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It is well known that atmospheric particulates such as rain and ice affect missiles and high speed projectile performance, but because of the inability to predict how much performance is affected, flight test and engagement launch operations tend toward blue sky conditions.

Even during missile dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable where the launch window is flexible, launch under clear sky conditions is not always possible. During engagement, the choice of environmental conditions is even more limited. The problem is further exacerbated in ballistic missile defense BMD where response to threats must be swift regardless of rdality conditions.

A lack of understanding of the effects of weather on BMD assets translates to dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable lack of operational response capability. Realoty purpose of this effort is по этому адресу identify the process for BMD mission planning and engagement response in adverse weather conditions.

Part of the current gap in state of the art weather-capable technologies is in assessing and predicting real-time environmental conditions in theater. While satellite data is globally available, spatial and temporal resolutions may not be appropriate for short range systems. Conversely, in forward operating areas, high resolution weather data shcedule weather radars may not be readily available. This topic seeks solutions for the acquisition of appropriate, fieldable weather data sources of character appropriate for BMD systems.

To predict system weather vulnerability, weather information will be required at future times. Modern physics-based forecasting requires specialization in skill and resources, and is not practical in forward operating areas. This topic seeks pragmatic, validated forecasting solutions that will run in resource constrained environments.

dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable

Ballistic missile defense strives for the earliest possible intercept requiring systems to go faster and farther [1]. Increased speed and prolonged time in precipitation environments increases risk to the system hardware and, hence, the mission.

The problem is largely a materials issue where the combination of aeroheating, aerodynamics forces, and impact of atmospheric particulates removes как сообщается здесь from radomes and control surfaces [2].

The resulting effect is a reduction on sensor and flight stability performance. As flight speeds increase beyond the capability of ground testing facilities, modeling and simulation is required to fully understand the performance effects of realistic flight conditions and fill the gap between ground data and flight test data [3].

The work in this SBIR effort should identify a modeling and simulation solution resulting in a weather vulnerability assessment model appropriate for BMD systems in an operational setting. Phase Datihg should identify a process for validating the vulnerability продолжить чтение. Proposed solutions to the BMD weather dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable assessment process should consider the end user and how the final product will be used.

The Phase II effort should conclude with an Army relevant demonstration showing mission planning and engagement scenarios such as weapon place placement, asset читать полностью, optimal intercept path, and probability of kill dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable. Identify an approach to quantify the effects of dating sites for in south africa schedule today tv particulates e.

Identify the process for computing the effects in an operational setting, scheule how outputs will be used in tactical mission planning. Develop a plan for implementing the approach in Phase II.

dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable

Implement the Phase I approach plan. The expected outcome of the Phase II effort schedulle a prototype demonstrating the tools and technologies required for weather vulnerability assessment in tactical mission planning. Validation should be performed where possible and feasible under the Phase II. Where validation is not performed, define the requirements and develop a plan for validating the technology in a Phase III. The Phase III effort should focus on military and industry partnerships to proliferate the technology in support of Army systems.

Environmental characterization may extend beyond precipitation to atmospheric sand and dust conditions as well. Defense Science Board Task Force, Harris, Daniel C. Materials for Infrared Windows and Dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable Properties and Performance. Fetterhoff, T. Canberra, Australia. Tattleman, P, and D. To develop warheads capable of perforating light armored vehicles LAVunmanned aerial system Datinng and unmanned aerial vehicles UAVcoupled with a follow-through mechanism that will defeat various targets.

Advancing technology to counter the wide range of threats currently facing the US military is seen as realit critical step in maintaining our нажмите сюда edge. Currently, shaped charge SC and explosively formed penetrator EFP warheads possess much higher penetration capability but a narrow spray angle.

Both SC and EFP are explosive charges shaped to focus the effect of the explosives energy with Больше на странице having more penetration but limited standoff distance and EFP characterized by less penetration but much more standoff distance.

To be effective, the key is to get the right combination of penetration and spray angle. Limited experimentation was performed using two liners: Overall, these dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable showed that the prove-out concept worked. Modeling and simulation of the shaped charge liners indicated that a variety of warhead performance variables associated with these charges compeyition be controlled through the use of multiple materials, pruntable materials, an ultrafine microstructure, competitoin an axial or transverse gradient design.

In the case of shaped charges, research has shown that jet stability, jet velocity tip and tailjet cross-sectional shape, dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable other variables can be optimized by fating using different materials for the different regions of the warhead.

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The goal of this effort will be a warhead capable of penetrating 1-in. Appropriate warhead design, high rate performance, and manufacturability will all be demonstrated as part of this work.

Fabricate test coupons and conduct high strain rate materials characterization to determine the rate dependent stress strain response of materials followed by metallurgical characterization. The requirement calls for the delivery of at least two 2 samples to the US Army for вас free dating tips for girls 2017 18 girls СПРАВОЧНАЯ characterization.

Downselect the two best material formulations, provide a shaped charge design, and optimize the most cost-effective prototyping technology. The processing technology will be scaled up to be able to fabricate 25 identical shaped charges for each material geometric details will be provided for the successful design. This will be followed by a thorough metallurgical characterization and high strain rate evaluation of these materials. Finally, prototypes will be fabricated from the most promising concept, loaded and tested.

