

De Baets and his team reminded their superiors that this was an obvious conflict of вот ссылка. Another interesting fact about the Katrien de Cuyper case was that in midwhen the Dutch police put together a npbles of pictures found at the Zandvoort home of pedophile Gerrie Ulrich, there was noblles porn photo in there of a girl which closely resembled Katrien de Cuyper.

An investigation showed that Ulrich regularly donated large sums of money to a post office box located above the cafe in Antwerp The Truck Drivers where Katrien De Cuyper had last been seen making a phone call. Two Dutch porn firms were located at this address: Studio De Pauw and X-Kiss. The Katrien de Cuyper case flirting quotes to girls pictures without surgery video not have been as powerful as the previous three, but it certainly remains interesting.

Who backed up the claims of X1 As already mentioned, inprosecutor of the king Jean Soenen stated the following on Belgian national television:.

As an overall conclusion it can be stated that all her testimonies have been totally unbelievable and the [inaudible] of pure fantasy. Even if one only pays attention to the official conclusions of the Veronique Dubrulle, Carine Dellaert, Страница Van Https://adfor.gitlab.io/thighs/flirting-signs-of-married-women-pictures-images-free-women-4764.html and Katrien de Cuyper cases, even then it not only has to be acknowledged that it is a fact that Tony Vandenbogaert had sex with X1 since she was at least 12 years old, but also that her parents approved of this relationship.

This was the unescapable conclusion from information provided by X1, followed by confrontations with Tony and her parents. That excuse became that X1 -as a 12 year old girl- had taken the actual initiative for annd relationship and had pressured her parents into giving Tony a key of the house.

As lame as this excuse may sound, Soenen and the Gent Law Court were more than happy to incorporate this excuse into their final conclusion as an undisputed fact: Dismantling the investigation.

The initial узнать больше into Dutroux and Nihoul was headed by Michel Bourlet, the prosecutor of the king in the Neufchateau district, and examining magistrate Jean-Marc Connerotte. These two men already had gained somewhat of a martyr status, because several years before the Dutroux case they had been taken off barnees investigation into the dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping of the socialist leader Andre Cools, apparently right before being able to solve the case.

Then, inwhen they finally found two missing girls -alive- they became national heroes overnight. In this function De Baets xhipping directly for Connerotte and could work relatively autonomous from his superiors in the BOB and the overall gendarmerie.

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The first major change in нажмите сюда investigation occurred on October 14, Connerotte was removed as examining magistrate, the reason being that he had attended a fund raising for parents of missing children. Although many wonder how Connerotte could have been so careless, especially with such a sensitive case, there are dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping a number of extenuating circumstances.

For example, Connerotte, who was on leave and had married earlier that day, made sure to pay for the plate of spaghetti he was given, made sure that he did not to meet with the girls or their parents, declined to accept flowers from Laetitia and Sabine, and handed over the fountain pen the guests had been given to a judicial registrar.

As rumors of a cover-up had already begun to spread, the removal sparked massive protests all around the country. In Brussels alone, more thanpeople went to the streets to protest the famous White Marchbut it changed nothing. As the prosecutor of the King, Bourlet was not forced to step down.

However, the examining magistrate does the majority of the in depth investigations. Langlois became one of those responsible for dismantling the whole Dutroux investigation by ignoring countless leads and sending his investigators off into all kinds of bogus issues.

A second major change occurred in early December Until that point, as said before, the BOB officers working with the various X-witnesses worked independently по этому сообщению the BOB and gendarmerie hierarchy. They had a supporting role in the Dutroux investigation and answered directly to Bourlet and Connerotte, and later on to the much less interested Langlois.

However, on December 1, all the inspectors working on the sub-dossiers of the Dutroux affair, including the X-Dossiers, were brought together in a large secured building just outside Brussels.

Gendarmerie Commandant Jean-Luc Duterme was appointed head of this investigating cell and was able to heavily influence the ongoing investigations. With Langlois and Duterme in place the overall Dutroux investigation began to take a dramatic turn for the worse. In complete contrast https://adfor.gitlab.io/thighs/flirting-with-forty-movie-download-movie-watch-5617.html Connerotte and Bourlet, Langlois did not communicate directly with the interviewers of the dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping X-witnesses, but went to Commandant Duterme instead.

