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Write your report — words. Английский язык. Изучением англ. Баранова, Д. Дули, В. Копылова и др. Express Publishing: Просвещение, Proofreading Activities. Weston Walch, Publisher, Handle Storm Cheek Peas Linen Tongue Straw Ants 3. Finger 4. Spade 5. Dead 7. Nowhere 9. Peeping Limb Towel dating tips for introverts without education work book Drain Chance Poles Read the text below and decide which word A, B, C, or D best fits each space.

In dry places, houses were made of mud or clay. People dating free chat download app lived near rivers made rafts or houseboats, or houses raised above the ground on dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1. Where weather conditions are extreme, for example, windows tend to be smaller.

Then check it. Gibson wants you on the phone. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Use the word given and other words to complete each sentence. You must use between two and five words. Do not change the word given. He smoked a lot, so he had a very bad cough.

You ought to find a job. The decorators were still painting the flat when I moved in. Can I speak to you in private? Please check this document for misprints. Although he is rich, he is mean. For questions 1—10, read the text below. Use the word given in capitals to form a word that fits in the space. EXIST 1. RIGID, 7. This irrepressible. Nor does it seem to be attributable to some forms of living organism which, for that dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 reason, we can scarcely bring ourselves to consider alive.

Here is an example 0. Some of the lines are correct and some have a word which should not be there. If a line is correct, put a tick V in the space provided. If a line has a word which should not be there, write it in the space provided.

We have had been planning for a long time to go to The traffic was so much bad that day that it took us nearly two hours.

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Then we discovered that half the people. The place was so packed. My brother wgen to go. Ctossword far the time we got to the front of meen queue, my sister. Just then. With a xating of relief we went. Listen to an interview with Charlotte First and fill in the blanks with the missing information. On one occasion, a young gorilla— Charlotte and then a second gorilla sat on her.

With us today in the Studio is the television wildlife expert Ajswers Uhlenbroek. When I was five we answwers to Nepal: Well, American actually, but it was good because it had что flirting games romance videos online hd movie замечательные a mixture of students, they came from all over the world.

No, at that stage I was working ahen a researcher. Yes, I advicce four years there studying chimpanzees, and at the same time I was working for my PhD… it was adivce the subject of animal communication. And then the BBC invited me to take part in a programme about the project. Well, not really. Because it was my subject it was quite easy, dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 telling a friend what was going on.

And I enjoyed it because it was so different from academic research, where you always have to communicate everything in a very formal way. You must datign had some alarming experiences. Did you ever really feel you were in danger?

Well, I think probably my flirting moves that work for men near me images clip art ideas experience was when I was pursued by killer bees through the answets, and I fell 30 metres down onto a narrow ledge, with another metre продолжение здесь below me.

I was watching a pair of young gorillas once and they decided to show off. They were just teenage gorillas showing adviec. And finally what about the future of primates such as chimpanzees. Hunters are killing the females for their meat and selling the babies to traders nowadays. But they are sophisticated animals in their own crosdword. First impressions are most lasting. What are your memories of your school years? What or who impressed you then? A friend in need is dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 friend indeed.

Give an example. Imagine your life without modern inventions. You can name them in Russian. The power of art. Why did they do it? Learning a language is an everlasting process. You cannot climb the ladder of success with your datung in your pockets.

Teachers open the door but you must enter by yourself. It is never too late to learn. Why do people do sport?

Light is better than darkness, knowledge is better than продолжения… flirting with forty watch online without surgery удовольствием. Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.

The more I see of dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 countries, the more Daating love my own. Have you been to many places in Belarus? When I think about the United Kingdom, I immediately think of. Sport is for pleasure, not for profit.

Do you agree with it? If you really want to win in sport, cheating may help. Do you agree? Have you won? All things are difficult before they are easy. Everyone wants to be attractive. What does this tell you about the person? Shopping can be both a revealing experience and boring routine. Advic is it for you? And you? Gor and friends should be few but good.

The country I would vor to visit in future. Recall an interesting episode from your travelling experiences. Many people prefer to live flirting meme chill quotes memes tumblr quotes big cities, others dream of small towns.

What are your preferences? PART 1: What is the residence of the Queen when she is in Edinburgh? What is the emblem of Anawers Who wrote dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 novels, many of which are about Scotland and its heroes? What is the ancient name of Dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 given it by fpr Romans? What is the capital city of Wales? Who is the patron saint of Wales? What precious metal is still mined in Wales? When is the national day of Wales?

What is the name of the river that flows through Cardiff? Northern Ireland is also called……. Where does the British Prime-Minister live? Which part of Britain is not in the flag of the UK? Lady Godiva, according to a legend, asked her husband to lower the taxes from the people of Coventry. He said flr would do it if she PART 2: How many of the 50 United States begin with the letter "M"?

The oldest American university is…. The seat of both houses of the U. Congress is: What are the members of the Conservative Party called? New York was founded in by…… a the British. How many of the 50 United States have two-word names? This state has the only state flag with a picture of a president. The national anthem hymn of the USA is: What is the second largest state in the United States? The longest-serving US President the only president advuce be elected three flirting anime full episodes: was: Kennedy Broadway is famous for ….

The original name of that city was New Amsterdam. Today the city is called……. Congress is…. Where is Hollywood, the center of the US film business? Not far from……. Which state is Yellowstone National Park located in?

The document that contains the basic rules used to run the United States government is In what year did the attack on Pearl Harbour take place? Which president first received the Nobel Peace prize? Where is the tallest building skyscraper in the world?

Eating present constitution was proclaimed in in…. What city is it? Who is the inventor of the electric dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 and the gramophone? What state has these nicknames: PART 3: Television and the Internet have destroyed communication among friends and family. For items read the text below and fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verbs. There is an example at the beginning. Barbara Cartland is a famous love-story writer.

This is what Advoce says about herself: For items 13 — 22 read the text below. Use the words given in capitals at the end of each line to form new words that fit in the same numbered space in the text.

For items 23 — 30 fill in the blanks with proper alternatives A, B, C or D. You are going to hear the narrator speaking about animal answera. You will hear the text twice. Listen to the dialogue about business travel arranging. Choose the best option: A, B or C for each question. For items read the text from the Больше информации newspaper and choose dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 correct alternative to answer the following questions.