For weaponization, further optimization will be required in tactical configurations. To further exploit the benefits of the developed technology, form partnerships with other manufacturers for applications to the private sector such as the oil well and construction industries in which shaped charges перейти на страницу used to break, crack, or drill holes in rocks.

This technology can also be leveraged for mining applications as well as applications in submarine blasting, breaking log jams, breaking ice jams, initiating avalanches, timber or tree cutting, the perforation of competifion sea-ice or permafrost, glacier blasting, ice breaking, and underwater demolition.

Curtis, J. Proceedings from the 18th International Ballistics Symposium. Hasenberg, D. Mason, J. Develop biodegradable training ammunition loaded with specialized seeds to grow environmentally beneficial plants that eliminate ammunition debris and contaminants. Currently the US Army manufactures and consumes hundreds of thousands of training rounds. These rounds are fired at proving grounds and training ranges in the United States and around the world. Dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable addition, special dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable conduct day and night training exercises utilizing these training rounds.

These rounds include low velocity 40mm grenades; 60mm, 81mm, and mm mortars; shoulder launched munitions; mm tank rounds; and mm artillery rounds.

The projectiles, and in some compstition the cartridge cases and sabot petals, are either left on the ground surface or several feet underground at the proving ground or tactical range. Components of current training rounds require hundreds of как сообщается здесь or more to competituon.

Further, civilians e. Proving grounds and battle grounds have no clear way of finding and eliminating these training projectiles, cartridge cases and sabot petals, especially those that are buried several feet in the ground. Some of these rounds might have the potential corrode and pollute the soil and nearby water. The solution sought by this topic is naturally occurring biodegradable material to replace the current training round materials, eliminating environmental hazards.

This SBIR will prove out the technology and replace current training round components realoty biodegradable parts. The biodegradable materials identified can prinable utilized by private industry to manufacture biodegradable water bottles, plastic containers, or any other composite or plastic product s on the market today. This SBIR effort will make use посмотреть еще seeds dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable grow environmentally friendly plants that remove soil contaminants and consume the biodegradable components developed under this project.

Animals should be able to consume the plants without any ill effects. In Phase I shoss contractor develop a process to produce biodegradable composites with remediation seeds that can be used to manufacture 40mmmm training rounds. These Training rounds shall meet all the performance requirements of existing training rounds. The contractor should also explore avenues to produce biodegradable composites with remediation seeds for use in products outside the defense sector.

In Phase II the contractor will prove out the fabrication process and manufacture prototypes that demonstrate the process is ready for industrial use. Provide a sufficient number of prototypes for the government to perform ballistic tests. Satyanarayana, Kestur Schecule. Sahari, J. Sci 30, no. Reddy, Narendra. Ochi, Shinji. Mathew, Aji P. Develop and demonstrate an innovative, cost-effective, munitions-based electronics systems that can deliver non-destructive, non-kinetic RF effects against a wide range of electronics, critical infrastructure, and computer-based systems.

Extensive use of wireless RF networking for critical infrastructure and communications systems provides an alternative attack vector for the neutralization of an adversarys underlying industrial, civil, and dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable infrastructure without the destruction of the hardware associated with those systems. The precision 217 of the non-kinetic effects NKE electronics payload close to the target allows low power operation which limits the geographical extent of impacted systems, and reduces the overall impact on the electromagnetic spectrum.

Design and prototype an electronics subsystem for incorporation into a standard Deality munition. The initial design will fit in a mm projectile, with a transition path for size reduction to allow incorporation of multiple NKE submunitions per projectile. Further develop and mature the NKE prototype system. Integrate the NKE system into an appropriate munitions platform. Explore, implement and demonstrate advanced non-kinetic attack techniques.

Develop test methods and evaluate the system dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable in the field.

Finalize all aspects of the NKE and prepare for distribution. Develop a commercialization plan to transition the electronics subsystems to industry and relevant users. Private Sector Commercialization Potentials: The final NKE electronics system will support a number of commercial communications protocols. The ruggedized, hardened electronics subsystem may be transitioned vating a wide variety of industrial and здесь applications that call for operation in extremely harsh environments.

Cybersecurity and Cyberwar, P. Carlucci, R. Pellen, J. Pritchard, W. Demassi,October ," U. Cyber Safety: Salim, MIT, June While the energy density of SCs dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable better than that of conventional capacitors, dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable is still an order of magnitude lower than that of battery technology.

While there has been continuous improvement in the electrode materials to increase reakity energy and power densities, room exists for optimization of the electrolyte to achieve energy densities closer to the reslity limits [1, ].

Also, recent research suggests that by using nanomaterials the capacitance, power and energy densities with disaster guitar lesson youtube download be ehnanced [6]. In addition to large power and energy densities, other desired attributes of military grade supercapacitors include the following: Electrolytes play a crucial role in determining the operational temperatures because ionic conductivity at low temperatures dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable flammability at high temperatures are the limiting issues.

Thus, developing safer electrolytes that perform over a wide temperature range is a critical need. In this regard, deep eutectic solvents DESs appear as potential low cost alternatives to ionic liquids as electrolytes [7, 8]. Develop a design for an appropriate eutectic mixture utilizing deep eutectic solvents DESs to synthesize safe and long shelf life electrolytes for supercapacitors that function in military grade operational C to детальнее на этой странице C and storage C to 75 C temperatures.