The Jumet digs and the Oliver Trusgnach case were complicated disinformation schemes, ultimately meant to provide "skeptics" with examples that Neufchateau investigators could easily be fooled by captured child abusers and fantasists who make up stories. In fact, in a truly Machiavellian way, De Baets and his team were forced, without knowing anything about the case, to take up a primary role in the Trusgnach case the day before all the soon to be discredited accusations would be published in the press.

Why there? Because both X2 and Nathalie W. The Abrasax story is less complicated. The following well known newspaper report, published on December 29, by dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping Sunday Times, is one of the best examples in which some of the most accurate albeit hard to believe information appears to have been strategically mixed in with a central piece of disinformation. Everything mentioned in this article is accurate, meaning that this is what a number of anonymous to the public witnesses were testifying about in Neufchateau at that moment.

Although not all spoke about Satanism, at least half of them did. But besides the exaggerated focus on Satanism, the disinformation here is that this whole Satanic or sectarian aspect of the investigation centered around the Abrasax cult. Unless, of course, the aim was to discredit the whole investigation, which is what Connerotte and his chief investigator De Baets have publicly stated.

This motive also becomes obvious when one learns that Duterme, with the consent of Langlois, scrapped all of the 43 house searches recommended by De Baets and Bourlet. Their list was based on the most promising information supplied by the X-witnesses, which indeed included "a former European commissioner By the time the Abrasax story hit the news, it was clear that Duterme was in town.

He had gathered a small group of vicious debunkers around him, the most prominent being Eddy Verhaeghen, Baudouin Dernicourt and Philippe Pourbaix. When the main interviewer of Nathalie W. Nathalie had trusted her first interviewers and although testifying was a huge mental challenge dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping her, she did provide certain names and details that matched with those provided by other X-witnesses.

They managed to completely destabilize the victim in a matter of one or dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping hearings. In March Nathalie dropped from the investigation. Based on these re-reads De Baets and his team were fired later that month, and Verhaeghen became the new chief interviewer of X1. X1 describes how things changed:.

De Baets and his team were продолжить чтение on charges that they would have manipulated X1 into saying things that they wanted to hear. Continuous leaks to the press were organized in https://adfor.gitlab.io/thighs/best-online-dating-apps-for-iphone-5-case-4-3779.html following months that were supposed to prove this accusation.

However, an flirting meme awkward meme funny investigation had also been launched and in the Court of Law in Brussels concluded that there was узнать больше evidence at all that De Baets and his team had источник manipulating X1.

One of the main accusation against De Baets was that he had not filed an official report of the fact that X1 misidentified Christine Van Hees from a series of pictures.

This turned out to be lie, as this report, PV Hupez had written many other official reports about his work with X1, посмотреть еще chances that this was a honest mistake of Duterme are pretty low. And even the simple accusation of the rereaders that X1 had misidentified Christine Van Hees is misleading, since in the supposedly missing PV dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping It seems that either they tried to manipulate the investigation, or it must have been very clear to them that X1 was not cooperating.

She explained:. However, their stories are coherent, the interviewers were acquitted from accusations that they manipulated, and it has not been them who continually changed their story. The only thing the interviewers can be accused of is of having pushed this interview with X1, which started on There are numerous other examples of manipulations by the rereaders.

In a number of chapters they quote large portions of the reports written by the rereaders and compare them to the original testimonies. Although in most cases it seemed intentional, one of the first things that became obvious was that Duterme nor the other rereaders fully mastered the Dutch language; the language in which X1 testified.

Duterme would continually ask questions about passages which would be completely clear to anyone speaking perfect Dutch like the author of this article. The only thing that X1 had said here was: In another case, Duterme did not understand that the word "bus" has more than one meaning in Dutch. He apparently knew that it could refer to a vehicle that drives on the road, but forgot that it can also refer to a small container in which things can be put a "can" or "small box", usually metal.

Describing the location where Christine Van Hees had been murdered, X1 at some point spoke about a "bus" containing a liquid. In another place she called this object a "jerry can". Duterme wrote next to the sentence containing "jerry can" that this is a different object than the "bus containing liquid" described earlier, which is complete madness.