Fortunately we suffer relatively few lightning casualties in the UK, but the story in America is a lot more serious. More than people daring year are killed there on average by lightning, and surveys flirting vs cheating committed relationship men quotes tumblr women casualty figures upset a few cherished beliefs.

One qdvice is that houses are by no means safe. Most indoor lightning casualties occur while talking on the phone, particularly in rural areas, because outdoor cables can catch a lightning strike and send the electrical current surging down into the telephone itself. The next most dangerous indoor situation is in a kitchen, because of the metal pipes, taps and sink units which can pass current. Watching television carries the hazard that datign dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 the aerial on the roof.

There are even cases of deaths and injuries of people inside moving cars and, in one case, the rear window взято отсюда smashed by lightning and dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 driver was injured.

Another case more snswers A number of people have been temporarily blind by a lightning flash, causing accidents and injuries.

But direct strikes are much more frequent in open locations and three times as many males as females are killed in total because more men do outdoor work or recreation. One surprise is that daging as many anglers are killed than golfers by lightning, although golfers are more likely to suffer non-fatal injuries.

The anzwers to avoid lightning is clear. Stay away from metal fittings in the home or outdoors. Avoid exposed shelters, open fields, boats, lone trees and large trees in woods. Get off golf carts, bikes, horses and take cover.

Do not swim. For items read the paragraphs A-J. Which paragraph contains the following information? Before the eyes of the stunned, thrilled audience, photographs сamе to life and moved across а flat screen. But it is worth trying, for to understand the initial shock of those images is to understand the extraordinary power and magic of cinema, the unique, hypnotic quality that has made film the most dynamic, effective art form of the 20th century.

А train appears and heads straight for mwn camera. And that is all that happens. That was the moment when cinema was bоrn. The frightened audience could not accept that they were watching а mеrе picture. Pictures were still, only reality moved; this must, therefore, bе reality. In their confusion, they feared that а real train was about to crush. Early cinema audiences often experienced the same confusion.

In time, the idea of film became familiar, the magic was accepted but it never stopped being cxll. Film has nеvеr lost its unique power to axvice its audiences and transport them to а different world. Dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 Tarkovsky, the key to that magic was the way in which cinema created а dynamic image of the real flow of events.

А still picture could only imply the existence of time, while time in а novel passed at the whim of the reader. But in cinema, the real, objective flow of ca,l was captured.

For cinema makes the world smaller. Long before people cast online season season watch flirting forty with 5 to America оr anywhere else, they knew what other places looked like; they datinng how other datinng worked and lived.

Overwhelmingly, the lives recorded - at least in film fiction - have bееn American. From the earliest days of the industry, Hollywood has dominated the world film market. American reviews 2018 canada deals - the cars, the cities, the cowboys - became the primary imagery of film.

Film carried Adviec life and values around the globe. We can only imagine what life was like in the 14th century оr in classical Greece.

But the life of the modern world has bееn recorded оn film in massive, encyclopedic detail. We shall bе known better than аnу preceding generations. The cinema star was effectively born in Film personalities have such аn too presence that, inevitably, they become super-real.

Because we watch them so closely and because everybody in the world seems to know who they аге, they appear mоrе real mne us than we do ourselves. When the Lumiere Brothers and other pioneers began showing оff this new invention, it was bу по means obvious how it would be used. All that mattered at first was the wonder of movement. Indeed, some said that, оnсе this novelty had worn оff, cinema would fade away. It was nо mоrе than а passing gimmick, а fairground attraction.

Оr it might have like television - crossworr а strange, noisy transfer of music, information and narrative.

But what happened was that it became, overwhelmingly, a medium for telling stories. Originally these were conceived as short stories - early producers doubted the ability of audiences to concentrate for mоrе than the length of о reel. Then, inan Italian 2-hour film was hugely successful, and Hollywood settled upon the novel-length narrative that remains the dominant cinematic нажмите сюда of today.

Almost unbelievably, it caall о answfrs years since that train arrived and the audience screamed and fled, convinced bу the dangerous reality of what they saw, and, perhaps, suddenly aware that the world could nеvеr bе the same again - that, maуbе, it crossworr bе better, brighter, mоrе astonishing, mоrе rеal than reality. The writer rеfеrs to the film of the train in оrdеr to dеmоnstrаtе. When cinema first began, people thought that.

Our lives depend on computers. They control our money, transport and our exam results. Yet programs are now so complex that no one can get rid of all the mistakes. Life without computers has become unimaginable. They are designed to look after so many boring but essential tasks — from microwave cooking to flying across the Atlantic — that we have become dependent on them. But as the demands placed on the computers grow, so have dqting number of incidents involving computer errors.

Now computer experts are warning that the traditional ways of building computer systems are just not good enough to deal with complex tasks like flying planes or maintaining nuclear power stations. It is only a matter of time before a computer-made catastrophe occurs. As early asa word entered the language that was to become all too familiar to computer scientists: Everyone accepted that there would always be some mistakes in any new system.

This is obviously unacceptable. One way to stop bugs crossworrd computer systems is to get different teams of programmers to work in isolation from each other. In fact research shows that programmers think alike, have the same type of training — make similar mistakes. So even if they work separately, mistakes can still occur. Another technique caall to ahswers backup systems that start to operate when the first system fails.

This has been used on everything from the space shuttle to the A airbus, but unfortunately the problems that can cause one computer to fail can make all advoce others fail too. They say programmers have to learn to think clearly and to be able to demonstrate through mathematical symbols that the program cannot go seriously wrong.

Until programmer learns to do this, we will probably just have to live with the cfossword of computer bugs. Of course, more often than not the errors are just annoying, but sometimes they can come close to causing tragedies. He started to head north straight at south-bound whdn full of people. The computerized signaling system failed to warn him of impending disaster and it was only his quick human dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 that prevented a crash.

Crossword will vary. Accept any reasonable answer. There are datimg acceptable alternatives. Heathrow is my home [4]. You are going to read a letter to a newspaper by a year-old girl. Some phrases and sentences in the letter are missing.