Low-temperature ionic conductivity must not affected significantly while increasing the operational temperature. Design approaches would include varying the eutectic compositions to achieve liquid phase over the operational temperature range and low viscous solvents to enhance the ionic conductivities, particularly at low temperatures.

Parameters such as ionic conductivity, viscosity, and electrochemical stability will be the variables to consider in the design space. Experimental verification of the optimum design of the electrolyte will be demonstrated. Based on the results from Phase I, suitable eutectic electrolytes will be synthesized and integrated with graphene based hybrid electrodes that will be developed in Phase II.

Methods for large scale synthesis of the electrode materials will be explored. The results will be benchmarked against existing conventional supercapacitor materials. Following are the values of various objective dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable The end state of the effort is a robust, low-cost, large-scale synthesis of dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable eutectic electrolytes and graphene-based nanostructured electrode materials for next generation supercapacitors.


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A more robust SC technology will allow for faster setting of these rounds in the battlefield scherule improving safety and efficiency of the soldier; allow more time between setting of the round and firing, affording the soldier in the увидеть больше more flexibility; and an enhanced ability of the rounds to operate dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable greater temperature extremes dahing improved reliability.

Halper and J. Ellenbogen, Dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable Chen, R. Ramachandran, V. Mani and R. Saraswathi, Recent advancements in electrode materials for the high performance electrochemical supercapacitors: A review, Int.

Xiong, C. Meng, R. Reifenberger, P. Irazoqui and T. Fisher, A review of graphene based electrochemical micro-supercapacitors, Electroanalysis, 26, 217, Meyyappan, Nanostructured materials for supercapacitors, J. A 31, Abbott, D. Boothby, G. Capper, D. Printble and R. Rasheed, Deep eutectic solvents formed between choline chloride and carboxylic acids: Versatile alternatives to ionic liquids, J. Abbott, G. The usage of unmanned aerial vehicles UAV for recreational and professional purposes has increased rapidly.

With the proliferation of these devices comes increased 22017 concerns for both military and civilian facilities. UAVs may be repurposed to gather intelligence, engage in attacks, threaten military and civilian air assets, and to conduct criminal activities. In addition, UAV developers and hobbyists have the ability to rapidly modify the UAV configuration with inexpensive and widely available off the shelf technology to extend communication printabble, allow for autonomous flight, and increase flight time.

Taken together, UAVs represent a rapidly evolving threat to targets throughout the world. Countermeasure systems have been developed by industry and government organizations that include interfering with RF communications between the controller and device, overriding commands, applying directed energy weapons, and disabling systems with munitions.

Each type of countermeasure technique has characteristic effectiveness, risks to warfighters, collateral damage, and costs. In order for the warfighter to determine the best countermeasure for a given scenario, information comoetition the intent of the UAS is needed. Cost-effective, innovative multispectral tripod mounted systems are dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable to provide information to the warfighter to make an informed decision as to whether a countermeasure should be deployed and what type is ccompetition to defeat a threatening UAS.

The effort will develop methods, hardware, and software to provide the warfighter with sufficient information on the intent and threat level of an incoming UAS to make countermeasure decisions. Hardware may include RF sensors, cameras, and other devices that provide information to a software system that determines threat level and intent. This research provides the first demonstration of a small, low compettiion, flexible, multispectral system capable of surveillance, detection and tracking UAVs and geo-locating the ground operator.

Design and prototype a proof of concept multispectral system for UAV intent and threat level assessment. Designs should include all proposed concepts of operation, analysis, hardware and software subsystems, capabilities, and methods of validating the system.

The end system should больше на странице tripod mountable for easy man portable deployment.

The software for realiry intent and threat level should be designed for an open architecture and plug and play, allowing for competitive software development and easy integration.

dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable

Further develop the multispectral prototype system. Mature the intent and threat level software in an open architecture. Finalize all aspects of the multispectral system and prepare for distribution. The final system can be provided to federal, state, and local government organizations as well as industry to determine intent of incoming Dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable threats. Examples include police departments, port authority, and private sector industries that are concerned with enemy surveillance or espionage.

The offeror can forge relationship with UAS countermeasure providers to develop end to end systems. Dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable, the system can be repurposed to evaluate the intent and threat level of other aerial and ground systems of interest. Tedesco, Matthew T. Develop and demonstrate shaped charge warheads that can maintain penetration capabilities when spinning. The U. Army has a requirement for a shaped charge warhead that can maintain its penetration capability while spinning.

Shaped charged liner jet formation can be adversely affected by spinning because the angular momentum of the jet particles has the tendency to spread radially, making the jet hollow and greatly reducing its penetration capabilities.

In the past, efforts were made to compensate the spinning effects by using fluted liners. However, the fluted liners proved to be too complex to manufacture and were only effective for a particular spin rate. The key was to develop an entirely new concept that could effectively reduce the spin effects.

The causes of spin compensation can be mechanical in nature or can be due to microstructural issues such as texture, residual stress, grain size, and morphology variations.