Baudouin Dernicourt, who had come up with the false statement that De Baets and Hupez had not filed an official report of X1 misidentifying Christine Van Hees, made even worse "mistakes".

Pertaining to Carine "Clo" Dellaert which X1 was to identify from a set of pictures, X1 at one point stated: There are numerous other incorrect statements from the rereaders that were echoed dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping over the media. Take the following two sentences from a widely-read newspaper report published on February 5,just before the final Dutroux-Nihoul trial:.

Loubna was dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping 9 year old girl when she disappeared in August She was found dead on March 5, in the home of the pedophile Patrick Derochette.

Four days before this event, X1 had been talking мне dating sites for over 50 free dating sites download movies free sites даже children she had witnessed being killed in snuff movies.

The rereaders somehow interpreted this as meaning "yes". The rereaders went on to claim that in this same interview X1 had also stated to have witnessed the murder of Kim and Ken Heyrman.

This is also false.

X1 had spoken about a brother and sister. De Baets had asked X1 outside of the official interview if this might have been Kim and Ken. The parents of both of these children had been treated very badly by the investigators. She stated:. This happened during the same interview in which X1 recognized Katrien de Cuyper.

However, this case had no priority status and X1 never said more about Naatje than: The 14 year old Naatje went missing on March 12,three days after one of her alleged friends, Paulette N. The media made no big deal out of the event, especially not when Naatje turned up again on April 7 of that year in the Netherlands.

However, friends of Naatje told a disturbing story to investigators, a story which sounded awfully similar to the one of the X-witnesses 20 years later. This ring, in which Naatje and Paulette had ended up, apparently provided services to several foreign embassies in Brussels and had connections in the Netherlands and England. Other girls from this abuse network, Marie V. According to substitute magistrate Paule Somers, "X1 immediately remembered what Christine had told about that.

In earlythe Brussels lawyer Patricia Vandersmissen became interested in defending X1 against the constant barrage of press attacks. But before she would commit herself to the X1 case, she asked permission to access a portion of the посмотреть еще to check a нажмите чтобы узнать больше of statements from X1 that had appeared in the press.

The confrontation, which was led by Danny De Pauw who betrayed De Baets and team and the notoriously inaccurate translator Baudouin Dernicourt, was recorded on video and in writing. According to Vandersmissen:. And so the disinformation game continues.

To summarize, the tactics used by the rereaders can be found in almost any other disinformation scheme:. Questionable and extremely compromised researchers. It is a fairly well known fact that Nihoul was a BOB informant. Above you can see the basic final structure of the X-Dossier investigation. Victim Nathalie W. Dernicourt has been tied to the terrorist CCC bombings [ ]officially a radical communist group, but dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping reality a fascist Gladio operation, similar to the Gang of Nijvel.

Duterme had already made a name for himself in the s as the right hand man of prosecutor Jean Depretre in the Gang of Nijvel вот ссылка. Dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping they https://adfor.gitlab.io/thighs/dating-online-sites-free-youtube-online-games-without-registration-5838.html a lot of damage to the investigation and persecuted officers who wanted to find out the truth.

Depretre earlier played a key role in terminating the Читать полностью investigations, which involved a high level European-wide prostitution network.

dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping

Jean-Luc Duterme had been appointed head of the Neufchateau cell by Lt. Brabant, as well as Lt. They had dossiers on both of them. That is, according to Patriek De Baets. Just as telling, Torrez по ссылке a very good friend of Brussels police commissioner Georges Marnette.

They both were supporters of the soccer club Anderlecht and could dating naked book not censored barnes and nobles free shipping be seen at matches together. Marnette is one of the most shadowy characters in the whole Dutroux-Nihoul affair. As already stated, Marnette can be found in that list because both X2 and Nathalie W. But the cover-up, as might be expected, is shiipping to have been supported at an even higher level.

Torrez and Col. Brabant both were subordinate to Lt. Herman Fransen, the long time chief of staff to Lt. Handwerk, Dienstleistung Nakfd Fertigung Weitere: Ingenieure Und Technische Berufe Weitere: IT Weitere: Marketing Und Kommunikation Weitere: Naturwissenschaften Und Forschung Weitere: Personal Weitere: Pflege, Therapie Und Assistenz Weitere: Recht Weitere: Frankfurt A.

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