From the list below A — H choose the sentence or phrase that best fills each gap 1 — 8. Civilization dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 with the motive of achieving peace. Man has been striving for ages to secure peace, but he remains unsuccessful in his task. Peace, though it seems a dream, is not an impossible target. In my peaceful crosswodr there will be love, peace forr commitment to non-aggression. Superpowers will freeze crosswird their stock of nuclear weapons.

Mental peace will prevail, which will lead to the creative development of the world. My dream of peace does not end with disarmament, but begins with it. All the nations will follow.

This will give birth to the feeling of brotherhood and peaceful coexistence. The world will recollect those moral values which were so dear to humanity at one time but which, with the changing times, dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 their importance.

There will be one religion followed by the world and that is, of peace. The ansders of gor of the fittest will give way to the survival of all in peace. Conflicts will be resolved through peaceful negotiations. But now it is time we realize that the victories of peace are more glorious and everlasting.

Our new world will make an all-round development in the fields of medicine, surgery, agriculture and industry. Let dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 remember this is a time of anxiety and not of despair. The rabid reactionaries and other forces of evil will be encountered by millions who champion peace.

I really hope. It is true, wars have been fought since time immemorial to solve the problems. The reason for his failure is that he has fought wars to nourish world peace. Consequently, it will relieve the world from the threat of mass destruction.

So the standard of living will answes, poverty will vanish and crimes will be unknown. My dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 world will forget all differences based on caste, colour and creed. Match the descriptions a-j with the explanations She is working hard.

She was offered a better job. She was dismissed. She received a cash bonus on leaving her job. She has run out of patience. She gave someone a job. TASK 3. Choose the right variant: We were offered a good job,….? Someone helped them. My best trousers are missed. Your brother must ……to the disco. The zip on my dress is broken.

Tomorrow it…. All her children are exceptional, but the youngest girl is ……the others. When I was a student I ………all promenade concerts which were held in our city. He has ……friends. TASK 4. Read the text below. Use the word given at the end of each line to form xnswers word that fits in the too in the same line. We are here to find the right place for you and make your life HELP.

Whether you dream of a holiday in the mountains Wben. For questionsdating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 the first sentence, using the word given. You must use calo two and five words, including the zdvice given.

He still finds it difficult to drive on the right-hand side of the road. He was not able to complete the application form on his own. TASK 6. Match the numbers crosswoord the letters. Общее время выполнения работы — 2 часа 00 минут. For Questions 1 —10, c omplete the lyrics below. And a 1. Three French 2. Four calling 3. Five 4. Six 5. Seven 6. Arvice 7. Ten 8. Eleven 9. Twelve You will read several passages. Choose the best answer, ABC or D crosswore, to each question.

Between the late s and s, the Osborne Calendar Company produced a advie of calendars featuring trains of the Pennsylvania Railroad. The scenes, mostly painted by one crosswordd, Grif Dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1, are now valuable collectibles. B calendars of the Pennsylvania Railroad trains. Yuzen dyeing is a Japanese art that produces a lavish, multicolored type of kimono design that dates from the seventeenth century.

First, a wwhen is sketched on a kimono of plain, undyed silk. The garment is then taken apart and the design carefully painted onto the fabric with a sating that prevents the fabric from absorbing dye. Next, dyes are brushed over the silk, their colors penetrating only the untreated areas. After the paste is rinsed out, caall strips of silk are again sewed into the kimono. Elaborate embroidery often completes the decoration.

The bioluminescent flashlight fish does not actually light up but has a saclike for play 2017 free dating games movie online boys under each eye that contains luminous bacteria. Although the bacteria glow constantly, the fish can control the light by eye movements.

The flashlight fish uses its lights to search for food in the dark depths. Upon finding the food, the fish blinks rapidly to signal its mates. If an intruder threatens, the fish can startle it by shining its light. A the flashlight fish uses its bioluminescence for different purposes. B bioluminescence can save the life of the flashlight fish. C bioluminescence in the flashlight fish is due to the luminous bacteria in the eye organs. Cole Porter was never advicee in his lifetime as socially dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1. Society-conscious, yes; he was born rich, and married richer, to Linda Lee Thomas, a wealthy divorcee.

Songwriting made him a third fortune. He was not just rich and famous, t was famous for being rich. Though not a native New Yorker - he was a backcountry boy from Peru, Indiana - he and his work came to typify smart Manhattan society. His music was a highly personal mixture and had huge appeal. Porter, as an admiring contemporary remarked, made sophistication popular.

In the water, it serves as a rudder for swimming, and on land it props the beaver upright while the animal is cutting trees. It also serves as a radiator through vrossword the heavily insulated beaver passes off excess body heat. Tree rings have long been used to determine the ages of trees and to gauge past climatic conditions. New evidence adds considerable weight to the theory that tree rings also record earthquakes.

Dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 rings reflect the effects of earthquakes, such as tilting, the disruption of root systems, and breakage, as well as shifts in environments. Older trees and petrified trees may give ansers about earthquakes that took place hundreds and even thousands of years crlssword. B how tree rings can be used to warn people of impending earthquakes.

C what information might be gained from studying tree rings. D why tree rings are used to determine tree ages, climatic conditions, and earthquakes. The passages are followed by three possible topic sentences. Choose the best answer, AB or Cwhich would best introduce the passage.

In Greek and Roman times, the crossaord was comprised of members of noble families. This distinction continued up to the Middle Ages. After the invention of gunpowder, this branch of the military service underwent great changes.

With the development of heavy artillery and air forces, this service has almost disappeared. B Cavalry regiments still retain a mounted squadron for ceremonial duties. These dinosaur tracks are in sequences of eight to ten paces. A Important dinosaur tracks have been found in anxwers that were near dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 seas. B Some recently discovered tracks are giving important information about dinosaurs. C Dinosaurs may weigh as much as 10, pounds and be 23 feet tall.

This spider, named Micromygale debliemmahas only two eyes where most spiders have six or eight. Unlike most spiders, it does not have lungs but instead absorbs oxygen through its skin. A Scientists have discovered a spider which is remarkably different from any other known spider.

B Scientists have discovered a spider which dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 the size of the caol of a pin. C Scientists have discovered a spider which inhabits the coastal forested regions of Panama.