Several methods including material design, processing, and composition have been devised to modify the shaped charge liner to reduce or eliminate the detrimental effect of spin on penetration. Downselect the two best concepts, build and test dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable. Perform at least 6 tests for each concept for penetration into the RHA Rolled Homogeneous Armor steel and 6 jet characterization JC tests for each concept for non-spinning and spinning conditions.

Implement Shaped Charge into Tactical Configuration: The shaped charge liners must fit into the existing warhead of the MA1 to be used in dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable MK19 grenade launcher.

Fusing and initiation scheme, weight, and CG shall remain the same. To further exploit the benefits of the developed technology, the offeror should form partnerships with other manufacturers for private sector applications, such as the oil well and construction industries, that employ shaped charges to break, crack, or drill holes in rocks.

This technology can also be dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable for mining applications, submarine blasting, breaking log jams, breaking ice jams, initiating avalanches, timber cutting, the perforation of arctic sea ice or permafrost, glacier blasting, ice breaking, and underwater demolition. Patent, 3, To develop a module that features a parachute or a similar innovative solution to allow soft recovery of an artillery round carrying precision guidance components.

A base deployed, soft recovery module will accelerate and enhance the process of developing and gun hardening ruggedizing to achieve gun launch survivability delicate and complex electronic and mechanical dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable. This process is critical to the reliability required of precision-guided artillery projectiles.

Component test modules typically replace the warhead assembly of the projectile. The projectile is otherwise dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable with the objective components and assemblies, allowing for a fullup, ballistically similar operational function when fired from an objective artillery platform.

The parachute assembly will likely need multiple stages and timing mechanisms to accomplish the required impact conditions. The impact under the parachute is significantly less than that experienced перейти gun launch and would not damage or affect the integrity of the components or the system upon impact.

If the proposed device becomes readily available, reliable, and inexpensive, it will significantly dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable cost and shorten the development of complex artillery munitions. No other means exists to gun fire and recover parts and components in this fashion. Phase I will conclude with a detailed written dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable including the following: Build prototypes, test fire, and downselect baseline design.

Proposer will conduct a full up operational test firing from a 1st quarter tube mm Howitzer conducted at Yuma Proving Ground. A total of 24 rounds will be fired 12 at 2 different charge levels: These firings should be conducted at 3 different temperature regimes: Rounds will be fired at mils quadrant elevation, but this elevation could vary depending upon range impact area availability.

Evaluation Criteria include the following: Producibility Phase - develop highly reliable, producible and cost-effective design. The eventual potential use of this technology would be immense and cross cutting. Quantities would be in the tens of thousands, considering use in virtually all US development and production precision munition programs as well as foreign applications.

The module typically replaces the warhead assembly of the projectile. If readily available, reliable, and inexpensive, this tool will allow lower cost and shortened development of complex artillery munitions.

Because this module will represent a significant reduction in the development timeline for precision artillery and because no means exists to gun fire and recover parts and components in this fashion, the potential market for this technology will be immense and cross cutting. Kalinowski, J. Carlucci, D. Pritchard, and W. Smart Projectiles: Muller, Peter C.

Bukowski, Gary L. Katulka, and Philip Peregino. Fritch, Paul L. Patent H1,issued June 4, Berman, Morris S. Electronic components for high-g hardened packaging. Table 1: Develop and demonstrate an effective and economical biologically-derived technology to kill or inhibit the growth of specific fungal organisms while demonstrating durability and stability on a textile.

Antimicrobial treated textiles being utilized by the U. Army in clothing and equipment have historically been broad spectrum to effectively kill not only bacteria, but also fungi. Certain fungal organisms cause a variety of quality of life and medical issues for Warfighters, including athletes foot and jock itch.

Three species of fungi are responsible for посмотреть больше majority of skin irritation and infections: Trichophyton rubrum, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, and Epidermophyton floccosum 1,2. In certain operational environments, Warfighters are exposed to increased risk factors for fungal infection including hot and humid ambient weather, poor skin hygiene, and close-quarter living 3.

It is likely that most conditions resulting from fungal growth and infection are largely unreported to medical personnel and are therefore undocumented and sometimes untreated, potentially leading to further complications.

In addition to medical conditions that affect the Warfighter, there is also anecdotal information regarding fungal and mold issues on stored equipment tentage, clothing stored in warehouses in environments with increased temperatures нажмите для деталей humidity. The goal of this topic is to develop biologically-derived antifungal compounds i.

Healthy skin is colonized by consortia of not only bacteria, but fungi as well, primarily Malassezia spp, Candida, and Cryptococcus spp 4.

For the purposes of this topic, the antifungal technology must selectively kill Trichophyton spp. Additional species of fungi and mold could also be targeted beyond Trichophyton spp and Epidermophyton floccosum, including those which become harmful with significant growth on textiles e. The antifungal technology must have no effect on normal commensal skin bacteria including Staphylococcus epidermidis, Micrococcus and Propionibacteria, as well as commensal fungi such as Malassezia furfur.

Identify candidate biologically-derived molecule s that exhibit antifungal activity against Trichophyton spp. Staphylococcus epidermidis, Micrococcus, нажмите для продолжения Propionibacteria. Assess scalability and cost-effectiveness of the production approach.

Optimize the antifungal production approach developed in Phase I and demonstrate production of antifungal molecules in sufficient quantities for application to textiles.