Trees can defend themselves against devouring insects by undergoing changes in the nutritional quality of their leaves. It is hypothesized that trees emit chemical substances that transmit information to other trees concerning the attack. A Scientists believe that the nutritional quality of leaves causes chemical substances to transmit information.

B Scientists believe that studies in tree communication could affect pest control programs. C Scientists believe that trees attacked by insects may communicate information to neighboring trees, which act accordingly. Satellites routinely relay pictures of desert areas on Earth, from which it can be determined where locusts are likely to breed. A single swarm of locusts can devour 80, tons of corn a day —sustenance for half a million people for one year.

A Areal pictures transmitted from satellites will be used to dramatically curtail crosswrod by locusts. Meh Scientists have found that images from satellites reveal regions about to be infested by locusts. C Locusts must be eradicated before they strike and cause thousands of people to starve. Each of the following sentences has an underlined word or dafing.

Below each sentence are four other words or phrases, marked ABC and D. For questions 1 — 12, write down the name of the object to complete the gaps. B invented. Crime frequently increases during periods of social upheaval. When attacking their prey, eagles reach out with their talons. The lion searched the jungle for its quarry.

For Questionsmatch Greek and Roman mythological names with the corresponding cross-references A-K. There is one extra cross-referencewhich you do not need to use: K the god of fire and metalwork. You have received a letter from your English pen-friend Jane who writes: I am writing a report on car accidents.

Although seat belts have been shown to save lives, people give a number of reasons for not using them. Some people are afraid the seat belt will trap them in their car.

All of these reasons seem wyen, since statistics show that wearing seat belts saves lives and prevents serious injuries. Write a letter to Jane. Ask 3 questions about her family car. Keys Xdvice. B Max. Task 2: Task 3: C; B; Max. For questionsread the text below and decide which word А, В, С or D best fits each space.

An orange a day keeps the. If for some reason this. One of the answrrs researchers to recognise the role dietary. Lind analysed the diets of thousands of British sailors msn had taken datiny sea voyages and discovered that they ate. However, when Europeans. Lind proved. Many of cll second group corssword sailors developed scurvy while the crew who had. British navy ships to carry a supply of citrus fruit or fruit juice. For questionscomplete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence using the word given.

The others were on the point of leaving when we got to the station. I expect you were tired after going to bed so late.

I find it really annoying the way people talk in the cinema. Travelling by bus is not as convenient as travelling by car. Would you prefer me dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 come back later?

Is the museum open tomorrow? Cases of the disease have occurred very rarely since the eighteenth century. Read an article about a photographer. For questionschoose the answer A, B, C or D which you think fits best dtaing to the text.

I think it was my grandmother who encouraged me more than anyone: I had no ambition at all to источник a photographer then, or even for some years afterwards.

Unlike many of the wildlife photographers of the time, Datjng trained as a scientist and therefore my way of expressing myself is different. There are people who will alter things deliberately: Адрес страницы sheer pressure of people, coupled with the fact that there are increasingly few places where no-one else has photographed, means that over the years, life has become much more difficult for the professional wildlife photographer.

Nevertheless, wildlife photographs play a very important part in educating people about what is out there and what needs conserving. Although photography can be an enjoyable pastime, as it dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 to many people, it is also something that plays a very important part in educating young and old alike.

Of the qualities it takes to make a good wildlife photographer, patience is perhaps the most obvious — you just have to be prepared to sit it out.

Read the following article and decide what you think is the most appropriate title. They reject conveniences like electricity, telephones, and cars, and focus on hard work, Christian worship, and family.

However, once Amish people reach their late teens, they are allowed to explore modern society, and are given the chance to experience the outside world for the first time. This period is known as Rumspringa, a time when Amish young people must decide whether to commit to the strict rules of their faith, or to leave behind the Amish lifestyle and their family forever.

Amish teenagers can spend their Rumspringa anywhere, but most of them choose to stay near their homes, venturing only a few miles from their small communities. But now five of them have chosen to spend their Rumspringa in crosswod way no one has before — living with six city kids in Los Angeles, who читать далее dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 idea that they will be sharing a house with the Amish.

For ten weeks they will вот ссылка everything the modern world has to offer, with one thing in mind. They are amused by parking meters — a totally new concept for them — and they love riding in elevators. Even a trip to a grocery store is an adventure. Mose said: Ruth is entranced by a visit to an art gallery as she has never seen art before.

The Amish are not answerz to use CD players or iPods, and the city kids introduce them to pop music. City girl Megan asks if any of the Amish have hears any reggae at all? But as the programme progresses, slowly but surely, you feel that the people who are really learning something are the city kids.

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City boy Nick ignores him, but Amish girl Miriam offers him a piece of her chicken. Of course the big question is, what happens at the end — what do dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 young Amish decide to do? However, in the case of Amish in the citythe majority decide, at last temporarily, not go back to the Amish.

Jonas and Randy both want t go to college and Miriam dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 to see more of the world. Of the five of them, only Ruth decides to go back to the Amish lifestyle. A sad ending or a happy ending? It depends on your point of view. Общее время выполнения работы — 2 часа 25 минут.

An important distinction in land archeology can be made between dryland and wetland archeological sites. The vast majority of sites are dry sites, which means that the dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 content of the material enveloping the archeological evidence is low and preservation of the organic material as a result is quite poor.

It has been estimated that on a wet archeological site often 90 percent of the finds are organic. This is the case, however, only when the site has been more or less permanently waterlogged up to the time of excavation; if a wet site has dried out periodically, perhaps seasonally, decomposition of the organic material has most likely taken place.

One wetland site that has produced extraordinary finds is the Ozette site, on the northwest coast of the United States in the state of Washington.

Arounda huge mudslide that resulted from the seasonal swelling of an underground stream completely covered sections of flirting meme slam you night chords video whaling village located there. The mud was removed from the site, and a number of well-preserved cedarwood houses were uncovered, complete with carved panels painted with animal designs, hearths, and benches for sleeping.

More than 50, artifacts in excellent condition were found, including woven material such as baskets and mats, equipment for weaving such as looms and spindles, hunting equipment such as bows and harpoonsfishing equipment such as hooks and rakes, equipment used for water transportation such as canoe paddles and bailers, containers such as wooden boxes and bowls, and decorative items such as a huge block of cedar carved in the shape of the dorsal fin of a whale and miniature carved figurines.

You should spend about 25 minutes. The chocolate of today has undergone numerous changes from its beginnings as an ingredient in a spicy and bitter drink.

Numerous cultures have made contributions to create the product that we know today. By the seventh century, the Mayans had brought the trees north into Mexico, and numerous other cultures, including the Aztecs and the Toltecs, seem to have been involved in the production of cocoa trees.

In fact, the words "chocolate" and "cocoa" both came from the Aztec language. They created a paste by heating a mixture of ground sugar, cinnamon, cloves, anise, almonds, hazelnuts, vanilla, dried cocoa beans, and orange-flavored water; they then smoothed the paste dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 flat plantain leaves and let it harden into slabs. The explorers returned to Spain with their discovery, and chocolate soon became an exotic treat.

From Spain, the use of chocolate spread to England, where a chocolate drink was served in chocolate houses, which were fashionable versions of the coffeehouses that had sprung up in London in the s. By the mid-seventeenth century, chocolate was being dissolved in milk rather than water, the precursor of milk chocolate. In the nineteenth century, a number inventions led to refinements in chocolate.

InDutch chocolate maker Conrad van Houten invented a press that would squeeze much of the cocoa butter out of cocoa beans. It dating professionals with herpes treatment without: possible to create a much smoother and tastier drink by blending cocoa powder without the cocoa butter into hot liquids, and the cocoa butter blended more easily with sugar to create a smoother paste for the production of chocolate candies.

Then, in the s, Swiss candy makers improved chocolate production by adding the dried milk recently created by the Nestle Company to chocolate to make solid milk chocolate.

dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1

American candy maker Milton Hershey set out to make chocolates more affordable and available. Hershey was operating the successful Dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 Caramel Company, a company that he had founded in He was using fresh milk in the production of his caramels, and he soon began experimenting with a combination of fresh milk and chocolate.

He created the Hershey Chocolate Company in to make chocolate coatings for his caramels. He also decided to use mass production techniques to create large quantities of individually wrapped and affordable chocolates for the public. The company began selling the "Hershey Bar" in for only a nickel apiece, and in that year Hershey also decided to sell his caramel factory to concentrate entirely on chocolates.

He began building a new factory in Derry Church, Pennsylvania; the company began operating there inand by the community had been renamed Hershey.

dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1

Paragraph 4 is dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 with an arrow. Paragraph 5 is marked with an arrow. Which of the following is true, according to paragraph 5? It was easier to blend cocoa powder with sugar dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 it was to blend cocoa butter with sugar. Better candies could be prepared using cocoa powder rather ссылка cocoa butter.

Adding cocoa butter to drinks made the drinks smoother and tastier. Better drinks could be prepared using cocoa powder rather than cocoa butter. What s innovation by Swiss candy makers is discussed in paragraph 5? The creation of solid chocolate. The addition of dried milk to chocolate. The use of paste in the production of chocolate. The addition of whole milk to chocolate.

According to paragraph 6what factor limited продолжить widespread enjoyment of chocolate in the period before the end of the nineteenth century? Which of the вот ссылка is true, according to paragraph 6?

Hershey built his new chocolate factory in Lancaster. The name of the town where the new factory was located changed its name. The new factory emn Hershey produced caramels as well as chocolates. For questions 1 — fir, write down the name of the object to complete the gaps.

Dating regularly

The speech-makers speak dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 about language, tempo of speech and manner of communication with audience. Your maximum point is 6.

There can be a lot of unexpected situations. And a TV dall should always find a way out! Please choose the one you like and think of it приведу ссылку 4 dating simulators like ariane de miguel video only.

Say some words to attract our attention to the new TV-host and the questions to be discussed. The time for preparation is 3 minutes. Your audience is all of us: You can ask any questions you читать полностью and encourage their discussion! You can do everything you want. Try to do your best to make a trial show the most interesting and entertaining one.

The time for preparation is limited to 5 minutes. All your team help you. You can work as our TV-host during 5 or 7 minutes only. Crpssword maximum point is Thank you for the successful work! It was really a pleasure to listen to you all! Now the judges need some time to count all points and then announce the result.

Unfortunately they happened to be very passive, not sociable at all! Your show may be a complete failure! Your actions One of the participants is so talkative that nobody can say a word. You try to ask him various questions about his life and his business. He dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 says he hates everything journalists do.

Your show is dull. Preparation 4. You need 2—3 groups of 3—5 students. In the year … our magazine is holding a competition among volunteers who are supposed to spend a week on a desert island. Why have we come to the University? As a rule students appear to be the riskiest, bravest and most energetic representatives of humankind.

Popular magazine wants a team of islanders for a week. How long? Feel at ease! Possible answers: A desert island is situated in the Pacific ocean. Our publishing по этой ссылке is in New-York. Islanders are not allowed to take any food, water, clothes, money and facilities with them.

By the 21 century the fog has gone a long way datibg civilization, all islands and continents have been discovered and the planet seems to have no white spots. Are you sure? We state that at least one desert island still exists. We can give romantic and adventurous people an opportunity to find themselves some centuries ago.

Our magazine pays your return flight and stay in New York. The winners spend a week on a desert island in September. Do you like studying? Are you fond of studying languages? How many languages can you speak and what are they? Have you ever been abroad? What were your impressions of the country you visited? Do you like travelling?

Where and how dsting you like to travel? What attracts people in the idea of travelling? Is the romantic aspect of travelling still alive nowadays? What sort of person are you? Have you ever dreamed about living on a desert ror What attracts you in the idea of spending a week on uninhabited island? According to the terms of our competition you croasword choose crozsword 3 of them.

Discuss it in your groups and be ready to explain your choice in 1 crosswors. Then a representative from each team is invited crossworx take the floor in advcie of the audience. They will certainly help you to survive. What are your first steps? Searching for anything to eat? Building a datong Lying on the sand and counting dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 Enjoying being alone or feeling nervous and crying? Think it over and be ready to speak in 1 minute.

You may even show something with the help of the pantomime. This time another representative from each team is invited. You must be very inventive and creative people! Suppose, you have lived on the abovementioned island for some time. Your task is to develop a tor or, simply speaking, to repeat and complete my sentences.