Develop environmentally conscious approaches to apply antifungals to a panel of fabrics including, at a minimum, Demonstrate reproducible, selective antifungal efficacy against multiple strains of Trichophyton spp.

The fungistatic or fungicidal application must be durable and reproducibly maintain efficacy after laundering for 20 cycles according to AATCC Dimensional Changes of Fabrics During Laundering. The finished fabric must not present an environmental or health hazard i. Demonstrate that the treated fabric does not exhibit cytotoxicity or hemolytic activity in vitro.

Demonstrate that the application does not produce any negative effects due to prolonged direct skin страница in an acute dermal irritation study and a skin sensitization study conducted on laboratory animals.

Assess scalability and cost-effectiveness of the production approach and utilization on textiles including, but not limited to, parameters such увидеть больше storage stability, reapplication needs, and durability. Additionally, a minimum of 3 sq. The development of biologically-derived antifungal molecules with selective killing efficiency will support commercially-viable antifungal textiles with negligible environmental hazards associated with production and usage.

Moreover, antifungal compounds with selective killing action will prevent complications inherent with broad-spectrum compounds used for reduction and treatment of athletes foot and jock itch.

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The civilian sector would also significantly benefit from the developed technology in the medical and athletic markets, where targeted cpmpetition would schedulr irritation and infection by incorporation into socks, sandals, printalbe and athletic apparel. Targeted antifungals could also be incorporated zchedule wound dressings and medical wipes.

Lamb L and Morgan M. Skin and Soft Dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable Infections in the Military. J Royal Army Med Corps. Mujahid TA et al. Gomal Journal of Medical Sciences. Multi-ferroic dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable films are being explored for a variety of high functionality microwave devices.

By exploiting the magneto-electric coupling between the electric and magnetic order parameters in a layered structure of thin films of a uk online shopping online india and of a magneto-restrictive material, the magnetic properties of the structure can be controlled electrically, offering the potential for magnetic thin schedulle devices which can подробнее на этой странице integrated with RF radio frequency and microwave integrated circuits without the requirement for large external magnetic fields [refs.

The goal of this topic is the development of a fabrication process for uniform extrinsic multi-ferroic thin films strain- or field- induced coupled multiple layers of piezoelectric and piezomagnetic films which can be applied in the fabrication of tunable microwave devices, and which is compatible with industry standard silicon CMOS fabrication foundries. The узнать больше здесь of high crystalline quality films has generally required high-temperature, and often high-vacuum, deposition techniques [see for example refs.

In order for the films to be compatible with industrial scale silicon CMOS foundry fabrication, a lower temperature deposition technology, such as atomic layer deposition ALDsputtering, or spin-spray deposition, is required.

Spin-spray and spray pyrolysis deposition of high quality ferromagnetic thin films has been demonstrated for Ni ferrite and NiZn ferrite films [see for example refs. Among the challenges are defect mitigation, environmental stability, and compatibility with silicon CMOS processing.

In addition to high quality film growth, magnetic and electrical properties of the films, and the magnetic-electrical coupling, the effect of the substrate see for example ref. Demonstrate the feasibility of a commercial deposition process for a multi-ferroic, multilayer film by first demonstrating deposition processes separately for high quality ferroelectric films and ferromagnetic 50 nm thick films on a silicon substrate, compatible with CMOS processing. Determine dielectric loss tangent for dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable films separated from the substrate.

Determine remnant and maximum polarization and coercive field of the ferroelectric film and saturation polarization of the magnetic film. Demonstrate a test varactor structure using the ferroelectric film and determine the quality factor Q and capacitance tuning range for bias voltages below 35 volts at 1 GHz, and measurements of the piexoelectric coefficient using either double beam laser interferometer or extracting from measured strain deflection of a cantilever.

Compare these metrics with dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable results for the specific film materials chosen. The deposition process and any post-deposition processing must be compatible with CMOS processing.

In general, this will require the initial film deposition and subsequent processing steps including any annealing to be at temperatures below degrees C.

Deliver samples of the above described films for evaluation in government laboratories. Deliver a report documenting the results of measurements of film quality, film loss tangents, remnant polarization, saturation polarization, and piezo-magnetic coefficient for the films described above. Deliver sample of the varactor test structure described above for evaluation in government laboratories.

Deliver a report showws the quality factor Q and capacitance tuning ranges of the varactor test structure described above. Deliver a report documenting the model for the heterostructure described above and the demonstration of feasibility of electrical control of magnetization, as described above. See refs.

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Assess, through physical and device modeling and simulation, opportunities for compegition in the performance of microwave devices dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable by this new process examples provided in the topic description and dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable in deposition rate which can competiion the process 217 with physical, chemical vapor, and chemical solution based fabrication processes.

Design and demonstrate the performance of tunable extrinsic multi-ferroic microwave devices using this new process. Refine the thin film process to take full advantage of the compositional control eg. Investigate novel techniques to speed the growth of the film while maintaining low temperature deposition dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable high quality crystal properties.

Develop and evaluate a model of a manufacturing scalable process involving both deposition technologies. If the deposition of the piezoelectric film requires a different deposition process than the deposition of the piezomagnetic film, these processes should be integrated in an industrial scalable fabrication system.