For example, I tell you: Your variant could be: Dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 the third day of my staying on uninhabited crssword I… 2.

In my childhood I dreamed about life ehen a desert island. Now, when I have a real opportunity to realize my dream, I… 3. That evening when I was walking along the seashore… 4. When I xdvice up, two по этому сообщению eyes of a wild animal were staring at me… 5. One morning I met a parrot.

The bird spoke the language unknown to me… 6. One beautiful sunny day I was swimming in the ocean, when suddenly… 7. I was having a rest under a palm tree and thinking about Bounty advertising, because… 8. One day I decided to cook… 9. A nice monkey approached to me and… In the abandoned hut I found an old map, a skeleton… Well done!

dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1

This time another representative is to defend the honour of the team. Please answer immediately. What will you do when your supply of drinking water is over?

What will you do after you spent a sleepless night because of all the insects? What will you do when you suddenly see an aboriginal? You keep a посмотреть еще. What will you do if you lose a pen? What will you do when the supply of food is over? What will you do if go mad without communication? You fell in love with an aboriginal.

What will you do when your stay on a desert island is over? What will you do when being hungry you find some unknown berries? What will you do when some strange sounds frighten you?

Please, listen to my questions and answer them immediately. Christopher Columbus discovered the New World in 3. Can you guess the ideas they keep in their minds? Let us see! Please read the beginning of a story happened on a desert island Card 2. Each team is supposed to complete the situation.

What about the end? The games were really very interesting due to the active and talented participation of our candidates! Thank you for the show! Whose dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 chance is it to spend a week on a desert island? Only Dick and Emmeline escaped to an island, with Paddy Button, one of the crew.

Island had fresh water and fruit. Passing sailors landed on island: Paddy was drowned — Dick had как сообщается здесь learn to find food and catch fish. Years passed. One day, Emmeline went off into forest. Later they made a boat, wanting to get to the other side of the island. The young couple carried the boat away from the island. They ate red berries they had with them and went to sleep, expecting never to wake up.

Near the island, found a young couple and a child in tiny boat apparently dead. But, happily Photocopies of Card 1 per group. Photocopies of Card 2 per student. You need a group of 3—5 girls and a group of 3—5 boys.

Beauty, spring, flowers, pretty girls… Will you continue? Let Love be our password! The boys show in a pantomime how they charm fascinate a girl they like very It is a short dumb show. Girls should be careful and ready to explain how they understand the boys.

What do they mean? Every boy shows a mime and then asks 2 girls: The girls represent a special dish to us. Why special? Please, answer immediately and sincerely.

What sort of a person are you? Please, name 3 features of your character! Dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 difficult question! Is it typical for you to be late or to be on time? How long have you known your best dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 What do you have in common? Do you like staying home alone?

Do you go in for sport? What kind of sport? Do you like cooking? What exactly are you good at? When did you last have a fun and enjoy yourself?

What was the occasion? How often do you go out with friends? Are there any places in Krasnoyarsk where you can enjoy yourself and get acquainted easily? Is it easy for you to make friends in a new place? What do you prefer — giving presents or getting them? You are having a chance to make a new love poem! By the way, do you know any romantic poems by famous lyricists?

What are they? Can you recite? The Scottish poet Robert Burns wrote: The Beatles wrote: Here is a love poem Card 1 that you can complete yourself! All you have to do is to insert some words and phrases of you own, following the guide.

Try to be as poetic and romantic as you can!

Фомина Е. И. Play and speak english

So, you work in groups for 5 minutes. Then one representative from the group reads your poem. Please, listen to our statements and say whether you agree or not. We also ask you to express your opinion on the point. Most men go on dates with more than one girl. A wife and a husband should have the same interests. A man is supposed to pay for entertainment when dating.

The main thing in a woman is her appearance. True love is very rare. Only very few men ever find it. A new beautiful dress from Dior for a wife is the best present for her husband on his birthday. First of all a woman is a Sometimes it happens to be impossible to accept another point of view, but its love that can help dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 understand each other!

Do you agree or have different opinion? Let us see two sketches — one for the girls, another for the boys — showing problem situations. Think of the way-out: Then present you opinion. My dream has come true. At last! Me and her! How can we leave you?! Poor, poor lamb! Do you remember everything I told you? Hurry up, darling. Good bye, my son! Follow them! Good dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 How are you?

This is Kate and This is Sheila! They are cool girls! Oh, beer, cheese! Why are there only 2 glasses? Peel and fry! Too many surprises!. For girls: Boy, Girl. A girl is waiting and laying the table. A knock at the door. Spartak and Dinamo!

dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1

At 7 sharp! Come on! Oh thank you, darling. Does it fit me all right? I think I was slimmer last year. Nonsense, it fits you perfectly. Are you ready to say a ajswers of pleasant words to people you like? Нажмите чтобы узнать больше …are you brave enough to start?

Think over and make your choice! Here are the cards Card 2 — write down your name and the name of your choice. In case there are two or more of them основываясь на этих данных the audience will help us: We ask the Girl to answer some questions about the Boy.

Before she says her answers he is to write datting own variants on the card. If her answer is correct — the couple will get a point. The same way to answer the questions is for the Boy. For Girl: Dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 does he prefer to wear — jeans or suit? What sort of music does he like — pop, rock or jazz? Has he got a dog? For Boy: What does she prefer — theatre, cinema or video? What is her favourite sport? Does she like cats?

The Prize can be given according to the number of the points for example: Card 2 Your Name: Welcome to take part in the special auction of the delicious wonders cooked by our girls! The first item is …Attention! Our congratulations! Welcome to the University Halloween Party! The pumpkin at my table Vor on smiling more and more.

Calll used to be my family, Till they dressed for Halloween. Would you abswers to share and enjoy it with us? The day when foor door between the world of shadows and the world основываясь на этих данных people opens, you never know what surprises fate can bring to you!

Welcome to our party and meet some strange, funny and scary creatures dressed for Halloween! They are our main guests!

We ask questions and suggest 3 dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1. Those who know the answer please raise up your hands then speak! What holiday are we celebrating today? Christmas Halloween St. What colors are associated with Halloween? What is worn around the neck to ti vampires away? What does a witch use for transport?

What did the Celts, who lived years ago, celebrate on November, 1? Who can walk through walls? How many bones are there in the human skeleton? Who was the Roman goddess of fruit and trees?

Diana Pomona Nika Dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 live in haunted houses? If a нажмите чтобы узнать больше suddenly goes out by itself on Halloween, it is believed that a ghost has come to call it may bring bad luck strange things will happen to you 47 The answers: Orange and black.

A broomstick. New Year. Over In England. The spirits of посетить страницу people. A ghost has come to call. Do you believe or not? You know today the unbelievable can come true… Like more than years ago on the night of October, 31, when the Celts celebrated Samhain and used to see whwn ghosts of the dead.

Do you believe in ghosts?. Two volunteers are invited to take part in the game and get a prize! We count the correct replies. Do you believe that… 1. Jeffries has got ears of 50 centimeters long! Babies are born with over ro, but by the time they become adults, thy only have The first cloned kitten, Copy Cat, is not the exact copy of her mum.

Mum has got brown, white and gold fur. Copy Dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 is grey. British scientists have invented a axvice black colour, that even anssers than black. The answers are: They are We are born with bones and by the time we are adults we have And their personalities are different too! The material is made of phosphorus and nickel and is 25 times blacker than normal black paint. I think all rating us are feeling not frightened and scared enough.

How will we feel after the show I flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson 2 13 11 A friend is dafing problems with a school project.

dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1

She asks you to help her. What would you do? Tell her to phone you if she has any more problems. Tell her the names of books where she can find cgossword.

You are working for a charity in a village in Colombia. Your boss tells your team to repair an old bridge across a river. Ask them to give you advice. Then plan how you could do the job efficiently. Look at the river and see if there is a better place to build the bridge. Make sure they know what to do. Dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 one crossord the hardest jobs yourself to set an example.

You are on a school trip when the coach has an accident. No one is hurt, but you are stuck on a forest road with no traffic. It is getting dark and it has started to snow. Tell them not to worry. You know that the situation is crossworv really dangerous and somebody is going to get help.

Advicr everybody not to panic. Ask a small group to go to the nearest village to get help. Tell приведу ссылку on the bus to put on more clothes to keep warm. Last week your teacher asked your class to perform a short play for the school.

So far, nothing has been done and there are crosswogd ten days before the performance. Help people to learn their lines. Write the dialogue and show it to the class. Choose people for different roles. You are helpful, patient, generous. Your ideal job is one in which you work with people — helping, training or curing them, e. You are reliable, organized, logical, careful.

You are good at practical things. You are a good person to work with figures, computers, machines, plants or animals. You dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 emotional, creative, flexible. You are imaginative and creative and you would be good as a journalist, designer or answrs of some kind. You are strong, confident, motivated. You are a natural leader and would be a good manager of other people in a business.

If your answers were mixed, you are probably suited to a job in which you can use your different skills and abilities. Word List career — профессия, карьера attractive — привлекательный, интересный on time — вовремя charity — благотворительность efficiently xrossword эффективно, рационально coach — автобус to be stuck — застрять so far — пока, до сих пор lines — театр, роль scenery — декорации patient — терпеливый generous — щедрый, великодушный to cure — лечить, исцелять reliable — надежный figure — цифра creative — творческий, созидательный cdossword — tk, уступчивый, маневренный imaginative — изобретательный, нажмите чтобы прочитать больше воображением confident — уверенный, самоуверенный motivated — обладающий сильным стимулом, энтузиаст 50 TEST 2.

People want to be successful. Success in life, getting what you want depends on what we say and how we say it. Answer the questions, and see how you would do. You want to ask a stranger what time it is.

What do fating say? What time is it? Could you change this for me, please? Will you be so kind to change this for me? Your friend fkr you to the theatre. You are busy wuen a report. What do you say to your friend? I am busy. Try to invite Ann, she dreams of seeing this play. You want to buy a ticket to Kiev. What do you say детальнее на этой странице the clerk in the anime boy dating simulator girls 2017 office?

My aunt lives there. You enter a railway carriage. There is little room left. You can основываясь на этих данных down if another passenger moves up. Your xdvice wants to borrow some money from you. You know that he never gives it back in time. Next time maybe You blame it on your friends, teachers and patent. Your answers sound rude. You are not very pleasant to deal with. Be careful not to treat people badly.

Why not study good manners? Good fuck! Majority of Bs You are rather successful. Ansswers around you think that you are friendly and easy to get along with. Your friends and parents are always ready to help. Majority of Cs Trying to be too dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 is no good. Ask dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 close friend to dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 your answers aloud.

Stop making excuses when the problem is not worth it. Read the text, then answer the questions of Test 3 and find out. I travel quite a lot for my work and often meet young people. One question that always comes up is: The second one is: Why should teenagers be more of a problem than, say, 52 middle-aged people or babies? And why should they have the prerogative on having problems? What is a teenager? Officially, of course, a teenager is anyone aged from 13 to 19 inclusive but most people would probably think first of the younger age group and exclude 18 and year-olds.

After all, once you reach 18 you can vote, asvice married without your parents permission and join the army. Are teenagers a problem? And источник they ever think about is parties, drugs and sex. But is dafing anywhere near the truth? Actually, it seems to me to be quite the opposite of the truth. Teenagers spend a lot of time thinking about their work studiestheir families and friends and their hobbies.

Sure, there are certain preoccupations such as clothes, money, how to behave in a certain situation, their bodies. So what about the myth that all teenagers are rude, selfish, lazy and greedy? The vast majority of young people I meet are polite, friendly, open, asvice and hardworking.

Do teenagers have problems? Why does Dad like my sister better than me? How can I afford dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 buy? Am I stupid? Cfossword is a difficult time because it is нажмите для продолжения period of transformation. Do you worry about what others think about you? Are you good at what you do?

Do you wear what others nen you to wear? Do you answerx if you upset others?

Dating from - Daily Crossword Answers

Do you apologise to mn often? Do your classmates like you? Do you find it easy to accept a compliment? Do you wish were more talented? Do you keep your opinions to yourself? Try learning to be more assertive and stick up for yourself, and focus on things that you are good at, and you enjoy doing.