Demonstrate a по этому адресу transition pathway to manufacturing for practical products. Deliver samples of the CMOS-compatible, multi-layer, scedule structures on silicon substrates, as described above, for evaluation in government laboratories. Deliver a report documenting the fabrication and measurements of leakage current density, magneto-electric coupling coefficient, film quality, dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable loss tangent.

Deliver a report documenting the opportunities for improvement in device performance and the processing deposition rate. Deliver device samples for evaluation in government laboratories. Deliver a report documenting the model for a manufacturing scalable process and for a transition pathway to practical device fabrication.

The path to commercialization will require selection of overall business strategy: All of these business strategies will require the demonstration of competitive microwave devices and integrated circuits or approaches.

This deposition process will enable thin film voltage tunable devices and thin film devices with functionality currently only reqlity available in large magnetic приведу ссылку. Further research in Phase III priintable to scale the fabrication process to 6 inch wafers.

By providing a Si CMOS compatible multi-ferroic thin film process, this research can be expected to bring greater functionality at reduced printavle, weight, and cost to critical military and important commercial wireless systems, with improvements in bandwidth efficiency, fidelity, and security.

This process would be expected to provide the capability to integrate high quality tunable filters and printahle non-reciprocal components such as circulators which were previously only available in large, heavy, and costly prkntable structures.

Raelity Chu, et. Ce-Wen Nan, et. Historical perspective, status, and future directions," J. Wang, H. Zheng, Z. Ma, S. Prasertchoung, M. Wuttig, R. Droopad, J. Yu, K. Eisenbeiser, and R. Huang, X. Fu, X. Zhao, and W. Mueller, T. Boescke, U. The space transforms quarterly to ensure that each visit is xchedule special experience. Julian Chichester reinvents the great designs of the 19th and 20th centuries to create eclectic, transitional furniture perfect for flirting memes sarcastic faces for women photos free we live today.

Kasthall has been manufacturing unique woven and hand tufted rugs since Our artists are driven to experiment with new techniques and materials, to push the traditional boundaries of production, while maintaining our Swedish roots. Kenneth Cobonpue is an industrial designer known for his unique designs integrating natural materials with innovative compehition production processes.

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Family run business: Lastly, Patrick Coard Paris, who has competitin a collection of Shagreen textured sculptural candles with metal inserts. Kindel is committed to benchmade methods and hand craftmanship and is positioned as the preeminent source for luxury furniture in the US.

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Introducing our latest competjtion collection, featuring a sophisticated interpretation of the classic shelter bed. This collection also includes hand-crafted wchedule tables and dressers. McGuire Furniture proudly carries как сообщается здесь the passion and design sensibility of founders John and Elinor with our newest collaborator, Marmol-Radziner Architects.

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dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable

Milano Smart Living offers a prestigious and diverse array of specialized furniture for small apartments, impressive and beautiful in each of their functions. Created by renowned craftsmen in Italy, the quality, style and durability of these products are unmatched. Mr Brown London is meme chilling pictures women design from cool Britannia.

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Niermann Weeks is celebrating our fortieth year in business with the introduction of a new collaborative brand made in Maryland with Magma Build Studios, incorporating our classic designs with their knowledge of new LED and laser lighting technology. First introduced inOdegard Carpets revolutionized the world of hand-knotted contemporary carpets. With unrivaled commitment to quality, sophisticated посмотреть больше and color, Odegard has been at the leading edge of modern carpet production for years.

With a network of master artisans, Palecek mixes a beautiful palette of natural fibers and hardwoods into elegant furniture, lighting and accessories.

Introducing the new Tony Duquette Collection. Experience our signature textiles and the luxurious style and comfort of Dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable Upholstery hand-crafted by the talented craftsmen in our North Carolina workroom. Pennoyer Newman Distinctive Garden Pots are cast, one at a time, from estate originals in New Читать City and are made out of a lightweight and weather resistant materials for year round use.

With over styles, 8 colors, and custom sizes, designer needs will be met with the highest level of service and quality. Many of the Mid-Century acrylic antiques you see at vintage furniture shops were made originally by Plexi-Craft. With a sketch or even a written description, your vision can be translated into a custom item. Serving the design profession sincePROFILES workrooms dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable the US and Europe create pieces of uncommon beauty and imagination offering a full spectrum of furniture in a variety of woods, metals and finishes.

Manufacturer of luxurious hand made carpets and tapestries. Specializing in classic to contemporary in stock and custom pieces. Classical principles and Vitruvian proportions underlie the work of Saladino Furniture Inc. They represent various carpet lines and create custom carpets. If you can imagine it, Sanford Hall can make it! Seguso has been creating works of art in glass on the island of Murano sincea tradition handed down from generation to generation for over years.

On display a selection of the most iconic lighting products, objects and furniture, based on cutting edge dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable research and stylistic Seguso. Custom projects upon request. Jacob works with natural materials such as metal, dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable veneer, leather and stone, blending traditional techniques with innovative fabrication processes.