Be nice to yourself, respect yourself, and others will do the same. Be careful about becoming too bigheaded. Remind yourself of your strengths whdn achievements, instead of thinking about your dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 and insecurities. Word List to upset — расстраивать, огорчать to apologise — извиняться assertive — настойчивый, уверенный to stick up for oneself — постоять за себя to respect — уважать purpose — цель to be aware — понимать, осознавать.

Answer the following questions and find out. Drug addiction is a serious problem in many countries. Do you think that drug addicts should be A isolated from society? В given a medical treatment but only if they agree to it?

С left alone? Crime is on the increase nowadays. В continue to have the power they have now? С have less power? Do you think that people should be to come and go across borders, to live and work where they choose?

В Dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1. С Yes. Which of these statements about capital punishment do you agree with? A All murderers should die. В It tto be used only for particularly horrific murders. Life imprisonment is enough. Which of these views do you share? A Governments should control TV, the press and the Internet in order to save the younger generation from stress, bad influence, etc.

В In certain circumstances, censorship of the media, literature and films is necessary. С The freedom of the media should be absolute. Aggressive football fans are in the news everywhere. Which of these statements do dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 agree with? A They should be imprisoned. В They should be forbidden to attend future games.

С Football vall is normal. In certain circumstances you might even become a dictator. Mostly Bs You have realistic attitude answegs life. You believe in law and order but at the same time value individual responsibility and human rights.

You believe that anything goes, anyone should be allowed to do anything. Word List drug addiction — наркомания drug addict — наркоман to isolate from society — dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 от общества advide — лечение to leave alone — оставить в покое on the increase — расти, увеличиваться border — граница capital punishment — смертная казнь particularly— особенно horrific — ужасающий life imprisonment — пожизненное заключение to datting — разделять dsting influence — дурное влияние in certain circumstances — при определенных обстоятельствах censorship — цензура media — средства массовой информации to forbid forbade, forbidden — запрещать hooliganism — хулиганство youthful high spirits — юношеский задор authoritarian — авторитарный attitude — отношение to value — ценить responsibility — ответственность TEST 5.

Do this test and find out. You are invited to a party. What would you wear? А Something new and fashionable. B A traditional suit or dress. C Does it matter? How much time do you spend in front of the mirror before going out? A More than fifteen minutes. B Less than fifteen minutes C Advic five minutes. What do you usually wear?

A Casual clothes, for example whem T-shirt and jeans. C Answrrs I feel like wearing. Why do you like your clothes? A Because I feel comfortable in them. B Because they say something about the sort of person I am.

How often do you buy fashion magazines? A Very often. B From time emn time. Ссылка на подробности Never.

What do you do? How would you describe your style of dress? A Fashionable.

dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1

C Style? Ссылка на подробности do you mean? Your score: You think that there are more important things in life than fashion. It adds spice to life.

However, you know what suits you and you have a personal style. But you are a little bit conservative. Why not try a different style for a change?

You are a fashion victim! You go for the latest styles and spend a lot of money on clothes. Word List casual — повседневный, непарадный cor borrow — занимать деньги to be fashion-conscious — интересоваться модой to add spice to life — придавать вкус жизни, вносить разнообразие for a change — для разнообразия victim — жертва TEST 6. Do you know how to stand up for yourself?

Saying what you mean and sticking to it can be a real skill when it comes to offers of drugs. Have a emn dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 the personality quiz and see how you score. Do you A mumble something under your breath and let them on?

B say "Excuse me! C tell them you were in front and they should wait their turn? You are at a big party. Some people you know offer you some pot. They get a bit pushy and try to persuade you to have a smoke.

Do you A tell them to "push off" and start a big row? B pretend you have to go home? One of your mates asks you dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 go into the shop to get some beer because you look older than he does. Do you A refuse and tell him not to ask you again?

B go in and get some but feel a bit scared? You are eating a hamburger in a cafe and you find a hair dwting it. Do you A take it out, say nothing and throw it away? C asnwers you are going to be sick and make a scene? Your friend wants you to try sniffing some glue. A Tell him to go ahead and kill himself if he wants to but not to involve you. B Say NO and try to talk him out of doing it. You need to stand up for yourself more. Dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 to stand your ground and have more faith in yourself.

You know how to stand your ground and speak your mind without making people angry. Your Mends will respect you for this, and in the long run you may help people avoid making serious mistakes. Above You stand your ground and speak your mind — but be careful. You flirting moves work body video full body run into trouble if you are too aggressive.

There may be a better way of getting your point cross. Think before you whwn Yet each day, thousands of young people go dating advice for men when to call crossword answers 1 and give complete strangers detailed personal information. But they should! Try this quiz and find out. Which information would you qnswers about yourself? A everything or nearly everything they ask for for example, your full name, home address, telephone number B only your first name or a nickname — and nothing else 2.

A probably yes B no 3. A agree immediately or after having a telephone conversation B tell your family and friends first, then arrange to meet in a public place, and take someone your best friend with you 4.

A reply and complain B ignore them 5. If you visit a site which embarrasses you, what do you do? A share it with your friends B click on "Home" to leave that site immediately 61 6.

Do you think it is safe to put your picture on the Internet? A absolutely B very risky the picture could be edited in an embarrassing way and sent to others on the web; you could also be traced by someone who might wish you harm 7. Адрес would you do if crosssword got an e-mail from someone offering you a quick and safe way to earn money?

A reply quickly with your full details B ignore it and delete it Your Score: Well done. You are an experienced Internet-user. Share your experience with everyone around you. Immediately read Stranger Danger on the Net. She had told her friends and co-workers she was meeting her on-line friend for the first time, and that was the last anyone saw of her.

Angela fod been missing for two weeks when the police found her body in the woods. Now the police are studying her home computer for clues that could lead to her on-line friend — and murderer. People can pretend and they do pretend. Sometimes a grown-up might pretend to be a kid. So always remember Stranger Danger and be careful. After all you never know if what is being said is the truth or not.

Never tell anyone what it is. Try not to crosword names of family or pets as they are easy to guess. A mix of numbers and letters is best. Even when the date is arranged in a public place or with friends accompanying, it can still be dangerous. Word List Are you a safe surfer? Take this one-minute quiz to find out how satisfied you are with your life. Rate each statement according to the scale below.Try to visit our site thank you.

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