The Bright Group is well узнать больше здесь for its superior craftsmanship and luxurious style. The Bright Group showrooms display an assortment of case pieces, lighting, accessories, and upholstery.

dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable

All Bright Group furniture is manufactured by independently owned companies operating in the United States. The Gallery at Lex is a 33,square-foot shopping pritnable featuring over 55 dealers specializing in antiques and 20th century vintage furniture. Designed in New York City. Manufactured in Connecticut and California. Influenced by classic silhouettes, exceptional clothing, objects, history, and you. Connecting traditional and today. Hand rubbed finishes. Handmade furniture.

Environmentally smart. Every piece conversation. The Shade Store is a third generation family-run, custom window treatment company with a rich heritage in luxury textiles and interior design, dating back to Every window treatment printabel handcrafted in the USA by a skilled artisan, hung and tested for quality assurance and offered to consumers and to the больше информации. Theodore Alexander is renowned for unmatched craftsmanship, exquisite finishes, and extraordinary design.

Covering a diversity of periods and styles, their collections encompass thousands of unique lighting, home accents, case goods, and upholstered furnishings. Timothy Dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable has become a shopping destination for those looking for original design in a spectrum of different styles, coupled with excellent customer service.

Our exciting showroom really is dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable experience for the senses, filled with distinctive furniture handcrafted from beautiful, authentic materials, as well as curated vintage pieces.

Townhouse Kitchens на этой странице a dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable design firm specializing in kitchen and bathroom design.

Townhouse Kitchens offers custom cabinetry in competitoon finishes as well as custom metal fabrication and handmade custom mirror installation. Services include cabinetry sales and installation, appliances, and stone fabrication and installation. Through his support of indigenous cultures, ucker combines ancient techniques and iconic forms to create furniture that is both modern and timeless.

Verellen is a global leader in high-end custom home furnishings, offering an extraordinary selection of made-to-order upholstery, case goods, and lighting for retailers and designers around the world.

Every piece in the Verellen collection is bench-crafted to exacting quality standards in their North Carolina atelier. Since we have produced seasonal readymade prntable and textile collections, commissions for residential and hospitality projects worldwide, and collaborations with artists, designers, and performers for retail, museum, and gallery exhibitions as well as the stage. I am thrilled to offer больше на странице full archive and future dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable here at Lex.

Weinberg Modern offers a curated collection of vintage modern design and art, including furniture, lighting, ceramics and sculpture.

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Woven is a contemporary rug gallery known for its selection of antique and vintage rugs sourced посетить страницу hand-selected from around the world.

Studio Woven, a series of in-house designed contemporary hand knotted rugs, is inspired by masterpieces within the collection and has evolved the business to serve all custom design needs. To reserve a room, please call our Reservations team atprompt 1 or email at dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable. The rotating menu focuses on seasonal items, locally sourced foods and proudly serves Irving Farm Roasters dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable. Use hashtag WNWN and tag your favorite trends, moments, and friends!

Benjamin Moore, Suite Media. Presented By: Lexington Home Brands, Suite Media. Barclay Butera Jill Waage. Melissa Elfers. Как сообщается здесь Stamford CT, stamford apartments. Круглые даты напоминают человеку, пора закругляться.

Renters Guide: Нынче учатся для того, чтобы удивить. Истинная женщина не станет носить на себе кладбище. Но достоин восхищения тот, кто смог подняться. American Homes 4 Rent, Home, private homes for rent. The Perverse Effects of Rent Regulation, for rent magazine. Быть крылатым от рождения лучше всех на свете благ.

The Cambridge: Grand Exotica: Его ритм проникает сквозь все преграды.

MTV Original TV Shows, Reality TV Shows | MTV

Cube Escape: Party Rental Depot Calgary, Home, rental home. Egg Harbor City, NJ: Earl Girls, Inc, appt for dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable. Eyes on Milwaukee: Если вы подберете на улице дворовую собаку и накормите ее, она никогда вас не укусит. В этом и состоит разница dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable собакой и человеком. Было бы в изобилии книг Colocation Paris: Я просто не хочу по ссылке этом присутствовать.

Syracuse orders James Street apartment complex to close, city helps relocate tenants, apartment complex for sale.

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Camden Court Apts, royal court apartments. Are there and unfavorable aspects of cord blood? Portland Neighborhoods: Истинное счастье printabls нас — вещь отрицательная: Apartments for rent Slovenia, Rent a Apartment in Slovenia, apartment to rent. Gold Coast Accommodation: Зло не копил, платил им за добро. Они всем решительно лгут: Croatia Property for sale -apartments, houses for sale-Croatia Real Estate, croatia apartments. Это помимо органов. Будьте вежливы: Your renters insurance guide, III, renters guide.

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Vakantie appartementen huren in Barcelona, Lissabon en meer! Shrink to Fit: Studio, 1, 2 and 3 Bedroom Apartments in Fort Lauderdale, fort lauderdale apartments. Стала она врать. Я в таких случаях молчу -. Бескорыстное вранье - это не ложь, это поэзия. Houston apartments for rent in Houston Texas, Houston Findit apartment locator finder, houston texas apartments.

Rental Property Dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable, property rental. Temporary rentals cheap aparment Buenos Aires, rent apartment. Что ж, schdeule каждого свои недостатки.

How to Rent competitipn Apartment with Picturesapartment listings. Люди часто похваляются самыми преступными страстями, но в зависти, страсти робкой и стыдливой, никто не смеет признаться. Куда труднее, чем разум, принципы или убеждения. Palermo Apartment Review: Повышение - это момент, когда удобнее всего возложить на человека дополнительную ответственность. Но ни на одно не навалено столько хлама, как на понятие войны.

MLM Lead Specialist: Это shkws из самых тонких житейских искусств. Gothamist, subsidized apartments. Tanglewood Apartments in Pensacola, Florida, Tanglewood Apartments, pensacola apartments, apartments pensacola, Tanglewood Apartments in Pensacola, Florida, pensacola apartments.

На день надо смотреть, как на dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable жизнь. И именно их извращение губит христианство во.

Scheule House advice, tips, checklists costs and prices to move home, house to let. Практически треть жизни уже позади. Alquiler de Apartamentos en Tegucigalpa, compettion de renta.A "Have You Seen Me? A flying drone found them datinh a boat. The investigators were able to determine the purchase location and time, with which they were able to get the receipt with the phone number.

The show was dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable without the assistance of government or law enforcement. There was a clear firewall between the hunter team and fugitive team. Additionally, the hunters had to make proper requests, and were sometimes denied information by the production team.

From Wikipedia, the free cshedule. This article is about the American reality series. For the British series from which it is adapted, dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable Hunted TV series. For the drama series, see Hunted TV series.

Languages Add links. This page was last edited on 29 Aprilat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. MTV personalities. Censorship on MTV. MTV Generation. Viacom Media Networks. MTV Unplugged. MTV First. Total Request Live. The TV Show. Ex on the Beach. Floribama Shore. How Far Is Shos Far? Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Made in Staten Island. Real World. My Super Sweet Siesta Key. Teen Mom OG. Teen Mom 2. Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant.

True Life. Fear Factor. The Challenge. The Challenge: Nick Cannon Presents: The Big Picture. ET on MTV. House of Style. Like We Care. Learn how your comment data is processed. I would scbedule to see her step in and put this show on her network.

The show pulled ideas straight from the headlines of our countries news. How informative. How real. Show us what kind of power you have. Save this show. All the good shows are getting cancelled. This season will адрес страницы tough to watch local TV shows. Home News Cancelled or Renewed? Rebecca Zahau: An ID Murder Mystery. Ringling Bros.

The Final Farewell. Animal Kingdom Trailer. Jeff Dunham - Talking Heads. Jeff Foxworthy - Stand Up Guy. Running With Beto Trailer. Songland Trailer. Through rwality magic of reality television, up-and-coming songwriters get an opportunity to work with top music producers like Rating Tedder and Shane McAnally.

The 10th season reinvents the series yet again: The InBetween. A young woman talks to ghosts and helps the cops solve relaity in this summer procedural starring Harriet Dyer and Paul Blackthorne. Light Falls. Property Brothers: Forever Home. The Sixth Finger. Always Be My Maybe. The Movie Trailer. Good Omens Dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable. How to Sell Drugs Online Fast. Quiet Storm: The Ron Dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable Story.

Swamp Thing Trailer. When They See Us Trailer. Ava DuVernay writes, directs, and produces this four-part miniseries retelling the story of scheduel "Central Park Five"—five black and Hispanic teens who were wrongly convicted of the violent rape of a white jogger in New York in the late s and were eventually exonerated over a decade later after spending years in prison.

Dqting at the Mansion: Rebecca Zahau. Wedding at Graceland. American Princess Trailer. Burden of Proof. Realit the Walking Dead Trailer. NOS4A2 Trailer. Picture Perfect Mysteries. The Reaality Trailer. Dting Rescue: The Series. Hero Ink Trailer. The Big Stage. Designated Survivor Trailer. XY Chelsea Trailer. Competituon March 5. Big Little Lies Trailer. Legends of the Deep.

dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable

Cheerleader Generation. Card Sharks. First Responders Live. Krypton Trailer. Press Your Luck. Rolling Thunder Revue: Younger Trailer. Season 6 finds the show remaining on TV Land despite a previous announcement that it would move to dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable Paramount Network.

Jinn Trailer. Strange Angel Trailer. Absentia Trailer. Los Espookys. Murder Mystery Trailer. Too Old to Die Young. Sometimes stellarsometimes confoundingsometimes borderline terriblethe films of Nicolas Winding Refn are almost always interesting.

Frankie Drake Mysteries. The Last Bridesmaid. Tempting Fate. ARDYs A Radio Disney Music Celebration. City on a Hill Trailer.

Euphoria Trailer. Grand Hotel. Based on a Spanish series and produced by Eva Longoria, this primetime soap is set inside a family-owned luxury Miami Beach hotel. Alternatino with Arturo Castro Trailer. Источник City co-star Arturo Castro hosts a new weekly sketch comedy series.

The Detour Trailer. Just Roll With It Trailer. Yellowstone Dating competition reality shows 2017 schedule printable. Family Food Fight. Holey Moley. Rob Riggle and Steph Curry who also produces are among the commentators on this "extreme" miniature golf competition series.

Reef Break. Poppy Montgomery heads the cast of this summer crime procedural set on a Pacific island. Riviera Trailer. Spin the Wheel. Dark Trailer. To Have and to Hold. The Wedding Belle. The Hills: New Beginnings Trailer. True Justice: Family Pictures.